Winning against nearest rivals, Charlie Gallagher, Pablo


I don’t recall having seen us win the league against our direct competitors. Has it happened in the last 49 years? Yesterday’s results at Tynecastle and Pittodrie ensures that a point against Aberdeen on Sunday will be enough to confirm Celtic as 5-in-a-row champions. As it stands, a 17 goal win for Aberdeen would put us under pressure for the last two games of the season…..

This will be the fourth time in Scottish football history 5-in-a-row has been achieved and Celtic’s third. The last time we were here, Hay, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Johnstone, Wallace, Auld and Lennox did a lot of the heavy work, with youngsters like Macari, McGrain and Dalglish on the periphery of the team. It was a team which would soon embark on considerable change, which is at least one thing they have in comment with contemporary Celtic.

Another member of that Celtic team, Charlie Gallagher, left the club exactly 46 years ago today, after an extraordinary decade. Charlie will be on the blog tomorrow evening from around 7pm, to reminisce on that incredible era, answer questions and give an opinion or two. These are always great sessions, tune in and enjoy.

Five years ago today we lost Pablophanque, the first guy who said, “We need to bring Kano home”. Pablo was one of the few who made Celtic Quick News what it became in the early days. He made many friends here, who miss him still, and a profound impact on our community.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on

    BT sport 2



    Programme about 1967 EC



    Not advertised on TV schedule

  2. —-



    KevJ…Ar La




    H/T Manks 1 Leicester Lions 1. Sky1



    Oor Lennie Oan The Studio Panel…..



    Lookin’ Relaxed…



    An’ Givin’ Me A Wink & A Thumbs-Up..



    So He’s Comin’ Back Tae Paradise..



    As First-Team Coach Under St.Marco.??



    Rejoice…Fellow Timmites !!!!




    They’ll Be Jiggin’ In The Corridors O’ The Poor Clares The Nicht.





  3. Gerryfaethebrig on

    BT sport 2 must have been an advert for upcoming programme (it seemed a long advert)



    So ignore my previous post unless the Woman’s tennis is your bag

  4. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on

    God bless stevie Reynolds…. miss you mate



    And God bless and protect EDB … candle lit at St brides Cambuslang

  5. Re:-BT Sport 2 Program


    Yeah that same program about 67 is on Phonix via Kodi on the wee Android Box


    Wee Bertie gets up @ the end of said one hour broadcast singing hail hail it’s


    no bad & brings back fond memories

  6. Aye right that’s them (BT Sport 2) advertising said program for a later viewing


    slot BT Sport 2 have to get their Viewing Numbers Up

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Steve Reynolds


    Gone but not forgotten RIP buddy





    Shocked and saddened by your news God bless

  8. Sorry to harp on about Celtic pride and passion but on going through security at malaga airport yesterday I was selected for a security check. I was asked to open my bag and the book was sitting at top.


    Customs guy starts asking about Celtic and them ( called them Glasgow)


    I mentioned they had been liquidated and he seemed aware of this talking about their 4 years in lower leagues.


    He was quite happy to chat about Celtic and didn’t really search my bag.

  9. kevinlasvegas on

    El Diego Bhoy



    Thoughts and prayers pal.



    Take care.





  10. Good 2 know the 2 Tams did he mentioned anything about the 94 Mill that


    they were shafted out of via Old Co & will I be able to bring back 10 Kilos


    of tobacco from abroad (no chance) he was looking to see what was missed


    via their baggage scan behind the scenes in the background be careful in


    future they now have your suitcase marked with their secret marker pen


    best going past them as a couple they tend to single out loaners like myself


    & if you get stopped again in future get the partner to switch on the dummy


    crying routine normally they are suckers for that

  11. mickbhoy1888 on

    I don’t recall having seen us win the league against our direct competitors. Has it happened in the last 49 years?




    Either someone is blogging tongue in cheek or he has had a total memory collapse or maybe he hasn’t been told about it



    maybe my arithmetic isn’t what it used to be but I am sure the 21 May 1979 occurred with the last 40 years



    hasn’t someone else mentioned lazy journalism within the last couple of weeks

  12. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on

    Michael oliver misses Rooney pullingredients back leceister player on edge of box while on a yellow card but manages to see drinkwater pull depay and issues his second yellow and a red.

  13. Akbw1888


    I wasn’t alone,had my wife and mother in tow!!!



    He did say caught a scottish tobacco mule recently :-) :-)




    Powerful stuff!



    Brought me to tears more than once.



    There must be accountability.



    The guilty bastards now have nowhere to hide.



    Thank you for posting.

  15. A point for Leicester, could be a vital one. It means a draw between Chelsea & Spurs will be enough.

  16. El Diego Bhoy


    I’m in Rome with Shirley at present.


    We were just outside the colosseum ,when I read your devastating news.



    Our thoughts are with you,there are no other words that I can offer that will better your situation.



    May you find contentment quickly.




  17. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on

    Great point for the foxes… now no room for any slip ups by Spurs. I fancy Chelsea to take at least a point tomorrow night .

  18. EPL referees are either pish or bent.



    Make your own minds up.



    I know what I think.

  19. The former sport of football once again falls prey to the money.


    Rooney deliberate foul and no card finally gets deserved card but continues to berate ref and play on edge with impunity.


    Michael Oliver does his best to try and get Man U a champions league spot by refereeing with prejudice.


    The league understands about big cash teams threat to form breakaway league and do their best to mitigate.


    Football is dead as a sport.


    In Scotland it has never been so our triumphs have been magnificent.

  20. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on

    Fan a tic



    Corruption from bottom to top of the game

  21. Philbhoy on 1st May 2016 4:00 pm



    EPL referees are either pish or bent.



    Make your own minds up.



    I know what I think.




    I assume you are alleging that refs are bent in giving Leicester 11 penalties this season, robbing Spurs of the title ;o)







    I watch EPL games on BT and Match of the Day on the beeb on a Sunday morning.



    I don’t believe referees can be as bad as they appear.



    There is only one other explanation.

  23. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Don’t know if I’m doing the right thing posting


    this on here but there is something on hun media


    that one of our esteemed contributors needs to have


    a look at, hope I haven’t done any harm.

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