Winning under the weight of expectation


On the face of it, a league rival losing in the League Cup has little direct influence on our forthcoming Scottish Cup Final, but momentum is all and it is either with you or against you.  After a mere two wins, Celtic players may feel things have turned in their favour in the last week.

Winning under the weight of expectation is not easy.  Celtic are practiced at it, they know many of the pitfalls, while those who have won nothing grapple around in the desert.  While we imploded during the autumn, the script was written, I even heard a “They could have an invincible season” from someone who now knows better.

With Celtic eliminated from a domestic competition for the first time in over 4 years and Aberdeen also out, many expected this season’s League Cup would be Newco’s first trophy, a milestone that for some has taken on titanic significance.  Then they lost to St Mirren.

In his third season at Ibrox, Gerrard has won nothing and reached only one of five finals yet available.  He is grappling around in the desert, his players, fans and the rest of us know it.

I would ban every mention of the 2 January game, at Lennoxtown.  Take care of business and the landscape could look very different by then.

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  1. Can we ban all talk of Huns on here Paul67?



    Our complacency and hubris has been a bigger problem than the Huns fragile psyche. A quadruple treble at the end of the week would be terrific and only threatened by incoherent, sentimental team selections by Neil.



    Gonne Nae Do That Neil……please :)




  2. Friesdorfer on 17th December 2020 9:23 am



    Neustadt Braw





    Grüß aus Dundee. Ein herrlicher Tag, nicht wahr!






    oh yes sir….Ein sehr Herrlicher Tag….



    smiley bit of a head this morning thing



    but the pain is sweet as….



    a very good afternoon to one and all…its a braw time to be a Tim






    Adi der Dazzler mind the sand !….very dodgy stuff



    Bankiebhoy1 …awfy awfy braw

  3. I know nothing has changed about our eague hopes by last night’s result. In fact, we have been hampered a little as we will face further fixture congestion in late January when St. Mirren will play their semi-fina rather than play us in the league.



    However, if it’s ok with wee Roger Mitchell, I will take some comfort and pleasure in the defeat of Sevco in a “Diddy” cup last night rather than wallow in moarnful reminiscence about our failures in Europe this season.



    Since we cannot do anything to rectify or improve European performance till next season, I will take my plesures in the here and now.



    Wee Roger can wallow in misery, on my behalf, if that is what floats his boat.



    P.S. Is he putting himself forward as the mineshafter candidate to replace Peter Lawwell, d’ye think?

  4. Two strikers and no old guard in from the start with a sympathy vote and we’ll take care of business in the cup final.

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Didnae even know that till I opened the article. That’s a surprise! Well done F@@@y Goodwin (a smashing chap by all accounts)



    Hopefully teamswill take a lesson and will stop sitting off them.






  6. Last few weeks Posters were never done talking about the Huns, now that they have fecked up the mantra is ban all talk of the Huns.


    I do agree that at all times we should concentrate on ourselves but last night I had the old fitbaw smile back on my face and I tell you what , it felt good.


    So good in fact I’ve decided to wear it today as well, so ye can ban all Hun talk from tomorrow,

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  8. Corkcelt,



    You knock yourself out old fella. Smile and the whole world smiles with you thingy…..




  9. I’m losing a bit of faith in this Celtic serial winners comment. Yes, the club is used to winning everything but the players in the team who are…?



    McGregor, Christie, Ajer, Eddie and Broonie are all that have been getting a regular game who I would class as serial winners. (Not sure I’d consider Bitton a serial winner – maybe due to the number of games he plays, Rogic I would as he has won us many a game but he is used sparingly, Forrest of course is but is injured)



    Considering most want Broonie dropped and Eddie is finding it difficult playing in a system as the only striker in my eyes that only 3 performing “serial winners” and even then McGregor and Christie have got their detractors just now too!



    Still better than zero but not enough to make me feel comfortable.

  10. CORKIE, to enhance your smile make sure you have a wee gander at BADA’s link at 12.56. Even MRS EMERALDBEE asked “Who’s that clown screaming?” Then, when I showed her the next part, “Tosser!”



    And ……………. your Corkmhan did the damage last night, so fair play to a smiling mhan from Cork. There’s one in East Kilbride just now as well.

  11. Great wee thread this. Sums it up perfectly.



    RP Mitchell




    Catching up on rangers last night. And I see the bragging rights brigade out again. And this is why Celtic are where they are. The fans get absolutely what they deserve. I’ll spell it out. Anyone who defines themselves versus the mediocre guy next door will never improve. 1/



    2/ being happy to beat them and laugh at them is exactly the complacency that delivered the current woeful position of our club. And recently “oh Rog, you were right, you called it etc”. Really? Well there you go again. Happy THEY won’t win a trophy. A diddy trophy at that



    3/ the Board know this and that’s why they are hunkering down doing NOTHING. Coz they know you well. Very well. They know how fickle you are. They know that a Cup win and an OF performance Jan2 will make all the issues disappear. The “fans” will be happy again and off their back



    4/ none of the issues at Celtic have improved since last night. The deep structural weaknesses and managed decline. So why the glee?



    5/5 They are massively improving their profile and respect. They could easily progress further in Europe. They are on the upswing. We aren’t. Laughing at them last night is bragging-rights Mickey Mouse loserville stuff. THAT WILL PROLONG THE BOARD’S DISMISSAL OF YOUR WHINGEING.







  12. Yea EmeraldBee , Conor McCarthy is from Blarney not a million miles from where Liam Miller R.I.P. hailed from.


    Played with local Cork City team. The other scorer last night ,McGrath is from County Meath,

  13. Big Wavy,


    Football should be fun as well, if you can’t have a laugh & a bit of craic, when the Huns feck up, then it’s time to pack it in.


    We all know they have had a great run and we have been shite. Too early to say if last night for them & last 2 games for us marks a turning point.


    What we do know is they won’t have an invincible season & won’t win the Treble, nothing fantastic there but a wee improvement on how things looked yesterday, when they were odds on to win their first major Trophy,


    That will do me for today, Tomorrow I’ll start thinking about Cup Final.

  14. I firmly believe Covid saved Gerrard from an ignominious dismissal . He would have headed back down the road, tail between his legs to return to the pundits chair.



    They have literally bet the house on winning big this year. The sale of Morelos to fund it all was handled poorly, They held put looking for fee that was never coming and spent the money before it was in the bank. Thier form has surprised everyone, including themselves , fuelled by our own dismal run of form and unsightly in fighting.



    If, as they have consistently done , fall apart on the run in, they are in serious trouble. (What value for Alfie January?).



    I we go to Ibrox and win, I firmly believe we will win the 10 with points to spare

  15. SFtBs @ 12:42 PM & CORKCELT @ 1:05 PM,



    The old firm football stuff adds great excitment no doubt.



    Watched the second half of the St Mirren match and thoroughly enjoyed it…



    …the goals and when they came, the eight minutes injury time… those little Scottish football naunces, the fourth officials face as he watched his colleague, the stand in referee :))) Dickinson, who obviously never got the script. It ended up with the guy sending off Jim Goodwin ’cause his team had the temerity to win… loved it



    Yet Roger Mitchell is right. If we want to be a great side again, if we want to be governed by a decent ambitious Board.



    We need to aim above the WWE



    We should remember oldco cheated and went bust.



    Rangers were liquidated



    Celtic should stand proudly alone.



    Hail Hail

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Interesting leader and (no offence Pablo) even more interesting comments.



    I suspect the blog will be a slightly happier place over the next 3 days.



    There was understandable mirth last night (which I thoroughly enjoyed even more so because I didn’t know the result).



    IMHO that mirth was sensibly tempered … notably by Sid and SFTB.



    This is definitely a crack ….



    … but we have to get it right ourselves, take care of business and – at the right time – apply pressure.



    When it comes to us vs “them” I find myself occupying two very different spaces simultaneously.



    That split is largely driven by what I know versus what I think, feel or hope.



    Suspect others here are the same?



    If I may – a few samples ….



    Under SG, Sevco have definitely improved but still have zero track record in “getting it done”



    I believe winning the Scottish Cup would give the players and fans a huge lift.



    I accept it does absolutely nothing to the arithmetic of the league.



    But I believe it will slightly affect the psychology of the league title race.



    I lost faith after Ross County and (more so) after St Johnstone.



    It’s coming back by inches.



    Next 2½ weeks are pivotal.



    Where we are on the evening of 02 January will, I think, largely define our season.



    Couple of observations on “them”?



    This is there first bump.



    SFTB makes a good point about fixture catch up hampering us – but there is a flip side.



    Let’s be gracious about their form in Europe.



    They’ve managed their campaign well and have a very good chance of beating a mid-table Belgian side.



    If they do – that’s four more fixtures they have that we don’t.



    Four more Thursdays.



    Four more Sundays.



    Up to four opportunities for us to win well on Saturday and apply pressure.



    Final point – I don’t believe in coincidences.



    In just one week



    A mere £50k had to be raised from shares



    Robertson said reform needed at SFA



    Robertson said players will be sold



    Strip sales investigation announced



    Sevco lose to St Mirren



    I don’t have all the facts and I have an obvious bias but putting these together – on top of the perilous financial position they went INTO Covid-19 with?



    This could be the start of the unraveling.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  17. Coulda, woulda…shoulda…



    In last year’s league cup final, we wore a Fraser Forster-sized mask to remarkably nick the cup….the same psychology card was played.



    Their psyche was so badly impacted they turned up at Celtic Park and beat us 2-1 days later.



    More material differences than some nebulous psychology will be needed for a Celtic win in January. I’d say it’s team selection, tactics, systems and talent.



    Eyes on the prize after the laughing dies down.




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