Winning to zero, far flung corners, Blue Pitching


It’s been dreich in Glasgow all week, so I was hoping the miserableness continued for our guests from sunny climes tonight.  A cold blast of wind and rain would surely suit our northern European locals, but it’s as though the city knows there’s a big European game on.  The weather is perfect for football.

Like most I’ve been in two minds about who we should start with up front but the truth is how we defend is more important.  A narrow win to zero is a good first leg result in Europe, I’d take that right now.  And I’d have Leigh up front!

Qarabag are a team who travelled across Europe last season with some purpose, but they haven’t experienced Celtic Park yet.  I’m hoping for a night like we had against Shakhter Karagandy, where we pull together to get the job done.

I watched a documentary on homelessness in the London borough of Tower Hamlets recently.  It seemed to be a shakedown area for those who have spun off the planet.  Poverty, social-exclusion, anonymity and hopelessness on an industrial scale in one of the world’s great cities.

The Celtic Foundation have been working in the far flung corners of world for years, as well as in Scotland and Ireland, but working with London’s needy, in Tower Hamlets, as they now are, has a different feel to it.  There’s a tendency to think of London as one huge cash machine, which it is in many respects, but it’s also where a lot of our poor end up.  The social isolation is absolute.

Celtic Foundation’s objectives, to improve Health, promote Equality, encourage Learning and tackle Poverty (HELP) know no boundaries.  We can’t be the biggest club in the world right now, but we can aspire to be the most ethical.  We (that’s you and me) can set the highest standards.

Nothing would demonstrate this more than having 100 people doing the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation in October.  Get yourself and/or a friend registered.  You don’t need to be fast, you just need to get around Glasgow in your own time, and target raising £125 for the Foundation.

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal, in connection with yesterday’s Magners ticket competition.  It amazes me that every time we run a ‘Who do Celtic play on Saturday?’ competition, people get the answer wrong.  The winner will be drawn this lunchtime, so watch your email.

Thanks also to Magners.  The people there get the point of what the club’s all about.  They could have put their mineral water brand on the jerseys in Iceland, where local laws don’t allow alcohol sponsorship, but they offered the space to the Foundation instead.

These guys at Newco love a drama.  They’ve blocked the rights of four shareholders, including memorable name Blue Pitch Holdings, who declined to answer questions on about the nature of their interests in the club.

The Companies Act provides for this as you have a right to know if your shareholders are, for example, amassing shares for a prospective takeover bid.  It’s unlikely Blue Pitch and the others are planning a coup of this nature.  A response along the lines of ‘Hoping for future dividends and capital growth’ would be sufficient.  It strikes me as a pointless exercise, playing to the gallery, although it’s consistent with their other shareholder charm offensives.

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  1. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked


    15:17 on


    29 July, 2015



    They’re not if it’s a game where they must buy a ticket to attend.

  2. Delaneys Dunky on




    Cheers bud. Heading to Celtic Park now. Clydebank shop has not sold out in years, they told me. Huge demand.

  3. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    I reckon this place will be unbearable between 6 and 8 tonight with hundreds of people asking the same question.

  4. antipodean red on




    I can understand if that wee ned was in the picture, I thought my 51 Meg plan would work.


    But….seriously, I’m in work, there are normally several hundred here during the day, I’m here myself tonight and there are still nights when it buffers and splutters. Get the team from Raith to fix it I say!




  5. Phyllis Dietrichson



    I reckon this place will be unbearable between 6 and 8 tonight with hundreds of people asking the same question.




    I’ve not seen it like this on here before, I’m sure half the posts are just taking the pee :o)

  6. mickbhoy1888 on




    15:21 on 29 July, 2015



    My season ticket covers me for tonight’s game. Wether I attend or not


    Celtic will mark me as being present and having attended



    Btw Pissin doon in the city centre just now

  7. phyllis dietrichson



    Anywhere showing the game tonight? :-)



    I hope you’re well sir.

  8. the lassie on sky asks Doncaster the million dollar question



    “is the league missing rangers ?”



    “not really, we dont pick the teams, they didnt get there based on sporting results”











  9. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    Agreed……I don’t think ‘charm’ and ‘sevco’ could ever appear in the same sentence (unless it was a prison sentence) ….hahahahahahahaha…….off to the game in 15 minutes doooo doooo HH

  10. Got my ticket….at last!!!



    After choosing to book online at 1.30pm and pay extra fee to print ticket at home (so I could take mum to visit dad in hospital this afternoon) – I promptly got email confirmation from Celtic, but no ticket attached?!



    Spent half hour unsuccessfully trying to get thro’ on phone. Then decided I’d need to head to ticket office before it got mega busy.


    Got there for 2.30, queued 25 mins, only to be told system failure was cause of my problem. She promptly apologised, thanked me for coming down speedily, but told me if I wanted my print-at-home fee refunded I’d need to send in an email with my phone number on it, and someone would get in touch!



    Left ticket office, walked to car, then PING…got email with e-ticket attached…




  11. mickbhoy1888


    15:34 on


    29 July, 2015



    Are you on the automatic ticket scheme? Or is it a non-standard class of ticket? So yes you’re correct if you have purchased a seat for tonight you’ll be included whether you’re sitting in it or not.



    Standard season ticket holders (which is the majority) that don’t buy a ticket won’t be counted as having attended. Otherwise you’re in a realm of Health and Safety and accounting nightmares.

  12. Own Goal from Celtic.


    Loyal overseas subscribers left dangling in the wind.


    No open communication with them.


    No response to emails.


    Hard to find messages on Celtic Wall and Twitter.


    Will anyone own and explain this open disrespect for their paying public.


    I’m, in a word,



  13. Hrvatski Jim on

    Tom English on Radio Scotland this morning said that Qarabag had sold some key players in the summer but bought new players in. According to him, 5 or six of the team from last year would play tonight, which also means that 6 or 5 would not. If this is true, it should be a disadvantage to them if they have to accommodate all these changes. We know how difficult it can be with 2 or 3 new players.



    Hope we can catch them cold and get a lead and I agree with Paul that not conceding will be key tonight as they seem to be low conceders.



    Weather is getting better and people can pay cash on the night so hopefully we will see 415-419 well filled tonight to add to the atmosphere.

  14. .



    Imagine there was a Cricket Site that Streamed every Football game on the Planet Live..



    Free of Buffering because.. Who would think they could watch Football on a Cricket site..



    Summa of CricFreeCSC

  15. .



    The Ole Celtic TV wall is in Meltdown..



    Last time I witnessed a Near Riot like this was when the Bingo caller Called.. ‘Legs Eleven.. Twenty Seven”..



    It’s Going off I Tell Ye..




  16. Weeminger/TBB



    soz rushing oot to game


    wee question



    if our club had a membership scheme/card that could be activated say for tonight for the passive fan/non ST holders?(those coming paying cash)



    -just thinking the present ST card is activated thus paperless,if we had the same principle applied to a membership card.it could ease the security issue of cash and the fan could ensure their card is valid for that game..




  17. glendalystonsils on

    Qarabag might be miles better, a bit better, the same as, a bit worse or miles worse than us.


    We will know by 9.30 tonight.


    All we can do is play a game which is fitting for the history and reputation of the famous Glasgow Celtic. Mon the Hoops!

  18. An Tearmann


    16:04 on


    29 July, 2015



    Problem with that idea (which is in essence very good) is you need to limit it to the number of seats that are not taken by ST holders. It also means that for games outwith the ST you need 3 sale periods – ST, members, general. For a game like tonight’s there wouldn’t be enough time I don’t think.



    That said I’m sure we used to do 3 sale periods in the old waiting list days.

  19. To anyone in the BV OT,Ritchie, etc I could’nt make the game tonight but my mate B will be in after 5 with my ticket which may be available for tonight. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  20. Good to see Gordon has extended his contract. Been a good one.



    phyllis dietrichson Any idea if the game is on TV tonight?!



    Joking aside. Is it on any channels? Down in the West Midlands with no chance of making the game due to a family bereavement. Need something to cheer me up at minute. Watching the game with a few beers would do just that.




  21. Good news travels fast…



    CELTIC are delighted to announce that Craig Gordon has signed a new contract that will now see him remain at the club until the summer of 2018.


    The Scottish internationalist joined Celtic last summer and proved to be a superb replacement for Fraser Forster.


    His performances throughout the campaign, both domestically and in Europe, confirmed his status as a top-class goalkeeper and saw him recalled to the Scotland national squad.


    Craig was an important player for the club last season and was delighted to win both a league and a League Cup medal, and he was voted the Scottish Football Writers’ Player of the Year.


    Celtic supporters will be delighted to see that he’s staying with the Hoops for the next three years.


    Craig told the official website: “I am absolutely delighted to extend my contract with Celtic, such a fantastic football club. I have enjoyed my first year immensely at Celtic.


    “It has been great to enjoy success already and I’m looking forward to giving everything to bring more good times to our supporters who have given me such a tremendous welcome to the Club.”


    Celtic manager Ronny Deila said: “This is brilliant news and we’re all delighted that Craig has extended his contract at the club.


    “He was my first signing as Celtic manager and since he joined us last summer, he has been an important member of the squad and he’s made a great contribution to our success.


    “Craig’s a top-class goalkeeper and we’re lucky to have him here at Celtic.”

  22. the old interactive map for seats is filling up quite nicely, must be on target to beat the attendance for the icelanders game.



    50,000 plus.



    i am looking forward to seeing the lisbon lion top teir open for the pay at the gaters, i wonder if that will be a success,


    really hope so,



    and a celtic win offcourse

  23. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Tickets purchased for me and the mini Bonkles.



    Printed at home, (well at work but who’s caring). It’s a very civilised way to purchase tickets. You can shove yer queues up yer jacksie.



    Now Celtic let’s get into these Carrier Bags.



    Mon the Hoops.



    Any lurking sevconians you can tune in to Nightmare Neighbours Next Door. See how the people of Govan feel. Oh and GIRUY.

  24. The Pantaloon Duck on

    If I were an overseas subscriber to Celtic TV I would be miffed.



    Excellent news about CG though.

  25. What is the Stars on

    Never mind Craig Gordon signing


    What we need to know is has Scott Allan signed for Sevco yet

  26. leftclicktic on





    16:19 on 29 July, 2015


    That was a lucky guess that either Ritchie or OT would be in the BV :)))))))))))))

  27. charles kickham on

    We can’t be the biggest club in the world right now, but we can aspire to be the most ethical.



    Let’s start with the living wage for employees of Celtic FC