Winning Scottish Cup would devastate chasing pack


I know Neil Lennon will have only one thought on his mind this week: Thursday’s Europa League second leg against Copenhagen.  Pushing deeper into this tournament is where the money is for Celtic and delivers prestige on the international stage.  But, I could argue that Sunday’s Scottish Cup quarter final is more important.

With the rest of the league now realising Celtic are on their way to nine-in-a-row, the Scottish Cup has taken on enormous importance.  Reaching the quarter finals of the Europa League will put a few million in the bank and earn more coefficient points, but it changes little from a strategic point of view.  Conversely, winning the Scottish Cup for a record fourth successive season would devastate those hoping that the millions spent trying to catch Celtic was not a waste of money.

Trying to catch Celtic is the most expensive indulgence in football, a point we will explore in more detail tomorrow.

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  1. Sevco are playing on Wednesday.



    This is due to the fact that Braga’s rivals FC Porto are at home at the Estadio do Dragao on Thursday evening in their own European clash with Bayer Leverkusen.



    Two cities are 45 mins apart. Portuguese police don’t want fans clashing.

  2. HOT Smoked & AN TEARMANN are more forgiving men than me. God bless you.



    I’m afraid I’m more like BELFASTBHOY0



    Brendan Rodgers is only interested in what works for Brendan Rodgers.



    If he came back I’d wonder why…



    Does he really have no self awareness and think he would be met with adulation?






    Who’s he scouting? Who’s he tapping up?

  3. Those of us who saw Sportscene on Monday – they were in mourning – folks at a funeral would have looked happier – will be pleased to know that Michael Stewart is on his way back – but not everybody’s pleased….



    “BBC Scotland has confirmed that shamed pundit Michael Stewart is “available for selection” again after he was pulled by the broadcaster over ridiculous comments made about Rangers PR chief Jim Traynor and Ibrox star Alfredo Morelos.



    Stewart has been off the BBC’s output for a number of weeks following the comments made at the start of the month but they have confirmed his return this afternoon.



    The failed Ibrox trialist let loose in a bizarre on-air rant following claims that Alfredo Morelos was racially abused by Celtic fans, casting doubt over the legitimacy of the claims, leading to the BBC to issue an apology.



    He then brazenly suggested that the entire thing had been orchestrated by Rangers PR chief Jim Traynor to deflect from earlier stories about someone allegedly tampering with the brakes on Morelos’ car.



    Despite Stewart’s tinfoil hat conspiracies, a young Celtic fan has been charged with racially abusing Morelos and Kilmarnock are now investigating another incident at Rugby Park,



    After being pulled off the air by the BBC, Stewart pathetically doubled down on his Rangers attacks, singling out teenager Ciaran Dickson for criticism in the row over Inverness CT’s James Keatings’ Challenge Cup suspension. While the BBC seem happy that Stewart will abide by the guidelines set out for him, it likely won’t be long until he causes another row in his desperation to take petty shots at the Gers.”



    Above ‘Rangers News’



    (Think that Dickson was the sevco player clapping at the ref’s decision to send off Keating0



    What a shower, don’t you just love it when we whup them :-)

  4. So the ‘Hummel Training Centre’ has been renamed again….



    to ThE rAnGeRs TrAiNInG cEnTrE




  5. Michael Stewart back on the BBC the day after HOT SMOKED and myself sent them strongly worded emails






    I don’t think so




  6. Whilst breaking news of Rangers re-naming their training centre again today amid rumours of a dispute with their kit suppliers ‘Hummel’…the Sun wrote…



    “The state-of-the-art complex off Auchenhowie Road near Milngavie has had the Danish firm’s name ever since the two parties signed a bumper £10m three-year agreement in April 2018.”







    ‘state-of-the-art’ ‘bumper’

  7. Braga is approx 20 miles outside





    Porto playing Thursday in EL



    Hence why Rangers game moved



    Why 5 pm tomorrow can only presume because it clashes with CL if later

  8. That Rangers News mentioned by ROCK TREE BHOY is that the official deid team’s publication? Sounds to me like Michael Stewart could have serious grounds for taking them to court for libel.


    Barriemore Barlow, Bowling , said: “I don’t know why Rangers fans are pinning their hopes on winning the Scottish Cup as by the time the final is played the league will be over and it would be very much a consolation prize.”



    barriemor barlow frae bowling.



    From daily ranger comments page.i wonder who he DREW in the bowling club semi final.


    “The state-of-the-art complex off Auchenhowie Road near



    with no coffee machine…………..

  11. Bhoys, the reason the Sevco are playing on Wednesday, not Thursday is that they are playing Hertz on Saturday evening in the Scottish Cup and so wouldn’t have three days rest between games as we do, Thursday – Sunday for our match up at Perth.



    Sometimes, just occasionally and not very often at all, all those concerned do things/make correct decisions for the right reasons, but don’t expect that sort of thing to happen too often.

  12. My bhoy is studying in Porto



    He has decided to give Braga game a body swerve and has tickets for Porto game Thursday



    He also managed to get up to Copenhagen last week



    Life of a poor student these days 😩



    Lucky if I got on a protest March in London



  13. PETETHEBEAT on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:15 PM


    I wouldn’t be too disheartened is somebody outside ourselves and Sevco won the Cup.



    ’d rather we got to the Europa League semis.





    Wohoo , totally agree.

  14. TIMALOY29 on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 3:08 PM



    It’s a year to the day since the rat left us,



    Would anybody welcome him back to celebrate the 10?






    Brendan did dump us at the Altar – but he also gave us some fantastic memories specifically Invincibility and all those Sevco Thrashings (they were great) that were dished out like free sweeties,



    but we need to move on, holding a grudge will hurt you more than the person you hold the grudge against, and besides, BR would probably argue that he knew Neil would finish off the Treble Treble…



    I’d be delighted to see him back in some capacity, just as long as it wasn’t to replace NL.




    There wont be any official link to the bad guys as its a fanzine type site – but like the way you think :-)

  16. Emeralddee



    If UEFA move games to suit domestic competitions why don’t we just play EL or cup games on Sat and change all EL to a Wednesday



    Ps ai hate Thursday games messes up 5s

  17. So when we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Love Street championship-winning side next year, should we invite Mo Johnston back?



    Feck Johnston and feck Rodgers.



    The Unforgiven csc

  18. GREENPINATA on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:10 PM






    I wouldn’t be too disheartened is somebody outside ourselves and Sevco won the Cup



    I’d rather we got to the Europa League semis.



    Wohoo , totally agree.



    If we get knocked out the Scottish Cup it would be a hammer blow to the players and the management,



    It could also signal the start of a form slump,



    no good will come from us getting knocked out of the Cup, none at all.

  19. `I wouldn’t be too disheartened if somebody outside ourselves and Sevco won the Cup`



    I think you would be .

  20. anyone putting Brendan Rodgers on a par with Maurice Johnston has not got over BR leaving and probably never will



    Mark Shwarzer



    Aussie goalie who spent a large part of his career at middlesboro for the dosh!


    Thinks ‘rogic’ can’t seem to play 90 mins for the Aussie national team like he does at celtic.


    League to easy for him..needs to go somewhere like germany.



    What a pile of ignorant bull….can anyone remember ‘rogic’ playing 90 mins for celtic even when he was a regular starter FFS?


    Exactly what is the former Boro legend goalie talking about?


    One of the most dissrespectful articles I have seen this season.

  22. Whitedoghunch 4.04



    Cheers.Had a kebab at Zicos


    Best in pain after gubbing that tho


    Euro result could have been better.



  23. Lazy D


    I think it is more pertinent toask why the Evening Times would publish such an `article`….even though we know why :-))

  24. ROCK TREE BHOY on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:10 PM



    History will look back at BR as a successful coach and maybe that stands out more 20 years from now…



    But he isn’t entitled to our good will. He’s a successful mercenary but won’t be as loved as Lennon or O’Neil



    He was a mercenary who was paid well for his service and adored at the time. That’s enough.



    But he made his bed. You don’t talk about Tommy Burns, dream jobs and being a lifelong fan then walk out like he did.

  25. JC2@5.14



    I’d take that my mhan! Makes sense to keep fans happy with Sat pm kick offs – look at the hassle caused rearranging our games the longer we stay in Europe (not complaining about THAT obviously). I think the stumbling block is UEFA (now there’s a surprise) in that they want to keep their prime competition without any ….. competition and so Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Champion League nights and that’s that.



    Howver another poster on here (sorry, forget who) suggested that the EL could be played in the midweeks between CL weeks and that would still keep the integrity of the CL, as UEFA see it. Don’t know if this has been considered at the top level? Sounds too much like commonsense to have much chance of going ahead.

  26. TIMALOY29 on 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:34 PM



    Fair comment,



    but for me NL bailed him out in as much as if we had blown the TRB TRB he would never ever had been forgiven,



    but we did win the TRB TRB so I see it as ending in a more positive light

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