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It’s been dreich in Glasgow all week, so I was hoping the miserableness continued for our guests from sunny climes tonight.  A cold blast of wind and rain would surely suit our northern European locals, but it’s as though the city knows there’s a big European game on.  The weather is perfect for football.

Like most I’ve been in two minds about who we should start with up front but the truth is how we defend is more important.  A narrow win to zero is a good first leg result in Europe, I’d take that right now.  And I’d have Leigh up front!

Qarabag are a team who travelled across Europe last season with some purpose, but they haven’t experienced Celtic Park yet.  I’m hoping for a night like we had against Shakhter Karagandy, where we pull together to get the job done.

I watched a documentary on homelessness in the London borough of Tower Hamlets recently.  It seemed to be a shakedown area for those who have spun off the planet.  Poverty, social-exclusion, anonymity and hopelessness on an industrial scale in one of the world’s great cities.

The Celtic Foundation have been working in the far flung corners of world for years, as well as in Scotland and Ireland, but working with London’s needy, in Tower Hamlets, as they now are, has a different feel to it.  There’s a tendency to think of London as one huge cash machine, which it is in many respects, but it’s also where a lot of our poor end up.  The social isolation is absolute.

Celtic Foundation’s objectives, to improve Health, promote Equality, encourage Learning and tackle Poverty (HELP) know no boundaries.  We can’t be the biggest club in the world right now, but we can aspire to be the most ethical.  We (that’s you and me) can set the highest standards.

Nothing would demonstrate this more than having 100 people doing the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation in October.  Get yourself and/or a friend registered.  You don’t need to be fast, you just need to get around Glasgow in your own time, and target raising £125 for the Foundation.

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal, in connection with yesterday’s Magners ticket competition.  It amazes me that every time we run a ‘Who do Celtic play on Saturday?’ competition, people get the answer wrong.  The winner will be drawn this lunchtime, so watch your email.

Thanks also to Magners.  The people there get the point of what the club’s all about.  They could have put their mineral water brand on the jerseys in Iceland, where local laws don’t allow alcohol sponsorship, but they offered the space to the Foundation instead.

These guys at Newco love a drama.  They’ve blocked the rights of four shareholders, including memorable name Blue Pitch Holdings, who declined to answer questions on about the nature of their interests in the club.

The Companies Act provides for this as you have a right to know if your shareholders are, for example, amassing shares for a prospective takeover bid.  It’s unlikely Blue Pitch and the others are planning a coup of this nature.  A response along the lines of ‘Hoping for future dividends and capital growth’ would be sufficient.  It strikes me as a pointless exercise, playing to the gallery, although it’s consistent with their other shareholder charm offensives.

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  1. The Pantaloon Duck


    I am an overseas subscriber and disappointed but not miffed at club.


    Hope their strategy worked and Celtic Park is jammed and rocking.

  2. mike in toronto on

    Mon The Hoops!



    14:38 on 29 July, 2015



    Ignore my last post. The game broadcasting rights have been pulled at the last minute.



    According to the their website (translated): http://www.idmantv.az/readnews.php?id=14999



    “Celtic” – “Qarabağ” game broadcast: Scots refused to sell broadcasting rights



    3rd qualifying round of the Champions League in the “Celtic” – “Qarabağ” and the match was to be broadcast live on the television.


    In this regard, a preliminary agreement had been negotiated and reached with the other party. Furthermore [Idman Tv] announced the game would be shown.


    However, the broadcast will not take place. As the Scottish representative, at the last moment, refused to sell the rights to broadcast the match…. due to concerns over illegal streaming






    Just scrolling back, and saw this post. I cant see Celtic’s comment on why the game isn’t being shown live to CelticTV overseas subscribers. Can someone point me to it? Thanks.

  3. can all you fec@ers get to Celtic Park and buy up all the tickets and then we might get a last minute reprieve on a TV deal :-(((




  4. bournesouprecipe on

    Pay at the gate



    Turnstiles 48-49, 53-54 and 59-61 in the Lisbon Lion stand open at 6.30 for cash entry.

  5. A quick scan of the eTicketing system suggests there’s about 500 or so seats left. Still reasonable availability in the corners.



    Got to be looking at a 50k+ turn out.




  6. HH CQN






    barring disasters I’m going to be at the game on Saturday. it would be nice to say HH! in person if you’re going to be at the game






    mon the Hoops tonight

  7. leftclicktic on

    Big Cup winners





    Celtic Football Club












    Did you know you can pay at the gate tonight? Turnstiles 48-49, 53-54 and 59-61 in the Lisbon Lion stand open at 6.30 for cash entry. (NM)

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    Everton reject 25m Chelsea bid for John Stones ( no….. Neither have I ) csc

  9. leftclicktic on

    Barrach Obampot


    I am doing the bucket collection before game , but will contact you before Sat and arrange a meet after game no matter how brief,


    Hail Hail



    All joking aside the nerves have kicked in big time so I,m starting to make my way to paradise ,aswell walking around stadium that pacing the floor here see you all soon,



    Broonie to score anytime in 90 for me again tonight.



    Let the people sing

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    As someone living in London and nervous about the availability of watching the game – Do I remember a situation a few years ago where the club refused TV rights then at the last minute (when the club had sold as many tickets as possible – and quite rightly) allowed broadcasters to show it !!! Or is the 4 pints of Stella beginning to take over ??



  11. Wishing is all the best for tonight…a wee tale from this morning.


    I was checking out of my hotel in Liverpool , receptionist said I must have slept well as I had a happy look about me and must be planning a good day. I told her I was going to watch the famous Glasgow Celtic , no wonder I was happy. She wished us good luck , she said Celtic were like the Liverpool teams, a proper football club.


    Mon the Hoops!

  12. mickbhoy1888 on

    Should CTV be free to season ticket holders who for whatever reason are unable to use their season ticket for a particular game

  13. Great news about flash signing a new contract


    No truth in the rumour he has to come up for corners now


    Hope the pay at the gate option is a success

  14. 67 European Cup Winners on




    17:11 on 29 July, 2015



    You are a more sensible man than me – I would have read that situation as – she wants me to take her back to the room – but I’m now on 5 pints of Stella.


    67 ECW

  15. mickbhoy1888


    17:13 on


    29 July, 2015



    All the sections in the Upper East that are normally left empty.

  16. bournesouprecipe


    17:07 on


    29 July, 2015





    I’ll try and do a few on the ole Celtic WIFI



    Cheers but I hope you’ll be up and down cheering that much you wont have time :-))




  17. Tallybhoy


    17:07 on


    29 July, 2015


    Archie MacPherson will be doing the live updates tonight.






    Unfortunately looks like your right :-((



    Oh well C’mon the Hoops




  18. bournesouprecipe


    17:22 on


    29 July, 2015





    First Live Update



    Loving it :-)))




  19. Now I’m IT thick :-) as I post this from my phone, which has an easyjet app ( pretty regular user ) I book my flights then check in online and hey presto, my flight tickets with bar code are on my phone for getting through security and onto a plane


    could some similar set up not be launched for entry at a turnstyle


    this modern technology thingmy :-)




    I will be at Celtic park with my activated season books in less than 2 hrs



    Hail Hail & COYBIG

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    This is a game tionight between two evenly matched teams. I think the tie will go to the very end , especially if we do our normal European favour. There is no need to put this tie to bed tonight. It will be nice if we do but far more important to give these guys the proper respect early on and focus on the tie. A one goal lead without conceding. That’s my prediction and I would be deeelighted with that.



    Mon the hoops