Win-at-all-costs manager inexplicably intoxicating


You and I were introduced to Jose Mourinho as a win-at-all-costs manager.  He took gamesmanship and bus parking to a new level, one which was successful against more talented teams, but even for those to whom he delivered trophies, he was difficult to love.  The rest of us emptied our store of contempt on him.

He is probably a better manager than I ever gave him credit for.  It takes talent to go to some of the world’s most famously attacking football clubs and stifle the enthusiasm out of their stadiums, but he had the necessary.

The question is, would you have welcomed him at Celtic?  I know what your gut’s saying.  I feel the same right now, but this guy’s arrogance appears to be inexplicably intoxicating.  He has a ‘movement’ on your doorstep, then you apologise for him having to step over it on his return.  For a decade, he was the ultimate guru manager and those who believe in such things opened their hearts to him, even as they watched him rob the game of enjoyment.

On many levels, he is not as good a fit for Celtic than Brendan Rodgers, but he is box office and knows how to set out a back six better than any manager in the game.  Years after regularly chanting, “Fergie, Fergie, shut your mouth”, Celtic fans are mostly respectful towards the former Aberdeen manager.  We are not there with Mourinho yet, but it might happen.

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  1. Mourinho walks away with about £18Mio in his sky rocket and will resurface soon, most likely at another big club, where he can throw money away.




    Always hated him since Seville, he set up his team(s) to dive, cheat and con the referees, regardless of their abilities.




    Since Porto he’s been a cheque book manager.




    I sincerely hope he’s finished as a manager in top class football. Wouldn’t have him managing Celtic youths.

  2. All that is wrong with the game of football wrapped up in one human being…never kicked a ball in his life.



    Goodbye and good riddance

  3. Good afternoon from a wet north Staffordshire


    Paul is not heeding the blog trend otherwise it would have been a mcginn article


    Brendan for manure

  4. traditionalist88 on

    The point of this article is what, exactly?!



    Mourinho is a boring, divisive proponent of anti football and he will never be held in the same regard as Ferguson. The former struggles to last 3 years at a club before he is found out for the dinosaur he is and the latter is a legend of the game and adapted with the times, building a number of top quality Man Utd sides in his time that they won’t see again for a while. And certainly not under a guy like Jose Mourinho.




  5. To be fair to Mourinho, there are bigger, more structural problems at Manchester United than him. The Club is run by financiers. They are great at bringing in commercial revenues and good at balance sheets but horrible at running the football side (cough cough).



    In addition to that, Manchester City and now Liverpool have blown Jose away with their charismatic Managers and stylish football.

  6. I’ve always been a fan of his as a coach from afar, but having heard a bit about his methods recently I wouldn’t want his chaos at Celtic, I don’t think it would work in Glasgow. Well maybe at sevco but not at parkhead



    Wouldn’t put it past him to do something special at a smaller club working with players he can push around and manipulate

  7. In footballing terms, I was often 50:50 between Real Madrid and Barcelona as both have produced truly great teams.



    When Mourhinho went to Real, I became 100% Barcelona.



    The only brand he builds up is his own. He destroys the others in his wake.

  8. DAVID17 on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 12:26 PM


    To be fair to Mourinho, there are bigger, more structural problems at Manchester United than him. The Club is run by financiers. They are great at bringing in commercial revenues and good at balance sheets but horrible at running the football side (cough cough).



    Not like you to get a dig in on an unrelated topic. You do realize we’ve won the last 7 domestic trophies in a row

  9. When he was winning his gamesmanship, arrogance and behavior were tolerated and lauded by the clubs, fans and media.


    In these financially doped times winning and the associated riches that come with it are everything.


    For me he will never win style points but he was effective until recent seasons.


    He played a cautious system that punished any mistakes by opponents.


    His Champions league success with Inter and Porto were testament to his systems effectiveness.


    The rewards earned by players at Porto gave him opportunity to sign great players as he progressed to richer clubs.


    Eventually his system and gamesmanship were rumbled and he has struggled to overcome this.


    Still expect him to turn up somewhere else especially if he has managed to avoid the old gardening leave.

  10. Paul 67,



    I agree Brendan Rodgers is the ideal fit for us.



    Apart from his disgraceful handling of the Eva Carnerio incident I hold Jose Mourinho in high regard.



    You make a valid point ‘re Alex Ferguson. Who knows what the future holds, but yes if circumstances allowed I would welcome JM to Paradise.



    But to reiterate from the last article :- Players not giving 100% have cost the manager his job. Ability in players is desirable, but attitude is everything.




  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Have to say, Paul, that comes across as rather bitter and petty.


    His record is up there with anyone and I am sure the supporters of the clubs he brought success to weren’t too fussed about doing it pragmatically.


    His failure has been to stick to the same methods that were successful for him in the past as the game evolved and you can see a clear difference in what he has won in the last 6-7 years compared with the previous 8-9 years.


    We certainly haven’t seen the last of him and if he can adapt his style to the modern game I wouldn’t bet against him winning more big titles. Can he do that? Not sure.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    Someone pointed out recently that they could smell shite when the Huns announced a Rangers Charity Foundation collection prior to one of their games. We all know they have a penchant to pocket proceedings.



    Now they have delivered £10k to Royal Hospital for kids, very commendable. Hope that is not the only charity they are obliging with a donation because if it is then a 52,000 crowd contributed on average 19 pence each……mmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Can someone please enlighten me- does a Glasgow team boast the only on loan manager in the world?




    Anything that helps sick children is to be unconditionally welcomed.


    Well done Rangers and all the other clubs.




  15. Mourinho at Paradise one day? Risible.


    Tho I would love to be a fly on the wa’ when Heated Driveway Productions delivered him a recycled LB from the Middle East, an antipodean Man City punt and a clubless ex-Killie and WBA mid as signing window triumphs.



  16. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Celts drawn away to Dundee in Youth Cup quarters next month. Aberdeen, Hibs and Huns to play home ties. Brendan should bring some teenagers into the 1st team squad to take our penalties.

  17. I’ve also got the big Next ad coming up plus, in the last while, Amazon Prime and Armani. Adblocker letting them through. It’s annoying.

  18. JM — Not the man he could have been.


    Turning into a bit of a caricature with the bitterness and self pity turned up to 11.



    Interesting to see where he goes from here and if he ever delivers anything again?

  19. Good man, GuyFawkes, a Celtic post. Thought I had logged on to the wrong site. Maybe I did. Anyway things to do. HH.

  20. Interesting to find out how much renewal we are able to deliver in the second half of the season?



    Reserves going 2 down to our friends from Leith in 45 minutes suggests that we have issues right throughout the club. Also why cannot we play our games closer to home?



    Consequently we are not short of issues to sort out.


    Next six weeks will tell us how bothered we are to fix things.

  21. As noted by more and more others the CQN website is becoming more and more unusable.


    I fear that there is a good reason why P67 is a small businessman.



    Very poorly set up — low rent operation that is working the cash cow to death.

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Anyway, the manager has to be backed in January. There may well be a vacancy at Tottenham in six months.

  23. I used NeverAds on the iPhone and until recently it worked well, whether due to the recent IOS update it was letting stuff through. I added Adblock Plus and since then, touch wood, the combination stops all ads and pop ups.

  24. The PLC board reduced the quality of the product on the pitch at the last transfer window, by £27 million after the sales of, Moussa and Stuart, and now Killie and £49:00 Rangers / Sevco, are breathing down complicit Celtic’s necks.


    At least Neil Lennon had the balls to walk out on the PLC Old Firm puppet strings.


    And yet, the mules are still being wheeled oot to spin the “Hibs wouldn’t sell McGinn to Celtic” palavir.


    Ye see, there are two kinds of folk in this world….those who are easily kidded, and those who are not!



    Auldheid, from earlier, thanks, and all the best.



    Only empty seats will set you free CSC



    Weebawbabbity, BLANTYRETIM, YNWA.





  25. glendalystonsils on

    Ad block plus does not stop Armani watches being plastered across the screen at the bottom. Block element feature on adblock does not remove it.

  26. PB @ 1.31



    You really don’t get it.


    What needs to be done to move a club forward — just about everything.



    We are showing every symptom of being a club that is in decline and living off its reputation — from the boardroom to the dugout and everywhere in between. Given some of our recent results away from home the only people winning are the bookies.



    Our recent efforts with a youth / reserve squad peaked in Aug 2016 and it has been downhill all the way. We now seem to be producing young players that cannot get a regular game in the Championship.



    We were told that the CL was out of our performance envelope so failure to qualify was a blessing in disguise.



    Now we have found out that we are cannon fodder for the EuL heavyweights and all we can look forward too in the new year is a city break.



    Something is badly wrong throughout the club.


    We are flabby and lacking in focus and desire from top to bottom.


    Given our resources we should be leading at every level in Scotland.



    Currently we are just drifting with the odd highlight when everything goes well.


    Next six weeks will tell all.



    Seen a few posts about this again. I’ve had a trouble free experience of the site for about 3 weeks now, based on the following….


    “Been meaning to say (since I returned from Lanzarote), a HUGE thank you to EMERALD BEE for some fantastic advice on improving access to CQN on my phone, tablet and computer.


    For anyone on a windows laptop that’s still having issues with slow loading pages, etc then what I learned was how to switch off Javascript solely on the CQN page. The only downside is that with certain links that are posted you sometimes need to turn Javascript back on before the link will open. Although, right clicking on the link and choosing the ‘open link in new tab’ option often works fine.



    So, to turn off Javascript on CQN (if using Chrome as your browser) then it’s –



    > Click on the 3 wee vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen



    > Click on Settings



    > Scroll down and click on Advanced



    > From the list that then appears select ‘content settings’



    > From the next list that appears click on Javascript



    > 3 options then appear – on the one called ‘Block’click on ‘Add’ and then type in ‘’ [THIS IS PROBABLY WHERE A MOD DELETES THIS POST!!!]



    And that’s it – simples! My limited understanding is that Javascript is then disabled but only on the CQN site.


    Thanks again Emerald Bee. Site access on phone and laptop for the past 5 days has been ‘just like the old days’ ;-)”

  28. mullet and co 2 on

    Mourinho hardly parked the bus with Porto. Chelsea yes. Real Madrid no, Inter no choice and Man U no choice.



    Man U were refusing to sign the players he wanted and brining in Pogba to sell jerseys. The Glazers take out £22m dividend each year. It would take probably another 3 seasons of this before the Glazers felt the need to change because by then it would hit them in the pocket.



    Mourinho criticised players and from what he had said and the results he was right. He criticised Luke Shaw for being overweight. Shaw lost the weight and started to do what Mourinho asked. Pogba is like a virus he said – is he wrong? He wanted two centre backs but Man U board said no the ones we have are good enough.



    Sometimes you are on a hiding to £18m.



    Rodgers wouldn’t be interested in Man U if he wasn’t given full control of transfers. He has learned that at Liverpool and Celtic.

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