Whyte’s criminal trial, 5088 and the Summer of Love


There are two types of people you don’t want to mess with, those with enormous resources, and those with so little going for them, they have nothing to lose. It doesn’t matter how self-righteous you feel, if you go to battle against either, you will likely end up a loser.

You and I agree that Mike Ashley is one of the last people you would want with an undue influence on your football club, but Mike is not a guy you do battle with. He’s simply too powerful, too rich, with too many good lawyers to stand a hope against.

On the opposite end of the scale, you have Our Hero, Craig Whyte, who pitched up at Glasgow High Court this morning, for his trial in connection with his purchase of Rangers in 2011, prior to the clubs descent into liquidation a year later.

The Great Football Swindle was not a one-man job, but Craig is the only man in the dock. He has nothing to lose, no friends to protect and no reason to respect discrete courtesies.

Rangers’ administrators, Duff and Phelps, entered into an irrevocable contract to sell the club’s assets to Sevco 5088 Ltd during the Summer of Love (2012), a company which Whyte claims a controlling interest in. Those assets were, however, sold to Sevco Scotland Ltd, later renamed The Rangers Football Club Ltd (and sitting third in the Scottish Premiership).

That transaction has been disputed since, and four years ago yesterday, Newco Rangers founder, Charles Green, announced his intention to resign, after Craig Whyte revealed he was a director of Sevco 5088 Ltd, a company publicly represented by Green at the time it entered into a contract with Rangers’ administrators.

Evidence revealed at this criminal trial will be of enormous interest to many.

Oh, and the ‘Our Hero’ thing, Craig Whyte is no one’s hero, I’m mocking those who treated him as such when they should have worked to protect their club. He was a very transparent exploiter.

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  1. HOT SMOKED (9:00am) & Mea Culpa (11:53am)…



    Had Schalk been booked for his dive, his yellow card offence against Broonie (a minute after compounding his cheating by robbing Celtic of two points) would have seen him dismissed from the field of play. Broonie would have then been unable to take the opportunity to do to even things up by fouling him back, and would not therefore have been sent off himself.



    The point that Ross County gained as a result of Schalk’s cheating could yet see Ross County stay in the SPL at another club’s expense, costing that other club potentially millions of pounds. And the loss of two points by Celtic could see them miss out on setting an all time record for the highest number points EVER accumulated in a Scottish league season, surpassing anything previously achieved in 127 years of Scottish football history.



    The incidental minor gain enjoyed by Motherwell and ICT, if there is indeed any such gain at all (RC will still field 11 players in those games), is largely irrelevant compared to the aforementioned two scenarios.



    It was in fact anything but relatively insignificant in terms of potential impacts, and the victims of these actions should indeed have redress.



    The only fair outcome would have been to annul the penalty, and therefore RC’s second goal, this awarding a 2-1 win and all the points to Celtic, and to retrospectively penalise Schalk with a yellow card for the dive, and therefore consequently upgrade his actual yellow card to red.



    Only when the relevant authorities are prepared to take such actions against cheats, will such behaviour be eradicated from the game.

  2. time for change on

    Not had time to comment on here for a wee while! (still lurk)







    What strikes me with MSM comments on referee comments is that they are always taken in isolation then they can be construed as honest mistakes.







    In my opinion refereeing has gone backwards with the appointment of Pierluigi Collina as head of referees. There is an arrogance that throwing more officials at games will resolve issues whilst evidence continues to stack up that this is a failed policy.







    Personally won’t be a Hampden this week as fed up leaving it feeling cheated.








  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    The Glasgow Cup Final is on STV Glasgow tonight, live from Firhill at 6.30.

  4. … For the record, HALF of the league points dropped by Celtic this season are directly attributable to referring mistakes (assuming that Celtic would have scored from the spot against Sevco after LG was scythed down in the box 2 minutes from time).

  5. I think we are pretty sure how we will line up on Sunday both in terms of personal and tactically. It will be interesting on the other hand to see what the Huns do. Pedro seems to favour a 4-2-3-1. The back four has been made up of Tavernier, Bates, Wilson and Beerman with Toral and Holt sitting in front. Should they line up like that on Sunday it will be fill me with happiness. It will not end well for them. In the previous encounter at CP Tavernier was pushed into midfield and Hodson played and did a good job on Sinclair. Hodson played the first half of Pedro’s first match but hasn’t played since. It would surprise me if he doesn’t take the field on Sunday. The way to play against Celtic is 5-4-1 or 4-5-1. Filling the gaps between the lines, down the sides of the centre halves and doubling up on the wings is the way to go. Most teams have some level of success whether it be in frustrating us or keeping the score down. Meeting fire with fire isn’t an option, even when teams go 1-0 down they still keep their shape. The Huns should play 5-4-1, it’s the percentage play. Defend in shape and hope to take any chances that come their way, hope they can frustrate us and that we have an off day. It would surprise me if they play 4-2-3-1. All the pressure is on us to win as we are going for the Treble. However, behind the scenes all the pressure is on Pedro. What he does or doesn’t do tactically, will have the biggest impact.

  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    For the avoidance of doubt, The Summer of Love begins in Lisbon in May!!!



    247 dinners plus guests now confirmed for our dinner in Lisbon so only 20 places left!!



    Be there or be square!



    The media have also been on to me today as they have gotten wind of our little extravaganza and are showing considerable interest and intrigue as to why a group of football fans would travel to Portugal to celebrate when there is no football match taking place?



    No other club or their fans have ever done this.



    Then again, we are a club and a group of fans like no other.



    Maybe that explains it?

  7. Good Afternoon.



    Here are a couple of new pieces (in case of interest…):



    One about how Celtic have ‘cheated’ the rest of Scottish football with their frivolous appeal against Scott Brown’s red card…





    And one about the need for everyone to pull together and say ‘enough is enough’ to our atrocious refereeing…



  8. South Of Tunis on

    A quick Google in 2012 would have quickly revealed that the ” transparent exploiter ” had form re bumping the stupidly credulous who believed that a Company operating out of a Portacabin in Essex would turn their wee lump sum into a somewhat bigger sum.

  9. I’m going to paint my shed on Sunday, starting at 12:00 pm.



    Well, it’s a preferable way to spend my birthday than listening to songs about Fenian blood, paedos and famines being over…

  10. South Of Tunis on

    2 choons from the Summer of Love —



    7″ — The Third Bardo – I’m Five Years Ahead of My Time ( Roulette )


    7″ – Gene Clark -So You Say You’ve Lost Your Baby ( Columbia )

  11. … Perhaps, the next time we actually “benefit” from an honest mistake, like we supposedly did against St. Johnstone (in a game we massively dominated and won by the clear goals on any case), the Bhoy taking the spot kick should just roll it six yards wide of the post and tell the ref and the opposition that we are to honest to take advantage of an error. This would set an example to the test and put us on a whole new moral level. Paolo Di Canio was universally lauded for his integrity in that famous incident. We too should lead by example.

  12. Garngad to Croy on

    Interesting to hear a couple of my Sevco work colleagues discussing the Craig Whyte trial and funny to hear their disgust at Donald Findlay defending Craig Whyte. ‘ He’s went right down in my estimations ‘ said one !



    The Man who has defended some of the worst serial killers, rapists and child murderers that this country has seen can upset the Klan by defending a Company Director/ Suave Billionaire !

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  14. THETIMREAPER on 20TH APRIL 2017 12:43 PM



    I think we’ll go back to BR’s favoured 4-2-3-1 with his preferred 11 starting now that they are all available again.


    They will probably do what they did last time at CP, 4-4-1-1, sit deep, let our centre halves have the ball and press when we get it wide or into the midfield. I would expect Hodson at right back with Tavernier moved to right midfield to try to stop KT coming forward, and Hill back at centre half.


    We’ll have lots of possession and the ball will be getting moved side to side a lot as we try to find space.


    Rogic will be our key man IMO, takes the ball under pressure on the half turn, drives forward and creates space for others.

  15. weebobbycollins on

    Davidopoulos @ 12.49…two goals in the first five minutes should shut them up for the rest of the game…

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    “There are two types of people you don’t want to mess with, those with enormous resources, and those with so little going for them, they have nothing to lose.”



    True. Coincidentally, I see this morning that Jeremy Corbyn has decided to mess with Mike Ashley.



    What rules apply when someone with nothing to lose messes with someone with enormous resources?



    What should we expect?




    Good points there.



    Maybe Collina is there to help ensure the fix?



    He was held in high esteem as a ref.



    Anyone who appoints Dallas has to be aware of his bigotry and cheating so he would be suspect.



    The last few seasons the stench from Champions league games has risen.



    The fines dished out to smaller nations while favored big clubs are ignored for worse.



    The recent fine for Celtic against city was the result of allowing a prejudiced hun from Northern Ireland to be match supervisor.His jaundiced vision only saw fault in green despite many reports of City fans attacking Celtic supporters.The ref also did his part by ignoring a stonewall penalty for Celtic to ensure cash rich City qualified.



    UEFA are short sited greedy bass’s who will come crawling to teams like Celtic,Ajax.Benfica when their elite plan crashes and burns and the rich patrons abandon it.

  18. weebobbycollins on

    Davidopoulos…Sunday will be a doubly happy birthday for you…after the game? Well, we’ll see what happens to the shed…:-)


    Have a good one anyway…

  19. DELANEYS DUNKY on 20TH APRIL 2017 12:43 PM






    The Glasgow Cup Final is on STV Glasgow tonight, live from Firhill at 6.30.




    Ohh FFS.Probably the only channel in the world I cant get.


    Celtic TV getting worse.They used to show all the developement,reserve games.

  20. TBB


    I didn`t know about Jeremy Corbyn and Mike Ashley ( still don`t) but I had pondered the situation you posit as I read Paul 67`s article.



    ” What rules apply when someone with nothing to lose messes with someone with enormous resources?”



    My opinion was that I could not predict the winner but I could predict disquiet for the enormous resources guy.




  21. Wish folk would read 1st before posting !!!!




    The Glasgow Cup final will be available on CelticTV outside the UK tonight. Viewers in the Rep. of Ireland will be able to watch live.

  22. weebobbycollins on 20th April 2017 1:51 pm



    Davidopoulos…Sunday will be a doubly happy birthday for you…after the game? Well, we’ll see what happens to the shed…:-)




    Have a good one anyway…





    Yes, hopefully the Bhoys will put in a blistering performance to leave the zombies in the shed…




  23. Can somebody please advise if it’s possible to search the blog for a poster’s particular comments only? I’d like to retrieve BRTH’s comments of the last few days regarding the Lisbon trip, dinner and other interesting anecdotes.