Will Ange Postecoglou Be Able to Deliver His Promises?


THE new Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou has come in with some strong promises to the team and fans.

Will he be able to deliver on them, and what could his time at Celtic Park mean for the success of the team overall? Let’s take a closer look at what the Australian manager will bring to the Bhoys.

A Good Start

Though the new season is barely underway, that does not mean that Postecoglou has not been able to deliver some great results for the team. Just take a look at some of the online betting odds that we have seen for Celtic since he joined the team, and there is no doubting his impact.

Despite some shakiness in the beginning, he was able to get the team back on side and delivered an amazing 6-0 win against Dundee in August. This was the starting point, when things began to click into place, and the team has been rising since. If we want to see this continue, it is going to take support from Postecoglou, and some great strategy on his part, to continue to deliver these results. Hopefully, we are going to be able to see him deliver here – he has all the tools he needs to do so!

MAN ON A MISSION…Ange Postecoglou in the midst of a Celtic revamp.

Plans for the Upcoming Transfer Season

When the January transfer window rolls around again, we should watch Celtic with some interest. Postecoglou has made it clear that he wants to make some changes to the team, but wants to take his time with scouting and recruiting. We could see some great moves from the team this time, acquiring some of the best talent currently playing. They could also take a look at some of Scotland’s best young talent and try to sign some of them.

Of course, equally, we could see them decide to hold out and wait a little while. Developing the team that they currently have, and seeing what changes and improvements can be made to the squad as it currently stands, might put them in a better position for the rest of the season. They will then be able to move forward and acquire new talent that will help to fill in the existing gaps within the team.

A League Win?

Celtic currently sit in the fourth position of the Premiership table, but only a few points in the right place will see them jump up into the top three. New players like Kyogo Furuhashi have proven their worth already, and it will be great to see how they will continue to benefit the team in the future.

ON THE BALL…nine-goal Japanese striker Kyogo Furuhashi.

What Postecoglou needs to do here is continue the momentum and keep things moving forward. At this stage, there are still plenty of chances for Celtic to rise to the top of the league table. It will be fantastic if they do manage to do so, and will help to cement their long and upstanding legacy as a team.

The fans have taken to Postecoglou and his changes very well at the moment, but there is always a chance that this could change. Celtic still have a long season ahead of them, and it would be great to see them carry this early momentum with them throughout it. Postecoglou, as the manager, is going to be front and centre in the decision making.

He has a lot of promises to deliver to fans, but many have the confidence that he is going to be able to do so smoothly. Keep an eye on Celtic in the coming months – they might be able to achieve greatness with him at the helm.

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