Wim Jansen, his talent and his undoubted charm


Wim Jansen was one of the main reasons Celtic did not win a second European Cup.  He was in the midfield of the Feyenoord team which overcame Jock Stein’s Celtic in extra time the 1970 final in Milan.  He went on the play in two World Cup Finals for Netherlands, losing to host nations Argentina and West Germany on both occasions.

A brilliant player, hard as nails, apparently, he was one of a handful of Dutch players who ranked below the Great Johan Cruyff.

On retirement, he coached at Feyenoord, managed briefly in Belgium, before taking the reins at Feyenoord in 1990.  As was the Dutch way at the time, a fall out caused him to leave, eventually moving to Japan.  His year there was not successful.

Few of my generation had heard of him the morning he was announced as Celtic manager in 1997.  Such was the media back then, we were told he was “the second worst thing to hit Hiroshima” – honestly, that was a newspaper report!

His first league game saw defeat at Easter Road.  In his second, a halftime penalty lead at home to Dunfermline was not enough to prevent the Fifers leaving with all three points.  Rangers seemed assured of 10-in-a-row, but Wim was only getting started.

Like many of you, I lived through that season.  I did not understand how we were able to win the league from such a position and still don’t.  We lost our best players going into the campaign and although the incomparable Henrik Larsson arrived from Feyenoord, Wim was not familiar with the bulk of the players who came in.

Gradually results improved, but honestly, the entire campaign was fragile.  Each game required enormous effort.  A League Cup win meant more than anyone would believe now.  A heroic win over Rangers at New Year made us consider the unimaginable may just be possible.  Then in April, points were dropped at home to Hibs, who were on their way to being relegated.

Then Dunfermline’s role in that season came into sharp focus again.  A win in Fife in the second last game and Celtic were champions after Rangers had lost at home to a last minute Kilmarnock goal the previous day.  Simon Donnelly put Celtic ahead but Craig Falconbridge equalised in the closing stages.  Was it ever to be Celtic’s time?

I wasn’t there at Dunfermline that day, most of us were watching at home, but we were there in our droves at the final game of the season at home to St Johnstone.  Being there when history came home meant so much.  In all the great Celtic games I’ve attended, the beating of Barca, Milan and Real Madrid, nothing, NOTHING, matches standing on the slopes of Celtic Park that day.

Our celebrations were cut short, the newspapers the following day reported a fall out, Wim was leaving Celtic after a single glorious season.  He would never manage again.  Dementia took him today.

You do not need to stay here long to make a lasting impact.  What Wim did at Celtic will forever be a credit to his talent and his undoubted charm.  May he rest in peace.

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  1. park the bus 442 on





    The figures were only 90% wrong!👇



    Jamie Jenkins (@statsjamie) Tweeted:


    🚨🚨 “Frankly this is a good example of why we should completely ignore any SAGE modelling in the future of any new variants come out”


    ➡️ My chat with @Iromg when looking at the latest SAGE models that are around 90% wrong


    🚨 Rather than 2,890 deaths per day – closer to 200 https://t.co/XWKlfBujEv https://twitter.com/statsjamie/status/1485968965432229889?s=20

  2. park the bus 442 on

    WITZ, the BBC are trying to set a smear trap for those who exercised their human rights and simply said, no.





    Lily Brogan (@LilyBrogan6) Tweeted:


    @BreesAnna The British Brainwashing Corporation?


    It should read: ‘Lambs to the slaughter’ required for some biased questioning’


    Mmmm? Yes that would be appropriate.


    Oh incidentally? Did they broadcast the fact that tens of thousands of our nation attended Saturday’s Rally?


    Anyone? https://twitter.com/LilyBrogan6/status/1485992660879958019?s=20

  3. Wits


    You are correct.


    Self educated,self diagnosed and basically an overload of info for the poor souls,they usually end up on the wards rather meek,humble that they are getting treated properly,


    or dead.


    The confusion they exhibit is wholly owned by them,


    It is a freedom of speech issue to them,but does it bring back their loved ones who dissected? Alas that discussion appears futile around a corpse.




  4. spikeysauldman on

    An T –



    thoughts on the doctors at nurses who threw their uniforms at no 10 at the weekend ?


    not anti-vaxxers but anti-mandate and anti-dole !


    self educated ?


    thoughts on the lack of news coverage ?


    thoughts on the blatantly false report of the protest in glasgow at the weekend ?


    thoughts on the otherwise lack of reporting ?



    even the edl are reported.



    thoughts an just why they are prepared to sack 100K NHS workers ?



    thoughts on the tactics of accusing anyone who doesnt follow the party line as feckin loonies ?


    attempts to demonise a group of people.


    sound familiar ?



    by all means debate the issues, shine a spotlight on those with a hidden agenda and let the real loons expose themselves but dont tar all those who refuse to have 2/3/4/5/6/7 jags and those who raise questions based on the supposed good information out there from the prod-vaccine side with the same brush.

  5. Good morning all from the Garngad.



    Canny wait to see the bhoys tonight.



    Read back- I shouldnt have.



    Swimming beckons.






    D :)

  6. spikeysauldman on 26th January 2022 2:45 am



    2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/250 jags even?



    Get a grip FFS.

  7. Mornin Celts





    I will stick by my thoughts i posted to Wits at 12.54


    About those not taking vàx but in wards


    You expand and inform us all if you wish of anything you wish,does it alter the path(hopefully) to recovery of those who don’t take in a hospital ward? i didn’t at any time call anyone a loon.


    You take good care





  8. Game day. Would love to crush the Jambos tonight.



    We bettered them (not battered) in the 1-0 defeat and were robbed, unfairly in my opinion. (Is there any other type of robbery).



    Although we are missing many players who would be first picks we at least have players who absolutely understand their roles and who seem to be thriving on Ange’s football philosophy.



    I’ll take any sort of victory of course, but 4-0 or even 4-1 would set the tone for the next couple of also difficult games

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    3 points tonight is the target but like SUPERSUTTON I’d love a convincing 3 or 4 goal victory to put the jambos back in their box. Make no mistake. That shower of hammer throwers will be out to hurt our players tonight, just like Alloa did.



    Let’s beat them with Angeball.



    The best way to shut them up.

  10. Target tonight : Win. No injuries



    Stretch target : Win by 4 or 5.



    Superstretch target : Plenty of mini-Hun tears in the process.




  11. There’s a CQN article with the following heading:






  12. ZIGGYDOC1 – I have no idea who does CQN news articles, they seem to be lifted straight from the MSM. The very source the Blog was set up to bypass.



    As for the actual report, I can see why a headline writer would put that spin on it. If you are 1-0 down to Celtic with 10 minutes to go, keep “getting in their faces and biting their ankles” because they will be told to avoid tackling.


    I understood completely what Ange meant. But dirty teams will see it as some kind of weakness, that we will not sink to their levels and fight rough.

  13. “ZIGGYDOC1 on 26TH JANUARY 2022 8:58 AM


    There’s a CQN article with the following heading:







    Could not agree more. So much so, in fact, that I am going into a one week exile from CQN to make my own little protest.


    Who wrote the Headline and who decided it was a good idea for CQN?



    PS I realise that means I will have to look into CQN later so , without a clarifying response, my exile begins after that look in :-)))

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Now that Bankrupt Barry has been widely quoted … “bite at a few ankles”



    And given the thuggish Mohammed Niang has been cited for a dangerous, out of control, both feet off the ground impact on Gucci’s ankle? ….



    … Can we expect Bankrupt Barry to also be cited by the SFA ?

  15. Is that three retrospective reds against our opponents this season ? A referee that sees his decisions subject to a retrospective review shouldn’t be officiating the following weekend.

  16. Massive game tonight. Last time the huns dropped points, we went out the next game and dropped points ourselves. We need to power on now and put them under unrelenting pressure.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    BACK TO BASICS… Can we expect Bankrupt Barry to also be cited by the SFA ?




    Bawwy with his ankle biting ‘motivational’ HT talk , is the kind of dinosaur who is not fit to grace the modern game , but then so are the SFA .



    Expect to action on the wee ned .

  18. All eyes on the prize tonight.



    It is what it is. Ange will plan accordingly.



    Getintathem and COYBIG.

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just logged on to comment on that CQN headline – ‘Running scared’, but I see a couple of you already have.



    Good interview by Ange – one or two on here have been stressing the Health & safety context for many moons now, and Ange is absolutely nailing this from that perspective in the article.



    Would like to see some concerted focus on that – not just from Ange, but also our Board, other Clubs and their management, the SPFL, etc.



    As for the headline – dearie me, where do you start? Straight out of The Daily Record or The Sun – also poor because it detracts, or does not reflect, from the main point of the article.






  20. Busy today so what time does the team get leaked, so I can nip back in…..



    Here’s my guess…






    Juranovic CCV Starfelt Scales



    Hatate Bitton O’Riley



    Abada GG Jota



    More than enough to hammer that mob !!




  21. A draw tonight would not be a disaster provided we beat Dundee Utd and Sevco.



    However, it would put the derby next week much more into a must win category than it already probably is.



    We’re approaching the stage in the season with over 20 games played that you start to see the finish line and tick off the games every weekend.



    If we’re going to challenge then I suspect we need to be going to tynecastle and winning.

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    I take it the CQN Magazine are guest writers, nothing wrong with the content just don’t understand the title. Running scared, who exactly and why was that title not expanded within the article😕

  23. Having shared my worry beads regarding Wims winning season and stopping the ten, I delved back into the record books to remind myself.



    In a 36 game season we actually only won 22 games. drew 8, lost 6.



    terrible 2 losses in the first 2 games, followed by 8 wins in a row, then the rest of the season was punctured by draws and defeats. another 2 losses, away to huns and home to motherwell.



    One fixture stuck out for me, 27th december at perth, we lost 1-0 to saints, I had a gloom filled dread of the 2nd january game against the old rangers, telling myslef its the same old story, we are doomed,



    but then we beat them 2-0 for a most joyous day.



    the last ten were the roller coaster



    WDWDWLWDDW – the loss being aginst the old huns at ibrox, and in another catasphropphe the scottissh semi final was lost 1-2 in a match at celtic park.



    we limped over the line,



    the huns could rue the loss of marco negri, 25 goals by december,



    no wonder i was a nervous wreck.



    74 points we wont the league with.


    In 8 other seasons we got more than that and finished 2nd.



    maybe there was lessons to be learned there of how they blew that league from several winning positions, but ended up worst than us.



    if you have never seen bend it like brattbackdo it when it is back on, the tension in the audience if nerve wracking enough , but wonderful outcome all the same.

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