With Brendan, there’s a belief


‘No one said it was easy.’ How true. When I heard the Celtic line-up I responded, “Would take a 1-0 right now”. No strikers and a new central defensive pairing is not the way to start an important game.

A couple of years ago, you would have an ominous feeling right now, but with Brendan, there’s a belief that we will be prepared in Trondheim. We need to put the ball in the net. Even if we concede first, subsequently putting the ball in the net resolves a lot of issues.

My expectation is that we saw the best of Rosenborg last night. Celtic were clearly well below their best. When the teams meet again Celtic will be one week fitter, and I expect personnel changes.

For so long we missed the kind of football that knots your stomach. This one is hugely important. Enjoy the tension!

Listen to the latest episode here:



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  1. Are we to expect a statement from Celtic about anything, anytime soon?



    Or is it now all over?

  2. Go Tell The Spartim/Ernie.James Forrest,



    Thanks for the replies.



    The difference here is that it has been shown that the whole thing has been a pack of lies for years.


    Perhaps the Ranger Blogger ‘Dude’ did us a huge favour by highlighting the collusion involved and the complete disdain that the Plc hold the supporters.



    Maybe Dermot and Sir Peter view us all with the same false sincerity that any bookmaker welcomes a punter with a unopened paypacket.



    As for BR maybe he is just getting used to dealing with Sir Peter and his acumen especially around Transfer Windows. Having said that BR is a bright,experienced operator ‘Caveat Emptor’. BR knew before re-signing.



    James your remark about Sir Peter’s departure from the SPFL Board and not wanting to leave’fingerprints’ raised a smile given Gerry Moynihan QC and his CV…



    …’Senior Counsel to the Fingerprint Inquiry.’ :))




    The plot thickens and the lawyers will make money.



    erin brockovichcsc



    Back to work

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    The Celtic Board – superb at ignoring the real issues . There should have been a statement yesterday following the masonic carve up that was carried out. They are more than happy to take the “Old Firm” cash cow. Shameful and never to be forgiven.

  4. A repeat of the mighty Dundalk’s 1-1 will see us through…for (Sir) Pete’s sake…knots in the stomach?




    That occasioned the only laugh I’ve been able to muster since early yesterday mate.



    Was thinking exactly the same thing.

  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    The dizzy heights of page 1 and and my only thought is this reads as a new post articled rather than a new article posted.



    I’m willing to give it a go. In Brendan we trust, fingers crossed.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    There’ll be little in the statement if there is one.


    the way the battle lines are being drawn up is one where “they did nothing wrong at the time, didnt break any rules” , this will be the official line from the authorities.



    I think we’re making a lot of assumptions about Us and about Rosenberg, unfounded assumptions. New season, new day, we’ll need a fair slice of luck i would imagine

  8. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Hail hail the celts are here



    Am gonna bet we progress to the next round



    We were shite last night



    I thought Hayes did all right last night and rogic and Armstrong looked better in that 10 minutes than they did all game



    There’s 4 Celtic statements

  9. From the BBC:



    ” Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster says the governing body will meet fans with views on their handling of Rangers’ use of Employee Benefit Trusts.”



    Will anyone be taking Doncaster up on this?




  10. “no one said it was easy”



    Is that a lyric from a Coldplay song?



    If so, maybe “Yellow”, would’ve been more apt.

  11. Overall I thought we lacked any edge throughout the team last night.


    On the positive side we maintained a good structure and shape.



    Given the players missing and the inexperience of some of the replacements I’m not particularly down on the performance. Next week will be a hard match and we need to concentrate for 90 minutes, but it is still there to be won.



    I’m feeling next week will be a big week on a number of fronts.



    Hail Hail

  12. HOT SMOKED on 27TH JULY 2017 12:34 PM


    From the BBC:




    ” Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster says the governing body will meet fans with views on their handling of Rangers’ use of Employee Benefit Trusts.”




    Will anyone be taking Doncaster up on this?




    I am sure they will,but not the right fans.


    Res 12 guys.Eh,nope.


    “The SPFL will run up a shortlist from some of the callers to Superscoreboard,and Radio Clyde phone in”




    Daily Record headline from departing Ralph Topping,


    “We will defend the non stripping of titles through the courts”


    Wull ye,aye.

  13. Hot Smokie………..



    Doncaster’s statement imo is a huge GIRUY to Celtic supporters efforts to see fair play and rules applied.



    He knows such a statement will only rile those who pushed this issue the hardest. He’ll regret his arrogance.



    Good people here and elsewhere have made his job much more difficult. He’s fairly sure he’s gotten away with it and will likely have departed by the time we ever see anything like due consequence and appropriate punishment for what has been perpetrated in the Scottish game.



    Hell might mend him.

  14. CL qualifiers are rarely entertaining or enjoyable.


    One has to endure them and hopefully prevail through to the group stages.


    Early season fitness levels, lack of cohesion and continuity of team selection, transfer speculation, unexpected injuries and vagaries of fate all conspire to make them fraught for team, management and support.


    Last night was no different, as will be next Wednesday and the next two play off games (for CL hopefully).



    Impressive, Massive crowd did very well last night. Lots of new faces in the south stand; even the whiff of the ole wacky Baccy in the toilets. Whatever next?



    Heard Jim Duffy disgrace himself claiming he knew little of Supreme Court judgement or of Whyte trial. No respect for what I used to think was an ok guy now.







  15. DAVIDOPOULOS on 27TH JULY 2017 12:19 PM


    Celtic statement yet?



    We have been stuffed but just let’s move on.

  16. …the very least we can all do is keep the facts evident and correct the hun surrogates who would re-write scoddland’s shameful footballing history.



    They got away with bear-faced sectarianism, scot free, but by God they won’t get away with this.

  17. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    We badly missed having a recognised Striker in the line-up last night. Don’t think anyone would disagree too much with that statement. Should we have pitched in Ciftci ? what would he have brought us, given he’d have been short on match fitness and confidence, not to mention ability. Aitchison was also available. `would he have had the experience to handle the occasion ? he most likely has the ability, and being young, wouldn’t have been lacking in confidence.


    What about another striker, if we had brought one in before now. what level of Striker is going to come to Celtic at the moment ? if we sign another Dembele type striker, how would The Griiff react to being potentially number 3 in the pecking order. I suspect he’d be agitating for a move away.


    Okay, so maybe a journeyman striker, with lot’s of experience but getting on a bit. Content to sit on the bench and make subs appearances now and again. trouble is, they’re usually looking to top up a pension fund or buy a new Aston Martin, and unless they’re a Celtic fan, not likely to be motivated in the right way.


    An experienced SPFL (spit ) striker ? Moult from Motherwell, maybe. Celtic class ? probably not, but might be motivated enough to give it a damn good try. he’d know he was coming in to be third choice, but earn more money than he could get anywhere else in Scotland.


    How about a talented eastern European ? the trouble there is, even they’re not flying under the radar the way they used to, and he’s likely to cost you in the region of 5m. again, would upset Griffiths.



    If we’re going to keep Dembele for another season, then we need another striker, best option for me would be to promote from within. Aitchison has looked the part, and for me, he should have played last night, and probably from the start, but i’m confident Brendan knows what he’s doing.



    I don’t see us signing another striker unless Moussa moves on.



    sorry for long post. oh, and Hail Hail Philboy, good man that ye are. would be happy to discuss differences of opinion over a beer sometime.

  18. Gene



    Interesting tweets there, one reflecting what Doc has been saying on here.



    Replying to @IamtheLaw_



    “Title stripping is merely a consequence of a proper review and proper governance.”



    Nothing to do with ‘further punishment’

  19. One thing that struck me last night was that not for the first time we seemed unprepared for our European adventure.


    The signing of Nt’cham should surely have been concluded earlier giving the boy time to be up to speed.


    The lack of personnel in two vital areas due to injury and suspension.


    The defensive adjustment was okay as i think Ajer is better than Erik though Boyata was missed.The midfield formation and tactic was poor,


    Less said about the front line the better.


    A club has three main components administrators, coaches and players and the blame for our lack of preparedness lies with all.


    The club has to learn that a complete approach would be a better way forward or do we now accept that we are just European minnows who will every few seasons get lucky and punch above our waeight?

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Enjoy the tension? Not me Paul. I have too many grey hairs from previous tensions.


    Maybe a relatively tension-free invincible season has left me soft.


    Last night was not what I was expecting. Hard game, yes. Toothless, lacklustre display, no.


    We will see a different Celtic next week, but it certainly will be tense.

  21. FAN-A-TIC on 27TH JULY 2017 12:53 PM



    A club has three main components administrators, coaches and players and the blame for our lack of preparedness lies with all.



    Perhaps we’d do better as supporters to not look to blame someone whenever things don’t go completely as we would like them to, and be more considerate of the circumstances. The players were unprepared because of the lack of match practice, something that no amount of planning could help with

  22. STARRY PLOUGH on 27TH JULY 2017 12:11 PM


    Outside of the “top” leagues CL qualification is a lottery. We have the same discussion here every summer. The reality is these games come to us before our season even begins giving teams like Rosenberg, Astana, Quarbag etc a punchers chance of knocking us out which for a club of our size is a disaster and I think that UEFA has is starting in an unfavorable position due to the poor reputation of our league. Sad but true, we need a big performance from our team next week on what is effectively still our close season. Can we do it, yes I think we can. I expect Brendan and Chris will have a clear game plan after last nights game☘️



    don’t blame UEFA.


    Scottish Football rather than pandering to the interests of one corrupt club, should set about bringing in some kind of season change that would help Scottish teams ib European competition.

  23. The SPFL statement is easily destroyed. The rules do not state if you consider them to be payments you must declare them. The fact that you ahem misunderstood the rules does not alter the fact. The EBTs have been legally declared to be payments and therefore RFC failed in the obligatory declarations. The motivations and excuses are wholly irrelevant (as is the sporting advantage red herring). They should have declared them, end of.



    The SC verdict has officially declared these payments as taxable income. As such failure to declare said income to player registrations broke regulatory obligations and thus every game MUST automatically (not up for debate) be recorded as 0-3 loss & all trophies forfeit.



    The “we didnae know defence” disnae wash.

  24. FAN-A-TIC on 27TH JULY 2017 12:53 PM





    The signing of Nt’cham should surely have been concluded earlier giving the boy time to be up to speed.



    Correct me if I am wrong.


    Was it not only last week that we were being told that better players only become available in the later stages of transfer windows.

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