Winning Scottish Cup would devastate chasing pack


I know Neil Lennon will have only one thought on his mind this week: Thursday’s Europa League second leg against Copenhagen.  Pushing deeper into this tournament is where the money is for Celtic and delivers prestige on the international stage.  But, I could argue that Sunday’s Scottish Cup quarter final is more important.

With the rest of the league now realising Celtic are on their way to nine-in-a-row, the Scottish Cup has taken on enormous importance.  Reaching the quarter finals of the Europa League will put a few million in the bank and earn more coefficient points, but it changes little from a strategic point of view.  Conversely, winning the Scottish Cup for a record fourth successive season would devastate those hoping that the millions spent trying to catch Celtic was not a waste of money.

Trying to catch Celtic is the most expensive indulgence in football, a point we will explore in more detail tomorrow.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Interestingly the guy is a doctor on holiday.



    The super carrier who brought the disease to Brighton was also a doctor who had been on holiday.



    It seems the best way to prevent the disease from spreading is for doctors not to holiday abroad.






    It’ll be fun tracing their movements when they don’t present for 6 days wherever they are, hopefully wasn’t able to move much!




  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:37 PM



    More likely 100,000 would pay and 400,000 would watch it on hesgoal or similar.






    If that was still possible, Celtic are the most advanced club in world football right now when it comes to blocking links on such sites. And we are that club because we’ve put the most effort into doing so, for whatever reason…



    Given that most of those using the streams are probably a decent distance from CP in the UK or Ireland and can only pay for audio only or delayed coverage of matches the effort Celtic have gone to to block streams is an eye opener. And there is likely more to it than it affects attendances, given that out attendances are pretty excellent…





  3. in other news….



    Gia Milinovich






    3 Std.


    I’m starting to think anyone defending “drag queens visiting primary schools” has never been to a drag show and has only been to a pantomime. I’ve been to both. At only one of them did I see a man pull a 1 metre long bike chain from his arse.



    Hint: no one shouted “Behind you!”



    story hour is getting to be scary hour….




  4. agreed.


    servco have poured everything and more into this season. another treble would devastate them.i

  5. speaking of Sevco and squirrelly distractions …




    smiley I wonder how much Chubby Traynor could pull oot ? thing





  6. Disagree paul



    Money and coefficient are tangible resources



    Mental damage to Sevco isn’t. They always believe they are going to win the league when they win 3 games in a row!

  7. hahahahahhaha



    smiley “take these chains from my arse and set me free” thing



    thats a braw song ruined …sorry aboot that




  8. I wouldn’t be too disheartened is somebody outside ourselves and Sevco won the Cup.



    I’d rather we got to the Europa League semis.

  9. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Some inside info.


    Recognizing that its a wee bit unhealthy for everyone else to win the square root of f’all every season, Celtic have volunteered to put up a “Consolation Cup” for a new competition that will involve all other Scottish League teams – Celtic will not compete.


    The idea is to play the new competition in Autumn – gives everyone else something to do midweek while we are in the CL or Europa League group stages.



    Sponsors have already been signed up and include Seven-Up, Calvin Klein One, Yo Sushi and Bass breweries.


    It will be known as the “Seven One Yo Bass” trophy.



    I hope Sevco win it.

  10. Neustadtbraw, please stop posting until I am out of this meeting. Trying to keep silent while bursting out laughing is very difficult.

  11. Let’s win both Paul67….



    And leave in our wake more money and prestige as well as a devestated chasing pack….

  12. League Cup is in the bag. League title looks a gimmie. We are in the last 8 of the Scottish cup and are favourites.



    However, its the one which we still have work to do to win. I expect us to win in Perth so that will be us in the semi at Hampden. Now we have a good record here and I feel it will come down to Is v Sevco at some stage.



    We still have to put them down to win another treble

  13. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:54 PM


    in other news….


    Gia Milinovich




    3 Std.


    I’m starting to think anyone defending “drag queens visiting primary schools” has never been to a drag show and has only been to a pantomime. I’ve been to both. At only one of them did I see a man pull a 1 metre long bike chain from his arse.


    Hint: no one shouted “Behind you!”


    story hour is getting to be scary hour….




    I think I was at that Pantomime – Kings Theatre, Glasgow, starring Andy Cameron, Stephen Purdon, Grado and The Krankies. I think it was called ‘The Missing Link.’ 😉

  14. FieldofDrams …



    fair enough ..though a will bring up the 4 Rods at a later date..



    smiley get yoour heed doon loon thing




  15. Cup finals – remember when newco got Hibs in the final. Oh how they thought that, at last, they were going to get a trophy because we weren’t there :)



    Discussion on last thread about negotiating our own TV broadcasting rights. I don’t know how common it is, but here in Spain Barca and Madrid used to do it but that was halted a few years back.


    It would be the same problem – the top club(s) get richer to the detriment of the rest of the league. Sky are only interested in us and newco. Take us out of the equation then there would be no value in a TV deal for the others.

  16. Deniabhoy



    for balance; we all thought our drought was over when we got Raith in the LC Final in 94/95. depressingly followed that one on Ceefax in England

  17. I have some xpg stats from a source I’m unfamiliar with but thought I’d share anyway






    Rennes 1 Celtic 1



    Xpg: 1.0 vs 1.1



    Celtic 2 Cluj 0



    Xpg: 1.6 vs 0.4



    Celtic 2 Lazio 1



    Xpg: 1.0 vs 1.1



    Lazio 1 Celtic 2



    Xpg: 1.5 vs 1.1



    Celtic 3 Rennes 1



    Xpg: 0.8 vs 1.1



    Cluj 2 Celtic 0



    Xpg: 1.8 vs 0.2



    Copenhagen 1 Celtic 1



    Xpg: 1.5 vs 2.1



    I lamented Celtic’s finishing after the Copenhagen tie but that may have been harsh. Generally, Celtic’s finishing has been great and they have out performed Xpg.



    Though that 0.8 vs Rennes seems a bit of an outlier compared to the game I watched

  18. In my perfect world, where the huns lose every game, if sevco were to lose only one game this week my preference would be the Jambo’s game. Another round in the EL might bring them in some money, to prolong the agony and delusion, but it would also keep them occupied just before our visit to Ayebrokes as the first leg of the last 16 is 12th March, 3 days before the Glasgow derby and would also improve our coefficient.

  19. Afternoon all, I actually think who its most important to get the opinion off – as tooo which game/route is more important – are the likes of their french lads and their agents – given that at least some of them are likely to be moving on in the next year or two and we may likely be dealing with those agents again – the replacements will likely also consult french eddy etc. I’d guesstimate that those parties would be more interested in getting to at least the quarters of europa cup and showcasing their talents against – roma / wolfsbourg / bayer / espanyol / wolves / manu / red bull / inter / ajax / arsenal / sevilla – id say their decent perforamcne over next 2 rounds would help their value more than a couple of scottish cup final goals against Hibs – might also show them enough progress to stay for the 10…….

  20. I’d also say our short-mid term planning should be turning to beating themuns on home soil – looks like literally being home soil too – so id imagine slick football will be out…..

  21. I want and hope to win everything again this season.


    However as long as the league title is secured I will consider this season a triumph even if we exited europe and the scottish cup this week.



    I don’t think we will exit europe or the scottish cup this week mind.


    Just underlining what we all said at the start of the season.


    This year the league title is EVERYTHING

  22. If you combine wins across the three major Scottish trophies we are only 6 trophies behind. They must be sweating

  23. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BELFASTBHOY0 on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:23 PM


    TIMALOY29, especially as their total would be across 2 clubs……….





    Its not though, Sevco have not won any major trophies domestically!



    Though expect more campaigning for Ramsden Cup, Loving Cup, Wartime cup, recognition…




  24. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Well technically you’re right, if you add 0 to the previous total…the 2nd Ibrox club has not contributed much to the trophy haul lol




  25. Semper Fyfe (see what i did there) still has to be across 2 clubs for the comparison to hold thou….. And they are bound to get lucky at somepoint………………………………….




    Though expect more campaigning for Ramsden Cup, Loving Cup, Wartime cup, recognition…






    Can’t wait



    They will look so pathetic




    Sounds like you’re addressing some Regulators – so I guess we’d better head’em out….

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