Wind of change set to blow through Lennoxtown


There appears to be nothing more than a desire to move-on behind Johan Mjallby’s decision to leave Celtic at the end of the season but it leaves the original four man coaching team of Neil Lennon, Alan Thompson, Mjallby and Garry Parker reduced down to two.  The management team needs to be rebuilt.

Assistants do more than just put the cones out and get players go through their paces.  They are an extra pair of eyes and ears, at the side of the field and in the dressing room.  When they are most effective, they are a source of learning, bringing improved techniques and ideas into the club, forcing the manager to reconsider established practices.

Strip some of the greats of their productive partners and they proved to be prosaic underachievers; Cough without Taylor was a sorry sight.  By contrast, Ferguson played the assistants’ game perfectly, swapping them every few years to enhance his stock with fresh flavour.

Alan Thompson was not directly replaced but irrespective of the speculation which constantly surrounds the club, a wind of change will blow through Lennoxtown this summer, filling the gaps in the original four man team.

If you’ve wondered about getting involved with some of the charity events surrounding the club there is a perfect opportunity coming up.  The Foundation is having a badge day at the Dundee United game on Sunday 11 May.  This is an important opportunity to anchor the ethos of the club to its roots by engaging thousands of Celtic fans in the simple act of buying a badge for charity.

All monies raised will go towards supporting those afflicted by homelessness in the Glasgow area.  I volunteered to help on the day and offered to put the word around, over 100 bucketeers are needed.  If you want to help, all you’ll need to do is turn up early for the game, wear a hi-vis vest and hold a bucket, but I can assure you, you’ll enjoy it.  Email the foundation with your name and phone number: cfcfvolunteer@celticfc.co.uk .

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  1. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Who would take Peter Houston as assistant manager.


    Not for me ,but just the usual chatter in the local roll shop this morning. :))




    Ps Syd Negakev


    Thank you for telling me everyone had moved to new article :))))))

  2. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar



    Id love to see Larsson at the club again, I doubt Larsson would come, and i don’t think it would be a good move as far as Neil is concerned, Larsson is a far bigger name than Lennon with regards to being a legend at the club.



    Although Lennon has greater managerial experience and has achieved more on that side of things, can you imagine what the press would do every time we lose or draw a game, Lennon out Larsson in kind of thing, trying to whip up a shite storm! Would undermine him more than he already is by the gutter press.

  3. Hi Paul67,



    “There appears to be nothing more than a desire to move-on behind Johan Mjallby’s decision to leave Celtic at the end of the season but it leaves the original four man coaching team of Neil Lennon. ……



    Do people do that?



    Do they just move-on?



    Maybe they do, leave a great job they were doing well at a great Club to, well, just move on.



    It was an irrepairable injury that parted Johan from Celtic as a player ~ arguably the best centre back in a generation. By all accounts he was gutted.



    Sorry to see the big man go then, sorry to see the big man go now.



    Still one things for sure and has been self-evident for quite sometime, there is something amiss within our Coaching set-up.



    *”A wind of change” Well let’s hope it’s substantial and positive one.



    Personally I’d be quite happy to see a wee shuffle ~ Peter Houston getting a shot @ #2, he has an eye for a youngster and seems to get them to play – if our Cup and European performances don’t drastically improve next season ~ then by all means lets have a thorough wind of change.



    Hail Hail



    *R&R claim to fame ~ I was there when the Scorpion chap exclaimed “Put ze light on ze people ~ Put ze light on ze people!”








    That was a mean and nasty trick,most unbecoming of you. Sticking a new article up-unannounced-while most of us were trawling through the latest opus from BRT&H.



    I’ve just finished it now!



    Good luck to Dolph,a legend in our times.



    And on a different tack,good luck to JAMESGANG’s Mum,and to DERBYSHIRE BHOY.

  5. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    Jungle Jim @ 10:01



    Awaiting my reply from JP Taylor re Celtic`s use of the `R` word in the Renewal Booklet.






    Nothing in my Inbox so far from JP, but will post whatever response I receive.



    My renewal is genuinely in the balance. If our own club supports the ‘same name, same club’ philosophy then I would reluctantly feel I have to refuse to renew my ST





    I’m not sure that Houston is someone I would share a pint with,but he has a decent record.



    If he fits Neil’s criteria,he gets my backing. If he’s parachuted in without Neil’s 100% approval,then no.



    PS-share a pint? Stupid expression. He can get his own,we’d look styoooopit wi one between us.



    10:04 on


    23 April, 2014


    right bhoys a daft Q.



    anybody in ST ANDREWS area got a clapped oot van or car with 2 weeks left on MOT.for sale .palomine wants to take some stuff to IRELAND from ST ANDREWS.





    does it have to fly the oul red duster??

  8. Bawsman @11.13 hrs.



    “Greenpinata/jamesgang, an aside…………There are a very large number of black people with Scottish names, this is not something we can be ‘proud’ of.”





    You know the answer to this : It is due to our disproportionate participation in the foundation and maintenance of the British Empire.




  9. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Assistant Manager at Celtic – Position Available.



    Who will replace Johann?


    Unfortunately in management and coaching you never know what you have lost until it is gone. I think Manchester United have seen that this season. Everyone knew how good Ferguson was he had proved it for almost 40 years at various clubs but nobody could predict the slide that would take place under Moyes.


    What did Mjallby do? We may never know but what we do know is that he was part of a successful coaching team at Celtic Park.


    We may only really understand what he did when he is no longer there. I wish the big fella well. I hope he goes onto great things and maybe he will return again one day. He has played a huge part in Celtic’s history and will always be welcome back.



    Who replaces him? Do we promote from within or look outside the club?


    The natural progression would be to promote a coach from within like Danny McGrain and Neil Lennon himself. There is no doubt that Celtic are trying to create a boot room policy and I suspect that John Kennedy will be near the top of that list. For now I would leave John where he is. Danny McGrain will not be around the coaching forever and John would be the ideal man to take his place when he finally retires. John still has much to learn and is a young man. He has time on his side and is learning his trade at a fairly decent level.


    I think in all honesty a fresh set of eyes and ears is the right way to go. Refreshing the training, methods and also a different outlook is always a good idea.


    Is it possible to do both? Bring a new man in and promote from within? That is possible too. Eyebrows were raised when Peter Houston joined the club as a scout. peter was a decent manager for Dundee United but I think he himself has even recognised that he is not top man material. Do him and Lenny get on? I would say they must. Neil Lennon has to trust his judgement on player recomendations. Just because he wanted to beat Neil regularly doesn;t mean they don’t get on. He must be a serious option.



    The following would probably be on most fans minds



    Chris Sutton


    John Hartson


    Henrik Larsson


    Malky McKay


    John Collins



    All former players and all men who have a will to win and decent coaching/managerial experience. Whether they want to move back to Glasgow is another matter.



    Neil Lennon though may decide to select someone from his days at Leicester or someone who many of us have either not heard of or not suspected would be coach material. Apparently himself and Mjallby were never big mates as team mates. Their fellow team mates from the era were a touch surprised. Neil saw something in Mjallby that would give his coaching staff an edge. Johann obviously had qualities that Neil felt he either didn’t have or he wanted someone else to deliver.



    It is huge in the modern game for a top class coaching team. In years gone by a number 2 was simply a sidekick or someone to bounce ideas off. Now they are a key part of the coaching team and so are the other coaches. It is a 24/7 job. Not one that you can turn up at 9 and leave at 5.



    Personally I would like to see John Collins brought to the club and bring something new and fresh to the Cetic training. he is a fitness fanatic and that would not be a bad thing. JC is not everyone’s cup of tea and possibly him and Lenny would not work together well but I feel he has a lot to offer.


    I would not be dissapointed to see John Hartson or Chris Sutton but the smart money would be on Peter Houston moving into the role. It may even be the case that Johann had made it clear for quite some time that this season would be his last and Peter was brought in with that in mind early and maybe on some sort of trial basis to see how he performed.


    Possibly Peter could move up into a first team coach role and someone fresh could join the staff. Who knows?


    It’s an interesting time ahead and whoever does come in has a huge tracksuit to fill of a man who never let Celtic down on or off the pitch. Lenny will miss his big sidekick!




  10. Despite the inconvenient hindrance of me knowin’ nowt about fitba’……….


    ………could we not offer salvation to the boul’ an errant


    Kenny “McDowally” McDowall….?


    ……….he was very well thought of and we could do our bit in rescuing a guid man from his


    ….”lower league hell”



    “HeUsedTaeBeaHunButHe’sAwriteNooAgain CSC”

  11. Paul 67,



    Assistants do more than just put the cones out and get players go through their paces.



    Not according to hunmedia… They reckon that’s all wee duranty does for his hefty pay packet… Oh the joys the new club brings :)

  12. There’s a real danger of me (already?) breaking my self-imposed silence on this subject. I find our history and future fascinating and vital but the acrimony that it seems to generate on here puts me off talking about it…..



    but to respond to my 2 esteemed CQNers….



    Bawsman – to expand a little. I mean that as a nation we were encouraged/forced to have a more outward-looking view on Europe in terms of trade and alliances. In terms of enterprising individuals like your good self we have centuries’ worth of experience of you outward-looking success stories doing just that. I just wish more of you would come back to tell us all about the big old world out there!



    Greenpinata – I don’t feel patronised friend. Nice to talk in reasonable terms about such a contentious subject. Scottish history lies close to my heart – having being taught next to nothing about it in 6 years at secondary school I then chose to focus on it at uni. I guess the more I studied the less ‘black and white’ and definitive I understood our nation’s story to be, particularly in relation to our larger southern neighbours. This – and my experiences in life – have left me as someone who has a lot of time for the English and pretty chilled about their nation!



    In terms of Darian I could split hairs and say that it was perhaps more a failure of economic policy than foreign. And we could also go all the way back to the brain drain/ power drain that followed the 1603 Union of the Crowns and which arguably left Scotland perennially hamstrung in determining and achieving its own future (this would be where our independence-voting friends would point to their own ‘back to the future’ thesis!) We could look to the natural disasters of the 1690s and the famines they caused. We could look to the pan-European power play between France, Spain and England which included but went beyond the House of Orange and left Scotland as a mere pawn.



    We could look at a whole host of things! Where do you want to start? Where should we end?



    My suggestion – start over a pint or lots of the dark stuff some day my Fhriend and we can put the world to rights in the appropriate setting – the pub!!!



    One of my lecturers used to describe 1707 as a guarantee of nothing for Scotland. Neither success, nor failure. Rather a political framework which they could then exploit to its best use. You could argue that it did in one way given the ensuing mercantile and industrial revolution. (But you could also argue that the vast majority of the people of Scotland – and many poor souls across the Empire – were the ones who were ‘exploited’ most of all in this success).



    This year is about deciding the next ‘framework’ but a lot of the history of tomorrow will come down to what we do as people, regardless of the outcome of the vote.



    APOLOGIES to all who want fitba only on here. Yesterday I’m bleating on about my Mum. Today I’m reminiscing about Scottish history. Please scroll past this one and I will resume my silence!



    HH jamesgang

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘There has also been a long tradition of influences between Scottish American and African American communities. Psalm-singing and gospel music are a mainstay of African American churchgoers. The great influx of Scots Presbyterians into the Carolinas introduced African slaves to this form of worship. The style of gospel-singing was also influenced by Scottish Gaelic-speaking settlers from the Western Isles, particularly North Uist. Scottish Gaelic psalm-singing, or “precenting the line” as it is technically known, in which the psalms are called out and the congregation sings a response, was the earliest form of congregational singing adopted by Africans in America.



    The first foreign tongue spoken by some slaves in America was Scottish Gaelic picked up from Gaelic-speakers from the Western Isles. In a North Carolina newspaper dated about 1740, an advertisement offers a generous reward for the capture and return of a runaway African slave who is described as being easy to identify because he only spoke Gaelic. In one church in Alabama the African American congregation worshiped in Gaelic as late as 1918, another indication of the extent to which the Highlanders and Islanders spread their culture, from North Carolina to Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.



    -lifted from Wiki/EWLM/EWTB.




    As well as settlers many Highland [presumably Catholic] Jacobites were sent to the American colonies as slaves after the failure of the ’45 rebellion.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    Lenny looked far and wide for his original management team. While Thommo was working at Newcastle’s youth academy, Big Johan was tracked down to a barber shop in Stockholm (sans quartet), while Garry Parker was rebuilding a boat on the beach at Zihuatanejo.

  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Fell asleep on the last thread.






    During the era of the Kelly Kids, there was adverse reaction to Kelly’s policy.



    His response was, if you don’t like it, stay away.






    I, too, admired Kelly’s principles, but, they also had a negative effect on the club, as mentioned in previous posts.



    The world is a changed place since then and, for good or ill, we have to change with it.



    It is not survival of the fittest or the most scrupulous It is the survival of the most adaptable.



    Off to the Trading Post to barter for vittles.

  16. So if Celtic call “Rangers”, (as BRTH posted earlier this week, that is their legal name) Rangers and not Sevco or Rangers 2 or whatever, people on this blog who claim to be Celtic supporters of “tens” of years will give up their season tickets?



    My advice? Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, you are not a supporter.




  17. BMCUW


    A pint, as someone with your experience in these matters should know,means anything from four to ten pints. More than this is a sesh. Should the word `pint` be preceded by ` a quick`, then the number becomes two or three. The only time a pint actually is in the singular is if one`s father-in-law is English and you are leaving the `girls` at home as the `men` pop out for a pint in the local. Even then, if said father in law is a Home Counties Tory, said pint could easily become a `half of bitter`.


    Cheerio for now,



    JJ (Off to Dundee but not for a pint).

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger Greenpinata & Bawsman



    “Greenpinata/jamesgang, an aside…………There are a very large number of black people with Scottish names, this is not something we can be ‘proud’ of.”





    You know the answer to this : It is due to our disproportionate participation in the foundation and maintenance of the British Empire.






    Again such a horrible, murky, untold story of our country. Such shame for some as they profited for centuries on the evils of slavery. Such horror for others as they were themselves enslaved as Cromwell’s POWs or the orphans and poor. And the Highland clan system where the senior members may have travelled and profited while the lesser members travelled and toiled.



    And then the complexity of their relations with the African slaves in the Caribbean.



    Per capita there are more Campbells in the Jamaican phone book than the Scottish one.



    I hope one day to write this story cos as a nation we need to know it. Warts and all.



    HH jamesgang


    Have a search for the ‘red legs’ of Barbados.

  19. Once heard Johan explain why he loved being in team with Henrik.


    He could hit the ball anywhere up the field and Henrik would always


    be there and thereabouts thus making it look as if he had made a great pass.



    Best wishes to him.

  20. 2 names to consider to replace big Dolph – Lubo or Stan P.



    My preference would be Lubo, his game awareness was unrivaled – would be a fantastic addition to the team.



    And good luck to big Dolph, a giant of player and I just wish he had chinned that Bartley in the tunnel.



    Johan – thanks for the memories.

  21. On the Independence thing…..I’m a genuine undecided.



    On one hand I find it hard to overcome the argument of the likes of Bawsman about no borders not more. I’ve got more in common with an ordinary bloke in Liverpool, London or Luton than I do with Lord Starthclyde or, heaven help us, the likes of David Murray.



    On the other hand I look at the economies of the small population Scandinavian countries and more importantly to me their social policies and I think that’s how I’d like Scotland to be.



    I started out as a definite No but if the referendum was today I’d likely vote Yes, not least because the Better Together propoganda and propogandists leave me cold.



    I still have some soul searching to do.




  22. Livibhoy



    Lenny is off to Leicester, apparently, (after 10 games in the EPL, Twitter)


    He will be replaced by Paul Lambert, who will be replaced by David Moyes!









    P.S. this is just speculation on my part.

  23. IGC



    when was that tweet sent and are you sure it is not photoshopped. All date and time references on the screen grab (if that is what it is) are missing. looking on their TL I can’t see that trweet anytime this month.



    Saw a similar tweet apparently put out by @ChelseaFC wishing someone die with cancer. Looked like the real deal but was defo a photoshop job.



    Just asking.



    MWD says YES

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