Win-at-all-costs manager inexplicably intoxicating


You and I were introduced to Jose Mourinho as a win-at-all-costs manager.  He took gamesmanship and bus parking to a new level, one which was successful against more talented teams, but even for those to whom he delivered trophies, he was difficult to love.  The rest of us emptied our store of contempt on him.

He is probably a better manager than I ever gave him credit for.  It takes talent to go to some of the world’s most famously attacking football clubs and stifle the enthusiasm out of their stadiums, but he had the necessary.

The question is, would you have welcomed him at Celtic?  I know what your gut’s saying.  I feel the same right now, but this guy’s arrogance appears to be inexplicably intoxicating.  He has a ‘movement’ on your doorstep, then you apologise for him having to step over it on his return.  For a decade, he was the ultimate guru manager and those who believe in such things opened their hearts to him, even as they watched him rob the game of enjoyment.

On many levels, he is not as good a fit for Celtic than Brendan Rodgers, but he is box office and knows how to set out a back six better than any manager in the game.  Years after regularly chanting, “Fergie, Fergie, shut your mouth”, Celtic fans are mostly respectful towards the former Aberdeen manager.  We are not there with Mourinho yet, but it might happen.

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  1. Re Congerton, looks like clickbait from last week’s rumour,but in has last 2 jobs ,he spent more time on gardening leave, than doing his job.

  2. Anyone wi digital radio. Radio X now. John Kennedy interviewing Richard Ashcroft. Genius stuff.


    Richard the Shaman I think.


    Richard Ashcroft CSC



  3. RON67 on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 10:01 PM


    EXCLUSIVE By Pete O’Rourke



    A well-placed source has told Football Insider sources that Congerton is no longer in charge of transfer business at the club and it is being done through a separate channel.






    Uh oh! Sounds like Peter is taking over transfers again….









    (I’m only joking, before some of you get started)

  4. SP


    My baby bhoy has booked up for his first Euro trip to watch the Bhoys. We have been in Valencia loads of times. Our favourite City in Europe. I need to book a flight just to keep an eye on him. Valencia beach here I come. Magical Trip ahead.



  5. D17


    You got sore shins pal?


    A few going for David and not the ball tonight.


    I am the Cyrus Vance, but more on your side. ???????




    I really like Valencia, it has very special memories for me going back to ’97:)))



    Apart from my own wee story there I spent a Sunday afternoon talking to some old socialist heroes who had fought against Franco, humbling to say the least.



    I hope you and boy have a cracking trip there if we go through it’ll be one you’ll never forget:))



    This Is How It Feels



  7. Sweep, sweep, sweep, dizny change the FACts.



    Sweeping, is for those who’ve something to hide.



    Time to settle down with my night nurse. ??



    Sleeping is a lot easier, when you’ve nowt to hide. ? ✅



    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ?

  8. WITS


    All the better for meeting you, B and the Dub bhoys in Embra on Sunday. Thanks again for ticket. In a perverse way, I would rather be present at a Celtic poor show than not.


    Sean O’Casey CSC

  9. What is the Stars on

    You met up with BGFC and the wee fella at half time ?


    We were worried that the pretty little blond police woman had you handcuffed back in her flat !!!

  10. DAVID17 on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 9:07 PM


    If some of you want to play the man then fair enough. I felt it was a relevant comparison given the comments by Brendan Rodgers himself.



    Of course you did. Is playing the victim the flip to playing the man?

  11. SP


    My son and his 3 mates have rented a villa in Valencia for 3 nights. It sleeps 6. I have been invited to crash in their pad. Magic ???????

  12. WITS


    Gorgeous blonde Embra Polis wumman and handcuffs were all in my dream last Sunday night. ?????????

  13. It could be a long December?


    Pretty fractured blog recently on many topics.


    Hoping results in December and January transfer window comes out in our favour.

  14. SP


    Surprised By The Joy.


    Richard Ashcroft genius lyrics dug me out a hole last year. Made me think again. Then reason.


    Richard Ashcroft CSC

  15. Gordy


    I can imagine a few rebel songs in Dumbarton Harp CSC when the Clydebank dudes enter wi cues in hand. ??????

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bada bing @ 10:49 – thank you.



    Michael Cole’s comment had me laughing into convulsions.



    Hail hail

  17. Delaneys,


    aye i imagine the tunes will get blasted,


    the Bankie Bhoys will show them how its done

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    And just before I turn in, noticed James Forrest having a swipe at The Hootsman earlier.



    James – if you are about don’t sweat it mate.



    Latest circulation figures indicate that, as of now, everyone who BUYS that rag daily would fit into Somerset Park, Ayr.



    Desperate times call for desperate measures … but it won’t do any good.



    Hail hail and good night.

  19. Gordy


    White Man in Hammersmith Palais my song to sing with pride that night in Dumbarton.


    The Mighty Clash CSC

  20. Auldheid @8:56



    The article you commend ends with the following:



    “What is there to fear now from restoring integrity to its rightful place, unless of course you were party to the thinking that kicked the integrity of our game to death in 2012 and are still in a position of influence?”



    I don’t want to put you in a spot, but you command a certain respect from the happyclappers that People like Kev aren’t (sorry Kev?)So, in that spirit, can I ask you:



    In your opinion, have Celtic taken reasonable steps to restore the integrity of the game?

  21. MIKE IN TORONTO on 19TH DECEMBER 2018 12:16 AM




    HH fella, hope your well.


    I replied to Auldheid earlier – post deleted.


    Saving the link for the morra. √


    Hai! Hail!

  22. Gordy


    Why not phone up Robin Hood and ask for wealth distribution.


    White youths and black youths in UK need a better solution.


    Joe Strummer RIP CSC

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