Wind of change set to blow through Lennoxtown


There appears to be nothing more than a desire to move-on behind Johan Mjallby’s decision to leave Celtic at the end of the season but it leaves the original four man coaching team of Neil Lennon, Alan Thompson, Mjallby and Garry Parker reduced down to two.  The management team needs to be rebuilt.

Assistants do more than just put the cones out and get players go through their paces.  They are an extra pair of eyes and ears, at the side of the field and in the dressing room.  When they are most effective, they are a source of learning, bringing improved techniques and ideas into the club, forcing the manager to reconsider established practices.

Strip some of the greats of their productive partners and they proved to be prosaic underachievers; Cough without Taylor was a sorry sight.  By contrast, Ferguson played the assistants’ game perfectly, swapping them every few years to enhance his stock with fresh flavour.

Alan Thompson was not directly replaced but irrespective of the speculation which constantly surrounds the club, a wind of change will blow through Lennoxtown this summer, filling the gaps in the original four man team.

If you’ve wondered about getting involved with some of the charity events surrounding the club there is a perfect opportunity coming up.  The Foundation is having a badge day at the Dundee United game on Sunday 11 May.  This is an important opportunity to anchor the ethos of the club to its roots by engaging thousands of Celtic fans in the simple act of buying a badge for charity.

All monies raised will go towards supporting those afflicted by homelessness in the Glasgow area.  I volunteered to help on the day and offered to put the word around, over 100 bucketeers are needed.  If you want to help, all you’ll need to do is turn up early for the game, wear a hi-vis vest and hold a bucket, but I can assure you, you’ll enjoy it.  Email the foundation with your name and phone number: cfcfvolunteer@celticfc.co.uk .

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Maurice Ward was a hairdresser who made his own products in his shed.



    He was basically self -taught as a chemist.





    Nice one,mate.



    Open goal,mind.



    I haven’t forwarded the details for the tenth to you as I don’t have your addy,which ain’t a problem.



    I hope you make it,long time no see,but there are a few of us lining the gut wi a curry first,if yer interested,about 1230-1245 ko.



    I assume you have PF AYR’s addy. He knows the details.



    Either way,hoping to see you again. But I’m staying outa any referendum discussion as I don’t have a vote.



    I shoulda kept my mouth shut the last time too!

  3. re No borders, not more borders:



    The UK is currently a fully paid up part of the Schengen agreement area and there are currently no plans for a UK-wide referendum where an almighty border could be created around the UK.



    Is this right? I think not.



    A yes vote doesn’t guarantee more borders; similarly a no vote doesn’t guarantee less. In fact a no vote can only, at best, provide us with the status quo whereas, according to BetterTogether, Scotland would be forced to join Schengen as part of it’s EU membership while the UK has no plans to join Schengen.



    Now, there are 26 countries in the Schengen area that Scotland currently has borders with and another 4 who may join them soon. There are 3 countries outside Schengen that Scotland does not have borders with and another one where passport control isn’t required, all discounting Gibraltar, Isle of Man, etc.



    If by voting Yes we are indeed forced to join the Schengen area as a requisite of joining the EU as BetterTogether appear to suggest, we’ll have at least 22 less borders than we currently have, 23 Ireland aside, and possibly more than 23.



    In a couple of years time, the UK may well vote on whether or not to remain a part of the EU. As we’ve seen from how much Scotland affects the outcome of General Elections, i.e. it doesn’t affect them by very much, we can surmise that in such a referendum (on EU membership), our own voting intentions could be equally negligible.



    In short, if you want a say on having more, less or no borders, I would suggest voting Yes. At least your vote will count.



    *heads back to the lurking zone*

  4. Decent shout on Davie Hay but could he be by his best before date?



    Cue controversial statement:


    What makes people think that Henrik Larsson would cut it as a first team coach?


    Hearts are most definitely ruling heads here.


    His record as manager is appalling. As manager of Landskrona BoIS in Sweden’s second division (Superettan) the club finished 10th, 6th (despite being favourites) then 10th.


    Since moving to Falkenberg, newly promoted to the top division (Allsvenskan), Henrik’s team are sitting secind bottom after 5 games with only 3 points.



    Granted, being a number 2/first team coach at Celtic is very different from being a manager. However, so is being a great player!



    “Any more tea Mr Brady? Mr Barnes?”

  5. gg @ 14;04,



    Steve Frail could be a good call….



    SAF as has been mentioned was canny with his No 2s.



    Yet he struggled at Man U until he promoted his youth team coach to his assistant.



    Brian Kidd brought with him great knowledge of the youth at OT and the rest as they say is history.



    In fact many especially Man City supporters put Man U’d success down to Kidd.



    Of course after he left and his managerial career was less than stella, while Man U continued to go from strength to strength SAF got the credit the deserved.



    There are some who are cut out to make much better assistants than managers.



    Hope lenny finds his BK.



    Hail Hail

  6. When is April payroll due over at Ipox? Seems to me that this, the review findings and ST money being due all fall very close to one another.



    Methinks the befuddled zombos are going to need a group lie down.



    Cannae wait.











    Start him early!



    Genuinely sorry you won’t be there,bud. And genuinely sorry too that you only see yer lad on occasion. And the reasons why.



    Still,my Dad only sees me for five weeks a year. And that’s plenty!



    Next time I’m up is October. Betcha it’s half-term.

  8. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    I’m not sure BK can take as much credit as you have given him. Yes he was a good number 2 for SAF but not integral to the on going success. I think Steve McLaren was SAF best No2 at OT.


    What Neil has to do now is find a No2 that will bounce off him and challenge him. Maybe he will find a better No2 than Mjallby was. It’s a key position at a modern football club. I think most of us agree that a No2 with European experience would be welcome but it’s important that we get someone in who can improve the training and also cover the tasks that Mjallby was doing in his role. I can’t help thinking Peter Houston is that man already. I would like to see us bring another face in though. Possibly Sutton or Hartson although I think Hartson is pretty settled in his TV role. I would like to see John Collins come in too. I think JC has a lot to offer a football club but I know he is tied up with Adidas in an ambassador role so that may prevent him severing ties with them to take up a coaching role full time. I also believe JC has residency in Monaco for tax reasons and spends a lot of his time there so JC may be a non runner.


    I think what it does for Celtic is offers something fresh. I just hope it is seamless and doesn;t cause us any issues. I’m sure Celtic have known for some time though and have something in the pipeline. That leads me to think Houston would be where the smart money would be going if you were betting on it.


    Hopefully it is all sorted very quickly because the hard work for next season should have already started.




  9. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, salve salve;- Liked Big Johan as a player, he was ok; not great, quite slow but an adequate reader of the game and brave. As part of the coaching team? not really but I genuinely wish him the very best best of luck and hope proves me wrong.


    For a replacement, I hope Lenny looks further than Jinty Mcginty’s if he is smart, he will look at appointing Morten Weighorst and John Collins if he does and he is even smarter, he will even listen to them. Failling that he should look to Germany.




    Agis Quod Adis

  10. I would be all in favour of Morten Weighorst being given the assistant manager’s post.



    I gather our Justice Minister can make “U” turns. I wonder if he will now do the same with the farce of an Act he pshed through.

  11. Greenwells Glory on

    Ernie, Salve salve;- please keep giving it tight to the Scottish Nazi propagandists that crawl all over the blog and would have us all be racialist and myopic in their turnip republic.




    De omnibus dubitandum





    50/50 is good for you and the lad,mate.



    And yer liver!



    Family is top of the agenda.



    As you know,I hope it all works out in time.

  13. Weighorst is currently unemployed (I believe).



    What would he bring to the Celtic management team?



    Does he have any kind of successful management history?



    Liked the ghuy as a player and I know he successfully battled serious illness, but………

  14. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Morten Weighorst – Coach



    After ending his active career he became assistant coach for FC Nordsjælland during the 2005–06 season. When manager Johnny Petersen was let go, Wieghorst was promoted to FC Nordsjælland manager for the following season. In his first year as manager, he led Nordsjælland to a fifth place finish in the 2006–07 Danish Superliga season, the best finishing position since 2003. Despite finishing ninth in the 2007–08 Danish Superliga season, Nordsjælland qualified for the UEFA Cup via the UEFA Fair Play ranking. Wieghorst managed Nordsjælland to a run in the 2008–09 UEFA Cup defeating TVMK Tallinn from Estonia and Scottish club Queen of the South,[12] before they were eliminated by Greek side Olympiacos. He managed Nordsjælland to the Danish Cup 2009-10 trophy, the first title in club history. The following year Wieghorst and Nordsjælland won the trophy again thereby defending the title.



    On 28 February 2011 the Danish Football Association revealed that he would be the successor of Keld Bordinggaard as manager of the Danish national under-21 football team after the 2011 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship in June that year. He continued as manager of FC Nordsjælland until the end of the 2010-11 Danish Superliga[13] and led Nordsjælland to the Danish Cup 2010-11 trophy in one of his last games in charge of the team.[14]



    On 7 February 2013, it was reported that he will join Swansea City as an assistant to club manager Michael Laudrup.[15] On the 4th of February 2014, Swansea fired him alongside Michael Laudrup, just three days short of his year anniversary in the job.[16]





  15. As always theres lots of misty eyed revisionism going on here………



    The reason there are a disproportionate amount of Caribbean Africans with Scottish surnames is because there was a disproportionate amount of Scottish overseers managing the plantation system on behalf of the money in London.



    It is most definitely not because we were all Jock Tamsons bairns together in an international socialist love in of the time.



    Its quite simple really. The slaves were stripped of their psychological identity and language and so they took the name of their nearest boss.This excludes any interbreeding that was going on…….forced or coerced or raping as the case may be.



    Just as the white Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh were there before the Africans it still remained a case of throw everything in the pot and see what survives and bubbles to the surface…….its naked capitalism at its most extreme.



    Every part of the UK was involved/benefitted………London, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow etc was built on the backs of the (mostly) free sweat equity of African labour on the plantations.



    The later collective prosperity of the industrial age was built on it ……..but sheesh lets keep it all quiet about that one.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    MWD – far from ‘ lying doon I am practicing my runnin’ like I was showin’ a wee dog at ole Cruft’s.

  17. Margaret McGill on

    Is it true that Shetland Muslims died out the last time Ramadan coincided with the summer equinox ?


    Just askin like

  18. Livibhoy



    Thanks for that!



    But will he improve the management team?



    I don’t know, but he might be the cheap option, which is what we like to do……sometimes!

  19. IGC @ 14.28 hrs.



    Very sobering and thought provoking post.



    Ref Henrik Larsson. IMO he was the most productive player I have ever seen playing for us.



    But you are correct about his managerial record to date and for pointing out that a great playing career does not guarantee a great managerial one.



    His time will surly come, but not yet. I would hate if he came to Parkhead and things didn’t work out and there was some hard decisions to be made.



    He is a legend ( I do not use that term willy nilly ) Let us keep the memories until he is ready and the gamble will not be so great.




  20. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    I’m sorry that Mjalby’s leaving.



    In the first few years after I left Glasgow, the playing staff changed as it does until there were no players left who I’d seen play and it was like losing my connection a bit.



    Then Lennon, Mjalby and Thompson came in as coaching staff and suddenly I had it back – they were my players, the team I’d watched and they were back at Celtic.



    Best of luck to Mjalby wherever he goes now.

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