Wisdom and necessity: a knee injury


Football fans get understandably nervous when they hear a player faces a knee operation. The knee is the place Achillies is lucky he was never suspended from, injury there can end a career, or cause it to stagnate over a protracted recovery period.

News that Cameron Carter-Vickers faces a knee operation as soon as Celtic no longer need his work for the season, is therefore, a concern. Cameron was omitted from the squad for Sunday’s visit to plastic Rugby Park after an uncharacteristic indifferent performance a week earlier against Newco.

Research shows players lose no measurable fitness levels for three weeks after training, so a further week in the stands, watching his team-mates play Motherwell, should not harm his performance at Hampden, if Ange Postecoglou considers it wise and necessary to play him in the Scottish Cup semi-final at the end of the month.

It’s a big calculation. Cameron is critical to how Celtic build play and move the ball forward. As well as pursuing a treble, we have to make sure the decision is seen as being in the best interests of the player. I’m not convinced this has always been the case in past times.

Hate to swim against the tide here, but Graeme Shinnie’s red card against Ross County on Friday night was clearcut. It may have lacked intent, but it was reckless and endangered an opponent. Aberdeen’s reaction to this being confirmed feels a bit pantomimic.

Oh yes it is.

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  1. Hello Wednesday!



    Let’s murder ‘Well on Saturday so we can spend the evening looking at a table of 15 points clear.

  2. Awww dammit – traveling on Eastern time and tried to get in ahead of the indefatigable Aipple.



    Shoulda known better…chapeau Aipple




    Penalty thems!






    TEXASTIM re: Eastern Time



    Infringing on my time zone? That’s a straight red.

  4. Right then, off to shower and then work.



    Downtown Louisville looking awfy braw (copyright NEUSTADT-BRAW, RIP) as it gets a lick of paint for the horsey race that brings $56m to local economy.



    HH all from a hun free Bluegrass state when the grass aint blue it’s green.

  5. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Mary has to be a Saint in making putting up with you 🤪😜



    A change in plan , plants now out of the greenhouse for forward planting as there’s not a cloud in the sky and its bloody roasting in here 🥵🤯

  6. bigrailroadblues on



    Wtf are you growing? The stuff you smoke while listening to the Grateful Dead/Jefferson Airplane? 😁

  7. On previous blog, a few of the posters were discussing the song book, so apologies for carrying it on here. Skip if it bores you:



    Honest question for those in Ireland – Do rebel songs and IRA chants get sung by any football teams in the Republic? Other than the national anthem and the likes of the Fields (without the add ons), do the Irish national team fans regularly sing IRA songs? I assume they have not forgotten their history and the struggles and the troubles that led to present-day Ireland?



    I understand our history, why we were formed and the importance of remembering it but all the sad orange b stuff has nothing to do with that. We also have a huge and inspiring song book that celebrates our footballing history that I thought always differentiated us from the other lot.



    My observation was that over the last 20 years, the rebel songs had become a small part of our fans repertoire until newco arrived and built their business model around the lowest common denominator of Orangeism and hate. That fanned the flames and has been responded to in kind by an element of our support.


    Maybe it will change again if the other lot become a football irrelevance once more.

  8. I’ll be in Lindos, Rhodes in May and think I’ll miss one of our games after the split. Does anyone know of a bar that’ll show the games?






    Absolutely agree with you. Songs like Roamin’ in the Gloamin’ and Fat OB are appalling and should not be heard in Celtic Park or any other stadium from our supporters. We have thousands of Protestants who are die hard Celtic fans. Why would we want to embarrass and insult them? Please drop these songs now. We have loads of great songs to sing.

  9. DENIABHOY on 19TH APRIL 2023 12:29 PM



    We seem to have more anti songs these days, than pro ones. Don’t even have a song for Kyogo (I know we have the wee dirty that includes Abada).

  10. The Star above The Crest on




    The sad OB song and the ‘Ra songs are cringeworthy. I’d consign them to the bin in a heartbeat.



    Re Ireland, my better half is from Dublin and I’ve never heard any of her friends or family mention the IRA in a football context or the OO at all. They all support either Liverpool, Man Utd or Bohs. They will ask how Celtic are getting on but I don’t think they follow our progress closely, although 1 of her brothers will come to the pub to watch the Celtic game with me if I’m over there but I suspect its because of the pints rather than the Celtic game or my sparkling company.



    HH 🍀

  11. There is an ever increasing amount of conversations in the pubs, cars and online surrounding our songbook so here are my thoughts. I’m 47 and have attended matches since 1990. I’ve had a season ticket since 1994. I travelled home and away until approximately 12 years ago, but aside from Hampden haven’t been to an away game since then.



    I always thought we were different in our behaviour to rangers, as a support. There was always a Catholic identity to the club when I first started going (and it does still exist when you drill down within the club) but we were never anti-protestant. Aside from the “North men, south men, comrades all. soon they’ll be no protestants at all”, you didn’t hear anti protestant songs. I would also argue that a great deal of people didn’t sing those particular words (I never did) and any time I’ve heard it sung it’s been replaced by others. Roamin’ in the gloamin’ also disappeared from it’s brief existence and whilst I would argue John Knox is a man that should be considered to be a hater and a vile man, it’s a song that should be buried.


    I now believe as a support their are a great deal of our fans that behave exactly the same way as rangers or any other pseudo-ultra fan. Arrogant, intimidating, militant, selfish and cowardly as they hide behind their mob. And entitled. “I will sing what I want”.


    The “rebel” songs were story telling and should continue but are they appropriate in 2023 at Celtic Park? The GFA happened 25 years ago and even if you disagree with it or what happened you have to ask why the songs continue to be sung? It was for defiance and idealism but it’s not for those reasons now I don’t think. So why? I am a republican and a strong supporter of the cause. I am also a practising Catholic. I practice my faith by living it and attending Mass – not by singing at football using it as a probe to irritate anti-catholic bigots – of which scottish society has many. Likewise, the celebration of the Hunger strikers or indeed the singing of the BOTOB as an example does these men a disservice being belted out against R county on a Sunday at 12pm. In our pubs and amidst like minded individuals then yes, but that is the choice of all Celtic fans to go or not.


    In my view “no one likes us we don’t care” could apply to some of our fans. We used to be known as a club with a strong identity but also a diplomacy and a set of fans wanting to make friends. It seems to me that we prefer to be hostile and inflammatory now.


    The great Willy Maley said “We have always been a cosmopolitan club since our second year, and we have included in our list of players a Swede, a Jew and a Mohammedan. Much has been made in certain quarters about our religion, but for forty-eight years we have played a mixed team, and some of the greatest Celts we have had did not agree with us in our religious beliefs, although we have never at any time hidden what these are. Men of the type of McNair, Hay, Lyon, Buchan, Cringan, the Thomson’s, or Paterson soon found out that the broadmindedness which is the real stamp of the good Christian existed to its fullest at Celtic Park, where a man was judged by his football alone”.



    The above statement is from 1936, but in 2023 Celtic fans now support the club for various reasons. Those of us who support it because we are/or were Catholic have as big a place as any and I am sure Brother Walfrid would be disgusted to see any Catholic identity eradicated as some would like. For the first 80 years of our existence the support was almost exclusively Catholic, but society has changed and a great deal of my friends are of no faith and indeed many are lapsed in theirs. Our songbook has too many “anti” songs. Anti monarchy, anti protestant and these are often the ones that get the most gusto.



    Celtic isn’t just a football club and so I have heard all the arguments about songs. I would ask what you hope to achieve by singing them, other than angering other people. Pro Catholic songs is not inclusive, anti protestant is simply bigoted. We have a political side and have done for a very long time I don’t believe many players get motivated by the SAM song.



    I can’t see any changes happening as groups like the GB are impervious to comments such as mine. Their behaviour needs towards other Celtic fans needs smarted up though. There are not levels to being a fan.



    It’s a complicated discussion as a Celtic with no identity just makes us any other football club. We have never been Glasgow Celtic – not really and not officially – because we are often supported for other reasons than geography.



    The songs are one thing, but their is a militancy about many of our younger fans that is doing us no favours.

  12. Damn those irish with their centuries of armed resistance. Airbrush it out and ensure it’s all rose of tralee, white washed cottages and quiet man images.



    The acceptable irish song book versus the unacceptable irish songbook. I suspect your grandkids will still be debating this one on the CQN hologram in 2045. Utterly intractable and of course helps make the Ultras of today that bit edgier of course (sprinkle in a bit of Palestine too).



    Frankly it’s all a bit of performance theatre at the end of the day, as long as the sectarian pish is run out of town.



    I’d prefer Celtic songs. Brings us altogether and makes it relevant to the theatre we’re in. If we are going to have a vote on what represents Ireland in the Celtic song contest, then it’s ‘What’s another year’ for me….



    Johnny Logan csc




  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “We seem to have more anti songs these days, than pro ones”



    Sadly, I agree with this.



    And, IMHO, it’s a shame ….



    because we have loads of fantastic tunes in our songbook about



    – the club’s Irish heritage


    – love conquering oppression


    – legendary players of the past


    – current favourite players






    enduring classics to get the crowd going.

  14. How any Irish person living in the Republic can support an English team is beyond me.


    Maybe try supporting an Irish Team?

  15. CONNAIRE12 on 19TH APRIL 2023 12:03 PM



    I only knew Charlie after he quit playing but that sounds like him:-)

  16. More of a lurker these days but today’s songbook debate reminded me of a post I made a few years ago, referring to our title winning game in 2012…




    JOBO BALDIE on 12TH AUGUST 2017 9:45 AM


    The good old days? Just over 5 years ago, 7th April 2012 and it was KIlmarnock 0 Celtic 6 as we won the league title. Our songbook [all 115 tracks 😉 ] that day –


    First half


    1 ~ 0.00 ~ Hail, Hail, The Celts Are Here


    2 ~ 0.48 ~ Just Can’t Get Enough


    3 ~ 2.05 ~ Toy Town


    4 ~ 2.55 ~ This Land Is Our Land


    5 ~ 3.42 ~ Glasgow Celtic Champions (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)


    6 ~ 4.33 ~ The Celtic Symphony


    7 ~ 5.55 ~ Having A Party (when Rangers die)


    8 ~ 6.18 ~ Ooh Aah Samaras


    9 ~ 6.51 ~ Ki, Ki, Ki, Ki


    10 ~ 7.00 ~ Toy Town


    ~ 7.08 ~ GOAL!!!!! MULGREW


    11 ~ 7.55 ~ Glasgow Celtic Champions (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)


    12 ~ 8.35 ~ Glasgow Celtic Champions (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)


    13 ~ 9.40 ~ We’ve won the league again (fly the flag)


    14 ~ 10.30 ~ We’re Only Here For The Party


    15 ~ 11.43 ~ Just Can’t Get Enough


    16 ~ 12.48 ~ The Lonesome Boatman


    17 ~ 13.35 ~ One Neil Lennon


    18 ~ 14.04 ~ We’ve won the league again (fly the flag)


    19 ~ 14.53 ~ The Huns Are Going Bust


    ~ 15.58 ~ GOAL!!!!! LOOVENS


    20 ~ 16.38 ~ Glasgow Celtic Champions (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)


    21 ~ 16.51 ~ Championees, championees


    22 ~ 17.21 ~ Burley, Burley, what’s the score


    23 ~ 17.29 ~ Let’s All Do The Huddle


    24 ~ 18.14 ~ Craig Burley, you’re a….


    25 ~ 18.55 ~ One Stan Petrov


    26 ~ 20.08 ~ Ole! Ole!….


    27 ~ 20.41 ~ This Land Is Our Land


    28 ~ 21.43 ~ Broonie…Broonie


    29 ~ 22.17 ~ Doing The Broonie when Rangers die


    30 ~ 23.26 ~ Oh the Rangers are sh….


    31 ~ 23.48 ~ Hey, oh oh, hey hey, oh oh oh


    32 ~ 25.01 ~ In The Heat Of Lisbon


    33 ~ 25.38 ~ Super Joe Ledley


    34 ~ 26.12 ~ Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Glasgow Celtic


    35 ~ 26.54 ~ Toy Town


    36 ~ 27.36 ~ Ki, Ki, Ki, Ki


    37 ~ 28.30 ~ Roll Of Honour


    38 ~ 30.45 ~ One Neil Lennon


    39 ~ 31.30 ~ Over and Over


    40 ~ 32.50 ~ The Celtic Symphony


    ~ 34.01 ~ GOAL!!!!! MULGREW


    41 ~ 34.50 ~ Toy Town


    42 ~ 36.03 ~ Championees, championees


    43 ~ 36.40 ~ Craig Burley, you’re a….


    44 ~ 36.55 ~ The Charlie Mulgrew Song


    45 ~ 37.13 ~ Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh… (ray, do, ray, mi, fa…fa, mi, ray, do, ray)


    46 ~ 38.19 ~ Broonie…Broonie


    47 ~ 38.41 ~ Glasgow Celtic Champions (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)


    48 ~ 38.54 ~ Ole! Ole!….


    49 ~ 39.23 ~ Having A Party (when Rangers die)


    50 ~ 39.55 ~ Glasgow’s Green & White (for 2min 40secs)


    51 ~ 42.49 ~ Glasgow Celtic Champions (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)


    52 ~ 43.10 ~ We’ve won the league again (fly the flag)


    53 ~ 43.43 ~ No Huns In Scotland!


    54 ~ 44.15 ~ Rangers Till July!


    ~ 44.37 ~ GOAL!!!!! HOOPER


    55 ~ 45.23 ~ We Can See You (sneaking out)


    56 ~ 45.50 ~ Toy Town


    Second half


    57 ~ 45.00 ~ You’ll Never Walk Alone


    58 ~ 45.35 ~ Craig Burley, you’re a…


    59 ~ 46.15 ~ Victor Wanyama Song


    60 ~ 46.41 ~ We’re Only Here For The Party


    ~ 47.05 ~ SUBSTITUTION – Twardzik for Brown: Captain’s armband to Samaras


    61 ~ 47.08 ~ Broonie…Broonie


    62 ~ 47.38 ~ Doing The Broonie when Rangers die


    63 ~ 48.29 ~ Super Joe Ledley


    64 ~ 48.52 ~ Fields Of Athenry


    65 ~ 49.58 ~ What’s That Coming Over The Hill, Is It The Taxman?


    66 ~ 51.13 ~ Bring on the Hearts, the Hibs, the Rangers


    67 ~ 51.39 ~ Sebo, Sebo…(directed at Mulgrew!)


    68 ~ 51.59 ~ Rangers Till July!


    69 ~ 52.35 ~ Ha ha, ha ha (to the tune of ‘The Billy Boys’)


    70 ~ 53.01 ~ Sebo, Sebo…(directed at Kelly of Kilmarnock)


    71 ~ 53.44 ~ There’s only one Craig Whyte


    72 ~ 54.22 ~ Craig Whyte’s Fenian Army


    73 ~ 54.48 ~ Craigy Whyte, Craigy Whyte, Craigy Craigy Whyte (to the tune of ‘Give It Up’)


    74 ~ 55.56 ~ Toy Town


    75 ~ 56.40 ~ One Neil Lennon


    76 ~ 57.20 ~ One Alan Thompson


    77 ~ 57.52 ~ Johan Mjallby, Johan Mjallby


    78 ~ 59.45 ~ Tommy Burns, Tommy Burns, Tommy Burns


    79 ~ 60.34 ~ Jimmy Johnstone (on the wing)


    80 ~ 61.18 ~ Willy Maley Song


    81 ~ 62.12 ~ Willy Maley Song


    82 ~ 63.20 ~ Artur Boruc Song


    83 ~ 64.20 ~ You Are My Larsson


    84 ~ 65.37 ~ Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life


    85 ~ 66.30 ~ The Boys Of The Old Brigade


    86 ~ 67.40 ~ Ooh Aah Samaras


    87 ~ 67.52 ~ Toy Town


    ~ 68.13 ~ SUBSTITUTION – Stokes for Samaras : Captain’s armband to Mulgrew


    88 ~ 68.45 ~ Tony, Tony Stokes Song


    89 ~ 69.07 ~ We’ve won the league again (fly the flag)


    90 ~ 69.58 ~ Championees, championees


    91 ~ 70.31 ~ Passing The Trophy (when Rangers die)


    92 ~ 71.55 ~ Stand Up For The Champions


    93 ~ 72.09 ~ Doing A Huddle (when Rangers die)


    94 ~ 73.10 ~ Doing The Conga (when Rangers die)


    95 ~ 74.39 ~ We Shall Not Be Moved


    96 ~ 75.23 ~ Championees, championees


    ~ 75.47 ~ SUBSTITUTION – Blackman for Mulgrew : Captain’s armband to Ledley


    97 ~ 76.30 ~ Come On Over To My Place (we’re having a party)


    98 ~ 77.31 ~ Glasgow Celtic Champions (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)


    99 ~ 77.55 ~ Super Joe Ledley


    100 ~ 78.25 ~ Just Can’t Get Enough


    101 ~ 79.00 ~ Ooh Ahh Gary Hooper


    102 ~ 79.51 ~ Craig Burley, you’re a….


    103 ~ 80.20 ~ Hail, Hail, The Celts Are Here


    104 ~ 81.27 ~ Aiden McAnespie


    105 ~ 82.50 ~ The Celtic Symphony


    106 ~ 84.30 ~ Na, na, na na na na na Celtic (to the tune of ‘Hey Jude’)


    107 ~ 84.50 ~ Over and Over


    108 ~ 85.13 ~ Jock Stein!


    109 ~ 85.41 ~ Championees, championees


    110 ~ 86.25 ~ Do, do do do, Nakamura


    111 ~ 87.15 ~ Hey, oh oh, hey hey, oh oh oh


    ~ 87.39 ~ GOAL!!!!! LEDLEY


    112 ~ 88.08 ~ Super Joe Ledley


    113 ~ 88.43 ~ Toy Town


    ~ 89.04 ~ GOAL!!!!! HOOPER


    114 ~ 89.28 ~ Toy Town


    115 ~ 90.20 ~ Ooh Ahh Gary Hooper



  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Vicky Bar. A lovely stroll around Queens Park has worked up a thirst. 🍻

  18. DENIABHOY on 19TH APRIL 2023 12:29 PM


    TIMMY7_NOTED on 19TH APRIL 2023 1:41 PM




    Deniabhoy – interestingly the Wolfe Tones ‘Celtic Symphony’ and it’s IRA references is very popular at sporting events and pus/discos now.



    Shamrock Rovers sing it and a few ones about the Queen we will recognise. The Irish women’s team got in trouble for singing CS but it is very common so it wasn’t a protest or anything, My daughter says it gets played when she is out and about and the young lads love it. A big uptick in Sinn Fein support may be part of that or maybe coincidental. Leinster rugby played it on the PA and apologised for it; Wolfe Tones were very annoyed as the RA bit was not taken in context.



    Timmy7_noted – as part of the answer above, Celtic are everything around Celtic are more popular now (I am now the cool uncle when I was slagged for years for not supporting EPL. Same on my road)



    Attendances at League of Ireland games is going through the roof and recent games were sold out. I have advocated this for years in Ireland and it is happening now. Mostly young people driven but more mature folks are going now too. The old Dublin rivalries are up and running again too.



    A pretty good outlook for the league here. There is a system of moving promising teenage players from amateur clubs to senior clubs which prepares them for moves to UK but also the young crew have pals playing at that level and go to watch them

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Jobo @ 1:57pm.



    Brilliant post.



    Only thing I didn’t like : the first six words.

  20. Have to agree on the shinnie challenge. I’d be annoyed at a Celtic player either doing that or being on the receiving end. It was a straight red all day every day.



    Maybe not if you’re a sevco player or Andy halliday playing trying to break cal macs ankle, but in normal football, it’s stupid And it’s red

  21. very eloquent post Tangbhoy and I am pretty much in agreement with most of that.



    While we are on songs: since David66 posted about the controlled explosion near his work, I have had Stiff Little Fingers’ ‘Suspect Device’ in my head.



    Cracking tune

  22. Coneybhoy, I’m very happy to hear that regarding the Irish league. Whenever I listen to 5live it seems to be full of Irish epl fanboys.

  23. Can’t disagree about Shinnie,however if it manages to waken Aberdeen from their usual slumber,then carry on.


    Pity they were not as vociferous when two handballs against Sevco cost them the game,damaged their confidence,and played a part in the demise of their Manager.

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