Whyte’s criminal trial, 5088 and the Summer of Love


There are two types of people you don’t want to mess with, those with enormous resources, and those with so little going for them, they have nothing to lose. It doesn’t matter how self-righteous you feel, if you go to battle against either, you will likely end up a loser.

You and I agree that Mike Ashley is one of the last people you would want with an undue influence on your football club, but Mike is not a guy you do battle with. He’s simply too powerful, too rich, with too many good lawyers to stand a hope against.

On the opposite end of the scale, you have Our Hero, Craig Whyte, who pitched up at Glasgow High Court this morning, for his trial in connection with his purchase of Rangers in 2011, prior to the clubs descent into liquidation a year later.

The Great Football Swindle was not a one-man job, but Craig is the only man in the dock. He has nothing to lose, no friends to protect and no reason to respect discrete courtesies.

Rangers’ administrators, Duff and Phelps, entered into an irrevocable contract to sell the club’s assets to Sevco 5088 Ltd during the Summer of Love (2012), a company which Whyte claims a controlling interest in. Those assets were, however, sold to Sevco Scotland Ltd, later renamed The Rangers Football Club Ltd (and sitting third in the Scottish Premiership).

That transaction has been disputed since, and four years ago yesterday, Newco Rangers founder, Charles Green, announced his intention to resign, after Craig Whyte revealed he was a director of Sevco 5088 Ltd, a company publicly represented by Green at the time it entered into a contract with Rangers’ administrators.

Evidence revealed at this criminal trial will be of enormous interest to many.

Oh, and the ‘Our Hero’ thing, Craig Whyte is no one’s hero, I’m mocking those who treated him as such when they should have worked to protect their club. He was a very transparent exploiter.

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  1. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Guys – for those of us living outside Glasgow, can anyone advise how to manually tune a Sky Receiver to get STV Glasgow tonight please?

  2. The Development team have been used in the proper way this season.


    If they fail to win the league it’s no big deal as development is key.


    It’s looking like we are concentrating more on a pathway to first team.


    A lot of talent in our youth.



    Guys – for those of us living outside Glasgow, can anyone advise how to manually tune a Sky Receiver to get STV Glasgow tonight please?




    Ive just read elsewhere:



    In add channels…… you can tune your sky box to get the channel 11479 freq V 22 0 5/6 DVB-S QPSK.




    Hope that helps.

  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Bhoys, reckon theres a chance game might be on YT channel.


    Id check it out.





  5. BRTH,



    Could you include these names at the Mass in Lisbon? They were with my Dad and have now passed away. When I told him of this, he was very pleased. Lovely idea, says he.



    They are Frank Wynn, Harry Gallagher & Matt Lyden.



    I also told him of how the support had affected the Portugese people. He had always spoken of how warmly they had treated our supporters. So, to think that we may have helped to bring about their overthrow of the fascist dictatorship made his day.

  6. Defo STV Glasgow BT BOX CHANNEL 8. for Celtic v Huns tonite.


    Maybe ( If memory is right ?) SKY Channel 23 ?



    Re dodgy MIB …..don’t forget Bhoys, Celtic had 2 legit goals chalked off at swinecastle when we won the league cos of corrupt hun MIB.

  7. Well done to the under 20’s today.


    a wee repeat of that scoreline v the Cheats tonite and on Sunday would be nice.



    thanks to DELANEY D for the STV Glasgow info for tonite.

  8. THETIMREAPER on 20TH APRIL 2017 12:43 PM


    I think we are pretty sure how we will line up on Sunday both in terms of personal and tactically. It will be interesting on the other hand to see what the Huns do. Pedro seems to favour a 4-2-3-1.



    I’m sure Pedro will put you out of your misery by announcing his team by tea time tonight!

  9. taken from scottish rag today,



    A mobility scooter-riding, Hoops-supporting pensioner had to be pulled over on a busy road by a concerned member of the public.



    The incident was snapped by the worried passerby and posted onto Twitter after he called in cops to take over.



    The daredevil OAP can clearly be seen on the road on the scooter with the Celtic scarf draped behind him.



    I hope that Celtic fan isn’t the Celtic team bus driver on Sunday ?



  10. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 20TH APRIL 2017 1:29 PM


    Davidopoulos @ 12.49…two goals in the first five minutes should shut them up for the rest of the game…



    *like this “Again Celtic proved too strong for rangers if not imposing the skelping they had handed out in the Glasgow Cup at Ibrox. The Bhoys were in front inside a minute with Hughes passing to Lennox who crossed and Auld put the ball home. In the fourth minute came a classic Bobby Murdoch goal, the ball sent in from the left and Murdoch hitting it into the top corner on the volley, rangers never looked as fast or as competent or well-organised as Celtic”



    And from the Glasgow Herald “It has to be said that several Rangers players, perhaps out of a feeling of frustration, threw their weight about inordinately and McLean, who seemed to have a grudge against Gemmell, had his name taken after he had glaringly fouled the full back for the second time.”



    My memory of that day was our support whistling and humming sons in the 2nd half as we were hoarse from singing in the 1st.

  11. Burgas Hoops



    Re STV Glasgow



    Worked a treat on Sky Q…….didn’t even have to retune my mini box.



    Many Thanks




  12. I read Jimmy Dolemans tweet wrong. The judge just telling a wee story about some juror who was held in contempt of court after looking up witness’s on social media.



    MWD DOH!

  13. Newsnow Celtic articles:




    All about sevco



    All about sevco



    All about sevco



    One about Celtic



    All about sevco



    All about sevco

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Moonbeamswd on 20th April 2017 4:13 pm



    I read Jimmy Dolemans tweet wrong. The judge just telling a wee story about some juror who was held in contempt of court after looking up witness’s on social media.







    MWD DOH!



    The gang at work already…

  15. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 20TH APRIL 2017 11:14 AM



    Thomthetim @ 10.20…yes, wee wullie henderson often gave us the jitters but don’t forget jim baxter…cocky, left-footed genius…silently admired and vocally abused by many Celtic fans, who, on seeing him carry the ball towards our box in that smooth, elegant left-footed way, would get extremely anxious and shout, “Get intae that useless b*****d”……Dreadful, I know but I remember the sense of relief when he broke his leg playing for them in Vienna…(well, I was young then)…great player and drinking friend of Paddy Crerand…



    *I remember that day well, disappointed on hearing they had won 2-0 in Vienna that was tempered by the news baxter had broken his leg in the last minute, showboating. They were already LC winners but would eventually finish 5th in the League, exit the SC tae the Big Mhan’s Hibbees in the quarters of the SC and get knocked out of the EC in the next round by Inter. Don’t care if this makes me a bad mhan.

  16. ” baxter had broken his leg in the last minute, showboating.”



    How does one manage that?




  17. BILLY BHOY on 20TH APRIL 2017 10:50 AM


    Great article on Jim McLean. The 80’s were a great decade for Scottish football even if we didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. Of course, the golden era abruptly ended with the arrival of Sourness and the string of cheque book managers that followed him. Apart from us the rest of the teams never fully recovered from or regained their pre-sourness levels.



    We really were a thriving football nation, at club and international level, until the Huns started their scams.



    * I was working in construction which at that time was mainly populated with Italians, think Donegal navvies here. About 90% of Italian immigrants’ tae NA were from Calabria and other than the national side never talked about fitba.



    One day this young Canadian/Italian lad appears on the site and is raving about Zico signing for his favourite team. On hearing my accent he says, Scottish, Dundee United, Aberdeen and Celtic. A big zombie working there says “what about rainjurs”, the boy says ‘who”.



    They were nobodies, and although we love tae point the finger at Harry H Corbett, it was the beast that started the decline of the Scottish game with his overpaid hammer throwers. He almost had them bankrupt which had Marlborough put them up for sale and it was his friendship with bader that enabled him tae steal them.

  18. Winning captains. Book and t-shirt purchased today. Thanks for all you do .










  19. HOT SMOKED on 20TH APRIL 2017 4:36 PM


    ” baxter had broken his leg in the last minute, showboating.”




    How does one manage that?



    *taking the pi88 one time too many, he admitted that himself in his bio and said if it had been done tae him he would have done the same thing.

  20. Tontine Time



    Belittling an opponent might not be particularly pleasant ( although the people who pay the money often like it ) but breaking his leg ?



  21. A third category that might be added, of People You Don’t Want To Mess With, would be people who – with almost pathological single-mindedness – record every conversation they’re party to.



    I believe the Craigster might just fall into two of the three categories.



    And as Mr Jim Steinman once observed, two out of three ain’t bad…



    Waiting eagerly for the whole truth and nothing but. Toffee popcorn ready.

  22. Nothing of rgreat significance, JJ, except confirmation that live tweets will be permitted.



    Evidence starts tomorrow, 10am…

  23. I’d say the most important tweet of the day from James Dolman was the warning from the fabulously named Lady Stacey that you can be in contempt of court on Twitter OUTSIDE of the courtroom.



    One to remember for those posting here, as the trial will last around 12 weeks.

  24. SCB –



    Yeah she sounds like she might be a character from Thunderbirds, innit?



    No your honour, of course I didn’t mean to suggest you had a voice like a puppet – oh cripes!



    Once again a game of football is ruined by the headline hugging officials. Since Collina(sp) and his sidekick Dallas made refs think they where the main event football has taken 3nd place to the offices egos



    *and there’s the problem, no the SFA or Fleming, although they are part of it but the wee double glazing salesman who’s record outside the country is as scandalous as it is in it. His record speaks for itself:



    • First match at the 1998 FIFA World Cup he sent off 2 players, decisions which divided opinion.


    • Offered police protection by UEFA after he awarded Italy a controversial late penalty in their 2–1 win over Turkey at Euro 2000. The Turkey coach called the decision “unforgivable” while furious Turkish fans jeered and pelted him with missiles.[


    • Presided over AC Milan’s exit from the 2000/01CL in a 1–1 draw at the San Siro which The New York Times described as “a game of two dubious penalties.” A sequence of controversial decisions saw the crowd pelt him with missiles including coins, fruit, bottles and cigarette lighters as he left the field again under police protection.


    • During the 2002 WC Portugal objected to his selection for their group-stage game with Poland, referring to their experience with him during UEFA Euro 2000. Portugal went on to win the match 4–0.


    • In quarter final between the USA and Germany. Early in the second half, he declined to award a penalty kick to the USA after a shot was blocked on the goal line by the outstretched arm of a defender. He defended his decision on the grounds that the defender did not intend to handle the ball, commenting “If it’s not intentional it’s not a foul, no matter where it is.”



    • In the same match he cautioned Oliver Neuville for a foul committed by his teammate Jens Jeremies, having mistaken their identities. Although he attested to the backing of his refereeing inspector over the incidents, FIFA remarked upon their “concern at one or two major mistakes.”


    • And then at home there was that game in which he patted wee vantrannies erse on the way tae the corner flag and gave a nothing penalty when the big Oz chapel goer dived in the box.


    • After being appointed head of referee development he was soon involved in a public dispute with manager Jim Gannon over refereeing decisions.


    • Accused by assistant referee Steven Craven of exerting pressure on him to support Dougie Dougie, who had lied about a disallowed penalty incident in a match at Tannadice. He himself had initially publicly repeated McDonald’s false version of events but denied allegations of “bullying and harassment”


    • In November 2010, he faced an inquiry after it emerged that he had allegedly sent what has been described as a sectarian and offensive email referring to the Pope from his SFA email account.


    • On November 26 he was sacked on the conclusion of the investigation into the allegations, but still contrived to orchestrate a referee’s strike.



    And yet he is still involved with UEFA where I have no doubt he still influences games in Scotland possibly by rewarding his “pets” with plum European games. We also wonder at some of the decisions that go against us in Europe.



    Is it his pathological hatred of us as a result of the bunnet giving Jock Brown the job over him or is he just a wee bitter scheitd.

  26. Kirsty G looking mighty fine on SSN, sitting next to that knob Jim White.



    C’mon the Young Hoops tonight!