Wigan first to drop in football’s great structural change


Wigan Athletic yesterday were the first to fall into administration in the world’s most financially vulnerable league, the English Championship.  They were mid-table and on a winning streak, so if they can find the money to complete their remaining games, there is a chance they will avoid relegation, despite the points deduction.

With former owner, Dave Whelan, still alive and still rich, they are probably better placed to recover from this than most in the Championship, but I doubt Dave is prepared to cover years of contracted losses to fill the bank accounts of players.

If the great structural change in football that Celtic fans have been waiting on for decades does not happen in the months to come, it never will.

Most players in the English Football League have had their wages deferred, while some have been furloughed.  Taxes have also been deferred, so the crunch lies ahead.

I am not a Mike Ashley fan but the manner in which he trolled yesterday Newco was spectacular.  Sports Direct’s Facebook page announced Newco strips would be available exclusively from the retailer they continually believe they were rid of.  The club statement that followed was an excruciating attempt to confirm nothing while not contradicting a word of the Sports Direct statement.

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  1. Philbhoy 11.01am



    I thought you spelt “this morning” perfectly



    On the subject of writing articles plenty on here (BRTH & others) just write long posts and people comment on the post pretty sure P67 has run this blog pretty dam well and the blog is updated regularly with articles but only main one is available for comments … it might not be every bodies cup of tea but definitely my go to Celtic internet option

  2. I love a list 05/07/20;


    2 DF Christopher Jullien


    3 DF Greg Taylor


    4 DF Jack Hendry


    57 DF Stephen Welsh


    6 MF Nir Bitton


    8 MF Scott Brown


    9 FW Leigh Griffiths


    10 FW Vakoun Issouf Bayo


    11 FW Patryk Klimala


    12 MF Ismaila Soro


    17 MF Ryan Christie


    18 MF Tom Rogic


    19 MF Mikey Johnston


    20 MF Maryan Shved


    21 MF Olivier Ntcham


    22 FW Odsonne Édouard


    23 DF Boli Bolingoli


    28 MF Luca Connell


    29 GK Scott Bain


    30 DF Jeremie Frimpong


    33 DF Hatem Abd Elhamed


    35 DF Kristoffer Ajer


    42 MF Callum McGregor


    49 MF James Forrest


    52 MF Ewan Henderson


    56 DF Anthony Ralston


    65 GK Conor Hazard



    Due to Covid19 not even sure when the transfer window closes there has been mention of an extension, apart from the obvious need for a new Number One goalkeeper there are a few in the trimmer squad that will be off on loan e.g. Jack Hendry Anthony Ralston Maryan Shved?



    I’m sure we’re monitoring Motherwell’s David Turnbull for centre mid, we’re very unsettled at full back but unless we offload someone then I doubt we’ll spend more money in that area.



    Up front provided we hold on to Eddy then Griffiths Bayo and Klimala should be good enough back up for a side, that generally plays one striker.



    Midfield is well covered, if Soro makes an impression, but if the right players become available we’ll take players for any positions and when the EPL and other Championship finish up there might be one or two surprises.

  3. CORKCELT on 5TH JULY 2020 10:44 AM


    Less of the old bassas…CQN was brought to my attention by a great friend, CM67 who lurks but has never posted. Thanks to him I have never looked back. To say I have met so many friends is an under statement, some of them are old bassas but I will not name names for fear of falling out with someone.


    I have looked in on KDS and SC but for me it is CQN.


    Yes there are some posters who no longer post but I have stayed in touch with them through WhatsApp, Text, Twitter, FB and especially in person.


    I have got know so many great friends through CQN, you being one of them. I will be eternally indebted to CQN.


    If the plug is ever pulled on CQN I will always stay in touch with the many friends I have made through the blog.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  4. Philbhoy 11.14am



    Never a competition in my eyes, if not for BMCUWP would never even had a look, as Lennybhoy posted previously I don’t think there are many internet sites where people actually end up meeting in real life … but plenty in this place have



    I might be incorrect but think 1st October has been mentioned for closing of the Morelos window, ah mean transfer windae :-)

  5. Little known facts # 229



    Alex Rae failed the screen test for the lead role in Nosferatu because he was too grotesque .

  6. Little known fact # 230



    When Alex Rae was born he was so ugly the midwife slapped his maw .

  7. Fred Colon, Unfortunately for me, I was drinking a cup of tea, when I read your 11,57 post,

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Send him the bill for your new macbookpro


    Think they are about £1 k at the moment

  9. SAINT STIVS on 5TH JULY 2020 12:16 PM


    tongland ya bass!





    fixed that for you Stivs.

  10. Shot in the dark here.


    George Lewis ( New Orleans Clarinet man) played at the McLennan Galleries in Sauchiehall Street in 1965. Anyone know who the support band were? I think they were an English bunch.

  11. St.Anthony






    Jul 4


    Haven’t seen this one before of big Billy leading the Celts out in the 1965 SCF. Unusual to see the Grenadier Guards (or whatever) there as my recollection is of Scots pipe bands playing GSTQ for us to howl our derision at. The guards were more a Wembley final thing than Hampden.





  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    St Stivs


    Now I know why my dads face is tripping him 😂😂

  13. Teuchter ar la


    No. I don`t think they were as well known as Ball, Barber, Colyer or Bilk but thanks anyway.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    SS @22:56



    I’ll not be the only one who spent the last five minutes looking to see if they are in that photo😱😂

  15. Saint stivs




    Little known facts #232


    Scots guards have groups of 3 buttons on their tunic

  16. BT


    I thought the same thing ( about your Dad`s face) when I clicked SS`s link :-))

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Hot smoked


    Think him and big Billy had their games faces on 8-)

  18. BT – I’d call it stuff upper lip expression.



    Don’t think anyone should underestimate the importance of the victory that day.

  19. Sy. Stivs, The attendances at these games were absolutely mind boggling. Just checked 65 Cup Final, 108,000,


    record for Hampden 149,415. How the feck did they all fit in.

  20. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just to let you all know, I’ve not abandoned CQN just a bit of comp. trouble.


    Think it ran out of gas or sumfin, anyway sorted now.


    The state of Victoria in a bit of bother now with most of the suburbs back in


    lockdown because of a second wave of Corona.


    All due to returning overseas people supposedly confined to hotel lockdown


    but were being ferried about by the private security co. to go shopping etc


    Stories coming out now about them not only sharing cigarettes but beds as




    Heads about to roll again, and I hope they sue the erses off those security


    people some of whom were also picking up gov. dole money while earning


    plenty as supposed guards.


    Where do you go with that? feckin insane.


    O.k calmed down a bit, luckily our area is still open but restrictions apply so


    our training nights with the youth teams is still on and talk about starting


    games being discussed, think they’re a bit too optimistic myself.


    My big worry is, with all this lockdown etc. how the feck will I ever find a


    hurting hun, after all it’s difficult here as it was.


    H.H. Mick

  21. Ref looks a bit dodgy as well, decided to look him up, Hugh Philips, poor divil died in 1996.

  22. Melbourne Mick – people are the spreaders of the virus – think sometimes they ignore what their actions can cause. Governments can put all the rules and regulations in place but in the end it’s individuals actions that matter.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    John Collins talks some amount of absolute pish,currently managing Utopia FC.

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