Wigan first to drop in football’s great structural change


Wigan Athletic yesterday were the first to fall into administration in the world’s most financially vulnerable league, the English Championship.  They were mid-table and on a winning streak, so if they can find the money to complete their remaining games, there is a chance they will avoid relegation, despite the points deduction.

With former owner, Dave Whelan, still alive and still rich, they are probably better placed to recover from this than most in the Championship, but I doubt Dave is prepared to cover years of contracted losses to fill the bank accounts of players.

If the great structural change in football that Celtic fans have been waiting on for decades does not happen in the months to come, it never will.

Most players in the English Football League have had their wages deferred, while some have been furloughed.  Taxes have also been deferred, so the crunch lies ahead.

I am not a Mike Ashley fan but the manner in which he trolled yesterday Newco was spectacular.  Sports Direct’s Facebook page announced Newco strips would be available exclusively from the retailer they continually believe they were rid of.  The club statement that followed was an excruciating attempt to confirm nothing while not contradicting a word of the Sports Direct statement.

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Watched David Marshall playing for Wigan – not really convinced that he is anything exceptional tbh.


    Never rated Joe Hart – a guy who consistently “nearly” makes saves – but doesnt really have it in my opinion.



    I dont think either option is any better than Craig Gordon. Let’s hope that we can get big Fraser back – otherwise I would be inclined to go with Bain and find a backup keeper.

  2. Balornock Bhoy


    Favourite Uncle is/was infatuated by a girl named Carol from my street in Barmulloch. He has made a few references to her on here :-).

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Interesting to see ‘politicians’ jumping on the Wigan bandwagon and calling for ‘enquiries’.



    A massive football fraud took place in Scotland not long ago. I don’t recall any calls for ‘enquiries’.



    The only thing I can recall is ‘politicians’ either pressuring or being asked to pressure HMRC.



    Funny old place, Scoddland.


    BALORNOCK BHOY on 4TH JULY 2020 6:04 PM



    Her name CAROL ROBERTSON and she lived in BAR beside HOTSMOKED and when she was 13 and a wee dod she heard awe the burds frae BAL talking about this drop dead good looking bhoy who went to the swings every night .So she turns up one night and declares her undying love for me.AH mean to say 13 and a dod ,mais she was a looker even at that age.3 years later she is M. MONROE looking and everyone is chasing her.



    Well me ,bye this time i am 19 and even better looking and i am going out with my future wife.I saw her, CAROL ,on 16 going through BAR one day and gave her a nod and got a LOOK for my troubles.She finished up slumming it at parties with HOT SMOKED and HIRONDEL drinkers.



    HOT SMOKED has a different take on the story,so while he was drinking HIRONDEL me and my wife ere drinking CHATEAU DE YGUEM.



    DO the maths .

  5. Fav


    She must have been a looker cause Neil Sedaka wrote a song about her. She changed her name to King I believe 🤔

  6. Little known fact i was in directors box that day


    sitting behind a certain MR Larsson and Mr Sutton


    Got to meet both after game in a very small suite


    Bobby Lennox came in from another asking for an autograph for someone


    in his suite



    “One of my mates said


    “Bobby he was good BUT your a legend”





    FRED COLON on 4TH JULY 2020 4:00 PM


    Little known facts # 223


    Ryan Jack played in the Celtic 9 Aberdeen 0 game

  7. leftclicktic on

    Phil Mac reporting devil kit on sale in house of fraser.who owns them again :)))))))))))

  8. JC2 on 4TH JULY 2020 10:06 PM


    Little known fact i was in directors box that day





    sitting behind a certain MR Larsson and Mr Sutton





    Got to meet both after game in a very small suite





    Bobby Lennox came in from another asking for an autograph for someone





    in his suite







    “One of my mates said





    “Bobby he was good BUT your a legend”






    that bobby lemon ?



    He went on to score 301 goals in all competitions, second only to Celtic’s all-time top scorer Jimmy McGrory’s total of 468 goals

  9. GENE on 4TH JULY 2020 6:11 PM


    Balornock Bhoy



    Little known fact #228



    Barrie Manilow grew up in the same maryhill close as Gerry Collins . Jim Duffy and Charlie Nicholas.



    Inspired his song . Mandy, who lived in the same tenament.






    post note



    he wrote could it be magic in tribute to paddy mccourt

  10. LEFTCLICKTIC on 4TH JULY 2020 11:12 PM



    it is a juggle for me,


















    world class all of them,



    the top 50 scottish players for scotland published today, MENTAL SHITE,

  11. Who I have saw .playing .. 3 top Scots



    Paul McStay



    Tommy Burns



    Scott Brown

  12. Three world class players I’ve seen play for us.


    Murdoch. He was strong, insightful, could pass and shoot.


    Jinky. Mesmerising


    Henrik. Made others play better .

  13. What on earth is happening – or not happening with CQN ? Almost no overnight posters, numbers have fallen dramatically,many well kent names have disappeared, all very sad and worrying. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  14. Partly it’s the lack of Football, HebCelt, but also there is little doubt that some prominent Posters have taken their leave, which is a pity.

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    More of the old guard are over in Sentimal Celts too Hebcelt.


    I flick between both tbh

  16. Good morning from a bright but windy North Staffs.


    I’m sure that after the fixtures are announced tomorrow there will be a bit more traffic on here.

  17. Corkcelt and BT thanks for your quick responses, I;ve tried Sentinel Celts but I’m more comfortable with the CQN format. I know it has/had technical issues re ads etc, fortuneately not been a problem for me. I’ve met many good people socially and online on here, including your good selves. just saddens me to see it in this state but perhaps as you suggest Corkie things will change when the football comes back, hope so. take care both of you and all other CQNer’s

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I too find sentinel Celts cumbersome and always come back to CQN


    As you note we have been fortunate enlightened to have met many people and formed good relationships and had many greats days and nights because of CQN


    Hail Hail

  19. I think when there is no football other sites are far busier mainly due to the fact that most of the chat isn’t about football … board stuff, music stuff and various other topics that are non-football stuff… I go online for Celtic football chat that sometimes drifts into other stuff …. I find a bit like the Sevs when no football is played Celtic lose the close season stuff … CQN loses the close season online cup :-)

  20. i dipped my toes in Sentinel Celts as well but just feel more comfortable on CQN, I suppose us old bassas are more set in our ways,


    I have no problems with Ads either, since I installed AdBlocker a few years back.


    Anyhow each to their own, we are all Tims , whatever site we use, so best of luck to all Celtic sites but I will persist here unless I get kicked out.




    Corkie I was about to agree with you ,then you mentioned ‘ old bassas’


    seems like I’m on the wrong site :O)

  22. I enjoy the SC articles. often a long read but great stuff too.



    Posters there can write the articles too.



    Wonder if PAUL67 would allow tha?



    Still CQN will always be my first go to.



    As BT says how many new friends have we made via the HOOTS, GOLF DAYS just meeting up at a game or just chatting on here?






    Thanbk you!!