Win over HJK worth at least £6m to Celtic


Celtic will receive £1.65m from the Uefa revenue distribution system for participating in the Champions League play-off round against Helsingborgs.  Add to that around £1m gate money and the guarantee of at least three Europa League games, with Uefa distribution money, you can calculate the value of Wednesday’s win over HJK Helsinki as no less than £6m (all figures are net of vat).  Quite a prize for one game.

Compare this to the projected income from newco The Rangers, who claimed to have sold 25,000 season tickets.  If all sales were at full adult prices (£258 in vat), net income would be £5.375m.

Should Celtic overcome Helsingborgs and reach the Champions League group stage, the club will return to a remarkably strong financial footing.

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  1. Oct 2011


    Aberdeen v rangers







    Aberdeen v Ross county






  2. 67heaven … i am neil lennon..!!.. ibrox belongs to the creditors



    17:21 on 11 August, 2012


    thomthethim …. 16:49 on 11 August, 2012



    What did SKY do to justify cancelling our subscriptions, please …… ?







    Apart from their historical financial distorting of the game in these islands, the slanted “reporting” of their staff, i.e. White, Tanner, etc.,and it’s latest collaboration in perpetuating the myth that Newcocastle are Rangers, I guess, they haven’t done much to justify cancellation.



    To each his own, I suppose.

  3. theglasgowcelticway on



    As much as I’d like to see the Huns destroyed going all out to destroy them will only backfire.They already believe there’s some kind of injustice against them which will give them an almost “blitz spirit”.I remember Robin Cooke in the house of commons during the Iraq debate,”do we really believe we become stronger when people bomb us but others become weaker?’I will go against the grain here.I don’t want Sevco to face any further action,however,I do want them to be declared a “New Club”.Not by fans or ex players but by history.If you enter their website,honours should read from this year.They can ressemble Oldco as much as they like but they’re not.If this doesn’t happen,all bets are off and pursue them to the last penny in their pockets.

  4. Apparently Elbows said to the Peterhead CH ” I’ve got a Bentley and a Range Rover in my driveway – what do you have?”


    CH retorted ” 30 paving stones and loads of red chips”

  5. Congrats to Mexico.



    Brazil got what they deserved,



    They were eased into the final by poor officials in the semi.


    S.Korea were denied two stone wall penalties at crucial pointsin the game.




    If that’snot enough, is there a more obnoxious, nasty wee overhyped played than ManU’s Raphael?





    28deg, cloudy, in Philly.

  6. I’m finding it quite hard to comprehend what the hell is going on in Scotland, and I’m also bloody angry – but not surprised!



    A ‘ football club’ still apparently calling themselves R#ngers, playing in the colours and displaying a crest (boak) of a deceased entity that owed/owes c£130 million! Whit is going on?!



    Memo to Hector and BDO: get your pencils sharpened and carry out a thorough forensic investigation into what has been going on since Minty took control way back in the 80s! Maybe you are already.



    And as for the Serious Fraud Office and the Crown Prosecution Service – what are they waiting for?!



    I wont hold my breath!



    Enjoy the game tonight everybody!




  7. Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! on 11 August, 2012 at 10:42 said



    However, we are visiting friends on Sept second in Dalgety bay and will play Aberdour with my mate and his son that afternoon.



    Both huns, canny wait!



    I wonder how I’ll noise them up during the golf? Ach, I’ll think of something nearer the time, i’m sure.







    Philbhoy, if you are still about, you could use one of these CQN golf balls to noise up your mate. I can gift you one if you like. Where are you?




  8. The orcs ave league Att las season was 46324



    Giving the entire SPL a aver att of 13861



    After today’s games (excluding our fixture) the SPL s ave Att is…….





    Again that’s excluding our game v utd ?


    Git it roond ye SEVCO keevins jabba n co

  9. albert kidd


    can you ask bkev if he has any spare for us bhoy s who missed out this year?

  10. The Barça Mole and Snake



    Thanks for your answers earlier, bhoys. I’m not really any clearer, but it seems to me that no one is.



    Clearly quite a few twists and turns can still take place. There would appear on the surface to be a chance that BDO will halt Sevco in its tracks. There would also appear to be a good chance that Sevco will over-spend its way to a whole new insolvency event. At the same time, it will be interesting to see who owns Ibrox and what Craig Whyte’s next move is.



    However, just for now, it looks as though a debt-free Sevco will emerge from the years of lies and cheating, with the debts left unpaid off the field and the football authorities too afraid to take the correct action on the field. They have their stupid wee stars on their jersey, Tennent’s seem happy to continue to be associated with them and they are Rangers because everyone is calling them Rangers.



    They appear to have picked a few bits of the old entity and shed a few others that they did not fancy (such as debts and responsibilities). They have lost their best players and lost out on transfer fees for them. Wideo shysters are still their masters and all they want is the hun pound, as do Sky. The mainstream Scottish media also want the hun pound, but their ranks are also full of Rangers supporters, so Green, Whyte and whoever else rolls into town next will always be pushing against an open door with them. Yes, it’s SFL Division 3. Yes, it’s dire. But it’s temporary and they think they can win their way back quickly and have a few laughs along the way. This notion is the one being nurtured by Sky, BBC Scotland, the papers, Radio Clyde et cetera.



    How did it come to this? How did they get to pick and choose what bits of Rangers they keep and what bits they shed? I know they wanted to keep their SPL place and were not permitted to do so. I know they next wanted to be in SFL Division 1 and were not permitted to do that either. I know that if they should win the Scottish Cup this season they will not have access to European football because UEFA has its rules and, unlike the SFA, won’t ignored them just for the sake of the hun pound. Apart from that, though, it’s carry on regardless. Same old teddy berrrrzzzz you know and hate (they don’t care).



    Because the people in charge are too afraid of their intimidating support and too afraid to lose their cash, they are walking away … from the rubble that fell around their club as the inevitable consequence of their cheating catching up with them in 2011 and 2012. They are on the way to getting away with it, more or less.



    It makes me feel nauseous.

  11. I met jabbas brother yesterday..


    John Traynor is a hurting hun…


    he said I’ll watch the game before going to report on Thistle v Falkirk..


    I just said that I would have a quiet day before watching hops V Madrid.. not much of a day…. He was beeelin…. o)))

  12. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Prince Albert_Kidd



    Bo’ness, West Lothian.



    Paul67 will give you my home email address!




  13. Celtic_First



    I almost didn’t renew this season and only did a couple of weeks ago ignoring any silly deadline set by Celtic.



    I don’t like what I’m seeing like yourself and not renewing when they appear back in the SPL will be very much a possibility for me.



    Anyway many twists and turns ahead before we need to concern ourselves with what may or not come to pass.



    And b.t.w. where is old twisty these days?

  14. vinny


    yes did thanks. info passed on to Francis, had a shandy with him today…


    6.30 Celtic Prk time tonight..

  15. sitting in G73 hear the sound of an orange walk, the tune they are playing is a beach boys classic from pet sounds, you know the song i mean? I think they changed the lyrics to it.


    Dirty scumbags!


    21st century scotland!

  16. Team sheet..



    Celtic team to face Real Madrid: Zaluska; Matthews, K. Wilson, Mulgrew, Izaguirre; McGeouch, Kayal, Ledley, Commons; Stokes, Murphy (MH)




    Reply Retweet Favorite

  17. EDB



    Thanks for reading my over-long diatribe and for your thoughtful response.



    But for people banging on about this on the internet, things would be even worse. They will be allowed to get away with as much as possible.

  18. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Celtic team to face Real Madrid: Zaluska; Matthews, K. Wilson, Mulgrew, Izaguirre; McGeouch, Kayal, Ledley, Commons; Stokes, Murphy




  19. What about Crocker on Sky when huns equalise




    Peed myself laughing in pub….now barred:O)

  20. i can dream a little , but imagine the fall out from the MSM & thems old supporters if we beat Madrid tonight.

  21. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Robbie Savage would’ve made a difference the day.




  22. Follow Follow being ditched before games they will now be playing…




    Come you not from newcastle?


    Come you not there away?


    O met you not my true love


    Riding on a bonny bay?


    Why should not I love my love?


    Why should not my love love me?


    Why should not I speed after him


    Since love to all is free?

  23. BRTH getting big licks from Cosgrove for his postings on Scottish Football Monitor.



    your the new benchmark bud.






    Traynor being mollified.

  24. Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton on

    Blantyretim, I’m sure there are more than a few in the rough etc at Aberdour!


    Hopefully they will be found by some hurting orcs. I won a box(3) and that’s why I have a spare. I’ll check with BK anyway.



    Philbhoy, get it to you asap. Enjoy your game and rub it in.




  25. BT thanks Amigo, anything else Francis needs to know give me a bell, next weekend is bank holiday weekend down here so it’ll be busy.


    Looking at that team I think we could be well stuffed not very good for the confidence, I hope I’m wrong though….. Very good for the confidence.


    We should have played DU today at CP….. Madness.




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