Time to stop dancing: the jig of joy.

Time to take your triumphant teammates –

weary legged, but ecstatic,

up the stadium stairs,

or onto a hastily built podium.


A walk of glory

to look at himself in the curved silver,

shining like a full moon

on a calm sea,

green and white ribbons, neatly tied,


fluttering in the sunlight,

glimmering in the floodlight,

as he lifts the cup,

to the sound of celebration,

that has changed over the years.


Caps and sticks in the air,

cards in hats,

joyous cheers,

confetti cannons,

fireworks that shake the stadiums foundations.


The emotion has never changed,

no matter if Glasgow or Lisbon,

the first, second or last,

history inscribed into silver,

the chapter closes, with you, always

a winning captain.

Written by Kevin Graham for CQN



Imagine…. Cesar, King Kenny, Danny, Big Roy, The Maestro, Tom, Paul, Jackie, Lenny, Stephen and Broony, all our Club Captains since 1963, all being in the same room as you.

Well imagine no more!!

The WalkWithShay team are very proud to offer you the chance to own a print of this truly fantastic and uniquely detailed drawing.

Crafted by our very own CQNer, Thunder Road, this drawing covers 11 of our Club Captains and 53 years of our club’s special and unbroken history. The attention to detail on the drawing is simply breath-taking and this is exquisitely captured on the print.

From Cesar lifting the Big Cup; Danny’s ten men that won the league; to Tom stopping the 10IAR and Broony moving towards our very own 10IAR; this drawing was commissioned to celebrate the two club Captains tops that will be auctioned and raffled to two lucky winners as part of this campaign, at a later date. The original drawing will also be auctioned or raffled at a date TBA.

This truly is a unique piece of Celtic memorabilia that is a must for all Celtic fans!




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