Wigan first to drop in football’s great structural change


Wigan Athletic yesterday were the first to fall into administration in the world’s most financially vulnerable league, the English Championship.  They were mid-table and on a winning streak, so if they can find the money to complete their remaining games, there is a chance they will avoid relegation, despite the points deduction.

With former owner, Dave Whelan, still alive and still rich, they are probably better placed to recover from this than most in the Championship, but I doubt Dave is prepared to cover years of contracted losses to fill the bank accounts of players.

If the great structural change in football that Celtic fans have been waiting on for decades does not happen in the months to come, it never will.

Most players in the English Football League have had their wages deferred, while some have been furloughed.  Taxes have also been deferred, so the crunch lies ahead.

I am not a Mike Ashley fan but the manner in which he trolled yesterday Newco was spectacular.  Sports Direct’s Facebook page announced Newco strips would be available exclusively from the retailer they continually believe they were rid of.  The club statement that followed was an excruciating attempt to confirm nothing while not contradicting a word of the Sports Direct statement.

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  1. Neustadt-Braw on



    Jiǎchóng…….wisnae a hater…though he must have come close when wee Eric wis nipping at his missus



    smiley forgive dinae forget thing




  2. Hi Bhoys



    BBC Scotland tonight at 8 o clock Glasgow1967: The Lisbon Lions. Enjoy.




  3. Because nobody asked. I completed a list of Celtic listed players to date (the best I could). Very few of which are based on legitimate reporting (ie. reporters with a decent track record as opposed to clickbait sites)



    Celtic linked players:GK:Fraser Forster (Southampton) – Legit


    Joe Hart (Free Agent) – Legit


    David Marshall (Wigan Athletic) – Legit


    Vasilios Barkas (AEK Athens) – LegitFreddie Woodman (Newcastle United)


    Vaclav Hladky (Free Agent)





    Brandon Soppy (Rennes)



    LB:Aaron Hickey (Hearts) – Legit


    Michal Karbownik (Legia Warsaw)






    Scott McKenna (Aberdeen) – Legit


    Boubakar Kouyate (Troyes)





    David Turnbull (Motherwell) – Legit


    Haris Belkebla (Stade Brest)


    Renato Tapia (Free Agent)


    Aliou Traore (Manchester United)




    Takefusa Kubo (Real Madrid)


    Alberth Elis (Houston Dynamo)


    Jordan Ibe (Free Agent)





    Joe Gelhardt (Wigan Athletic)


    Shon Weissman (Wolfsberger) Ivan Toney (Peterborough United)


    Veron Parkes (West Ham) – Legit


    Sebastian Andersson (Union Berlin)


    Adrian Grbic (Clermont)Steven Fletcher (Free Agent)Lyndon Dykes (Livingston)

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Gene from last night – agreed.



    Afraido is a whole lot of human.



    Sumo beckons?



    The comment about castore running out of pre-order kit made me laugh (apologies, can’t recall who posted).



    Can just imagine the statement.



    “Some minor logistical issues which are inevitable when commencing one of the world’s largest supply chain initiatives.



    Sevco and Castor oil are working tirelessly to introduce further synergies into the end-to-end process and ….. blah blah for 400 more words saying nothing”

  5. Not sure it would if it would class as “structural change” Paul but the fact that the EPL is going to charge newly promoted clubs a fee to enter as from next season is certainly a bit of a twist. £8 million apiece? Now that is a helluva season ticket.

  6. timaloy



    criteria please for “legit” ?



    or is that the players talked up by meeja (subscribed/unsubscribed)







    Need some of that rain here in Toronto, it’s steaming.

  8. TimHorton



    So’s Jobo!!!



    Happy birthday to my all time favourite EK weather observer. The best of men!



    HH jg

  9. Just bought some ‘man-sized’ merchandise online from the club store. All sizes available.


    Surely if you buy from JD, they get a cut. Buying from the shop means everything is retained by the club.


    Happy Birthday Jobo, still trying every day to reach the lofty standards you set during your time with LMS 👍

  10. AN TEARMANN on 3RD JULY 2020 1:42 PM



    criteria please for “legit” ?



    or is that the players talked up by meeja (subscribed/unsubscribed)






    Effectively, it’s transfer links based on reporting rather than speculating. For example, today Stephen McGowan in the Daily Mail has reported Celtic have actually been in touch with AEK Athens over Barkas earlier this week. He also noted that Joe Hart and David Marshall are under consideration.



    What’s the difference between this and say, football insider? McGowan is willing to put his name to it and claims it comes from the club. It also gives a specific action and when it happened.



    He has a fairly good track record on top of that.



    Contrast that story with say, Jordan Ibe and how that story has came about. Ibe was a target some time ago and has recently become a free agent. Hence HITC, Football Insider, Total Football etc. talking up him signing for Celtic. Completely wide of the mark. Completely made up on the cuff by adding 2 + 2 and getting 5. Regurgitating old rumours.



    If there is a hierarchy of people worth listening to on this stuff I’d say you are better off listening to reporters like McGowan or Kieran Devlin who are out there doing the work of a journalist.



    After that? Lennybhoy and Catman probably.



    Internet transfer blogs like HITC, Football Insider, This is Futbol etc. don’t actually employ people to find this kind of stuff out. They either make it up or regurgitate rumours they find elsewhere.



    Foreign transfer links are hit and miss. A Norwegian Sports journalist had the scoop on Elyounoussi recently. Equally, there are loads of rubbish publications out there. Usually French or Turkish.



    If you look for a telltale sign that a rumor is rubbish it usually links both Celtic and Sevco to the same signing!

  11. Hearts / Jags court case latest :


    Lord Clark rules that dispute over Hearts and Partick Thistle relegation should be dealt with by an independent SFA arbitration tribunal and not a full public court hearing.

  12. Hearts and Partick Thistle have lost their fight to have their respective relegations overturned by the courts.



    Lord Clark said that the clubs are contractually obliged to comply with the rules of the SPFL and Scottish FA.



    That means the hearing will go to an independent tribunal set up through the Scottish FA rules, but the association will not adjudicate in the case.



    Hearts / Jags court case latest :



    QC’s from both sides had been providing submissions via video link to the Court of Session for the past three days.



    Hearts and Partick claimed unfair prejudice after clubs agreed to end the season early, resulting in their relegation, and wanted the case heard in open court.



    A motion by the three clubs whose promotions could be scrapped – Dundee Utd, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers – to have the case dismissed was also dismissed by the judge.

  13. Embramike


    It’s taken 3 days of legal arguments for the judge to confirm – you’ve signed up for the rules – get on with it.


    Lawyers win again 💷💷💷💷💷💷

  14. Tom English will claim victory and complete vindication for Hearts and Thistle…

  15. Even though the SPFL won today something did come out that was quite damaging.



    The QC for Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers admitted that the Dundee FC vote was received at 16:48.



    This contradicts the Delloite report.



    Now, it’s possible that the QC misspoke. But that will be found out in the near future. The bitter losers from this debacle will continue to grasp at straws.

  16. This is where things could get messy.


    Leaving anything int he hands of the SFA ,as we all know to well,is not ideal.Hampden is full of snakes.Petrie all of a sudden unwell and temporarily leaves post,just as major call on Hearts and Maxwells Thistle to be made.


    Bad smell already

  17. I took a look at some YouTube clips of Vasilis Barkas (I know), he looks a very decent keeper with something of a speciality for one-on-ones.



    A few facts about AEK Athens to place this potential transfer in context. AEK are apparently demanding £5m for the keeper which would represent their record sale, their current record being 3.8m euros in 2009. Indeed, they’ve only ever sold 4 players for values above 3m euros in their history, and only once in the last 10 years. AEK have two other first team keepers, both experienced and signed after Varkas, one of which is apparently close to a call-up to the Greek national team.



    Comparing potential costs of a Forster v Barkas transfer. If we assume transfer fees of £0 and £3m respectively, and salaries of £50k and £25k again respectively. Over a 5 year contract this would work out at a “total cost of ownership” of £13m for Forster, and £10m for Barkas.



    Finally, considering residual (sell-on) value. After 5 years Forster would be 37, as good as he is I’d imagine he’d be leaving on a free at that age so zero residual value. Barkas on the other hand would be 32 which is a good age for a keeper, his residual value obviously depends highly on how good a player he proves to be. If he had anything between £5-10m residual value, then his TCO for Celtic drops to somewhere between £0-5m. Not bad value for 5 years of a quality keeper’s services!



    A lot of assumptions and unknowns there, but in conclusion and assuming the scouts like what they see, Barkas looks a savvy option and AEK are probably more willing to do business at a lower price than they’re letting on.

  18. I hate to say this but if you’re a bit strapped for cash JD Sports appear to be selling some of the kits over 3/4 months interest free credit which is available when you check out. Anything over £25 with about four different payment options.

  19. SONSOFERIN on 3RD JULY 2020 3:32 PM



    Having seen a statistical breakdown of Barkas he looks an excellent option.



    We are supposedly being quoted £5 million for Forster on a permanent transfer.

  20. so funny ……….. and true




    The Shamrock MagazineShamrock




    We are only a few more racist comments away from David Starkey having a Rangers Supporters Club named after him Flag of United Kingdom

  21. saint stivs



    You posted a link to a photograph the other day, (Clockwork Orange arrives in Falkirk 1972) but the link did not work. Do you still have access to that picture?

  22. Just bought the new all weather Adidas Celtic jacket from JD. Total cost £75. £25 debited from debit card when jacket is shipped then two payments of £25, 30 and 60 days after that respectively. I used the ‘Klarna’ option.


    Thought I would give it a try. 😉



    tightbassacsc 😂

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Pog- I noticed JD have a free postage code on their landing page, every wee bit helps…

  24. Pog


    I see it’s £5 cheaper in the Celtic store – not sure about delivery etc.

  25. Timaloy29 – My view on the Forster fee, anything we need to pay in fee means less we can offer in salary. Southampton, assuming they want to sell, will need to cover the shortfall in 2 years of Forster’s salary, pretty much converting any fee directly into a pay-off for the player.



    If they don’t sell they’ve got a £9m liability sitting in their reserves, the value of his remaining contract over the next 2 years. This should provide sufficient motivation to be flexible in fee negotiation.

  26. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Hot Smoked. George Harrison. Think he meant to say ‘as long as you hate you will always find somebody to hate’, maybe not, but that makes more sense to me.

  27. Happy Birthday Jobo. Whether its The Heritage Park or The Glen for your run, take yer scuba gear.

  28. The Barkas price is 5 million Euros.I honestly cant see a downside to this.If we dont buy him someone else will.



  29. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD JULY 2020 9:24 AM


    Season Ticket renewed,34 or 35 seasons in a row…..been fortunate enough to do so….



    Is your ST in the Main Stand then?



    If so where? I’m in ES2 por ceirto

  30. lets all do the huddle on

    take-away pints to be banned in glasgow from monday whether or not they have a lid



    the nanny state is alive and well

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