Winning against nearest rivals, Charlie Gallagher, Pablo


I don’t recall having seen us win the league against our direct competitors. Has it happened in the last 49 years? Yesterday’s results at Tynecastle and Pittodrie ensures that a point against Aberdeen on Sunday will be enough to confirm Celtic as 5-in-a-row champions. As it stands, a 17 goal win for Aberdeen would put us under pressure for the last two games of the season…..

This will be the fourth time in Scottish football history 5-in-a-row has been achieved and Celtic’s third. The last time we were here, Hay, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Johnstone, Wallace, Auld and Lennox did a lot of the heavy work, with youngsters like Macari, McGrain and Dalglish on the periphery of the team. It was a team which would soon embark on considerable change, which is at least one thing they have in comment with contemporary Celtic.

Another member of that Celtic team, Charlie Gallagher, left the club exactly 46 years ago today, after an extraordinary decade. Charlie will be on the blog tomorrow evening from around 7pm, to reminisce on that incredible era, answer questions and give an opinion or two. These are always great sessions, tune in and enjoy.

Five years ago today we lost Pablophanque, the first guy who said, “We need to bring Kano home”. Pablo was one of the few who made Celtic Quick News what it became in the early days. He made many friends here, who miss him still, and a profound impact on our community.

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  1. Philbhoy on 1st May 2016 4:09 pm





    I watch EPL games on BT and Match of the Day on the beeb on a Sunday morning.



    I don’t believe referees can be as bad as they appear.



    There is only one other explanation.




    So they’re bent, for what aim?

  2. theglasgowcelticway on

    I’m not throwing any allegations against EPL refs but I cannot understand why no penalty was given. Watched the Middlesbrough game on Friday when an offside decision was given against a player who didn’t even stray beyond the last defender when scoring. Incredible decision that could cost them financially.





    Might be an idea to forward it to PAUL67 so that he can pass it on to the poster concerned,mate.





    DANNY MCGRAIN!!!!!!!!



    Best right-back ever,IMO. And not too bad at left-back either.

  5. So you think the refs are being paid off to favour Leicester? Or just influence certain games?



    By some dodgy gambling groups?

  6. No, I don’t think and have never said they favour Leicester.



    I think they are to rank, for the wages they are paid, to be true.



    Now that is my last word on the subject.

  7. I have said on here many times when the Refs debate comes up,that if you watch Goals On Sunday,they highlight some real shocking decisions by the Refs.Not only up here they are mince,though maybe for different reasons.


    Just a word about Sky today.They made a big thing about the Drinkwater penalty incident,which was a massive maybe,but completely failed to show the stonewaller that was the Mahrez one.Also ignored the Rooney incident.Lenny managed to mention the Mahrez one,but they still never showed it.Whats that all about?.


    No Lambert for me,sorry.Fantastic player,an idol of mine,but for me a gamble which we dont need.Same goes for Roy Keane,much loved by me,but as a manager he has been crap.Too important to let heart rule head here.Irish,Ex Celt,Celtic fan,dont care.

  8. I hope all going along to the dinner to celebrate 30 years since Albert Kidd Saturday have a great night.



    Not normally an attendee at these event I would love to have gone to this one.



    30 years later I am so glad I made the last minute decision to go to Love Street that day. Really only because I had been to every game that, mostly depressing, season and thought I should see it through to the most likely bitter end.



    Souness was just moving in at Ibrox that day too. But no one cared as we had one of the most amazing Celtic occasions. Almost as incredible as the 4 – 2 game



    We should not kid ourselves that team had under achieved during a season vs a weakened Aberdeen and journeyman like Hearts and no serious Rangers challenge but it together in the end in a typically Celtic way over the final 8 games.



    A week later we played Rangers at Ibrox on a Friday night in a Glasgow cup final. Sadly the blue shoots of his revolution were about to be sown. We lost 3 – 2 in extra time.



    My only regret about that Saturday at love street was that Johnston was at the end of a Celtic move right up there with Alberto for Brasil 70. The best ever team goal for Celtic.

  9. TWOTAMS on 1ST MAY 2016 3:52 PM




    I wasn’t alone,had my wife and mother in tow!!!


    He did say caught a scottish tobacco mule recently :-) :-)



    Well it wouldnae be me after all I don’t smoke nah only


    kidding I do smoke but tobacco is not cheap nowadays


    for example 400 Grams was around 15 Euros for Domingo


    Tobacco in Spain now it’s nearly 50 Euros for the same amount


    There is a lot of dodgy copied tobacco going around where one


    needs Harpo Marx’s Lighters (a blowtorch) to keep it burning &


    Lungs as suction strong as an Aeroplane Jet Engine so it’s best


    to just stick with the real brands (genuine)

  10. weebobbycollins on

    El Diego Bhoy…we have never met, I know you only as a respected poster for many years on this blog and as a good Celtic man…I also know that the randomness of life has not always been kind to you and your girls…


    At this time I can offer nothing but spiritual support…which, for you and your family, I have in abundance…



    My respects to family and friends of Pablophanque…the blog still misses him…

  11. thetimreaper on

    A few of the boys were in Sanctuary night club last night having a good time. Apparently the bold Ronny was a bit worse for wear. Good on him.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    TURKEYBHOY. If the board appoint Paul Lambert it will be because he is the cheapest option there is no way his appointment will help to sell season tickets in my opinion. However the board have consistantly done there own thing and ignored the support but it could cost them big time if they go down that route with the new managerial appointment. I believe the support want somone who has had managerial success in Europe if we dont get that there was no point to getting shot of Ronny. H.H.

  13. I don’t think the refs are corrupt.


    But they are human.


    Understanding what benefits your career path tilts their decisions.


    Scotland is an extreme example of this.


    It’s not just Football as i have seen the same in American football and basketball.


    TV has had a huge impact on finances and those that generate a bigger audience are preferred.


    Sport became the wrong description when finance took over.

  14. On this day 5 years ago Celtic beat Dundee Utd 4-1. Shortly followed by the sad news of Pablo.



    RIP Stevie (I know you always preferred Steve but I never learned)




  15. Gerryfaethebrig on




    That goal was brilliant, am afraid MJ was a brilliant Celtic striker but like many before and many after he decided to chase the £’s, on that day at love street our local community centre (now flats) opened up and we had the 5@side hall to ourselves all day long as one of the bhoys dads was the caretaker, he ran into the big hall to tell us “we’ve done it” as daft 15/16 year olds we all went crazy, best part of the day we had the hall from 12pm-6pm back then it was £3 a hour, 30p a heid was hard going for one hour so bumping the council for £18 and a great Celtic title win, my downer about love street was last league game in 1989 just before the SC final when MJ was meant to be in the stand, we were deliriously singing “** ** super**” if nothing else at least wee Joe Joe super Joe is the song I will remember

  16. The first time I met any CQN’ers was at Pablo’s funeral at Falkirk Crematorium.



    I remember one of the speakers was hilarious and “quoted” Pablo at least a couple of time’s.



    He will forgive me, I’m sure, for saying the air was blue!



    Rest in peace Steve.



    The first CQN’er I spoke to that day was the lovely MWD!



    He introduced me to a load of the Ghuys and as the saying goes, the rest is history.



    Cheers Buddy!

  17. An Teach Solais on



    I admire your non-judgmental approach.


    However, I believe that all senior referees (and police officers) should declare their masonic allegiances. HH

  18. voguepunter on

    TIMBHOY3 on 1ST MAY 2016 1:17 PM


    Lambert and Moyes 2 Bluenoses. there I have said it.




    You missed out Jock Stein.




    Notts Forrest game ….standing ootside wae Willy ‘O’ ,he’s got a fake ticket


    I’ve got a fishul wan ..to be honest I don’t remember the crushing outside


    to be any worse than usual………..gates flung open by polis ,cue mad rammy up


    the stairs then doon the stairs.


    Managed to climb fence into safety …wasn’t scared a bit :O(

  19. Oh and by the way MWD is not as bad at golf as he say’s and he is no bad at gettin’ cup final tickets if you stuck.



    And of course if we get to one!



    Sanna Bhoy is good to know too!

  20. Can’t believe I’m missing league winning day next week but alas I am. So long shot but anyone know where I’ll catch it in Copenhagen?

  21. Tontine Tim on

    May 6, 1967 at a rain drenched bigot pit our greatest ever player scored 2 goals tae clinch us the League.

  22. Tontine Tim on

    timbhoy3 on 1st May 2016 1:17 pm



    Lambert and Moyes 2 Bluenoses. there I have said it.



    *a Lanarkshire miner playing part time football when leaving the pitch at the end of the game would ask “how did the boys get on”, I repeat the boys not the bhoys.



    One of our most cultural players and captains was a ken dodd fae the Black North.



    A Lisbon Lion’s brother would walk about the East Dumbartonshire factory where he worked wearing a hun scarf, that is until said future LL signed for us.



    One of IMHO greatest goalie’s da was captain of the huns and played the day Johnnie Thomson suffered his fatal injury.



    Again IMHO one of our finest players da kept Sean Fallon stalling at the door while he pulled his hun photies aff the wall.



    Another 100% player in the Hoops father in law was a member of the Dumbarton loyal true blues.



    I could go on but you catch my drift, as Wullie Maley said ”It’s Not His Creed Nor His Nationality that Counts, It’s the Man Himself”

  23. ElDiegoBhoy on

    A very sincere thank you to all who have provided so many kind wishes to me and my daughters.



    At times like this CQN never fails.



    Thanks bhoys and ghirls.

  24. AKBW did you download Kodi for movies sports etc, yourself, and could you show me how to download it please I would like to go with private messages

  25. My daughter’s God Father is a Rangers fan.



    Lovely guy, we are in each other’s company often.



    I love him.

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