Wide-open McDiarmid suits the champions


St Johnstone are on a run of three wins, two draws and a single defeat in six games, a sequence that has seen them move away from the foot of the table.  Defeat at Livingston last midweek being the only black mark since they were being used as target practice by those in the bottom half of the table.

They started their league campaign at Celtic Park with a 7-0 defeat.  Maybe I’m just over-cautious from a few years ago, when the same result against St Mirren proceeded a cup exit to the same opposition a week later, but this kind of result can be misleading.  Those on the receiving end can use the hurt as motivation, while the team who dished out the win learn nothing useful about their opponents.

I expect Neil Lennon will have the squad ready for the battle of four consecutive away games; motivation will not be a concern.  McDiarmid Park is also a wide-open surface.  It is a yard longer and a yard wider than Celtic Park; I expect the champions to prosper.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on



    Just caught SKY there we have signed someone today.





    Hopefully shes good but not quite what we were hoping for…




  2. 31003 on 29TH JANUARY 2020 2:33 PM


    What the hell is happening with Shved???






    The current coach doesn’t fancy him.



    Get him out on loan.

  3. WHITEDOGHUNCH – football turns the head of school boys before they are teenagers. Those with a shot at turning pro think of little else and are out of the school system at the earliest opportunity, 16 or so.


    Very few will have studied for highers/A levels, or whatever they are called now, and next to none of them will have any college or university education.


    It’s no surprise that so many of them struggle to string a sentence together and can only talk in clichés.



    American collegiate system has a lot of merits. Sports scholarships etc.

  4. Gene – I wonder how Morelos picked up an injury? He last kicked a ball at CP. He left for Colombia

  5. woops . ..


    as soon as game was over and was excused the Dubai camp (I think). Unless one of his own has given him a sore one . . .

  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    The Blogger formerly known as GM on 29th January 2020 2:24PM



    Suit yourself, I was being mindful at all times.

  7. TULLY57 on 29TH JANUARY 2020 1:36 PM



    We’ll need the different dynamics that Rogic brings to the team….vision & passing.



    I thought he showed up well in the Thistle game and I’ve been disappointed in his non-inclusion since.



    I think back to his performance at Pittodrie when we banged in 3 or 4 goals before HT – Rogic was involved everywhere.





    I like Tam.



    But Ryan was pretty good before the derby game on the 29th. At the end of November, he picked up 2 assists against Livingston and a goal against Rennes.



    December saw him pick up 2 goals and an assist vs Ross County, a goal against Accies, a goal against Hearts and 2 assists against Aberdeen.

  8. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Wet slippy pitch tonight. Shoot from distance.


    I hope N’tcham has been practicing since last Wednesday night in Kilmarnock!!!




    Yes thats hope I’m hoping . I”m a few miles north of Perth and I’ll get there early .

  10. ST TAMS on 29TH JANUARY 2020 1:41 PM





    I agree that Ryan had gone off the boil towards the end of the year. Would love to see big Tam get a run.



    I hope that rain goes off , as I think I am sitting near the front of east stand tonight.





    Going to the game myself St Tams and I’m a bit worried….just asked my cousin who works in Perth about the weather and he told me it’s now “Pishin Sleet”……

  11. Tonight :






    ——Ajer Jullien Jozo————-



    Forrest Brown McGregor Taylor





    ———Klimala Edouard—————




    Lets get the job done Celtic

  12. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on



    Wet slippy pitch tonight. Shoot from distance.



    I hope N’tcham has been practicing since last Wednesday night in Kilmarnock!!!





    Likewise Callum and Mikey – not so much the skill of shooting but more the decision making process to take a shot instead of trying to walk the ball in…Callum guilty at Kilmarnock and Mikey at the weekend, didn’t have to be a top notch lip reader to know he asked of himself ‘Why didn’t I shoot!’




  13. DENIABHOY on 29TH JANUARY 2020 2:47 PM


    You’re right but the Lions team included Jim Craig, a university graduate, and big Billie who studied Accountancy for a while. That was back in the day when very few went on to Higher Education.



    The other thing is that fluency is not necessarily an indication of intelligence. Some talk fluent rubbish. People who are nervous and appear tongue-tied and inarticulate are not necessarily unintelligent.



    Did you see the guy on Reporting Scotland last night who kept talking about a ‘good feel’ factor? He knew something wasn’t right but that didn’t stop him.

  14. TIMALOY29



    RC a great player who has certainly proved me wrong – I would not have been overly bothered if we had sold him before the LCSF v Hearts….the way he has kicked on and got goals out of nothing, along with seemingly new found energy has been fantastic.



    He offers different options from TR but they’re both great players. Difference this season is that TR has hardly played at all and we need him to get game time so that we have these options.

  15. Ntcham off to West Ham?



    This true or chip wrapper poop?



    From France: “Celtic player is now in ‘advance negotiations’ with West Ham”

  16. Fritzsong – Everytime he hears an interview, my old man never tires of telling me that players from outwith the UK are more articulate in English than the ” home” players.

  17. 31003 on 29TH JANUARY 2020 2:33 PM


    What the hell is happening with Shved???




    Maybe he’s just recovering after ” exploding” onto the scene.




  18. Fritzsong


    `….. fluency is not necessarily an indication of intelligence. Some talk fluent rubbish`


    I like that :-)))….It helped create a good feel factor :-)





    I lived in America for a year and often commented to my American friends how much more comfortable were their sportsmen and women in interviews when compared with ours . Come to think of it, the American Students ( I was at Uni there) were also much more polished when giving presentations etc than their British counterparts.

  19. Big Wavy – it’s all over News Now. Wouldn’t surprise me or disappoint me if we get a decent fee for him. He is a very good player but doesn’t seem to suit whatever system Neil plays and we have a glut of midfielders. Can’t possibly keep them all happy.

  20. DeniaBhoy


    I think perhaps the environment you are raised in has a big impact on these skills.


    I have many friends who are successful, more erudite than me and left school at 15


    No difficult btw.

  21. Deniabhoy,



    Boy’s a real talent. Technically best in the squad. Should have started the last Rangers game.



    It’s a No from me I’m afraid, even if it is distressed wonga from EPL desperados West Ham.

  22. Hot Smoked – I agree with you. Perhaps they are encouraged to do classroom presentations etc. on a regular basis when they are young? In the old days, when rugby players were mostly amateurs, they came across as more articulate than footballers. I assumed that was because the majority had studied for a career of some sort and/or gone to a private school.



    On a related topic, I remember making a presentation to a PwC team in NY many years ago, on the subject of staff communications. When it was over, the big boss lady came across and said to me: “I have no idea what you just said, but it sounded great”.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    bournesouprecipe on 29th January 2020 3:07 pm


    There is no appeal process for Rainjurz on this one, not that it will stop them.



    For an outfit that is never done appealing , they are the most unappealing shower in the land !

  24. Big Wavy – I hear you but do you not think Soro is his likely replacement in the squad? As I said, we have too many midfielders and they cannot all be kept happy. Brown, Calmac and RC are almost always going to be picked when fit. You then have Ntcham, Soro, Henderson, Rogic, Biton and about 8 widemen to consider.


    Maybe he knows he is not going to get many games and wants to leave . . .

  25. Deniabhoy,



    Soro and Ntcham play 2 different positions so I doubt it. He’s been pretty ever present recently so Lenny likes him. He was even captain at one point.



    He plays out of his skin and leaves in the summer with Eddie and we reinvest then (no sniggering at the back). Madness to even consider it now and will be a blow qwhen he does leave. Terrific player.

  26. Big Wavy – I suspected back in December, as I am a cynical sort, he was getting played to put him in the January shop window. The midfield had looked more balanced/settled in the games without him.



    No doubting his ability, but he doesn’t seem to shine as often as he should. And I put that down to the set up /tactics not suiting him.



    Only my tuppenceworth. I can appreciate others seeing it entirely differently.






    Replying to @atcolin


    He has to enter the market. The forward options are dropping like flies





    11:25 AM – Jan 29, 2020


    Twitter Ads info and privacy



    FROM newsnow rangers.ok so any guess on what SIMON,S first name is.

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