Wigan first to drop in football’s great structural change


Wigan Athletic yesterday were the first to fall into administration in the world’s most financially vulnerable league, the English Championship.  They were mid-table and on a winning streak, so if they can find the money to complete their remaining games, there is a chance they will avoid relegation, despite the points deduction.

With former owner, Dave Whelan, still alive and still rich, they are probably better placed to recover from this than most in the Championship, but I doubt Dave is prepared to cover years of contracted losses to fill the bank accounts of players.

If the great structural change in football that Celtic fans have been waiting on for decades does not happen in the months to come, it never will.

Most players in the English Football League have had their wages deferred, while some have been furloughed.  Taxes have also been deferred, so the crunch lies ahead.

I am not a Mike Ashley fan but the manner in which he trolled yesterday Newco was spectacular.  Sports Direct’s Facebook page announced Newco strips would be available exclusively from the retailer they continually believe they were rid of.  The club statement that followed was an excruciating attempt to confirm nothing while not contradicting a word of the Sports Direct statement.

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  1. Corkcelt – I was in the enclosure pictured but might have been the other half because it was the schoolboy enclosure.


    The1967 cup final was the one with the biggest crush – I watched the game hanging from a drainpipe under the north stand.

  2. MM


    Having said that it’s vital that governments take the right actions – something that our government has been poor at.


    Always late to act

  3. Old Hampden as a venue , as a football stadium, always fascinated me growing up.



    I really did like football histroy , more than just celtic.



    The giant attendances from the 30’s to the early 70s were incredible.



    We know about the huge celtic attendnaces at games, but games involved 2 parochial teams wouls also often atract mega audiences.



    The 2nd highest cup final crowd was actually 1952



    1951–52 Motherwell (1) 4–0 Dundee Hampden Park 136,274

  4. Talk of meeting folk off the internet brought to mind my first experience of travelling to Glasgow to meet a bunch of strangers who I’d never met before, but it wasn’t CQN. It was another site which was born out of the closure of the BBC ‘Old Firm’ Forum, and was up and run by one of the posters – Raymie – from there and moderated initially by a poster called CM67. Its called the Old Firm Fans Forum, and as the name suggests, was made up mostly of Celtic and Rangers fans, as they used to be known. There were a few who supported other clubs, and a couple of guys who claimed to be English……Gooner and Toon – you won’t need 3 guesses to know who they supported ( both claimed also to be huns )but mainly us and them.


    As you can imagine, it got a bit wild around the time of Old Firm games, but generally, the banter was good natured if a bit colourful, language-wise 😂


    The night itself was great, a great sense of camaraderie, and mainly Celtic fans, but there may have been a couple of rangers fans too.


    I’ve since been to a number of ‘events’ where I’ve met a whole variety of people from CQN, and can honestly say that every single person I’ve met has been excellent company, very friendly and welcoming, and each and every one, I’d be happy to meet again, and have done on a number of subsequent occasions. Many I would now count amongst my friends.


    Wouldn’t be at all surprised if some on here – either now or in the past – had read or posted on that OFFF site. 👍


    Early and personal life


    Born in Cork, Egan started his career with Greenwood FC in Togher and is the son of former Kerry Gaelic footballer John Egan.[3] His mother, Mary Egan, was a football player and has a League of Ireland medal under her belt.[4] He played hurling and Gaelic football for Bishopstown.[5]



    JOHN EGAN just scored for sheff utd.

  6. Stivs



    I had look twice yon wumminy ref.






    I’ve not seen yir da for a while ….thought his face was always like that :O)

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Only when he sees you big man



    Well naw, usually all the time 😉

  8. Melbourne Mick on




    Yes you’re correct, our leaders made a big mistake with private security firms


    handling hotel lockdown isolation especially when the Australian Defence force


    were standing by waiting on a call.


    Jobs for the boys methinks, backhanders etc. but as I said heads will roll.


    H.H. Mick

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    And a little story that tickled me.


    Our football ground , clubhouse, carparks etc. are currently being


    used as a Coved testing station, they finish at four, I’m usually down there


    for five to open up for the mini roos u 6’s.


    The last of the testing nurses was just leaving and telling me the what’s and


    wherefores, Lovely Irish woman.


    So as you do,” where do you comfy?




    ” Really my football clubs manager comes from there Neil Lennon ”


    ” he’s my cousin ”




    So there’s me taking all the young kids to meet a legends cousin lol.


    I suppose you had to be there.


    H.H. Mick

  10. saint stivs



    The linesman just to big Tommy’s left looks suspiciously like Heinrich Himmler….


    Often wondered what had happened to him after 45.




    Our guys sure had taste, in that case.



    My two abiding memories of that final, one ecstasy and one (someone else’s) agony.


    The ecstasy was of course Big Billy banging in the winner right in front of this wee 14 year old at the final with his big sister’s boyfriend.



    The agony? Remember in those days the beer cans were made of really, really strong stuff and many a drinker in the crowd used the pointed can opener they always carried to work round one end of a can to make an impromptu urine receptacle (posh, eh?) However, it wasn’t a fine technology and invariably there were jaggy wee bits of metal all round the edge. Yup, just before Big Billy scored the guy to my right started to relieve himself and I’ll never forget the sound of agony piercing the greater sounds of joy as the crowd erupted. No idea where he went or what happened to him, never spotted him again.

  12. Emeraldbee 3.34pm



    Every single person will wince and cross their legs reading that post :-)

  13. emeraldbee



    Wasn’t at the ’65 final, they weren’t on the box then either, not in Scotland anyhow.


    Likewise with the ’67 final against the Dons, transistor, back garden, recreating Willie Wallace’s goals, radio replay in those days. Or was it radio rental?


    Those beer cans could be lethal, but could also double as a poor bhoy’s stilts. That was where the idea of new balance originated.


    And long before yer platform bits!

  14. leftclicktic on

    Arthur Ashe documentary just started on bbc1.


    If I remember correctly our very own Beth wrote a piece in him.

  15. Lefty



    You’ve been scatty from school…and you only had a pencil :O) hh luv ye

  16. Namechecks a plenty –




    Eddy Grady






    Jun 15


    Hi Folks, the Greenock CSC Golden Jubilee Brochure has arrived. These are the 3 pages with Lisbon photos. Sadly the one in the stadium is not in it Crying face




























  17. HEBCELT on 5TH JULY 2020 9:55 AM


    What on earth is happening – or not happening with CQN ? Almost no overnight posters, numbers have fallen dramatically,many well kent names have disappeared, all very sad and worrying. Hail Hail Hebcelt




    Be careful what you wish for Hebcelt.


    I, for one, am delighted that we seem to have got rid of the inane rubbish posted by some of the moon-howlers on this site!


    As I have said before, I will endeavour to read each and every poster’s musings – provided they make some sort of sense!


    Rant over,


    Hail! Hail!

  18. Terrymac ,Well sometimes it’s better to talk rubbish as you say on here ,Well I have had to put up with a lot on here who in there opinion are always right ,I’ll have my say wether fans like it or not,I go over to sentinel celts now and again,which makes a change,maybe that’s why CQN is losing a lot of Subcribers,anyway I’m probably on your list for talking rubbish.

  19. BATEEN BHOY on 5TH JULY 2020 1:31 PM



    What was your name on the OFFF? I’ve kept the same on here.



    I too met a few of the guys from there. Remy, Chris (CM67), Keef, Ed (from Germany) and more. All good guys.



    Never been able to make a CQN shindig as yet.

  20. We all spout a bit of rubbish from time to time and there is no harm in that but I think I know where TerryMac was coming from,

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