Whyte’s proxy set to step forward for acceptance by SFA, SPL


When Duff and Phelps put their initial deadline in place for bidders for Rangers back in March, Celtic Quick News took the view that Craig Whyte was the only show in town and that any successful bid for the company’s assets would have to come from him or his proxy.

We didn’t know who his proxy would be then and we are still not sure – although we could have a pretty good guess.

Place the current SPL and SFA dramas aside for a moment.  If a deal is done to allow a Rangers-Newco to apply to play football next season the new ‘owner’ will be a Craig Whyte appointment.

If this unfolds in the days to come, I fully expect the SFA will take a very long time to consider any Fit and Proper questions, and I expect the SPL board will vote 4-1 to allocate a share in the league to the Newco.

Celtic, united with their own fans, and fans of the Gang of 10 clubs stand in one corner.  The boards of the Gang of 10 want Rangers-Newco money too much to object.  Don’t even count on Newco being subject to the penalties discussed at yesterday’s meeting.

A CQN’er is raising funds for the Wellburn Care Home in Dundee.  Run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, Welburn offers incredible residential support for those in need in the Dundee area.  It is only a viable concern through the dedication of the sisters and volunteers and fundraising initiatives such as sales of work, coffee mornings etc.

You can support their work by bidding for a Celtic top signed by the first team squad at this eBay auction.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Headtheball on

    If newco Rangers parachute into the SPL as a much weakened team (some believe), why would Sky fall over themselves to show all the Celtic/Rangers games when it would be a ‘no contest’ and similar to us playing Dunfermline (no offence to them).



    Why wouldn’t Celtic v Hearts, or whichever team is pushing us for the title, become the big draw?

  2. Anyone know when the closing date is for ST renewals?


    Will we know before then what product we are paying for?


    Integrity or profit?


    Kinda need to know before I write my cheque mr lawwell

  3. The English Football League have made it clear they would only countenance an application from a Scottish club if it came from the SFA.



    When the gerrymander happens I would like to see Celtic tell Scottish football to ratify our application to the English League or all of you will be dragged through the courts for years on the basis of loss of earnings, corruption of sport, restriction of free trade, anything else you fancy. Which of course means no European football, no National team, no sponsorship per FIFA rules.



    We have the backers on the board who could afford that course of action, I wonder how long the rest would last?

  4. RobinBhoy at 12:43



    As far as I can see from info online, all four clubs cited by the SPL either agreed a CVA (Leeds, Rotherham twice) or were forced to pay a previously agreed CVA as a condition of league entry (Bournemouth, Luton).

  5. The arguements regarding what I should do if newcheats FC are allowed straight back into the SPL are ones I am having difficulty with.



    On one hand there is the arguement, why should I support a league that allows corruption to win, why follow a fixed league?


    On the other, why hurt the team I love, the team, the support and the board have done nothing to stop me wanting to watch my team.



    These thoughts have been going around in my head for weeks.


    Walk away from Celtic, find something else that will enthuse me the way my team does?


    My head tells me that is what I should do. It’s a fix, they won’t let a fair competition, it will always be scued in favour of one team.



    But then again, I always knew it was, so has anything changed?


    Well yes, it has. They are no longer attempting to hide the corruption, it is laid bare for all to see. They are saying openly, you’re a mug and we’ll treat you as such, openly to your face.


    But would I find something else to fill the void Celtic would leave?


    At the end of this I’ll still be a Tim, I’ll support my team, but every Hun I know will know they follow a cabal of cheats, every time they bring up the subject of football, they will know they are corrupt, they follow a team that is a lifeless zombie born of a vile corrupt parent.



    On a more important note, congratulations to Ton che Dan and Lyndsey.


    Long life, health and happiness to you and your young family.




  6. Mcmoist on SSN saying that both the interested parties are talking of going down the ‘Newco’ route which does not involve liquidation!!!!


    How exactly does that work?

  7. One interesting thing about all of this is that if it had happened 15 years ago RFC would have been saved and back in the SPL pronto.



    The new media, by shining a light on every corrupt manoeuvre, and by seizing control of the agenda from superannuated hacks like Traynor, has made it impossible to pull of a scam without it being patently obvious what is going on…

  8. philvisreturns on

    ItaliaBhoy – Yup.



    Nothing about Scottish politics or civic society suggests the country would be improved if the SNP got its way. Most people in positions of influence – in politics, in media, in education – prefer self-congratulatory fantasy to reality.



    One of the most cherished of all Scottish myths is that Scotland is somehow, in contrast with those selfish people down south, a uniquely caring and egalitarian nation.



    It would get worse if the SNP had real power. We’ve already seen what a gang of sanctimonious, brass-necked, jumped-up little dictators they are with their ridiculous Offensive Communications Act. (thumbsup)

  9. South Of Tunis on

    ernie lynch @ 13 14



    ” I tell you what will happen if a Newco is allowed in


    Some of us will have nothing more to do with Celtic or Scottish football “.



    Yes ——



    That is the choice ——– you either swallow your sense of morality and play possum for The Hun or you tell them them to stick it and walk away .

  10. Hi Paul,



    “The boards of the Gang of 10 want Ranger-Newco money to object”



    A piece in Express suggested that RFC are worth £600K to each SPL club their suggetion if accurate is that SPL clubs need these funds.



    Although you have asked what price intergrity? And this is key for me, what price no NewCo? Is worth considering.



    Of Course RFCia getting replaced by Dundee is going to have a hit on revenue but I would suggest not as much as suggested.



    There will be an SPL TV deal and although it may smaller in value than the currant deal it will not be a huge reduction and the biggest beneficary RFC will have their large slice of the pie shared out, therefore most of the GoT will get a bigger slice of a smaller pie.



    Again I would suggest the Express have costed the money that R@ngers’ supporters bring in but have failed to add the money the Dundee fans would bring and the re-establishment of Scottish football’s third biggest derby.



    Another point is, if R@ngers currently bring in the £600K per team the NewCo or R@ngers light will not be as competitive which means less fans, possibly less Glasgow Derbies, overall less money.



    Also the sponsorship, Scottish football with NewCo in the top tier will be tainted, Companies may not want to be associated with it, or see less value in the brand, boycotts from fans with a moral consience will also impact, overall less money.



    It should also be pointed out the vast majority of the money RFC turnover is burned within the RFC cash furnace and never reaches other teams.



    All in all the £600K per team RFC dividend has gone, their cheating has garanteed that, so the question is how much will NewCo be worth? We have some pretty sharp posters who may be able to quantify this, I can’t but my guess would be circa £500K per club.



    Now if NewCo don’t appear in the SPL, Dundee and the bigger slice of the smaller TV pie could mean £400K per club.



    Add to that the unquantifiable risk of moral hazard.



    Not a significant difference for the price of intergrity.

  11. cardiffbhoy on

    Italiabhoy – we could resign and apply to join the SFL, other SPL clubs could either come with us or stay to play with Zombie Huns –



    This would bring the SPL crashing down and their valuable TV deal would disappear before their very eyes. What is to stop us lobbying for UEFA to recognise this as the country’s top league then, given that the SPL appears to be set up with the sole purpose being to breach financial fair play rules.



    The Gang of Ten generated income of £52m last season, only £14m of that came from TV, they are more dependent on their supporters than TV money but they dont seem to care.

  12. ernie lynch on 1 May, 2012 at 13:15 said:


    oglach on 1 May, 2012 at 13:13 said:


    ”I think our board can refuse to cooperate with a TV deal. What could the SPL realistically do then kick us out of the SPL?”



    Withhold or reduce payment.



    We sign up to the deal, that’s why we get paid.



    We don’t do what the deal says we should do, we don’t get paid.




    I would argue that Celtic agreeing to the TV deal in the 1st instance was based on the SPL being a level playing field. (Yes i know it’s Scotland) and as such the admittance of any reincarnation of a club found to have ‘cheated’ other clubs would in my opinion render the contract void. I find it difficult to envisage a scenario where any UK court could uphold any sanctions that the football authorities may try to impose against Celtic for refusing to participate in any future TV contract.

  13. philvisreturns on

    tigertim – Arresting people for saying stupid stuff on Twitter is about all you can expect the police to do these days. (thumbsup)

  14. jock tamson on 1 May, 2012 at 13:23 said:



    If we resigned, in 2 years we would still be in the top scottish division.The SFA would be forced to act. They’re already talking about setting up a new league to replace the SFA so our resignation would speed up the process. Any new league would have UEFA financial fair play at the heart of it, they would have no choice as UEFA/FIFA will kick out Scottish team from Europe and the national team from the World Cup/Euros. They threatened the Swiss FA over Sion and look what’s happening now in Switzerland.

  15. ernie lynch on

    jock tamson on 1 May, 2012 at 13:23 said:



    ”i’d far prefer to see us raise a court action against them for payment of their ticket income following sunday’s game in the belief that they may not be in a position to repay it…”





    That sentence confirms the lack of commercial awareness that the rest of your post suggested.

  16. RogueLeader on 1 May, 2012 at 13:24 said:


    I hope this happens, any other league.


    I also hope Hector makes life as difficult as possible for Newco Cheats as possible.




  17. philvisreturns on

    wonkyradar – This is the old conservative establishment ploy of promoting “protectionism” under the guise it is for the collective good under the heading of “too big to fail” partyline. We’ve seen it in the political sphere with the banks bailed out by tax payers & basically “protected” by vast sums of monies as a buffer from economic reality



    Yes, that notorious conservative, Gordon Brown, has a lot to answer for.



    He made Ian Paisley a lord, too. (thumbsup)

  18. The whole point about resigning is that it kills the Newco straight into SPL arguement by scuppering the TV deal and other sponsorship deals. It would also be the catalyst for complete change in the Scottish game.

  19. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Ernie Lynch


    I would like to back up Paul’s plea to avoid a split amongst the support on old default board/support lines.


    It plays into enemy hands and I know where Celtic stand on this, I have personal evidence.


    Apart from that there are lots of good Tims working away to influence thinking and for that to be worth trying they have to trust that the Board and support are aligned.


    Paul makes a very good point that all we have is each other to turn to, better we do that than turn on each other.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BSR- as if she would disrespect her CQN badge by wearing it on a newco-embonpoint!


    Don’ believe everythin’ you read on the ole Internet, most of if is made up of made up stuff folk have just made up.

  21. ernie lynch on

    oglach on 1 May, 2012 at 13:26 said:




    ”I would argue that Celtic agreeing to the TV deal in the 1st instance was based on the SPL being a level playing field.”




    I would argue that membership of the SPL was based on the SPL being a level playing field.

  22. philvisreturns on 1 May, 2012 at 13:27 said:


    That must be why I never use Twitter!

  23. Headtheball on

    Surely everyone should hold off from buying a season ticket until they know what the outcome of all this will be?

  24. No 13 shorts @13.03:


    ” To thine own self be true….” is one of the two rules I use in determining my choices in life. The first is ” Know thyself.” which is , of course, a prerequisite for being true to one`s self. That being so, if Rangers are not punished properly, I will not only be finished with Scottish Football but will be very clear-mindedly so.


    On this matter, I am in synque with ernie lynch. If enough of our fans shared this view as clearly in their minds as I am in mine, then the chances of Rangers being punished properly is increased.






    PS Has the SPL survey guy made any comment about his meeting where he had “the facts” explained to him?

  25. David Hillier ‏ @DavidHillier Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    “@ScotExpress: #SPL clubs could lose £600k a season if #Rangers out of the top flight http://bit.ly/ICA6wQ #sports #news” closer to £250k.



    Rumours of how much the huns bring to football have been greatly exaggerated…

  26. Philvis,



    The SNP is a motley collection of oddballs, failures, and angry white men. Nationalism is inherently the most stupid of political philosophies. It is divisive, judgmental, authoritarian, and is only ever a few steps away from its uglier younger brother, fascism.



    It completely ignores the reality of the world we live in, where people and capital move freely and where ancient borders are increasingly irrelevant.



    But the big problem with nationalism is that if you are caught on the wrong side of its fence – if you are a gypsy in Italy, a Morrocan in France, a white man in Zimbabwe, or an Asian in Australia- then you are at huge risk of public policy clobbering you and your family, unless you keep your head down and pay homage to the national myth.



    In an independent Scotland it’s not difficult to work out who would end up on the wrong side of the fence…

  27. tomcourtney on 1 May, 2012 at 13:17 said:


    cavansam \o/ on 1 May, 2012 at 13:07 said:



    me too……..after 50 years, i’ve never been so sick.


    i’ve always been a keen cyclist….with an ambition to do touring but couldn’t afford it now maybees the time.



    oh and by the way for all you orcs, no doubt lurking…………..


    yes, you are the peepel…..but what person with an ounce of morality, dignity and intergrity would want to be you!

  28. philvisreturns on

    tigertim – That must be why I never use Twitter!



    Twitter is just a fad anyway, like Facebook or FM radio.



    I prefer to use my pager and/or fax machine. (thumbsup)

  29. That crutch clutching tax dodging “big house must stay open” guy is like a giant squirrel: instead of nuts in the gullet he keeps pasties in the pouches of his pendulous uber chin…

  30. Auld Neil Lennon heid on



    Re the SPL reply to Robinboy (first page) is what David Ogilvie said true.


    It conflicts with what you said re Leeds and later posts suggest Rotherham got a CVA.


    If the David Ogilvie reply is inaccurate then the SPL are guilty of spreading mistruths to suit their agenda, something that needs highlighting.


    Also can you e mail me asap?

  31. The Token Tim on

    Gordon J @ 1247,



    “Let’s hope that UEFA can persuade Scottish football to deal with its cheats in similar fashion.”



    Thats what sums up the so-called best wee country in the world.



    We need UEFA to “persuade” the SFA/SPL/Alleged top football teams in this country (with the notable exception of Celtic FC) not to do anything/everything they can to HELP the club that systematically cheated each and every club in Scotland for YEARS.



    Scumbags the lot of them. Let each and every one of the morally bankrupt gang of 10 DIE and I will dance merrily on their graves.



    Where were they when Gretna and Livingstone were going down the tubes??? Hmmm, what’s that, oh yes, those 2 clubs had no money to bring to the table had they???



    Words cannot do benefit to the utter contempt that I have for Doncaster and the rest of them.



    I know that there will be those who wont agree, but bhoycotting* each and every one of them and deprive them of money is the only way we could hurt them.








    * = rather than a complete bhoycott perhaps have 100 or so supporters go so that they have the policing costs and cannot fill, or rather attempt to fill, the stand allocated for us.

  32. The Token Tim on

    Before I head out to a meeting, Best Wishes and Congratulations to Ton-Che-Dan and Lynsey on the birth of their new wee one.



    Welcome to the Celtic Family Siena Jade.



    God Bless you all.






  33. tomthelennytim on

    Headtheball on 1 May, 2012 at 13:32 said:


    “Surely everyone should hold off from buying a season ticket until they know what the outcome of all this will be? ”



    I am.

  34. South Of Tunis on

    Nationalism always come with the tendency to promote the interests of a particular social group ——-



    Welcome to Hunland.

  35. tomcourtney on

    no, I’M Neil Lennon “i’ll never walk alone” (fourstonecoppi ) on 1 May, 2012 at 13:33 said:



    My philosophy



    It’s all about what gives you most quality of life. I retired 10 yrs early and will live within my means instead of existing through irreplaceable years to improve them.


    (Might be some wisdom there with a bit of editing :) )


    Hence our impending move to Crete, the good weather will help to stretch the pensions a bit and allow for an unpretentious craft to cruise the islands probably stocked with tinned spam and tuna ;)

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