Wide-open McDiarmid suits the champions


St Johnstone are on a run of three wins, two draws and a single defeat in six games, a sequence that has seen them move away from the foot of the table.  Defeat at Livingston last midweek being the only black mark since they were being used as target practice by those in the bottom half of the table.

They started their league campaign at Celtic Park with a 7-0 defeat.  Maybe I’m just over-cautious from a few years ago, when the same result against St Mirren proceeded a cup exit to the same opposition a week later, but this kind of result can be misleading.  Those on the receiving end can use the hurt as motivation, while the team who dished out the win learn nothing useful about their opponents.

I expect Neil Lennon will have the squad ready for the battle of four consecutive away games; motivation will not be a concern.  McDiarmid Park is also a wide-open surface.  It is a yard longer and a yard wider than Celtic Park; I expect the champions to prosper.

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  1. Bada Bing – the story about Morelos, so far, is that he returned home last night and found a man under his car who he then chased.


    He called the police and, as yet, no criminality established. From this, the rumour is going around someone was tampering with his brakes.



    Then again, it might have been a kid retrieving his ball. Used to happen to me all the time when I played in the street :) Or do kids not do that anymore?

  2. Neil Lennon said yesterday that nobody will leave. These Ntcham stories are likely to be complete rubbish.


    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH JANUARY 2020 4:17 PM


    Re Ntcham-Seen Snodgrass linked with us the other day?






  4. Favourite Uncle



    I’d imagine on wages Snodgrass would be way more expensive.



    Hope not anyway, he’s as slow as a week in barlinnie. Like getting Kris Commons and his huge fat arse back in the team.



    So a NO from me…

  5. Bada Bing



    What’s the angle here???



    Forcing a reduced sale out of Poundland? Alfie was hounded out for being realy, really too good???

  6. BADA BING – remember the time the huns bus was torched and the media automatically assumed it was a deranged Celtic fan? Level 5 Scam indeed.


    DENIABHOY on 29TH JANUARY 2020 4:26 PM




    AND their goalie getting his hied kicked in by his burd.

  8. Big Wavy – the narrative would be exactly that, that we hounded him out, simple. Our racist, bigoted, deranged fans drove him away from his beloved rangers, That would be the excuse for letting him leave on a cut price deal (or more likely an undisclosed fee).


    The truth more likely to be that he wants to go, they need the money and Level 5 left to spin the narrative to the gullibles. And they have been doing that ad nauseum since December.

  9. Just seen Farage attempt a grandstanding finale at the European Parliament……the female speaker with a beautiful Irish accent, told him and his mob to leave,’ and take your flags with you….’👍

  10. Perhaps it was a squirrel who wanted to move the “story” on for huns desperate to forget their very recent defeat to Hertz?

  11. ffs not another winger a 31 year old player from Hull ffs they (Hull) lost @ home last night


    & we are waisting money on yet another player who’s contract is out in the Summer & is


    obviously not being renewed so what does that tell you said player is surplus to requirement


    not sensible business if rumours are true we should be looking @ spending wisely not


    bringing in more fuds/duds/& surplus to requirements acquisitions nah sounds like


    same old acqisitions & not making shrewed investments how come we end up with all


    the rubbish that’s going around when frinstance Sevco for example can attract better


    acquisitions ffs Celtic do your research properly & invest wisely dipressing stuff where


    is the prozac I’m not impressed


    Changing the subject here folks check out on “You-Tube” this hilairious however sad


    situation to the people who fell victim to their scam to be specific its about these so


    called Demon Dungeons in India who are placing these dodgy pc pop ups saying blah


    blah blah in other words BS & Lies about how ones PC is infected by non existant


    problems in other words pure crap & how one must acquire their dodgy software


    which is an excuse to steal money in more ways than one & screw up ones software


    settings however its a case of reverse Psychology where this funny Cyber Security


    Geek who has over 60 thousand You-Tube followers who some of them throw money


    @ seriously noises said scam reps up & I mean seriously where they are shouting


    down the phone @ him & he is basically leading them on & @ the same time clearing


    out their data base putting on disguise voises like Grandma Vivian & Hubby along


    with other voices the Cyber Security Geek is basically phoning these places everyday


    like some of these so called Indian scam reps saying why are you phoning here


    everyday where is our money & no don’t tell the Walmart rep who the gift cards are


    for it’s really hilairious not for the victims of such scams however it’s certainly an


    eye & ear opener they (Cyber Security Geek & Co) will eventually get these scammers


    put to an end will eventually happen over time that is for sure the live feeds is where


    one will see all the Cyber Security fellows subscribers his actions are of good &


    proper intentions & next month the 13th of February is show red ‘X’ for against


    Human Trafficing exploitations which he mentions on his live-feeds check it out


    folks you will see what I’m referring too go to You-Tube & in the search column


    type “Scammer Payback” he has a lot of You-Tube showings & I mean a lot their


    time spans varies in other words one could spend untold amount of hilairious


    hours viewing said stuff check it out you will see what I mean enjoy even the


    victims will laugh @ the stuff he likes fully triggering (Noising Up) these scam


    reps or is it scum reps they really should make a proper & honest living else


    where however they are like a moth attracted to the light in other words they


    make good money (wages) in ripping people off which is not smart & for a


    Country who’s main belief is Hinduism which believes in the law of karma


    like what one sows so shal they reap is so ironic & also so sad Hail ! Hail ! All

  12. Alasdair MacLean on

    !!BADA BING!! on29TH JANUARY 2020 4:32 PM



    Just seen Farage attempt a grandstanding finale at the European Parliament……the female speaker with a beautiful Irish accent, told him and his mob to leave,’ and take your flags with you….’






    I haven’t seen this bit can picture it.



    Is it not sickening that this object is representing US in front of our European neighbours?

  13. Alisdair- I watched it live about 15 minutes ago,it was fantastic…..Farage and his gang ,waving the Butchers Apron flags,giving it 3 cheers etc,the lady intervened,and chased them.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH JANUARY 2020 4:32 PM


    Just seen Farage attempt a grandstanding finale at the European Parliament……the female speaker with a beautiful Irish accent, told him and his mob to leave,’ and take your flags with you….’👍






    Drum banging Lambeg style.



    Ireland needs UK more than UK needs Ireland and if the beautiful Irish accent is unaware of that then she`s simply a stupid woman .

  15. Rumours of Olivier Ntcham being in advanced negotiations with West Ham United have been shot down by Celtic.



    It was reported in France that the 23-year-old midfielder was in talks to join the Premier League strugglers before Friday’s transfer deadline.






    However Record Sport understands that there is no truth in the rumours, which senior Celtic sources dismissed as “agent talk”.



    West Ham this afternoon confirmed the signing of Czech international Tomas Soucek from Slavia Prague, with the 24-year-old occupying a similar role to Ntcham.



    It’s also understood that the Hoops are not pursuing Jeff Hendrick of Burnley or Hull City winger Kamil Grosicki.

  16. DENIABHOY on 29TH JANUARY 2020 2:52 PM



    woops . ..as soon as game was over and was excused the Dubai camp (I think). Unless one of his own has given him a sore one . . .



    *or mibbees when he allegedly kicked wee Ryan in the hips and haws or allegedly again when big JFK hooked him and he slipped.





    IS there anything you are not an expert on.why did you leave if it is so good here.



    Askin for me .

  18. AKBW1888



    According to WIKI the boy Grosicki played 9 times for Poland in 20


    73 caps in total so imagine is a bit of a player











    None of your business.





    SO that means IRELAND and scotland ..and brexit are none of yours.



    C,MON THE ABOS get your country back.

  20. The last piece o’ guff featured Fat Charlie an’ his jam-jar…………….



    Is there a pattern emergin’?



    Or, can they just not afford to buy anythin’ other than kolumn inches?

  21. Time will tell if pulling out of the EU was a disaster or not a disaster that remains to


    be seen we all know it was mainly England who wanted this to happen cause as


    they say too much freedom of movement one only has to look @ London for


    example out of a population of nearly ten million 99% of their population are


    from all over the place mainly Europe now I know freedom of movement is


    not such a bad thing especially here in Coldland where we need more of the


    younger generation to come here & take up a living however try explaining


    this to the English who don’t view it that way

  22. Jinky………



    Perhaps sumbdy will doorstep thum in time for the news the night????



    Naw, me either!

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