Wind of change set to blow through Lennoxtown


There appears to be nothing more than a desire to move-on behind Johan Mjallby’s decision to leave Celtic at the end of the season but it leaves the original four man coaching team of Neil Lennon, Alan Thompson, Mjallby and Garry Parker reduced down to two.  The management team needs to be rebuilt.

Assistants do more than just put the cones out and get players go through their paces.  They are an extra pair of eyes and ears, at the side of the field and in the dressing room.  When they are most effective, they are a source of learning, bringing improved techniques and ideas into the club, forcing the manager to reconsider established practices.

Strip some of the greats of their productive partners and they proved to be prosaic underachievers; Cough without Taylor was a sorry sight.  By contrast, Ferguson played the assistants’ game perfectly, swapping them every few years to enhance his stock with fresh flavour.

Alan Thompson was not directly replaced but irrespective of the speculation which constantly surrounds the club, a wind of change will blow through Lennoxtown this summer, filling the gaps in the original four man team.

If you’ve wondered about getting involved with some of the charity events surrounding the club there is a perfect opportunity coming up.  The Foundation is having a badge day at the Dundee United game on Sunday 11 May.  This is an important opportunity to anchor the ethos of the club to its roots by engaging thousands of Celtic fans in the simple act of buying a badge for charity.

All monies raised will go towards supporting those afflicted by homelessness in the Glasgow area.  I volunteered to help on the day and offered to put the word around, over 100 bucketeers are needed.  If you want to help, all you’ll need to do is turn up early for the game, wear a hi-vis vest and hold a bucket, but I can assure you, you’ll enjoy it.  Email the foundation with your name and phone number: cfcfvolunteer@celticfc.co.uk .

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  1. Billy Bhoy 05………….From the last blog……….You use the term “us Scot’s” implying that people who do not agree with you are ‘not Scot’s’, what a sad wee world you inhabit.



    I have far more in common with my fellow citizens of London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Europe and the rest of the world than I would ever have with Nationalists of any flavour, I am a proud Scot however.



    Less borders, not more, just say No!

  2. Based on nothing other than pre-match observation, I was not disappointed to see Alan Thompson depart. Johan Mjallby , based on the same aforementioned observations, exuded a much more confident persona. I would like his replacement to come from outside Scotland for no great reason other than offering a different perspective and perhaps encouraging some players away from the drink culture.Though, in fairness, I am not aware of such a culture at Celtic.


    Awaiting my reply from JP Taylor re Celtic`s use of the `R` word in the Renewal Booklet.


    I am anticipating something like: “The SFA have allowed them to be so-called and we have to accept that. :


    I would like a more positive acknowledgement that the current (!) Ibrox Club are two years old.



  3. Bawsman


    Why are you proud to be a Scot? It didn`t really require any effort on your part 0:-). Location,location,location.




  4. tomtheleedstim on

    Paul67 – the reference to the legendary Forest manager left me with a lump in my throat.


    right bhoys a daft Q.



    anybody in ST ANDREWS area got a clapped oot van or car with 2 weeks left on MOT.for sale .palomine wants to take some stuff to IRELAND from ST ANDREWS.

  6. favourite uncle



    A question fit to launch many’s a yarn!!!






    HH jamesgang





    hi .prayers said for your mother.



    it’s nothing illegal just some old furniture .

  8. Tony Donnelly . Tony like you I am a celtic supporter.i think we need to replace neil lennon and a few others at celtic, big johan has admitted that he needs to move on. it happens in everything be it workplace, relationships etc that’s all I am saying, don’t call me a hun.i am anything but, but I have been slaughtered on here many times, like tony mowbary, I take it on the chin,

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    thomthethim for oscar ok



    09:59 on 23 April, 2014



    VERY, VERY well said, that Mhan……..take a bow, and stop being so sensible, please…..!!!!!!!!

  10. Johan Mjallby


    Thank you for all you’ve done for the mighty CELTIC, as a player and coach.


    May your future be all you hope for.




  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    ernie lynch



    10:10 on 23 April, 2014



    You’re letting your negativity run away with itself …. :)

  12. Good morning all



    Good luck to big Johan. Just renewed my SB. 5 mins on the phone and done. Whoohoo. :-))



    Weefra HH supporting and praying for Wee Oscar.

  13. Doc


    Previous blog. I think the desire for a more professional governance structure long preceded Res12. However what emerged as a result of looking into the licencing process must have been useful in making a case for change but I have no idea if it was.



    I had the same thought as you re effect on Res12 but it is too soon to speculate especially as the shareholders need answers from SFA.

  14. favourite uncle



    Thank you kind Sir. For the prayers and for a wee chance to smile about something else.



    Didn’t doubt your integrity – sporting or otherwise! – for a second!



    HH jamesgang

  15. When Thommo left Gary Parker seemed to take a step up and become more involved.


    He now shouts instruction more from the touchline and is more involved in the warming up of the team pre match.


    Danny McGrain moved up from the Development Squad management to take on Parker’s role, more of a one to one training with certain players (particularly Balde).


    Its also no coincidence that since Danny’s increased involvement that the defence has improved greatly. We have top quality right backs in abundance now!!


    I think our next Assistant Manager will come from within, Peter Houston, or perhaps John Kennedy. Whoever it is I think John Kennedy should become more involved with the first team as he could be a possible manager for the future?

  16. Jungle Jim…………Very true, an accident of birth :-), we are all Jock Tamson’s bairns. No borders, not more borders mate.

  17. John Kennedy seems to have the potential to be the celtic great off the pitch that he seemed to be destined to be on it.






    HH jamesgang

  18. Good morning my friends in Celtic,



    To reiterate what others posted on the previous article.



    A happy St George’s day to our English based bhoys.


    This is a good time to slay the myth that all our problems stem from England, or the English.



    The history of St George is very dubious, as is this assumption. The reality is that the majority of English people have the same core values as ourselves and are not Dragons as some would have us believe.






    PS : A six year contract seems worthless if a club can trigger get out clauses. ?

  19. bawsman



    10:38 on 23 April, 2014


    Jungle Jim…………Very true, an accident of birth :-), we are all Jock Tamson’s bairns. No borders, not more borders mate.



    While keeping my own views and voting intentions to myself you could well argue that Scotland and her people were actually a far more outward-looking nation pre 1603 and 1707. Were a yes vote to occur this could well happen again.



    And we all do well to remember that every soul on this earth is an accident of birth in terms of nationality, race, creed and history.






    HH jamesgang

  20. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    Think peter houston or john kennedy will step up. But what about bringing a certain mr larsson back on board aswel as part of the coaching team.. If our strikers learned even a third of that mans knowledge of movement in around the box etc we are onto a winner!


    Bring the king home lenny!lol

  21. The Battered Bunnet on

    I was surprised that Peter Houston got a job at Lennoxtown after the fairly condescending remarks he made about Lenny early on.



    I’ll be more surprised if he gets the Asst Manager role.



    Following the pattern set, I think Lenny will go for either big Rab Douglas or big Bobo Baldie next, and if neither are available, wee Didier Agathe is surely in the running.

  22. jamesgang………………”Scotland and her people were actually a far more outward-looking nation pre 1603 and 1707″……….Difficult to see that arguement mate???


    I exported masel at 17 :-)

  23. All the best Johan. Who will Mrs IGC look at in the dugout now? I suppose there’s always Gary Parker.




    “The first official SPFL season has already provided many highlights and memorable moments…There are some very positive stories to be told across all our leagues at the moment and we only see the level of interest in Scottish football increasing further in the months ahead and as next season kicks off.”


    Neil ‘Armageddon’ Doncaster

  24. jamesgang @ 10.44 hrs.



    “While keeping my own views and voting intentions to myself you could well argue that Scotland and her people were actually a far more outward-looking nation pre 1603 and 1707”




    Apologies for entering your debate. No patronisation intended, you are one of the most enlightened posters on the blog, however the statement above can be interpreted to say in that respect we were exactly the same as the English. The paragraph below is not mine, but emphasises the similarity of both countries.



    “The collapse in 1700 of attempts by Scotland to launch a trading empire to rival England’s East India Company in Panama was a pivotal moment. Crippled by poor supplies and illness, it was quickly abandoned, losing some £400,000 – half of Scotland’s available capital”



    This brought about the union with England. Dodgy foreign policy.



    No difference and no change as in back to the future.




  25. Greenpinata/jamesgang, an aside…………There are a very large number of black people with Scottish names, this is not something we can be ‘proud’ of.

  26. Morning all.



    I see aul Tony Blair wants to bomb yet another country. Couldn’t somebody just give him a video games console instead?

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