Whyte’s proxy set to step forward for acceptance by SFA, SPL


When Duff and Phelps put their initial deadline in place for bidders for Rangers back in March, Celtic Quick News took the view that Craig Whyte was the only show in town and that any successful bid for the company’s assets would have to come from him or his proxy.

We didn’t know who his proxy would be then and we are still not sure – although we could have a pretty good guess.

Place the current SPL and SFA dramas aside for a moment.  If a deal is done to allow a Rangers-Newco to apply to play football next season the new ‘owner’ will be a Craig Whyte appointment.

If this unfolds in the days to come, I fully expect the SFA will take a very long time to consider any Fit and Proper questions, and I expect the SPL board will vote 4-1 to allocate a share in the league to the Newco.

Celtic, united with their own fans, and fans of the Gang of 10 clubs stand in one corner.  The boards of the Gang of 10 want Rangers-Newco money too much to object.  Don’t even count on Newco being subject to the penalties discussed at yesterday’s meeting.

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  1. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    DJBEE on 1 May, 2012 at 22:40 said:



    I”m with you Bhoy ….. The game is up, current buns…

  2. JQB



    SKY have Blue Square Conference games on a Friday night. There will be aTV deal in some shape or form.



    For it to be used as an excuse to allow a newco is duplicity at its best.

  3. derbyshirebhoy on










    Apologies for shouting but wanted to bring attention to this. I believe that if those of us who subscribe to Sky and ESPN wish to influence and make an impact it is best done via a co-ordinated approach in writing to Jeremy Darroch. Doing it this way will also establish fairly quickly whether such a thought is simply pie in the sky ( pardon the pun ) or could have a real impact. If people contact me I’ll try to collate sufficient info to see whether its got a chance. For me its better than doing nothing and it is the only influence I have as I already bhoycott all the home and away matches:>)



    What I was thinking was that before cancellation we need to engage Sky re their contract intentions.


    In the end it would be very difficult for all of us to switch off something that’s our passion but we’ll only know if we have influence if we can establish potential numbers and a cost to Sky if we did withdraw.


    We keep hearing how Sky demand 4 Rangers Celtic matches and how the loss of Rangers will affect the contract.


    What we don’t know is what Sky’s position would be given a Rangers Newco in the SFL as a scenario.


    This would give us an opportunity to test that water. It may also serve to get a message back to such as Doncaster and the gang of 10 that integrity is a serious issue and that the loss of it may have a financial impact too.


    What I’d like to suggest is that each person gives me enough details to show Sky that this is a serious concern for all involved and may well result in a serious loss of custom for them.


    I’d like each person to give me say their account number (to establish for Sky that I’m not making it up) and the amount paid each month in total and for Sports so that I can assess the effect if only Sports were cancelled though some may want to take the option of cancelling altogether.

  4. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    DJBEE on 1 May, 2012 at 22:58 said:



    Solution: Refuse to play at the ticketus stadium and ban their scumbag fans from CP



    6pt deduction and no damage to our stadium. Still 4 points ahead.



    Strathclyde police if your lurking, can you tell me if you break the law in mass, is it okay? There’s that word “mass” again!







  5. Margaret McGill on

    Moonbeams WD. Kano \o/ Neil Celtic FC. We are the Champions. Ignore the WARTS. on 1 May, 2012 at 23:01



    I’d agree with that.

  6. MWD



    Indeed we will my friend.



    See this thing called Celtic it’s blinkin’ hard work. Sometimes I wish I’d been born an aardvark!!!!!

  7. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    hamiltontim on 1 May, 2012 at 23:03 said:






    now we’ve got the financial argument out of the way, why the different approach, clamour, and reaction now compared to 1994 (I know you know its rhetorical)

  8. We’ll miss you Glasgow Rangers and stories we will tell, Of how Celtic came from Heaven and you lot came from Hell. And when they pull down Ibrox and I think its going to come, Its Hectors way of saying, you should have done your sums! As brick by brick it crumbles and your iron gates crash down, Just think of our St Fergus and how he turned us ’round! When every brick has fallen and you see there’s nothing left, You’ll hear the taxman whisper, that’s the price you pay for theft!Ha ! Ha! Ha!

  9. West Wales Celt on

    Just watched the interview with Lenny on the Beeb. Very considered performance I thought. Keep it up Lenny…

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    hopefully IF justice is served on the vermin,Doncaster,Reagan,MSM will have nowhere to run and be shown up in their complicity to re-hoose the hun.

  11. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on 1 May, 2012 at 23:04 said:




    Being a paranoid tim i would say that `the boys in blue’ are watching you!


    Closely followed by every member of the Scottish meeja looking for the latest story that is breaking so they can cut and paste it for their `exclusive’ story!!!!


    Lazy journalism etc…



  12. JQB



    And it’s for the point that you just made that I would find it extremely difficult to blame Celtic in this whole sorry mess.



    This is Scotland, they are rangers….they were never going to be allowed to die off completely. But hey we all knew that in any case.

  13. If Celtic refuse to play this newco next season which I think is an outstanding idea as I am sure that a bunch of young boys that have never played the game at any decent level could not make up the twelve points. Well if they are deducted 10-15 points anyway then Celtic would absolutely cruise to the league. Result…..



    Celtic win the league at a canter.


    Celtic have lost out slightly on a financial basis.


    This point is the big one……… SKY deal is almost completely irrelevant!!!!


    The hun cheating is exposed to the entire world and Celtic, have done absolutely nothing, and done nothing wrong.

  14. ok… since he’s shiftier than a sackful of weasels… from what i can tell from the (only) source, that sheffield wednesday site…



    four years prior (thus 2006) he had a motor racing team (TRAC) which he was the president of which was declared bankrupt… now…



    i’m no financial whizzkid…



    but is anybody else thinking “fit and proper person test?”



    NB, it is only one internet detective, who could be wrong or have an axe to grind… but he does seem to have some compelling evidence to back his claims up.

  15. DJBEE



    As long as the hun have the referees to help them, they have a chance of winning the league.



    Sort the referees, Sort the problem.

  16. Good evening all.



    I’ve just been catching up on the shenanigans of Doncaster and CO. over the past 24hrs, and whilst the sense of frustration and despair amongst many of my fellow Tims is understandable, I’m pleased to say I do not share in it.


    Since this story began there have been many twists and turns. There have been highs and lows, but all the while the ember of hope has been steadily burning that bit brighter inside me. It is the hope that justice is about to prevail and that hope has now become a conviction, a conviction that right will prosper and good will triumph.



    I believe this because I have to believe it. I know no other way. Neither do most of you I suspect. That’s why you continue to support Celtic no matter what’s thrown in you/our way



    There is an oft quoted phrase that we are all familiar with that’s worth calling up again so we can all sleep easy in our beds tonight..



    Keep The Faith

  17. hamiltontim on 1 May, 2012 at 22:49 said:





    Surely that would depend on the perspective of the individuall Chief Executives of SPL clubs.’






    The argument is that the SPL needs the old firm to get TV money.



    That’s the argument, isn’t it?



    There is no other argument.



    No Celtic = no old firm game = no Sky deal.



    So what argument is left to vote a cheating, bankrupt club into the SPL?

  18. I may be wrong, and am frequently, but I am sure it has been posted on here before that under SPL /SFA rules if a team fails to fulfill a fixture all its results are declared null and void. So refusing to play newhun FC would not cost just 12 points but all points accrued.

  19. BABASONICOS71 on

    The reason why, oh, I can say


    I have to let you go, babe, and right away


    After what you did I can’t stay on


    And I’ll probably feel a whole lot better when you’re gone



    Baby, for a long time you had me believe


    That your love was all mine and that’s the way it would be


    But I didn’t know that you were putting me on


    And I’ll probably feel a whole lot better when you’re gone


    When you’re gone



    Now, I’ve got to say that it’s not like before


    And I’m not gonna play your games any more


    After what you did I can’t stay on


    And I’ll probably feel a whole lot better when you’re gone


    Oh, when you’re gone, oh, when you’re gone


    Oh, when you’re gone



    G’night fholks.

  20. tommytwiststommyturns on 1 May, 2012 at 22:59 said:


    ”Ernie – did you ever accept Paul67′s invitation, that he would try and arrange a meeting for you at CP? It might possibly allay your concerns regarding the board’s commitment to opposing a Newco in the SPL.”



    No I haven’t and no it wouldn’t.



    My concerns will be allayed at the start of next season when there’s no huns in the SPL. A cup of tea and a Jamie Dodger with one of the movers and shakers at Celtic Park doesn’t really appeal.

  21. Exiled Tim



    We will never sort the referees they are a law unto themselves but had a great chat with a relative of a referee on Sunday after the game. Obviously I can’t say who but I can tell you it was not a thems friendly pub, and the guy could sing.




    Let’s assume PL and our Board are playing a long-game – they hold a number of aces when it comes to the new Sky/ ESPN deal.



    Implication – consider this scenario:



    LL interviewing PL – what’s your position regarding signing the new deal?



    PL – we will continue to work with Sky/ ESPN after all they will make a significant contribution to our TV income dependent on our progress in Europe this year and hopefully for next few years (we will be guaranteed CL/ Euro income for X years – so we can live with it).



    LL – what if Sky reduce the sum because there won’t be 4 derby games?



    PL – it may mean we have to re-think about increasing our investment in an improved CH67 package and in the longterm Celtic TV (implication: why should we worry – give it a couple of years and we will be making more than we are currently earning now).



    LL – if the 4 derby games were lost and the only deal on the table was ESPN what would you do?



    PL – this might be the time to reassess the number of away games we feature in – given the inconvenience to our supporters with early kick-off times and our anticipated European fixtures (implication: it’s unfortunate but some of the GOT will miss out on a featured TV game).



    LL – this talk of the Celtic Support boycotting certain away games – do you condone it?



    PL – of course not Neil wants the team to be supported at all games – however if that was the case, we would have to look at the number of tickets we have taken for away fixtures in previous years (implication: we wouldn’t want to be seen to be condoning it but it’s likely to impact on attendances).



    Now apply the same contrived formulae to; current shirt sponsor, SPL sponsorship, media access, etc., etc………. we are more than capable of playing hard-ball with the GOT and SFA/ SPL.

  23. Margaret McGill on

    ernie lynch on 1 May, 2012 at 23:20 said:



    and…I’d agree with that.

  24. Not long after RFC became RFCIA it was banded about that CW would become a hero to their fans (again) if he could ditch the debt and they could survive their wrong doings relatively unscathed(they don’t do shame) and in a position to fight on debt free and start to rebuild, that is their ultimate aim after all.



    HMRC and the SFA/SFA should hang their heads in shame, as they may yet pull it off, what kind of message does this send out to the younger generation about paying your way .How can they be allowed any “prize” money from this season while paying no tax is beyond me!



    Unless they act soon they will have been “duped” for the world to see and have lost all respect, giving in to their greetin’ and childish threats.



    They shouldn’t expect us to give in to them, we’ve battled with them for years and I for one won’t be chucking it in just cause they are a shambles and no one in authority (no laughing) knows how deal with them and/or doesn’t want to be the one to pull the plug.




    If they survive they should be hounded continually for their behaviour and NEWCO / zombie fc not given a moments rest or mercy.



    If it gets to it and the transfer window opens, as the season ends, what little talent they have will be picked off by the circling vultures and they won’t be able to replace them adequately to challenge for anything other than survival from relegation through league position, that I would like to see.



    Back the bhoys fellow tims ……their crimes belong to them and are for them to live with(maybe).



    Our priority has to be to add enough quality to get us into CL proper next season and strengthen further our club, too many times before they’ve got away when we had the upper hand. let’s stick together and remember we are the champions.







  25. according to the new york stock exchange (which i frequent regularly, of course) miller industries…. bill miller’s towing empire isin a wee bit of a low…



    in the last year it’s shares have gone from a high of $21.29 to their current $16.00, a fall of nearly 25%…



    11058300 shares worth $16 vaues the company at $176,932,800… exchange rate makes that £109,076,164. now, for sure that’s a lot of money, but i have no idea what pecentage of the company he owns… anyway… just thinking…






    according to the company’s accounts last filed… mr william g miller is credited as owning… 342,755 shares, today worth $5,484,080, or £3,380,765. now, there are other investment companies which have ownership of the business too (his amounts to only 3.1%) but even the largest of these still accounts for only 11% of the company. see page 8.






    sorry for being boring… but after a depressing day, i just thought it might cheer you all up to know that “towing tycoon” bill miller might just hit ibrox like an atom bomb.



    if anybody else can find out any other info, i’d love to know… all traces of him, except those filed at the SEC seem to have, ermmm, vanished. i’ll keep looking though.

  26. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Daft question…



    Does a newco inherit the Big House and Murray Park?



    Or are those assets liquidated to pay creditors?