Winning to zero, far flung corners, Blue Pitching


It’s been dreich in Glasgow all week, so I was hoping the miserableness continued for our guests from sunny climes tonight.  A cold blast of wind and rain would surely suit our northern European locals, but it’s as though the city knows there’s a big European game on.  The weather is perfect for football.

Like most I’ve been in two minds about who we should start with up front but the truth is how we defend is more important.  A narrow win to zero is a good first leg result in Europe, I’d take that right now.  And I’d have Leigh up front!

Qarabag are a team who travelled across Europe last season with some purpose, but they haven’t experienced Celtic Park yet.  I’m hoping for a night like we had against Shakhter Karagandy, where we pull together to get the job done.

I watched a documentary on homelessness in the London borough of Tower Hamlets recently.  It seemed to be a shakedown area for those who have spun off the planet.  Poverty, social-exclusion, anonymity and hopelessness on an industrial scale in one of the world’s great cities.

The Celtic Foundation have been working in the far flung corners of world for years, as well as in Scotland and Ireland, but working with London’s needy, in Tower Hamlets, as they now are, has a different feel to it.  There’s a tendency to think of London as one huge cash machine, which it is in many respects, but it’s also where a lot of our poor end up.  The social isolation is absolute.

Celtic Foundation’s objectives, to improve Health, promote Equality, encourage Learning and tackle Poverty (HELP) know no boundaries.  We can’t be the biggest club in the world right now, but we can aspire to be the most ethical.  We (that’s you and me) can set the highest standards.

Nothing would demonstrate this more than having 100 people doing the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation in October.  Get yourself and/or a friend registered.  You don’t need to be fast, you just need to get around Glasgow in your own time, and target raising £125 for the Foundation.

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal, in connection with yesterday’s Magners ticket competition.  It amazes me that every time we run a ‘Who do Celtic play on Saturday?’ competition, people get the answer wrong.  The winner will be drawn this lunchtime, so watch your email.

Thanks also to Magners.  The people there get the point of what the club’s all about.  They could have put their mineral water brand on the jerseys in Iceland, where local laws don’t allow alcohol sponsorship, but they offered the space to the Foundation instead.

These guys at Newco love a drama.  They’ve blocked the rights of four shareholders, including memorable name Blue Pitch Holdings, who declined to answer questions on about the nature of their interests in the club.

The Companies Act provides for this as you have a right to know if your shareholders are, for example, amassing shares for a prospective takeover bid.  It’s unlikely Blue Pitch and the others are planning a coup of this nature.  A response along the lines of ‘Hoping for future dividends and capital growth’ would be sufficient.  It strikes me as a pointless exercise, playing to the gallery, although it’s consistent with their other shareholder charm offensives.

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  1. West End of East End on

    oneofthe70percent – I’m hoping for a good crowd tonight, close to a sell out maybe, but I hope you’re not there, you’re in the box of rangers hater, not Celtic supporter…

  2. DD/Geordie- thanks guys.



    DD- will you be at the ‘coarner’?



    Thats a fantastic offer! Will be at Dalnotter then Pine Trees before dashing away. Can I contact you from PT’s so I will have an idea of when I can get there?




  3. Mon The Hoops! on




    12:59 on 29 July, 2015



    For the oversea fans get your satellite dishes tuning into “IDMANTV” by all accounts they are showing it live in Azerbaijan


    Sun is shining in G8, hopefully still shining tonight


    Quietly confident, monthehoops !



    The game is indeed on live Azerbaijani TV :: http://www.idmantv.az/ (shows the listing)



    You can watch it here :: http://canlive.net/live/12971/idman-tv.html

  4. antipodean red on




    There’s a simple way to sort out any issues re tonights game being on delay. Tell the overseas subscribers the reasons for that delay.


    I know that we’ve been here before but the coverage we get from Celtic TV is far from perfect. One week you might get a great reception, the next it is all over the place. You only have to read the wall on Celtic TV to understand that. I watched the highlights of the recent Raith Rovers v Celtic match on RRTV, it left the quality on Celtic TV some way behind.



    It shouldn’t be that difficult.




  5. Baku Hoop



    looks like Celtic have behaved badly with the TV right






    I despair. I really do.



    It really is unbelievable how quickly some Celtic supporters will jump on their own club, make up stuff and spread it around.



    You don’t know that Celtic behaved badly on this. You don’t. And you know you don’t. But don’t let that stop you.




  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    No bother mate. I will be at coarner at 7.15. Will pick you up a ticket in Clydebank Celtic shop in next hour.

  7. Dearie Me.



    Typical right wing juggling of the numbers.






    You never answered me the other day, re the winkers in the Labour party throwing their toys out of the pram re the prospect of a real Labour man at the helm.




  8. What is the Stars


    13:52 on


    29 July, 2015


    Galway Races







    I noted a horse called WILLIAM OF ORANGE was runnig today, I was tempted to go place a bet on it just to see my local bookies face.

  9. antipodean red


    14:20 on


    29 July, 2015



    AR, I won’t get into a long discussion on this. I don’t work for CTV….although it may seem so this morning….:)



    In Canada and the USA, our supporters clubs use the commercial license. I don’t know if that makes any difference to the quality of the feed. What I can say, is that our CSC has a perfect picture. All game. Every game. No exceptions.



    Initially, some of the American and Canadian CSC’s had issues. Every one of these have been resolved, through advice from CTV. Each one resolved at the receiving end. Internet connection speed, browser, etc.



    As a Celtic supporter, it really does my head in to hear folk criticize the club without knowing the facts. I am not directing this at you. Just venting.



    No-one is more disappointed than me, not to be getting today’s game live. But I cannot believe there was lack of effort on the part of the CTV team. They have been working on this since the draw was made.



    For reasons that I don’t understand, they don’t appear to have exclusivity.



    Off out, as they say…….

  10. Mon The Hoops! on

    Ignore my last post. The game broadcasting rights have been pulled at the last minute.



    According to the their website (translated): http://www.idmantv.az/readnews.php?id=14999



    “Celtic” – “Qarabağ” game broadcast: Scots refused to sell broadcasting rights



    3rd qualifying round of the Champions League in the “Celtic” – “Qarabağ” and the match was to be broadcast live on the television.


    In this regard, a preliminary agreement had been negotiated and reached with the other party. Furthermore [Idman Tv] announced the game would be shown.


    However, the broadcast will not take place. As the Scottish representative, at the last moment, refused to sell the rights to broadcast the match…. due to concerns over illegal streaming

  11. West End of East End on

    due to concerns over illegal streaming – Wonder where they got that from ???

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    mon the hoops!



    14:18 on 29 July, 2015



    I want that framed, quite like my moniker in italics



    AoW – hope everything goes as well as it can for your mates family today and hope the hoops get us a wee result tonight


    Still quietly confident

  13. Weeron,



    My comments accepted that it may not be Celtic’s fault , however if I am unable to see the game due to the clubs actions then I have no issue criticising them , we may get to know but probably won’t , my CTV “premium” subscription wont get me the game live either not good enough in these modern times , if we want to export “Brand Celtic” then we need a better approach, below in Azeri is their TV companies view .



    Maybe they are getting the game in China tonight !



    Bu gün Çempionlar Liqasının 3-cü təsnifat mərhələsi çərçivəsində keçiriləcək “Seltik”-“Qarabağ” matçı Azərbaycan Televiziyası ilə canlı yayımlanmalı idi. Artıq bununla bağlı qarşı tərəflə danışıqlar aparılmış və ilkin razılıq əldə olunmuşdu. Hətta oyunun göstəriləcəyi ilə bağlı anons da hazırlanmışdı. Ancaq yayım baş tutmaya bilər. Belə ki, Şotlandiya təmsilçisi son anda qarşılaşmanın yayım hüququnu satmaqdan imtina edib. Şotlandlar səbəb kimi çox gülünc məntiqə əsaslanırlar. Onlar guya Azərbaycanda internet saytlarının qanunsuz olaraq İdman Azərbaycan kanalını onlayn olaraq öz səhifələrində yerləşdirilməsini əsas gətirərək qarşılaşmanın ölkəmizdə göstərilməsini istəmirlər. Belə olan təqdirdə “Seltik” tərəfi Şotlandiyada da görüşün bu saytlar vasitəsilə izləniləcəyini qanunsuz hesab edir. İdman Azərbaycan kanalı hal-hazırda oyunun canlı yayımlanması üçün Şotlandiya klubu, habelə oyunu həmin ölkədə yayımlayacaq telekanalla danışıqları davam etdrir. Ancaq telekanal rəhbərliyi onu da bildirir ki, əgər “Seltik” rəhbərliyi oyunun yayım hüququnu Azərbaycan televiziyasına verməkdən imtina etsə, o zaman artıq AZTV-dən asılı olmayan səbəblər üzündən “Seltik”-“Qarabağ” matçı canlı göstərilməyəcək. Və bu yayımın baş tutmamasına görə, bütün məsuliyyət “Seltik” klubunun üzərinə düşür.

  14. mickbhoy1888 on

    Am I right in saying that those who chose to buy their tickets online for tonight were stiffed for £27 and a £1.50 booking fee


    Now they are opening pay gates costing £22


    Is this a maximising income exercise because the management suspect but aren’t saying that tonight’s opponents are vastly superior and likely to progress to the play off round

  15. Instead of travelling to ticket office, I thought I’d pay extra for print-at-home option.


    Only to receive confirmation email MINUS e-ticket for print off.



    After half hour trying to get thro on phone (only to be told lines are busy, call back later – then cutting you off, instead of keeping you in a queue).



    So now standing in ticket office queue to resolve issue.



    Our ticket office procedures = 21st century amateurs….

  16. Mickbhoy1888



    Tickets are available online for £22 & £27 depending on where seat is…with ridiculous fee for using unmanned system as opposed to manned TO!?


    Cash at gate will be for same £22 seats, I imagine

  17. SuperLeeNaylor3 on

    Has anyone set up a fantasy football league for the site this year?


    Just askin like



    Ps. Gotta be griffiths up top tonight

  18. Paul67



    You sly old fox! Highlight illegal streaming via Android boxes and next thing Celtic are all over it.


    Radio Scotland for me this evening.



    Enjoy the match Bhoys




  19. mickbhoy1888


    14:46 on


    29 July, 2015



    My tickets booked last night were £22/each for 2 adults and £7 for 1 u13. I paid a fee of £1.75 for the print at home service – Total £52.75. So you’re not right.

  20. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I received a parcel today and the postage label proclaimed: LG 1.


    So there you have it chaps; the Griff to score .




  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Sorry appointments getting in the way



    I’m not aware of the facts either and wasn’t having a go at Celtic as I believe they are correct in trying to get a good home gate, just feel for you overseas supporters

  22. Delaneys Dunky on

    Awe naw the Clydebank Celtic shop are sold out of tickets. 100 left at Argyle St. shop. Argyle St by fast train now. :)

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Has a valid point re homelessness and people becoming unable to sustIn a tenancy due to their lives living on the street



    I deal with this nearlyevery day and some of the guys are just unable to adapt


    Where I disagree is that it is not a conscious decision on their part to become homeless again

  24. I dont feckin believe it!



    Fifteen minutes ago I managed to find IDMANTV via satellite, then come on here to discover that live transmission has just been pulled!







  25. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Very thoughtful that the foundation is helping out in London however,I feel there are many deprived areas nearer Celtic Park that could do with the help and exposure first,perhaps an office in Ibrox to help deal with the many issues there.

  26. delaneys dunky



    I was at ticket office today buying extras for tonight and they were saying expecting a sell out. Queue took half an hour and was much bigger by time I left.

  27. .



    Antipodean Red..



    Re; Bad Picture on Celtic TV..



    The Last Time I had a ‘Bad Picture’ on Celtic TV.. Was when Nacho Novo turned up at Celtic Park with a Denim Jaicket on Claiming he was Going to Sign..



    Maybe time to Up Your 50MB Data plan at the Hoose..”【ツ】



    Summa of SlowInternetSavingsCSC

  28. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    As all ST holders are deemed to be at games regardless, it will be interesting to see the Official attendance tonight.


    Anyway,all rituals have been completed so time me me to head over to ACGR country and board the eponymous Mobile.


    Hail! Hail!




  29. I don’t care what type of plane Qarabag use just as long as we beat the fokkers tonight.