Wigan first to drop in football’s great structural change


Wigan Athletic yesterday were the first to fall into administration in the world’s most financially vulnerable league, the English Championship.  They were mid-table and on a winning streak, so if they can find the money to complete their remaining games, there is a chance they will avoid relegation, despite the points deduction.

With former owner, Dave Whelan, still alive and still rich, they are probably better placed to recover from this than most in the Championship, but I doubt Dave is prepared to cover years of contracted losses to fill the bank accounts of players.

If the great structural change in football that Celtic fans have been waiting on for decades does not happen in the months to come, it never will.

Most players in the English Football League have had their wages deferred, while some have been furloughed.  Taxes have also been deferred, so the crunch lies ahead.

I am not a Mike Ashley fan but the manner in which he trolled yesterday Newco was spectacular.  Sports Direct’s Facebook page announced Newco strips would be available exclusively from the retailer they continually believe they were rid of.  The club statement that followed was an excruciating attempt to confirm nothing while not contradicting a word of the Sports Direct statement.

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  1. Watched it in a lodging House in Killorglin Co. Kerry, owned & ran by a Protestant Lady called Daisy Taylor and herlive in companion, a Miss Duff.


    A fellow Lodger from Waterford watched it with me, Unable to remember the guys name, but we danced around a room together way back in 1967.

  2. p.s. The rent there was 4 pounds ten shillings a week, out of my weekly wage of 9 pounds ten shillings,


    so a fiver a week for drink, clothes & entertainment,


    The good news is that a pint of Guinness was 2 shillings,


    So my fiver could buy me 50 pints.


    Obviously I didn’t drink 50 pints a week, I kept a few bob to buy chips.

  3. Final Story, Worked there for a year, during which I bought a 1952 Morris 1000 for 13 pounds ten shillings.


    The saga of that car could take a full night to tell.


    All stories totally true.

  4. Jinkyredstar on

    Just stopped greetin after watching the Lions, my god what a chunk of my life. My first game in 62, my much loved uncle taking me in the bus with Greenock CSC,that great night spent watching the game in my Grannies house with my whole family (mostly now gone), my later life friendship with Eddie McConnell who was the cameramen at Lisbon and finally walking up ‘Billy’s steps’ on my 69th birthday . A great documentary, all the harder to watch cos I was greetin for most of it!

  5. WilliamKentigern67 on






    Lord Clark lived 2 doors down from me in Balornock East. Good working class stock. A great family. They must be very proud of him.



    HE is a year younger than me i must know him.What street in BALORNOCK



    Alistair Clark Wallacewell Road @ 16 terminus.

  6. Good evening, FRIENDS. And, yes, the capitals were intentional. So many folk from this fantastic site have taken the time today to wish lil ol me a hoopy birthday. I really appreciate that and to those that I don’t ‘know’ personally will you please accept this general ‘thank you’ for making this ole man happy! Here we go…….10 (TEN) in a row…..

  7. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD JULY 2020 9:34 PM


    The story would make a great movie.



    Great idea . A movie telling the story from the manager/players point of view and from a group of pals travelling to the game . I could just about write the script . You will not find a more moving or remarkable true story anywhere.

  8. balornock bhoy on



    Lord Clark lived 2 doors down from me in Balornock East. Good working class stock. A great family. They must be very proud of him.



    Favourite Uncle



    What age would Lord Clark be?


    Good to hear of a fellow balornock guy doing so well.

  9. THE_HUDDLE on 4TH JULY 2020 12:38 AM


    Paolo Nutini – Better Man







    I’m not really a Paolo Nutini fan, but wondered what he was up to, after seeing your link.



    Found this on his website. Good song, aided and abetted by a good video. Sounds a wee bit like James Morrison.




  10. JOBO….


    A very Happy belated birthday, as I didnt come on here yesterday to to having another Iron Tramsfusion in hospital which took ages, and once again left me like a pin cushion as several nurses and a doctor couldnt access a vein due to my very thick skin ( according to them) ?


    I told them, “Ha…if you think my skin is thick, wait to you see ma heid” !



    JOBO, I hope you had a great day with many more to come.



  11. Good morning CQN from a very brief sun drenched Garngad



    Talking about local bhoys that done good, I had the very good fortune through work and after that socially to meet Springburn born Lord Michael Martin (RIP) and he was a real down to earth nice guy.



    Big Jimmy I hope you are well after another Transfusion, you will be like the 6 million dollar man after all this. 👍



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I echo David’s thoughts Jimmy


    Only couple of days and you can get to an outdoor pub/beer garden



    Taking off which with the pubs open from 6am down south first arrest for drunken brawl must be due about now



    IF I find a Pub on Monday with a beer garden etc….Im not gonna tell anybody






  14. Big Jimmy the Lee Beer garden is open from Monday but I am going to leave it a few weeks as we discussed, but you could head up in the afternoon for a pint or 2 and taxi back down the high street. You have to call and book a table right enough.



    We are sending in a scout this week (1 of the mates) to see what the toilet situation is. 😂😂😂



    I could always bring a box of latex gloves, for common touched points in and out of toilet…. Ffs I’m no explaining this to well😂😂😂



    D. :)

  15. Thinking about it Jimmy I stop on Friday for 2 weeks.



    We will get a pint at some point in those 2 weeks if you are up for it.



    D. :)

  16. Park Road 67 on



    Speaking of Michael Martin his nephew is a good friend of mine .

  17. The madness in Englandshire continues.Pubs (With Beer Gardens),were furious,as they thought they could open,one minute past midnight.You would think,from past experience,it would be hard enough controlling the Engerlund mob,who would be first in the queues,in daylight,never mind in the dark.


    But they won the war, so anything is possible.

  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    X Men: Class of ’21



    Mohamed Elyounoussi


    Stephen Welsh


    Patryk Klimala




    Who did we enrol today?





    Come on, Pyledriver. Bring one home for the guys in the bleachers.

  19. WilliamKentigern67 on

    It’s Lord Alistair Clark who’s from Balornock. He would be around 63 years old.