Wind of change set to blow through Lennoxtown


There appears to be nothing more than a desire to move-on behind Johan Mjallby’s decision to leave Celtic at the end of the season but it leaves the original four man coaching team of Neil Lennon, Alan Thompson, Mjallby and Garry Parker reduced down to two.  The management team needs to be rebuilt.

Assistants do more than just put the cones out and get players go through their paces.  They are an extra pair of eyes and ears, at the side of the field and in the dressing room.  When they are most effective, they are a source of learning, bringing improved techniques and ideas into the club, forcing the manager to reconsider established practices.

Strip some of the greats of their productive partners and they proved to be prosaic underachievers; Cough without Taylor was a sorry sight.  By contrast, Ferguson played the assistants’ game perfectly, swapping them every few years to enhance his stock with fresh flavour.

Alan Thompson was not directly replaced but irrespective of the speculation which constantly surrounds the club, a wind of change will blow through Lennoxtown this summer, filling the gaps in the original four man team.

If you’ve wondered about getting involved with some of the charity events surrounding the club there is a perfect opportunity coming up.  The Foundation is having a badge day at the Dundee United game on Sunday 11 May.  This is an important opportunity to anchor the ethos of the club to its roots by engaging thousands of Celtic fans in the simple act of buying a badge for charity.

All monies raised will go towards supporting those afflicted by homelessness in the Glasgow area.  I volunteered to help on the day and offered to put the word around, over 100 bucketeers are needed.  If you want to help, all you’ll need to do is turn up early for the game, wear a hi-vis vest and hold a bucket, but I can assure you, you’ll enjoy it.  Email the foundation with your name and phone number: cfcfvolunteer@celticfc.co.uk .

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  1. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Houston,not for me



    Did he not agree with levein that playing without a striker was the way forward ;)








    Good point,I’ve had many pints with the Home County father of whichever current blind bint I had on my arm.



    I always make it a point never to go for a pint a second time with someone who tried to take the expression literally the first time.



    I mean,a pint? All the effort of getting to a pub to have o-n-e pint?

  3. jamesgang,Dontbrattbakkinanger & Bawsman,



    Truly fascinating our history is, and as you say great to discuss over a pint or ten.



    We can all remember from school the date 1066 but some equally important Scottish dates were never in the curriculum.



    I remember reading a great book ” Tales of a Grandfather” about various trials, tribulations and evolution of Scottish history.



    HH. and look forward to reading your book warts and all.

  4. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    I have no idea why Lambert went to Villa in the first place. That club needs cleaned out top to bottom. It’s in a terrible state.




  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘janitor’ is Garry Pendrey’s cover.



    he is an accomplished assassin.



    He almost certainly was responsible for the Salsburgh bus garage fire, but they will never prove it as David Blunkett has given him a rock-solid alibi.

  6. SwanseaBhoy…………The last people to listen to are politicians mate.



    Gut instict for me. I am a socialist republican who wants the best for my fellow man, particularly ones less fortunate than myself.


    I am instictively repulsed by nationalists of any hue, they are generally small minded jealous types who spend their lives resenting (to put it mildly) others.


    Use your vote wisely.

  7. If he fails to get the Man Utd job get Louis Van Gaal in.



    Keevins’ money is on Artur Jorge ‘tho.




  8. The wind of change might well be due to blow through Lennoxtown, but questions need to be asked about Lawwell’s forward planning. We should not be in a position where arguably our two best lookers (Mjallby and Sami) could be allowed to leave during the same window.



    I’ll be looking carefully at the ‘quality’ of the replacements Mr Lawwell.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Big Johan’s departure gives us the opportunity to bring in a cup tie specialist, Neil’s great with the long game in the league but in these one off cup ties he definitely needs help.

  10. Geordie Munro


    11:46 on


    23 April, 2014


    Sydnega kev



    I thought you were kidding!



    Watcha kiddos :)






    Not this time! Bogus ‘new article’ postings are a big no no in any case.

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK:




    (apols. was still back on the other page, that’s what happens when you’re not paying attention)



    I wonder what would have happened if two years ago our board had, aside from his faults that you publicly list, half the courage that Kelly had in abundance.



    I’m not one demanding a Carthaginian Peace with regards the huns or the SFA. I don’t want to salt the grave of the huns, how bitter and sick is that. Are we to become in glory all that we detested in others. I would not have been adverse to see them come back if only they were sentenced appropriately. However, they were not sentenced appropriately, appropriately for me would have been for them to have been removed from senior football. Only one club in Scotland demanded that with their vote and it was not Celtic.



    The fault that Scottish football is in turmoil is not primarily the fault of Rangers, past, present or whatever, it is the fault of a bank and powers that, to this day, be.



    All that aside ‘I’ believe Celtic did not, and continue to not do, what ‘I’ think is best and true to our ethos. I don’t think Celtic bottled it so much from aggression as much as I believe they bottled it, and continue to bottle it, from commercialisms. Therefore ‘I’ am left with a decision to make.



    Remember how the huns used to goad Scotland when they were raging towards Ten in a Row. Remember how they used their (the banks) financial muscle to ride roughshod over every other club and that clubs supporters. Remember how they used to buy foreign talent over any promising Scottish born kid. Remember how none of their kids came through the ranks. I can’t remember but how many foreign internationalists did the huns buy during their rage to ten?



    Did Celtic ever prosecute Jabba over his ‘auld firm’ ticket jibes?



    A lot of Celtic Supporters are disgruntled with the club, even with all its relative stability and success…. rather than decry them after their life long support and devout adherence to the ethos, maybe it would be wiser to ask, why are they disgruntled?



    Ah! this green tea is bad for me, keep a Scotsman in a job, where’s my whisky?

  12. Johnnyclash,



    Stephen Pearson is one of the studmuffin replacements. Does he cut the mustard?

  13. Moonbeams…



    This tweet is doing the rounds on some of the Celtic related twitter accounts today so I assumed it was current.


    However, looking closer, it seems that the original tweet was 14 April 2012. If genuine, I dunno why it is only now being retweeted.

  14. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Sorry to hear big Johan is moving on.



    It’s a certainty we’ll draw his new club in the Champions League qualifiers.



    And while it is unlikely to happen, I’d love to see Steve Clarke joining Celtic as Mjallby’s replacement.

  15. Johan Mjallby, Big Dolph, Celtic legend, thanks for the years and the moments.



    My favourite moment – Dolph’s first game vs the Recently Deceased, a crunching tackle on Albertz that grounded the big teutonic tit for a few minutes. I remember sitting there thinking, ‘Oh, yes, we’ve bought some real steel at last.’



    Thank you, big man, and the very best of luck.

  16. I remember Sir Robert Kelly being admired for his principles and being abused for imposing those self-same principles on the team. The support regularly called for him to go.

  17. jamesgang…………..I left because of the society I was amongst, no need to go into the old ‘what school’ stuff but I had to get out and see the world. There were 2 Catholic families in our village and boy, life was a fight every day, I never ‘got’ religion but life was Hell because of it.


    After some years away, I met and married the finest Scottish (Protestant) woman who gave me 3 great people to nurture, all 3 born outwith Scotland but profess to be Scottish, even though the eldest (son) was chased by a gang on a visit home simply because of his English accent, ain’t life strange?


    All the best to you and your Mum.

  18. Davy Hay is a wasted resource.



    Brought Livi right up to 3rd in the SPL and won a League Cup.



    Brought us (as chief scout), DiCannio, Pierre and Cadette.



    He bleeds green too, is as hard as nails and was a great player.

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    11:13 on 23 April, 2014



    What a strange statement..

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:32 on 23 April, 2014



    What a FINE statement..

  21. Skel Perobares on

    I’ll miss the big guy, one on the scariest, most brutal looking players we’ve ever had, but a total gentleman.

  22. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    RobinBhoy @ 11:38



    So if Celtic call “Rangers”, (as BRTH posted earlier this week, that is their legal name) Rangers and not Sevco or Rangers 2 or whatever, people on this blog who claim to be Celtic supporters of “tens” of years will give up their season tickets?



    My advice? Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, you are not a supporter.






    Rangers FC are in liquidation and any reference to them with that label is inaccurate and lends some credence to their belief that they are the same club. Bad enough when SMSM etc do so, so don’t need our club following their agenda.



    Also you don’t know me so don’t presume to do so.



    I am a supporter, Main Stand ST holder, share holder and a signatory to Resolution 12. I attended CQteN and will be attending the CSA dinner next Friday night which will again necessitate a hotel stay over in Glasgow. Catch you there?



    Give you the opportunity to aim a door at my ass – if you are man enough. Might be difficult considering your obvious limited number of brain cells and myopic vision though.





    My sister has long lurked on here,and is profuse in her admiration of Davie Hay.



    He was manager at the time when I took her to her first game,and,as you say,brought us wonderful talents while working with Tommy Burns.



    So-are you my sister?






    Davie probably feels that on each of the three occasions he has been with Celtic,he was treated very badly.



    I would not hold it against him if he declined any offer,but I’d be delighted if the offer took place.

  24. Livibhoy, afternoon



    No surprise.



    The Barca loving should diminish. They have been up to all sorts. The racism of elements of their fans is primitive while their basket case finances enable them to smugly condemn poorer teams who have to go to the Nou Camp and defend. They are the establishment despite their paranoid whines about Madrid.

  25. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar 12:30 on 23 April, 2014


    Barca transfer ban on hold!




    Lee Wallace on their radar?

  26. John O’Neil



    12:45 on 23 April, 2014




    Plus the basturts wave the English flag.



    What’s that all about?

  27. Eyes Wide Open on




    I like the inference and under tone of your article.



    Like with all things surrounding change, you must try to embrace it as an opportunity for improvement.



    I would like Celtic to recruit someone from ‘outside’ and not necessarily very well known to Neil, for Neil and Celtic’s sake.



    Neils love for Celtic is unquestionable, hes walked the walk more than enough times – but the monotony of his current weekly life within the confines of domestic football must be testing him much more than any bigot has.



    A different perspective, a different tactical approach and possibly more crucially, someone who will disagree and challenge his current perceptions and opinions will freshen Neil, push him and test him beyond what is currently happening.



    He should be comfortable enough in his own skin to embrace this as an opportunity for personal development and growth, rather than a threat.



    I have been banging on the tactical drum for too long now, but Celtic badly need an injection of the brand of football currently being deployed by most of Europe and beyond.



    4-4-2, 3-5-2 and 4-5-1 are footballs equivalent to the Golf Mk1 – its evolved long since its original introduction due to improvements in technology and skills.


    VW are now on Mk7 – yet we are largely stuck with the now archaic original.



    A continental coach will help to deliver change – a promotion from within or recruitment from a former footballing team mate or coach will most likely deliver more of the same.

  28. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    John O’Neil



    No surprise from me that it was put on hold. The big clubs are strangling the game.




  29. Bawsman @ 12:28



    It’s a shame – literally – that you and your son endured these experiences.



    I know that arriving in the west of Scotland in the early 70s was a nasty culture shock to my parents and was a big reason for me being guided towards the team that was open to all.



    thanks for looking out for my Mum – really appreciate it Friend.



    HH jamesgang

  30. Steinreignedsupreme on

    John O’Neil 12:50 on 23 April, 2014



    Shouldn’t that be bastardos Ernie?






  31. Skel Perobares 12:37 on 23 April, 2014



    I’ll miss the big guy, one on the scariest, most brutal looking players we’ve ever had, but a total gentleman.



    I’m assuming that’s Johan you’re referring to…not big bad scary Sammi!?!?!


    Though he did make Bazza p00 himself when he faked to throw the ball at him – loved it!






    HH jamesgang

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