Win-at-all-costs manager inexplicably intoxicating


You and I were introduced to Jose Mourinho as a win-at-all-costs manager.  He took gamesmanship and bus parking to a new level, one which was successful against more talented teams, but even for those to whom he delivered trophies, he was difficult to love.  The rest of us emptied our store of contempt on him.

He is probably a better manager than I ever gave him credit for.  It takes talent to go to some of the world’s most famously attacking football clubs and stifle the enthusiasm out of their stadiums, but he had the necessary.

The question is, would you have welcomed him at Celtic?  I know what your gut’s saying.  I feel the same right now, but this guy’s arrogance appears to be inexplicably intoxicating.  He has a ‘movement’ on your doorstep, then you apologise for him having to step over it on his return.  For a decade, he was the ultimate guru manager and those who believe in such things opened their hearts to him, even as they watched him rob the game of enjoyment.

On many levels, he is not as good a fit for Celtic than Brendan Rodgers, but he is box office and knows how to set out a back six better than any manager in the game.  Years after regularly chanting, “Fergie, Fergie, shut your mouth”, Celtic fans are mostly respectful towards the former Aberdeen manager.  We are not there with Mourinho yet, but it might happen.

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  1. Afternoon Paul,



    I may have totally misinterpreted your post, but are you possibly testing the water for our CEO to gage the fans reaction to the possibility of Jose becoming the Celtic manager in the near future?



    Do you maybe know something in regards to Brendan being on his way in the near future?



    As I said, probably way way out on this one.



    HH Dan

  2. Wee quizzie:


    Who were the managers ( bloke in charge ) of NI ,Scotland, England and Wales at the 1958 world cup in Sweden?


    I got three,the one I missed out on,was the Scotland bloke.????

  3. Mourinho sent out a team in Seville to dive and overcelebrate and to waste time when in the lead. It was the most blatant Gamesmanship which I had ever seen. His teams were set up defensive and never were attractive.



    He is now finished as a manager as the elite players know he is a cheat and liar.



    The Final straw was when he got the young Female Physio sacked for going on to the park when a Chelsea Player was having a pretend injury to waste time. They had to face a free kick with 9 players.



    He called her naïve but she was doing her job when Mourinho was cheating. The Chelsea players knew what was happening and lost respect for him and wouldn’t play for him.



    He never moved to Manchester and has seemed to be working his ticket

  4. Clyde trainer Dawson Walker. Matt Busby was the acting manager at the time but injuries sustained in Munich ruled him out. Incidentally the Wales manager was his assistant at Old Trafford Jimmy Murphy.

  5. Meant tae add that DW was the national side trainer at the time, he was appointed ahead of jambo trainer John Harvey, lots of scheidt still travelling through my mind even at this age.

  6. One of the happiest times I’ve ever had following the Celtic was in Seville. My heart almost burst with pride for our club, players and supporters.


    Sometimes I wonder how I would have felt if the result had been different despite the underhanded gamesmanship displayed by one of the biggest cheats I have ever experienced.


    My memories of that day in 2003 will never be taken away from me.


    I don’t suppose Jose cares.



  7. Tontine & !!BADA!!


    Dawson Walker yes.Just the England and chap from the 6 counties to get.

  8. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    There’s a wonderful book, My Father And Other Working Class Heroes, by Gary Imlach that tells the tale of the author’s dad who played for Notts Forest and was in the team for Scotland’s games in 1958, but who never received caps for playing until the SFA succumbed to public pressure in the mid-2000s.



    Great wee last minute christmas present – it’s a lovely read, very well written.

  9. MO’N should’ve played his, beach ball Sunday moving bus of, two banks of four, in a


    4-4-1-1 formation, instead of asking his team for the usual 3-5-2 shift, which involves a lot of running, which was a big ask in the sweltering heat of Seville.


    Only saying.


    Also, MO’N’s beach ball Sunday tactics / formation gave us our first victory vs big McLeish in over a year(I think?) basically down to the element of surprise, imho.



    Wise after the event CSC




  10. traditionalist88 on

    TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 3:32 PM


    One of the happiest times I’ve ever had following the Celtic was in Seville. My heart almost burst with pride for our club, players and supporters.





    And people in that part of the world remember it well. Listening to a Spanish football podcast earlier today and they were discussing the Europa League draw and said its a nice draw for Celtic fans (and also Valencia fans to experience a great stadium/atmosphere) and that the most impressive travelling support they had ever seen was the support for Celtic in Seville in 2003.



    Of course you could say the Spanish fans don’t travel well so this is not high praise, but these are English football journalists based in Spain who have seen a lot of football all over the world (including the recent River Plate-Boca Juniors tie).



    Nice to be remembered 15 years later – wish I could remember a bit more of it(*except the game of course)




  11. When Mourinho went to Chelsea and won the double in his first season and then won the league again the next season, I imagine the Chelsea fans adored him. Their first title in 50 years and then another one.


    At that time, I thought his media style was good fun, tongue-in-cheek and effective. He made Chelsea a top team (with the Russian’s help).


    Over the years he became a caricature of himself and lost what charm he had.


    I can’t see him getting another top gig in European football unless it is with Portugal.

  12. Good evening CQN



    Murhinio is a rat end of. Dirty cheating bar steward.


    Karma is a bitch Jose…. Not that he is bothered right enough, with the pay off he will get.






    D. :)

  13. mike in toronto on




    I have a similar view on Mourinho. Sometime I could enjoy him; he could be a bit of a knob, but, as you say, there was something sort of ‘tongue in cheek’ about him at times. But, I think the pressure got to him, and that humor left him…



    My sense is that he was never a great tactician … but his strength was fostering an ‘us against the world/ little guy taking on the giants’ mentality in his teams…



    the problem is that he then went to massive clubs where he was dealing with massive egos, and it was harder to instill that ‘outsider’ mentaility with players who are getting paid $300,000 per week…



    I thought he was loved at Inter. Could see him being offered a job there. Or another Italian club, as my sense is that, as a manager, he suits the Italian style of play best.

  14. The NI manager in 1958 was my da’s favourite player of all time Derry born Peter Doherty. My paternal grampa was a culchie fae Fermanagh, as a result my da supported the black north especially during that WC.

  15. DAVID17 on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 5:10 PM


    Gary Neville on Jose Mourinho situation. ‘When you go against the Managers signing targets and undermine him it never ends well’




    A worrying comment. It’s hard not to draw parallels between Woodward/Mourinho and Lawwell/Rodgers situations.




    Even if it wasn’t you would somehow have managed it.

  16. mike in toronto on

    Do United go for ZZ now, or bring in someone like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (spelling?), on an interim basis?



    do they go for someone out of work (the ex RB Leipziig manager … Hassellhoff? )

  17. Madmitch



    “Now we have found out that we are cannon fodder for the EuL heavyweights and all we can look forward too in the new year is a city break.”



    I was under the impression that we qualified out of our group. Do Leipzig not count as heavyweights?



    If you are only including the seeded EuL teams as heavyweights, can you tell me in what period, apart from 66- 74 were we not cannon fodder, or, at the very least, non-favourites, for the likes of Valencia, Chelsea, Arsenal, Benfica, Inter, Sevilla etc:?



    I often wonder where our fans were in the period 75 to 2001 and 2008 to now. They seem to have false memories of our European standing at that time.

  18. Some may say ” Mourinho brought it on himself ”


    How many times have we, as Celtic supporters heard that quoted.



    For his achievements I feel he was often disrespected by the press.


    Will any current manager in England come close to winning what Mourinho has won ?




  19. Mourinho a brilliant defensive coach who used to be able to get players to run through brick walls for him,knew how to choke the life out of better opposition . .Signed Lindelof and Baily for £40 mil each,2 months later,says he needs better CBs,incapable of coaching young players to become better,MU must have about 80 signed players,if he had a few with potential, he could coach them, but he can’t.

  20. TONTINE:


    Yes indeed Peter Doherty.Growing up my father told me stories about Celtic players from the 30s 40s and 50s but would mention two ‘superstars’ from his era, excluding Celts, one Peter Doherty and the other Len Shackleton.My late father’s favourite player Jimmy McGrory.Mine…….Bertie Auld.

  21. BSR’s posting of our first home European game gave me a warm feeling, it was the evening before my 15th birthday and I was at the game with my da, my main memory is not of luggie missing the penalty but of my da raging that a “boy” was allowed tae take it.



    Anyway this was during the years in the wilderness when we often blew hot and cold, this was one of the hot nights when apart from the missed penalty we could have beaten the reigning Fairs Cup holders, they would also retain it that season.



    We had that wonderful game against Real for the blue and white trophy and showed we could hold our own with the “continentals” as they were referred to back then.



    Paddy Crerand’s fine goal would be his swan song as shortly after he played his last game in the 0-4 drubbing at hades and yet finished the season with an FA Cup winners medal while we were being humiliated at hunden departing in droves as the Huns chanted easy easy easy.



    And yet after that New Year game we went tae pittodrie gubbin the sheep 5-1 before the season shut down for a couple of months due tae “the winter 1963, when we thought the world would freeze”. We were that hot and cold.



    Somehow this season so far is reminding me of that, some games we are brilliant and yet in others we are pure scheidt, I just cannae fathom it, something is not right at Parkheid/Lennoxtown.



    As for the excuse of too many games, including friendlies we have played 42 and sevco 38, it’s the friendlies where we are top heavy.



    They have a very poor youth coach and a failed manager come customer service rep in the dugout plus a GM who was sugar lumped by Man City for questionable dealings.



    We have a top class manager with his own back up team plus a far superior squad so what the heck us going on, it’s not all down tae honest mistakes either.

  22. It is interesting the comparison between Brendan and Mourinho. Both put everything into their management but may have not experienced football as a player at the highest level. However brendan is not like mou when it comes to spend ,spend, spend…..Thank McGeady.




    Big thanks for the Valencia link .



    I was there .Me and my old man . Our obligatory walk there from Queens X and back .A save money thing .



    I was disappointed in Valencia . I was expecting super duper silky skills from a much hyped team of” Continentals ” . They were big , fit and aggressive and were not at all like I’d imagined . Big unit Brazilian up front with the fabulous name of Waldo scored a screamer . Guy next to us saw fit to hurl some racist epithets at the bold Waldo . My old man then saw fit to have words with the guy next to us . I went home with cannae take him anyway thoughts buzzing in my 12 year old head.

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