Winning under the weight of expectation


On the face of it, a league rival losing in the League Cup has little direct influence on our forthcoming Scottish Cup Final, but momentum is all and it is either with you or against you.  After a mere two wins, Celtic players may feel things have turned in their favour in the last week.

Winning under the weight of expectation is not easy.  Celtic are practiced at it, they know many of the pitfalls, while those who have won nothing grapple around in the desert.  While we imploded during the autumn, the script was written, I even heard a “They could have an invincible season” from someone who now knows better.

With Celtic eliminated from a domestic competition for the first time in over 4 years and Aberdeen also out, many expected this season’s League Cup would be Newco’s first trophy, a milestone that for some has taken on titanic significance.  Then they lost to St Mirren.

In his third season at Ibrox, Gerrard has won nothing and reached only one of five finals yet available.  He is grappling around in the desert, his players, fans and the rest of us know it.

I would ban every mention of the 2 January game, at Lennoxtown.  Take care of business and the landscape could look very different by then.

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  1. Does Santa have a ” Clause” in his contract ?


    Christmas has been cancelled this year, as Santas little helpers have went on Strike…..



    ” For ELF and safety reasons” !





  2. Big Jimmy:


    Happy birthday for tomorrow and to Sean’s daughter many happy returns.


    Heard a joke ( well with Sean T saying his daughter gets her looks from her mother) I must apologise if joke has done the rounds on CQN.


    Two blokes sitting in a pub watching all the clientele come and go and one says to the other” See the girl with the blonde hair and the bag over her shoulder I know her mother lovely lady..thats where she gets her looks from” ah his wee mate replies ” ah see her mate beside her..the one with the leather jacket and black boots she got her good looks from her father” and the other says handsome chap then! No replies his wee mate her father’s a plastic surgeon!


    Off to 10 o’clock Mass for first anniversary for an old pal’s son.



  3. One of my favourite Christmas songs is ” I Believe in Father Christmas” by Gregg Lake R.I.P….


    IF someone can do the ” Link” that would be nice ?





    Thanks mate.


    I have only ever seen One Photo of my Mother, as I never knew her…she split with my Dad when i was 16 months old in 1957.



    i was drinking with Charlie and The Bhoys one afternoon in Bairds Bar, when my Dad came to the Door and told me to come outside…Thats when I saw the ONLY Photo of her…in an old Black and White Photo…..I was her ” DOUBLE”…I couldnt believe it, and that was around 1998 when he showed me THAT Photo.



  5. Good morning from an overcast North Staffs


    I see the BBC are running ‘ does the quadruple treble still matter to Celtic’ – an early attempt to belittle what would be an historic achievement.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    Hope each and every one of you has a fine day today.



    Paul’s first “new article posted” after the invincibles lost in Paisley …



    …. seems to have resulted in a drop in numbers of posts?






    Almost as if some people don’t feel like coming on and talking about Celtic’s problems (for some strange reason).






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. The hand of God on

    I believe in Father Christmas is a great song but pretty depressing lyrics until the slightly hopeful bit at the end a nice use of Prokofiev’s masterpiece…sampling well before the rappers made it their domain.

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Very strange indeed, B2B.



    Some of the most prolific contributors over the past few weeks and months seem to have disappeared!!

  9. in ither news…………..




    scoddland finds sumthin’ to smile aboooot


    ………..framed as increased Tim fixture pile-ups, thanks to the buddies Cup triumph and victory over hundom.

  10. Good morning cqn from a cold, damp Garngad



    Another wee day off today. Ffs I would better at work with the list mrs david66 has left for me to do.



    Big Jimmy good to see you on I hope are feeling better. Are you reading they jokes from Christmas crackers.😂😂😂🍻 Keep them coming.


    Happy Birthday when it comes🍺🍺🎂🍺🍺



    Like you Jimmy I rejoice any time any manky hun team gets beat. Vermin the lot of them.



    I was in the Republican parish of Plains (Ardrie) yesterday for my Auntie Betty’s funeral, a lovely woman that I have very fond memories of going on holiday with my cousin, and now departed auntie Betty and uncle Charlie, a wo,an with a massive heart of gold.💚🇮🇪💚🙏



    The priest at St David carried out a lovely service.






    D :)

  11. glendalystonsils on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 18TH DECEMBER 2020 9:40 AM


    in ither news…………..





    scoddland finds sumthin’ to smile aboooot


    ………..framed as increased Tim fixture pile-ups, thanks to the buddies Cup triumph and victory over hundom.



    Every cloud has an orange lining!

  12. It is Finally…Quadruple Treble weekend. Let that sink in.



    Go get the Silverware Lenny & the Bhoys.



    The sad thing about it the new boys should be really wanting more after it. Football is nothing without the fans.



    Rahm Emanuel said about never letting a crisis go to waste.



    I distrust Governments and Government officials.



    The Government that governs least, governs best, is a phrase that sticks in ma wee AYiA NAPA.



    We need a Global Government to sort this all, right?






    Go get the Quad Treble Lenny Bhoy.



    Getting 10 will be hard but If Anyone can dae it…. Lenny can.



    Soro will breathe real NRG into a flagging midfield.



    Our schedule is ridiculous.




    Use the Squad and we will see what happens regarding getting 10 in a row.



    The Big Mans story is Incredible.

  13. DAVID66 on 18TH DECEMBER 2020 9:56 AM



    God bless your Auntie Betty. R.I.P.




    Jokes from Christmas crackers ?,,,No mate…I like to make up my own wee jokes while Im sitting in the hoose…or in a PUB !




    Ive obviously got too much time on my hands.





    Example….Does ” SPIDERMAN” have his own WEB Site ?




    HH Mate.



    Nearly 65….and Im STILL a ” Hit with the Chicks” LOL.


    Nothing to do with yon Val Doonican Jumpers…just the good auld Glesga Patter.


    I just love Beer, Celtic, Fags and Wummin…Not in any particular order.





  15. If I am reading it right,our much talked about move for the boy Mc Kenzie from America,could hit the skids,with the new Brexit regulations.Seems,to me reading it,that if you are going to a big 5 league,then it is a lot easier to get around.So,once again the smaller leagues lose out.Just who thinks these rules up?

  16. I know it’s ridiculous and we have to sort our own house out but I’m still having a good giggle at the Huns defeat in Paisley even if it didn’t benefit us in the League or League Cup. Nobody does anger like the Huns. 🤣🤣🤣

  17. PETEC on 18TH DECEMBER 2020 11:04





    The Government that governs least, governs best, is a phrase that sticks in ma wee AYiA NAPA.






    That’s a Tory philosophy PETEC



    It means that everybody is left to pursue their own ends. Tories believe in little government. We should all be responsible for getting our kids a good education, getting ourselves healthcare etc and pay as little income tax as we possibly can.



    Caring government means intervention, taxation, providing education and health care for all and taking care of the less fortunate. I prefer the latter.

  18. I don’t even own a a home.



    Dinnae be Worried. I know I aint.



    Forced by Lockdown to Live in Barrow. Top Drawer locals.



    Now in Portsmouth. Oh how it has changed since the Last Time I was Forced by Work to go there, missing Aidans fitba.



    It has a scent of Green in the air, no matter where you are.



    It Also has lots of History.






    Ye can dae it Presently.

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