Winning under the weight of expectation


On the face of it, a league rival losing in the League Cup has little direct influence on our forthcoming Scottish Cup Final, but momentum is all and it is either with you or against you.  After a mere two wins, Celtic players may feel things have turned in their favour in the last week.

Winning under the weight of expectation is not easy.  Celtic are practiced at it, they know many of the pitfalls, while those who have won nothing grapple around in the desert.  While we imploded during the autumn, the script was written, I even heard a “They could have an invincible season” from someone who now knows better.

With Celtic eliminated from a domestic competition for the first time in over 4 years and Aberdeen also out, many expected this season’s League Cup would be Newco’s first trophy, a milestone that for some has taken on titanic significance.  Then they lost to St Mirren.

In his third season at Ibrox, Gerrard has won nothing and reached only one of five finals yet available.  He is grappling around in the desert, his players, fans and the rest of us know it.

I would ban every mention of the 2 January game, at Lennoxtown.  Take care of business and the landscape could look very different by then.

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  1. Watching the huns game last night, I noticed a lot of moaning and bitching among the Galacticos……could it be pressure of expectation?

  2. I’d be absolutely stunned if they dropped points against Motherwell at home.



    The good thing last night was that a few of their fringe players looked below the level. Bassey making an error and Zungu plodding through the game.

  3. …still laughin’………………………..











  4. CORKCELT on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 1:29 PM


    Yea EmeraldBee , Conor McCarthy is from Blarney not a million miles from where Liam Miller R.I.P. hailed from.


    Played with local Cork City team. The other scorer last night ,McGrath is from County Meath,



    Ah, County Meath where my grandfather was born. Family pile still in the family hands!

  5. My brother just received a Christmas hamper from Celtic.


    Not bad for £1800 .


    That’s a concession ticket !!!

  6. At this stage last season the Huns were a defeat against us worse off than they are now.



    If they’d beaten us then they’d be on same points and the same goal difference as now

  7. Celtic 40me- nothing wrong with NL sitting with the squad, and watching last night’s defeat for the huns, they might get the same lift we all got…..

  8. Ah Investor level season books getting some sweeteners, the rest of us might get a money off voucher for the super store.

  9. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 3:03 PM






    I was just pointing out that for all their record-breaking brilliance this season they were in pretty much the same position this time last year and completely blew up when, as army-loving types might say, it came on top.



    Relative to us they’re much better than last season, which ultimately is what matters, but only over the course of the entire season.



    They know there’s a big question still to be answered. Last night won’t have helped

  10. Just about to have a belated birthday meal with Caroline but, before that, an Eden Mill Double Treble ( The name, not the quantity) to celebrate the fact that Sevco won`t be having even a single this season and we are going for a quadruple on Sunday :-))




  11. Having watched the Huns game last night I noticed that they were wearing a strip with no kit maker or sponsor badges on them ,anyone know why?


    Apologies if this has been asked and answered before!

  12. My thoughts on Roger Mitchell, without the link …






    Roger Mitchell was back to being his annoying self last night, with a criticism of the Celtic fans who have taken a certain level of satisfaction in the Ibrox club exiting the League Cup. He seems to think that’s small-minded and parochial.



    Why shouldn’t we though?



    They market themselves as our local rivals, they are pretenders to our SPL crown, they constantly big themselves up mistaking “progress” for “achievement.” For months now they’ve had the swagger of a team who has already done big things … in fact, in case anyone needs reminding, Gerrard’s cup competition record reads entered seven won zero.



    In the latter part of the last two campaigns, they have collapsed like a house of cards. If you watch their recent performances, they’ve been steadily slipping week on week. Last night was only a shock if you didn’t know they struggled at the weekend too.



    And yes, this gives Celtic fans hope.



    Mitchell seems to think that this means we’ve taken our eyes off the problems at our own club, but nothing could be further from the truth, and I don’t know where he gets the idea from. Nobody I know is suggesting, or has suggested, that all our worries are over … grave doubts remain that even if the Ibrox club has started to slide that we can take advantage.



    The issues that haunted Celtic last week haunt Celtic now. The problems which we had last week we still have today. But we’ve, all of us, spent weeks lashing our own club to the point of protests outside the stadium and a banner saying “Shoot The Board.”



    Last night was our first night in a while for remembering that in spite of our problems, we’re still the biggest club in this country by far, with a record that is the envy of every other team. You can accept and acknowledge satisfaction at the Ibrox hype bubble popping with a sweet sound, believe Celtic has the wrong manager, think our board are old men past their best and without a clue how to take us forward and yet be looking forward to the weekend and putting the seal on the greatest period of domestic dominance in the history of Scottish football all at the same time.



    These things don’t co-exist in parallel universes; they are all part of our current reality, and in that reality we’re playing for a Quadruple Treble at the weekend and at the same time have one of the most out-of-touch boardrooms in the country. These things are both facts, just as it’s a fact to say that the Ibrox club exiting the League Cup last night doesn’t reinstate us in the tournament. It does not make our exit one bit more acceptable or bearable.



    But it is important to us nonetheless, because their exit and the manner of it is as dramatic a piece of evidence that theirs is a club which will drop points and present us with opportunities as you are ever likely to see. Why should we not enjoy the moment?



    Things at Celtic need to come to a head, eventually, and sooner I think rather than later. This board has shown its contempt for the fans in the past few months in a way that marks all their cards forever and none of us is going to forget it. Their disastrous strategic decision-making put this season on the brink of catastrophic failure … it may still end that way.



    But even if it doesn’t, we’re not going to forget that. Our eyes are firmly where they belong, but we’re capable of focussing our attention on more than one thing at a time. Last night we saw, and all of Scottish football saw, irrefutable evidence that the Ibrox house is built on sand. As theirs is the club that wants to overthrow us, why should we not celebrate that?



    Roger Mitchell is a smart and capable guy, but this is an example of the high-handed virtue signalling that really puts a lot of our people off. Last week he made an outstanding contribution to the debate over the direction of our club. This morning he’s moaning just to hear the sound of his own voice. If he stopped doing that, he would be an invaluable part of the campaign for change not only at Celtic but within Scottish football as a whole.

  13. Sevco struggled against Dundee United on Sunday 2 1. Last night knocked out of League cup by St Mirren.


    Celtic have improved in their last two games.



    Is this just coincedence or has their bottle crashed?

  14. MCPHAIL BHOY on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 3:26 PM



    Their retro kit was for cup games only apparently. Every kit for sale is much-needed money in the coffers, I guess.

  15. BIGBHOY on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 3:54 PM



    It’s a shame they’re not playing in front of fans at Ibrox because they’d really feel the tension.



    I still think they’ll win the league but let’s cut the gap, put some pressure on them and see how they handle it.

  16. “Last night we saw, and all of Scottish football saw, irrefutable evidence that the Ibrox house is built on sand”.



    – Sheesh. They lost a one off cup game with the last kick of the game, having had 17 shots and St Mirren converted 3 of their 4 chances. It happens. Puts our runs domestically into perspective but ‘house of sand’ stuff? I wish…



    Absolutely not fella. I can reach for hope or I can convince myself there is some mythical psychological factor that everyone seems to believe in, like santa claus. It wouldn’t be true. Changes in this season’s fortunes will be a lot more tangible for us to see than this.




  17. GEEBEE1978


    I was talking to a sevco fan yesterday , who said that no fans at games are helping them.

  18. ST TAMS on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 4:01 PM



    Exactly. Didn’t one of their players admit last year that they felt pressure playing at Ibrox? That’d be cranked up this season if there were fans.



    However, we can’t look for excuses. We need to do the business on the 2nd – fans or not.

  19. Mitchell has always been full of his own importance, he’s irrelevant, is anyone really interested in what he says?

  20. I think we’ll win 8-0



    Using Big Wavy’s inverse law of gloating I’m spending a couple of hours every day telling myself how great the Huns are, and doubling up if they fail to win a game.

  21. CELTIC40ME on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 5:08 PM


    I think we’ll win 8-0


    Using Big Wavy’s inverse law of gloating I’m spending a couple of hours every day telling myself how great the Huns are, and doubling up if they fail to win a game.






    Ha ha…only works if you’re wearing a bowler hat…

  22. Fun Fact :




    Inside The SPFL








    Since becoming a top flight club in 2016, Rangers have lost more domestic tournaments under Steven Gerrard (7) than they did under Mark Warburton, Pedro Caixinha and Greame Murty combined (6).

  23. still laughin’……………………




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