Win-at-all-costs manager inexplicably intoxicating


You and I were introduced to Jose Mourinho as a win-at-all-costs manager.  He took gamesmanship and bus parking to a new level, one which was successful against more talented teams, but even for those to whom he delivered trophies, he was difficult to love.  The rest of us emptied our store of contempt on him.

He is probably a better manager than I ever gave him credit for.  It takes talent to go to some of the world’s most famously attacking football clubs and stifle the enthusiasm out of their stadiums, but he had the necessary.

The question is, would you have welcomed him at Celtic?  I know what your gut’s saying.  I feel the same right now, but this guy’s arrogance appears to be inexplicably intoxicating.  He has a ‘movement’ on your doorstep, then you apologise for him having to step over it on his return.  For a decade, he was the ultimate guru manager and those who believe in such things opened their hearts to him, even as they watched him rob the game of enjoyment.

On many levels, he is not as good a fit for Celtic than Brendan Rodgers, but he is box office and knows how to set out a back six better than any manager in the game.  Years after regularly chanting, “Fergie, Fergie, shut your mouth”, Celtic fans are mostly respectful towards the former Aberdeen manager.  We are not there with Mourinho yet, but it might happen.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 19TH DECEMBER 2018 9:21 AM


    Because of historical, social reasons, I believe Celtic Supporters are much more anxious, much less confident than the supporters of other Clubs. I believe that this anxiety has a detrimental affect on performance. I wish supporters would look at the reality of Celtic when compared with every other Scottish Club then transfer the resulting confidence on to the players — who, I believe, manage quite well anyway but would do even better with more positive support.










    I agree with your basic point.


    Celtic supporters have , IN GENERAL , a particular attitude which perhaps differs from that of most other Scottish supporters.


    With the notable exception of the hun and their divine right to rule .



    I would suggest that the attitude is one of cynicism rather than anxiety.


    A cynicism soundly based , in view of the well documented anti Celtic antagonism displayed virtually since our foundation.



    However , I get the distinct impression that Celtic supporters , particularly our younger cohort have ” moved on ” .



    I sincerely hope so .

  2. AN TEARMANN on19TH DECEMBER 2018 5:30 AM



    Shareholders rights is a point that has come up. More BRTH’s territory and would require legal advice (to be paid for)



    A lot easier for Celtic to state their position unwelcome as that might be. (See SFM blog ) but without rules being followed and no football sanctions when rules are not followed is a moral hazard that has risks if not addressed.



    There is a cost to Celtic and all Scottish clubs in overcoming opponents who think they are Kingpins. That cost should be reflected in our transfer activity in January.



    On the one hand it keeps us on our toes, on the other it is a risk to ongoing success.



    As long as we remain top dogs fairness matters little, but a look at the league table tells us nothing is assured.

  3. Macjay



    “It’s not rocket science. I’m not one that can hide it very well, I wasn’t hiding it very well at all. There was a natural frustration because as a manager and leader of the team, you want to continue pushing forward”. Rodgers said.



    Anyway I’ve made my point, we have a match tonight and although I’m concerned about the outcome I’m looking forward to it.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID17 on 19TH DECEMBER 2018 10:54 AM






    Thank you.


    We`re on the same side.


    I could take issue with how that quotation relates to your earlier assertion , but I won`t.


    Your priority is the same as mine.


    The game tonight and hopefully three points.


    Roar them on for absent friends.



    Hail Hail.

  5. Paul67 et al



    Incredible to think that despite having had a “bad” season Aberdeen are only a point off the top. Then again we have the League Cup in the showroom, a tough Euro game mid-Feb, and four games from a well deserved break, two at home. This season three points takes you a long way, so all the more important to gain them at the place we have played most of our best football, at home. Lets get the Hoops back on!

  6. MIT



    I was thinking after I posted that it was Donald Rumsfieldesque in terms of unknowns.



    To make it clear I’m not a happy clapper or a mine shafter.



    My personal philosophy is there is a helluva lot I don’t know compared to what little I do and an unknown that might change my view might exists.



    Leaving room for unknowns makes judgements less certain and certainty is a cause for conflict.



    If you read Strangers in a Strange Land (you possibly have) the idea of a Fair Witness comes close to that philosophy.




    No more ads!



    Thanks again!



    Oh and what a good brolly!



    Many thanks for that too!

  8. Philbhoy – happy to help on both counts. But the work around for getting a more pleasant CQN experience was initially provided by Emeraldbee; I was just happy to share.


    Aff oot for a no doubt slow run.

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