Win could see Celtic go top


After a long international break, the full Celtic squad resumed training this morning, two days before the visit of Hibernian.  With a depleted Hearts facing Aberdeen at the same time, a win for Celtic could see the champions go top of the table on goal difference.

Aberdeen, in seventh place, are enduring their worst start to a campaign in years.  The contrast between the trauma this has caused in the north east, with the euphoria of the team in sixth place is stark.  But, with the Pittodrie squad is getting back to full strength at the same time as Hearts’ has weakened.  I expect a return to trend at Tynecastle on Saturday.

The next two months will not be easy for Celtic.  With European commitments, we have two games per week, apart from when the majority of the squad away on international duty again next month, but the sight of Celtic at the top of the table will look ominous to the rest of the league, and quieten down some of the manufactured hysteria over our early season dropped points.

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  1. Good morning CQN at 7am Midtown Manhattan time.



    Weather here is to be colder of late but still dry, 50 degrees at its highest, bloody luxury for a Scotsman.. :) Weather has been brilliant yesterday was roasting at times and sunny.




    Only covered 21 thousand odd steps yesterday from where we are staying at Herald Square (really good location), down to 9/11 Museum, Statue of Liberty (although we got a boat) Wall Street, financial district, Indian Museum, Brooklyn Bridge, this was really good, another amazing feat of engineering, Civic centre, some amazing buildings, Chinatown and onto little Italy, then walked part of the way back, but my old hip was giving me Gip, so we got a yellow taxi, and the driver was a really nice chatty guy, so he got a generous tip.




    Again thanks for all the tips nd info and this place really is amazing and we will be back again someday.



    We still have 3 days left and she who must be obeyed wants to do shopping and Maceys has 30% off. So designers here we come. Might go to Woodberry Common.




    Sorry for long post and bring on the Hibees




    Brendan is here for 10 IAR or untill he tells us otherwise.




    D. :)

  2. Really looking forward to a rejuvenated Celtic team demolish Hibs in front of another full house. Unfortunately, due to pesky work I will have to watch this most anticipated game on the box / computer.



    I noted with interest that Scotrail and First Bus put on additional services for the Scotland v Portugal game . Attendance circa 20k.



    What about extra services and consideration for our home games which attract three times that attendance.



    Transport infrastructure to Celtic Park on Matchdays is deplorable.




  3. widely known as “the Forces’ Sweetheart”, is an English singer of traditional pop, songwriter and actress, whose musical recordings and performances were enormously popular during the Second World War.



    During the war she toured Egypt, India, and Burma as part of ENSA, giving outdoor concerts for the troops.



    My da was a good judge of character, he loved Vera Lynn. Unlike another popular singer of that era, she didn’t bugger off abroad.



    she is still alive at a great age. I trust in God she is pain free and comfortable and happy.




  4. Paul67



    How can you go prattling on about our upcoming important match against Hibs?



    I have just been reliably informed on CQN that Brendan is leaving and you try to distract us with this Pro-Board pish about an actual football game???



    You have lost all credibility! :-)




    See how easy this nonsense is :-)

  5. David66,


    You’re just another poster who loves to boast about where they are in the world. I’m not impressed. I am impressed, though, by the quality of food and drink on this beautiful island in The Maldives! :-) HH

  6. What is the Stars on

    Another squirrell from Paul


    Full squad back in training


    Go top this weekend


    Blah Blah


    Success Success etc


    meanwhile over in £49 town the real stories are being suppressed



    Was Peter Lawwell in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey as part of a 15 man hit squad


    Why was Brendan Rodgers spotted in a London Hotel with the new owners of Morton


    Why was Dermot Desmond in negotiations with the a well known Irish Building Firm and the Planning Dept of Glasgow City Council for a luxury apartment development on the site of Celtic Park


    Will Kieran Tierney actually run in the Grand National



    We will not be fooled again !!!

  7. David66



    Designer cloths is it ?



    Try Century 21 down near Twin tower memorial.



    Dirty dicks in that not so much choice and pilled to roof but much cheaper



    than MACEYS





  8. Rangers legend Barry Ferguson admits Kelty Hearts ‘tick the boxes’ for him as he mulls over offer from Lowland League side



    Oh my aching sides…..

  9. David66,



    You’re just another poster who loves to boast about where they are in the world. I’m not impressed. I am impressed, though, by the quality of food and drink on this beautiful island in The Maldives! :-) HH





    Billybear Hail Hail



    I have never boasted about anything in my life, not had much, but I take your point and will reign it in.



    D. :)

  10. mike in toronto on




    I dont think BB was really criticizing … I read his post to you as just a bit of fun banter..



    Personally, I enjoy it when posters write about their travels/where they are … I have been enjoying your posts, so I hope you will keep posting them.

  11. JIMTHETIM53 on 18TH OCTOBER 2018 11:08 AM



    So far I’ve not watched woman’s football, but it’s getting very popular. good on them. I listen to R4 Home Front every day. When it was in the North East of England during WW1 there was great programmes about girls football teams in the munition factories.



    *Lassies fitba is huge over here although I never bothered with it until the Woman’s WC in Canada and after that the Pan Am Games up here tae where I volunteered. Its like a breath of fresh air, nae theatrics just the love of the game.

  12. MIT thanks, I think it was tongue in cheek, but I certainley don’t want to come across as boasting.



    Anyway Armani Manhattan shop awaits…….. :)






    D. :)

  13. David66, I love to hear of people’s travels and folk that live abroad like Toronto and Melbourne etc. Even close by Ireland.



    I think the comment was tongue in cheek.

  14. Bournesouprecipe




    If you are in Lyon a visit to the Basilica de Notre Dame. Its where the Marists Brothers was founded in 1817 and was the home of Brother Walfrids Order

  15. South Of Tunis on

    LYON –



    Last there for Lyon 3 -Celtic 2 .



    One of those games . A howler from Hedman for Lyon’s first and a gift of a penalty for Lyon when it was 2-2 .



    Memories of a fine choon store in Lyon – RIC VINTAGE RECORDS -near the train station in Perrache . Hope it’s still there !

  16. David66 great city New York try and visit Ellen’s Stardust Diner 1650 Broadway just off Times Sq tel no 212 956 5151,amazing place. Hope you can make it. H H Hebcelt

  17. South Of Tunis on

    Something to fill in the time and space –



    Jammy at the controls –





    1982 . A year that started with a 1-0 loss away to the Deady Bears . Jim Bett penalty . ( rightly ) . Crap game on a seriously cold day

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