Winners, fighters and a divine gamble


How many times do you wish players would just practice crossing the ball?  Set aside the low balls across the face of goal.  A good aerial cross needs enough pace to make it difficult for the keeper to pluck it out of the air, but not too much, it also needs to drop to allow an attacker to make contact.

Most of the poor crosses you see fail the test of pace, more often than not, they are blasted beyond control.  Notwithstanding Josip Juranovic’s waywardness last night, a failure to direct the ball carefully enough is less common.

When Tom Rogic crossed the ball as the clock hit 96 minutes last night, including the keeper, there were nine Ross County players in the box.  They had to contend with only three Celtic players: Liel Abada, Cameron Carter-Vickers and Anthony Ralston.

For the first time since our first away win of the campaign, at Aberdeen on 3 October, I watched those closing moments thinking the season was about to pivot.  Devastated by injuries and with a cup final to plan for, the manager rested Rogic, his remaining creative force, as well as left back, Greg Taylor.

If Ange Postecoglou wins his first trophy in Scotland on Sunday, his gamble will have paid off brilliantly, but goodness, what a gamble.

I doubt Tom practices crossing any more than the rest of them, his talent appears God given.  If so, a Divine Hand lifted the ball into an area for Anthony Ralston to attack. Heavily outnumbered, it should have been a no contest.

What happened next is the stuff of legend.  Anthony’s leap was astonishing.  His head met the ball 8’ off the ground.  Up early, he used his shoulders and neck to keep his head where it needed to be, for an instant, giving the impression he could levitate.  No Hindu divinity here, just athleticism.

Add your own adjective to this team: winners, fighters, determined, indefatigable.  On nights like this, they are all true.  Enjoy your Celtic.

Today’s earlier blog on Poor SFA governance.

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  1. I posted earlier that if our winning goal was against us it would all be about poor defending not salmon leaps

  2. SAINT STIVS on 16TH DECEMBER 2021 2:43 PM


    PHEERSY on 16TH DECEMBER 2021 1:14 PM





    SAINT STIVS on 16TH DECEMBER 2021 12:49 PM















    I remember your free kicks at Inverclyde would make Ryan Christie blush ! :-)















    Wee woman in number Laverock Drive still has a couple of your balls
















    that did make me laugh big chap, hope your well.







    I remember a time, left side of the box, maybe twenty five yards, gathered round McAleese, Heron and Wall,





    i said am taking it,





    all of them nae yir naw, your free kicks are pish and anyways its wrong side of the goal for you , your all left fitted and keeper has that side covered.





    they did all their “juniors” type chat.





    Hughie lydon shouted, higgie just hit it.





    So i did, two steps and and outside of left foot, curled round the wall, hit the bar, and davie aitken put it in.







    i thought i was maradonna.







    swiftly deflated when heron said “you do that again and i will boot yir baws”.








  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    Fholks, if you haven’t yet, please do make sure you are up to date with your Covid jags. Things are about to get difficult.

  4. An absolute belter…..



    And as it flew through the air how many of us stood in front of the telly with that subliminal heading action thing you do when you watch the game…



    Go on, admit it :)




  5. I thought the second yellow was a bit harsh being that it was going to lead to a red card, but it was definitely a foul. The first yellow was justified – you could tell from Joe Hart’s reaction that Carl was out of order with what he said. The penalty happened quickly and I would have been angry if that had been awarded against us. The arm didn’t look extended in real time.



    Absolutely a brilliant and deserved win. Loved Raldo’s interview on Celtic TV – he was still glowing from the excitement. And what footwork from Rogic to get the perfect cross over. The guys a genius.

  6. aye how big a smile have youse still got on ….last night was awfy awfy braw



    smiley Anthony Mc Raldton,dinae shave the beard aff thing






    and oh oh The wizard of Oz hoopy birthday ….tommy twists and tommy turns Hoopy Birthday your legacy lives on

  7. RIMTIMTIM @ 8:28 AM




    “Take last night for example. Imposters like Inquitousiv and An Dun are experts at talking us down, seeding doubts…being ever so wordly in the process when the truth is they are deadbeats”




    I read back this morning and viewed this post with astonishment. I don’t know An Dun and so will not comment on his proclivities. I guess if I’m an imposter and deadbeat, I’ve been playing the role a remarkably long time. In fact, over 60 years. I must have been an imposter and deadbeat in arenas from Lisbon to Leeds, from Milan to Manchester, from Novi Sad to Philadelphia, from Tirana to Washington. Little did Harry Hood know I was an imposter and deadbeat when he and I played 5-a-side. Jimmy Johnstone must have been duped by me when I gave him a lift home from playing at Helenvale. Andy and Simon Lynch had no idea I was an imposter and deadbeat when I travelled thousands of miles annually to play against “The Lynch Mob” at Johnny Hubbard’s in Ayr. Davie Hay must have been completely taken in by me when he agreed to my request to watch Celtic training, then forgot the appointment, then yelled at me “WTF do you want?” when I battered the old green door at the Celtic Park frontage.




    Auldheid, ( and I have yet to meet a smarter guy ) must have been completely fooled by me since 2012, when I downloaded and delivered all the Res 12 evidence to Grant Russell at STV. SAINTSTIVS must have been duped by me since he has a copy of an Evening Times photo of me in the same team as Jinky. I guess I had nothing better to do than be Treasurer of a CSC in a major U.S. city and be on this site since its inception. That takes being an imposter and deadbeat to a world class level.




    I call games as I see them, and you, RIMTIMTIM have just been found out. Auldheid will confirm that I personally paid the Resolutioners last legal bill. Maybe you can regale us with what YOU have done for Celtic. ( And spouting arrant nonsense on here won’t cut it ).

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Rogic and Ralves textbook examples of good coaching. All the players look completely different to last season with a clear definition of how they are supposed to be playing.

  9. P67 — It was a percentage ball.



    Looped cross / ally oop pass to take the GK out and hope that we had someone at the back post.



    Or that the green and white jersey he had glimpses of would get onto the end of it because he wanted it more than they did.



    It was clever football / making the most of an opportunity.


    Something we are not good at — at the moment.



    We desperately need to find that hunger and focus in the first half / the first 98 minutes.



    First half = 47 minutes.


    Second half = 53 minutes



    Great win / great celebration.



    Disappointed in the away support when it happened.


    AR had to run in amongst them to find someone to hug.



    If they were on their game — not focusing on militaristic singing — they would have got to him first.

  10. T’was a mighty goal, and we probably have to work on our crossing to avoid the referees now blocking our build up play 😂🤣

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  12. Sacha Pisani





    Maeda, who shared Golden Boot, had most sprints in #J1League (1,457) – next best was 869.



    Also led league in shots on target, shooting acc, big chance scored , expected goals & touches in opp box.



    – Which is nice when it comes




  13. My friends in Celtic,



    I am really looking forward to Sunday, confirmed my place in the pub ( Fix football, empty Hampden. I hope he’s OK. )


    However I do fear if the game will go ahead. Listening to Nicola today, there is no doubt if Westmonster give her more money she will shut us down.



    Just one more circuit break. 2 weeks max.


    Just one more lockdown.


    Just wear masks for another month.


    Just one more vaccine.


    Cancel Christmas.


    Mandatory isolation.


    Social distancing.



    This is what we were told 2 years ago. Enough.

  14. Greenpinata


    Viruses mutate and therefore things change – Here in England we shouldn’t have abandoned mask wearing – I believe that in London only about 70% have been vaccinated.

  15. MNCELT on 16TH DECEMBER 2021 2:49 PM



    Joe Hart’s reaction was after Starfelt had already been booked and continued to complain, he was trying to make sure he didn’t get another yellow there and then (instead of waiting a few minutes to get his second yellow for what was probably his first foul of the game)

  16. Amazing end to the game – nothing better than a last minute winner………….



    I remember a game v Dundee Utd in the Cup at CP. DU were 1-0 pretty early and we battered them for the whole game – PVH scored in the last minute, great curling effort as i remember, and almost straight from the kick off Andy Thom raced away to blast in the winner – place was going nuts…….loved it.

  17. Gene,



    Of course viruses mutate. The science knows this and the science is not much different no matter what part of these islands you live in.



    We have to live with this. What is the alternative?



    I am acutely aware that for some, control is very hard to relinquish once you have had it, but I fear history will show mental health issues will take more lives than this new variant will.




  18. Greenpinata


    Im certainly not looking for another lockdown I’ve had 3 jabs plus COVID so personally I should be out and about but I’m aware that despite this I could spread it about. So it’s Christmas with my family no matter what.

  19. Not sure i agree with Paul from last article.


    I’m not sure the big forward even fouled Starfelt last night – he caught him for sure but his arm wasn’t out wide and he didn’t throw it back and in my view was not intentional. He was in the air and Starfelt wasn’t which is why he caught his head/face – at best it was a foul but not a yellow and defo not a red. If our player was red carded for the same we would be furious and rightly so.



    I think Starfelts anger was that the game was not stopped for a head knock and one that drew blood – clearly a poor call by the ref which he compounded with the yellow. The second yellow was of the soft variety and knowing that it would mean a red he should have just given the foul and a warning – that he didn’t tells us plenty about his motivation.

  20. European Cup winners 67



    “But reality is, the last 2 games we have struggled up front – we have been fortunate to stay only 4 behind ”



    Actually, we have dominated both games and been unlucky not to have 2 comfortable wins. There was no good fortune involved in haveing Euan Davidson and Alan Muir deny us an even playing field but we triumphed.



    I am still in the mood for rejoicing at that.

  21. MOISEY17 on 16TH DECEMBER 2021 3:53 PM


    Amazing end to the game – nothing better than a last minute winner………….







    I remember a game v Dundee Utd in the Cup at CP. DU were 1-0 pretty early and we battered them for the whole game – PVH scored in the last minute, great curling effort as i remember, and almost straight from the kick off Andy Thom raced away to blast in the winner – place was going nuts…….loved it.




    I was in the Temporay Stand at the Celtic End that Day.


    When Andy Thom scored the winner…the unbridled joy was breath taking…I had to stop and lean against a scaffold pole cos I thought I may have a heart attack with the excitement all around me.





  22. Trying to get my youngest son his first vaccination sorted, for the 12-17 age group, not easy. Spent 30 minutes on hold with NHSinform, eventually connected to very pleasant lady.


    We are in deepest S. Lanarkshire but the nearest available drop-in location is Bridgeton Medical Centre. Bridgeton!! I (almost) yelled down the phone. The bhoy will come out with a sudden urge to buy a flute and dress in crimplene.


    My comment went over her head, thankfully.

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    Im certainly not looking for another lockdown I’ve had 3 jabs plus COVID so personally I should be out and about but I’m aware that despite this I could spread it about. 




    there is no justification at all for telling those who are treble jabbed that they cant leave the house



    whether there will be anywhere to go or anything open is another matter



    if folk havent had the booster and go out and about merrily on their way then the risk is all on them



    get the booster or wheesht

  24. Moisey17 on 16th December 2021 4:23 pm



    I was in the Nth stand on both those occasions, my recollection ( probably hazy due to alcohol) was that for the Cadette debut the temp stand was not in use. We broke the radio that day :-)

  25. Madmitch



    “It was clever football / making the most of an opportunity.


    Something we are not good at — at the moment.





    How long is a moment?



    Celtic have played 5 times in December and won all 5 – we have taken the chance to win all of them.



    In November we won 4 out of 5, only suffering a late narrow loss to Leverkusen. Even in October we won 5 out of 6 , dropping points in a boring home draw with Livi.



    You have to go back to September to find our struggles (2 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats).



    I would assert, with this evidence, that at the moment we have taken a lot of chances to win. One-nil or Five-nil, they all get you 3 points

  26. Jason leitch is concerned about 50,000 going to Hampdump on Sunday but not about 50,000 bigots going to the bigot dome on Saturday…….Oh their pain I feckin love it.


    In other words call off the final so Celtic do not win it on Sunday.



    GIRFUY Leitch



    D :)

  27. Moisey- I’ve watched it a few times now and I disagree.



    Players use their arms legitimately to gain height in their jump. Once they have done that they can fold thir arms back in as it serves no other purpose than balance if you keep them out on the way down, as he did. White connected with Starfelt’s nose a wee bit after he began his descent, he then started to throw his arms back, searching for his opponent. When you do that you are risking foul contact as you don’t know where his face or neck are. I see the left arm of White speeding up to search backwards. The only reason it does not reach full acceleration was that it met Starfelt’s nose and could go no further.



    I am not saying that was his deliberate intention but it was a risk he was willing to take and he should have suffered, at least a yellow card, for his reckless play. He comes from a Sevco supporting family and was keen to remind us of this when he scored against Neil Lennon’s side.

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