Winning against nearest rivals, Charlie Gallagher, Pablo


I don’t recall having seen us win the league against our direct competitors. Has it happened in the last 49 years? Yesterday’s results at Tynecastle and Pittodrie ensures that a point against Aberdeen on Sunday will be enough to confirm Celtic as 5-in-a-row champions. As it stands, a 17 goal win for Aberdeen would put us under pressure for the last two games of the season…..

This will be the fourth time in Scottish football history 5-in-a-row has been achieved and Celtic’s third. The last time we were here, Hay, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Johnstone, Wallace, Auld and Lennox did a lot of the heavy work, with youngsters like Macari, McGrain and Dalglish on the periphery of the team. It was a team which would soon embark on considerable change, which is at least one thing they have in comment with contemporary Celtic.

Another member of that Celtic team, Charlie Gallagher, left the club exactly 46 years ago today, after an extraordinary decade. Charlie will be on the blog tomorrow evening from around 7pm, to reminisce on that incredible era, answer questions and give an opinion or two. These are always great sessions, tune in and enjoy.

Five years ago today we lost Pablophanque, the first guy who said, “We need to bring Kano home”. Pablo was one of the few who made Celtic Quick News what it became in the early days. He made many friends here, who miss him still, and a profound impact on our community.

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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Rumours Strong rumours even stronger rumours ( from the Horses mouth ) we dont want a horse as our manager do we ? We are informed we should know by the end of the month mind you that was from the MSM and we know the rubbish they print ? well our new management team will be at the European Championships and will join our club after there team leave the finals where do I get my information well of course from a very good source who is rarely wrong Now if you want to bet that my source is correct just e.mail me. I can give you the names but I take no responsibility if the taxi driver I mean my source has got it wrong. H.H.

  2. EDB


    Apart from post match and a link earlier today – I am just now catching up on the past 24 hours blog posts.


    What can I say – other than you’re in my thoughts and prayers?



  3. Craigellachie10 on




    ‘What a spine of a team we would have if we still had Fraser, virgil and Victor and Gary Hooper(despite him playing in the championship now) .’



    Just what I was saying to someone earlier while watching the Southampton game.

  4. rudicantfail on

    Winning Captains….. did you ask your mate (who would have signed for Deadclub before Celtic) about his Denis Bergkamp love in at the Qand A at Aldridge and Pelsall Cricket Club?



    Never mentioned Henke once all night and he carried water for him in a few games.




  5. Does anyone think it goes like this………..



    Big Pete sitting in a darkened room.


    Something is troubling him.


    He is wondering how he can sell a manager who won’t cost much, won’t inspire the support , has a patchy record at best.


    His dilemma isn’t based on whether the new Bhoy will win games or not. It’s how many season tickets he can flog.



    Then a brain wave.



    I’ll pick his asst. manager , like I did with the last guy.



    That should do the trick.



    Step forward Paul Lambert and Henrik.



    Does anyone think this could be happening?

  6. squire danaher on

    Sly Sports reporting KT named SPFA Young Player of the Year



    Well done the Bhoy

  7. Hamiltontim on




    Had to laugh at your supporters cheering madly at a corner yesterday! Fair play to the Villa fans :-)

  8. Been looking in here a few times today. Like many , the posts from EB & EDB put all our petty concerns in perspective.


    Due to an unfortunate event my lhad ended up here after a trip to Marrakech went belly up, anyway it has been great to see him again and despite the fact he has been out till 3 am every morning for the last 3 nights and twice getting me out of my bed because the key would not work. ( user error to blame both times)………..I would not change a thing.


    In a long way what I am trying to say is that football means feck all, in fact less than 50% of feck all. Family first, last and always.


    Hail! Hail!

  9. squire danaher on

    Squire Jnr reports that Twitter reporting that LG named PFAScotland Player of the Year



    Well deserved the Bhoy.

  10. rudicantfail on

    Hamilontim ….



    No idea what you are on about, but had to laugh at your team getting hammered by Killie yesterday.



    Cheering madly sounds quite an oxymoron?



    You wouldn’t have known the meaning of the word before the internet came along?



    Google is your friend …..

  11. ELDIEGOBHOY on 1ST MAY 2016 8:41 PM


    Guys once again sincere thanks for your kind words. I don’t recognise me in your touching posts:o)






    I was thinking the same Jim. Think they have you mixed up with someone else. :)



    Keep it lit & keep the faith. YNWA




  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Craigelallachie 10, although Man City played a weakened team and no Aguerro up top, , Virgil , played very well today despite City scoring twice.



    I have a feeling Victor and Virgil might only have another season at Southampton before moving to a bigger club but not one as big as we could be if we could get out of Scottish football.



    Southampton showed today that if you have the players who can play the 4 2 3 1 formation , how effective it can be.

  13. Hamiltontim on




    Ha ha my team won their fifth title in a row yesterday pal, I know I was there :-)



    In the interim, you continue to Google and enjoy the Championship!

  14. glendalystonsils on




    Thanks for that. There are a lot of posters on here I feel that way about. A poster’s personality often shines through their posts.


    Sometimes multiple personalities shine through their posts! -:))

  15. Hamiltontim on




    My posts are bad enough once never mind having another name being responsible for them! :-)

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Well done Leigh & KT…… Two players who have worked their socks off this season



    Good night, take care & God bless, fellow Celtic fans

  17. Edb


    Jim, you and Kerri and Meghan are forever in our Thoughts and Prayers

  18. My candle for EDB was lit at St. Anthony’s Altar in the Franciscan Friary Clonmel before 11.30 Mass. Like many on here, never met the man but feel like I know him.


    It was the pure simplicity of his reply I think to Tontine Tim, that affected me so deeply.


    I’m always praying for a miracle but if no miracle available then Peace, Strength and Love.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    JMCCORMICK on 1ST MAY 2016 9:28 PM


    I see Barry McKindinho has won goal of the season for his very good goal v Celtic……why am I not surprised?




    Better than Tom Rogic v Killie? Not just the shot, but the lead up to the goal….? I think not.

  20. voguepunter on





    What happened to not replying to the ratcatcher ?



    Hope yir well bhuddy.hh

  21. rudicantfail on









    Keep on Keeping On….




    You definitely wouldn’t have troubled the record keepers at a Russell Group University judging from your posts

  22. ElDiegoBhoy on

    Corkcelt thank you and we met once in the BV.


    Malorbhoy see you next week.

  23. Hamiltontim on




    I’m replying to Rudi :-)



    Brilliant day yesterday mate so pretty much recovering today!





    Hilarious, is it not? I have never seen the lad Mackay’s goal, but it must have been Messitastic to beat Rogic’s belter. Or the young guy Walker who scored a screamer against us would perhaps have satisfied the hordes?

  25. thetimreaper on

    Well done Leigh and Kieran !!



    Thats 10.5 (Hartson & Ricksen shared in 04-05) out of the last 13 PPOTY awards for the Bhoys in Green!

  26. Hamiltontim on

    RUDICANTFAIL on 1ST MAY 2016 9:38 PM












    Keep on Keeping On….





    You definitely wouldn’t have troubled the record keepers at a Russell Group University judging from your posts







    You’re probably right :-)



    But you’ll never, ever trouble Celtic supporters with your’s!!

  27. It comes back to me now EDB, I do remember meeting you and it’s true what your friends are saying, you are an absolute gent.



    there are no words that could possibly help you at this time but I hope that the prayers will be a comfort


    may time heal your sorrow and then loving memories remain



    God Bless




  29. Many congratulations to Leigh and Kieran.



    Thoroughly deserved.




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