Withering in the vine, sin and orange


At 21-years-old Tom Rogic should be strongly staking his claim for a central midfield berth at Celtic.  The fact that he’s not is a disappointment to the player, and apparently the nation of Australia.  It’s also a disappointment to you and me.  He has the physique and the passing ability but after some tentatively positive performances last season he hasn’t kicked on as hoped.

There could be lots of reasons for this, it’s not necessarily the ‘fault’ of the player, his ability or the club, but football careers wither on the vine when clubs hoard talent.  If Tom can get some game-time under his belt at Melbourne Victory, and potentially get to Brazil in the summer, we will have a better indication if he is the real deal.

Someone just text me, “Rangers need to be a long-term sustainable business and that’s the bottom line.  The club needs to change”, from that memorable Craig Whyte interview to The Scotsman in 2012. Groundhog Day….

So Fifa presidential candidate, Jerome Champagne, has proposed the introduction of a sin-bin, to be invoked by the referee brandishing an orange card.  What’s your view on this, is there a universal association between sin and orange, or is this another subversive plot by Celtic fans? I have my suspicions.
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  1. Interesting reading the exchange between Neganon and Natknow.


    One was reasoned , humorous and calm. The other was speculative, aggressive and irrational.




  2. Agree 100% Paul67.



    Hopefully he’ll come back to us a more complete player and one with the ability to take the opportunity when it comes to him.


    The spark is there as you say but he just needs that something to make him complete I think.





    /Bishop B


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers ………fc not plc



    12:53 on 21 January, 2014





    I don’t remember Physics being part of the driving test.



    Just as well,for I would have struggled!



    I do know,though,that part of the test relates to stopping distances,which you could argue is partly Physics.



    Sadly these tell you the stopping distance based on the available facts 60 years ago,with no updates re modern technology.



    That’s why the cops will do you for 80mph and swear in court that the stopping distance is 400 feet.



    Aye,right-if I was sleeping at the time!

  4. Orange cards for dissent?



    1 each with 2 minutes to go, Celtic on the attack, foul…..play on says the ref……players go mental…..3 orange cards………opposition score……….Lennon goes ballistic…………riots in stand…………Salmond calls a summit………………Lennon gets deported……..not for me I’m afraid

  5. FourGreenFields on

    Paul the refs would have to be very careful , they might pull out their orange lodge membership card by mistake :-)) allegedly

  6. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Has there been any celtic players shipped out on loan that have came back and established themselves as first team players?


    I can’t think of any.

  7. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    Paul67 –



    I seem to remember that Tom came to soccer late on. Hopefully a spell on loan will help him develop into a more complete player. I trust the Celtic coaches and management team when making assessments about which players are ready to be pitched in. I guess they feel Tom needs further development.





    An orange card is likely to cause confusion. Especially if you are watching in black and white.



    I suggest a blue card.



    Works for me….



    Btw,thanks for putting the new article up while I was composing my latest piece of garbage,and first of the day.



    Well,I can hardly complain about all those reverse podia and not thank you for ensuring I didnae get one!!

  9. I like the idea of the Sin Bin in football. I can see a few problems but, overall, I like the idea.




  10. watching that Champagne on SSN yesterday & bhoy is he bubbled. Sin bin… Can ye imagine Sunderland having 3 players sin binned in a game against Man City?



    What next – Punch ups in the middle of football rink?





    on the podium!






    Get the beers in,bud-we’ll help you celebrate your achievement!!!

  12. Afternoon all. Slow few days apart from the recent rumour of the young Serbian Djuricic. Rumours also flying about that he has a €40M contract clause but this seems to come from Wikipedia so most likely mince.


    Anyway here’s the latest updates for the List!











    Players in:




    Name Age Position Club Price


    —-— ——– —-—–


    Fridjonsson – 20 – Striker – Fram Reykjavik – £100K


    Johansen – 23 – Midfielder – Stromsgodset – £1.7M








    Players out:




    Name Club Price


    —-—- —–


    George – Hamilton Accies – Loan deal


    Rogic – Melbourne Victory – Loan deal








    Rumoured transfer in:








    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Forde – 33 – Millwall – STV – No fee mentioned (06/12)


    McCarthy – 24 – Reading – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (16/13)


    Johnson – 24 – Chicago Fire – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (11/01)


    Johnson – 21 – Port Vale – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (12/01)













    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Taylor-Sinclair – 22 – Partick – Various – £75K (30/11)


    Taylor – 27 – Newcastle – Talkceltic – 6 mths loan (13/12)


    Kalas – 20 – Chelsea – Celticrumours – 6 mths loan (05/01)


    Kingsley – 19 – Falkirk – The Herald – £500K (10/01)


    Capuano – 22 – Pescara – Various – No fee mentioned (14/01)














    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Armstrong – 21 – Dundee Utd – Various – £500K (01/12)


    Gauld – 18 – Dundee Utd – Celticrumours – £500K (01/12)


    Guidetti – 21 – Man City – – Talkceltic – Loan until summer (09/12)


    Bryson – 27 – Derby County – STV – No fee mentioned (12/12)


    Toivonen – 27 – PSV – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (13/12)


    Norwood – 22 – Huddersfield – The Scottish Hun – £3M (17/12)


    Eikrem – 23 – Hereenven – Various – No fee mentioned (21/12)


    Henrikson – AZ Alkmaar – various – £2M (23/12)


    Hassan – 19 – Al Ahly – Various – £2M (24/12)


    Tomlin – 24 – Peterborough Utd – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (03/01)


    Mackay-Steven – 22 – Dundee Utd – Various – £1M (03/01)


    Berisha – 20 – Red Bull Salzburg – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (03/01)


    Fletcher – 29 – Man Utd – Various – No fee mentioned; possible loan (04/01)


    McDonald – 25 – Wolves – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (04/01)


    Hupperts 21 – Roda JC – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (07/01)


    Mane – 19 – Sporting – Scottish Sun – Reported £1M buy-out-clause (09/01)


    Firmino – 22 – Hoffenheim – The Times – £4.5M (12/01)


    Larsson – 16 – Hodaborks – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (13/01)


    Bryson – 27 – Derby – Radio Snyde – No fee mentioned (16/01)


    Djuricic – 21 – Benfica – Various – £5-6M (21/01)













    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Parzyszek – 20 – De Graafschap – Polish press – £800K (30/11)


    Vaughan – 25 – Norwich – Daily Mirror – No fee mentioned (03/12)


    Ings – 21 – Burnley – The Scottish Hun – £5M (03/12)


    May – 21 – St Johnstone – Northern Times – No fee mentioned (07/12)


    McCormack – 27 – Leeds – SSB – No fee mentioned (07/12)


    McKay – 24 – ICT – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (12/12)


    Boyd – 22 – Rapid Wien – Talkspurt – £1M (13/12)


    Damari – 24 – Hapoel Tel Aviv – SSN – No fee mentioned (14/12)


    Assombalonga – 21 – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (16/12)


    Wells – 23 – Bradford City – Daily Rectum – No fee mentioned (16/12)


    Ntep – 21 – Auxerre – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (16/12)


    Finnbogason – 24 – Heerenveen – Herald – £5M (17/12)


    Mawuli – 24 – Hapoel Ashkelon – Herald – £750K (17/12)


    Johannsson – 23 – AZ – Daily Mail – £2.5M (19/12)


    Soriano – 28 – Red Bull Salzburg – Daily Express – £4M (31/12)


    Fletcher – 26 – Sunderland – Various – £6M (02/01)


    Janko – 30 – Trabzonspor – Various – Player has expressed wish to join (11/01)


    Aboubakar – 21 – Lorient – Talkceltic – £3M (13/01)


    N’Doye – 28 – Lokomotiv Moscow – Celticrumours – £6M (13/01)


    Nikolic – 26 – Videoton – Guardian – £500K (14/01)


    Le Fondre – 27 – Reading – Talksport – No fee mentioned (15/01)


    Bent – 29 – Aston Villa – Daily Mirror – No fee mentioned (15/01)


    Walters – 30 – Stoke – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (15/01)


    Rhodes – 23 – Blackburn – Talkspurt – No fee mentioned (16/01)


    Marica – 28 – Getafe – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (16/01)










    ShamPOO rumours:




    Name Club Reason


    —-—— —–


    Yamada – 24 – Jubilo Iwata – After a week long trial Celtic decided against


    Pawlowski – 20 – Udinese – Player going to Slask Wroclaw on loan


    Griffiths – 23 – Wolves – Wolves manager quashes talk of any move


    Snodgrass – 26 – Norwich – Neil Lennon denies interest











    Rumoured loan out:




    Name Source Club


    —-—— —–









    Rumoured transfer out:




    Name Source Price


    —-—— —–


    Foster – Various– £7M to Southampton/Sunderland/Everton/Benfica


    Samaras – Various –£2M to Borussia Monchengladbach/Hull/Toronto/Aston villa


    Ledley – Various – £1M to Carrdiff


    van Djke – Various – £10M to Man City or Arsenal


    McGeouch – Various – £250K or loan to Coventry


    Bangura – Daily Rankers – Loan move to Falkenberg


    McGregor – Express and Star – £750K to Wolves/Derby


    Pukki – Celticrumours – West Ham interested









    As always if you’ve heard of anyone that isn’t here then let me know.


    Bye for now!






    /Bishop B

  13. The Battered Bunnet on




    The best, perhaps only, example is Liam Miller, who somewhat incongruously will be facing up to Tom Rogic in the coming weeks down under.



    Fact is that the standard at Celtic is impossibly high for most players. Game time gives prospects a chance to cut it, but most end up as decent Championship players. The leagues are choca block with former young Celts. They all benefitted from their time at Celtic, and have made good careers in the game, but not at our level.



    Loans out these days tend to be more about marketing than player development.

  14. GCC’s FFin’ institutional sectarianism:



    “Ten successive Roman Catholic Lord Provosts in 28 years ?


    Absolutely unbelievable !!!!


    Where were the media ?


    Why was this allowed to go on ?”




    “Fat chance, a minority in your own Country !!”




    “Giving them a state funded education system that base created the biggest old bhoys network in Britsin will e ritually destroy this country.”




    “That makes incredible reading. I’d imagine you would see this replicated in various other council and government departments etc. It needs to be investigated….”




    “Apathy is killing opportunities for people of other faiths”




    “Our problem was allowing the RC church the power to dictate to its people who to vote for”




    “Vote UKIP at the next election.


    Their scottish chairman said it all recently about the control wielded by the church of Rome on the local politicians”




    “Inverclyde Council is controlled by labour and how many of the councillors are RCs – yes, the full set !


    Yet they make up less than 40% of the population of the council area !”




    “By showing that the random probability is inconceivably low, the conclusion must be that the actual occurrence was not random, but was systematic.


    In this case, systematic = religious favouritism, i.e. sectarianism.”




    ” It’s the majority of the population that keeps them in a life style to which they are not accustomed.”




    “This is only the tip if the iceberg.


    How many of these RC councilors employ non RC staff such as PAs secretaries agents etc. etc.?


    Not many, if any.”




    “Remember in the early seventies a big black limo, reg no GC1 being at Ibrox every other Saturday. Changed days.”




    “We should chip I and higher a lawyer to pursue this with law enforcement to investigate this on our behalf.”





    While yer on,where are you fellas watching the Aberdeen cup game-Wimbledon or The Bear?



    I may have an honoured guest that weekend,London on the cards for the Saturday.



    Always assuming the previous few days haven’t seen his liver explode!

  16. I doubt we’ll see Tom Rogic in the Hoops again. Likewise Mo Bangura, Calum McGregor, Jackson Irvine or Tony Watt.


    Can’t think of any player in recent years who has gone out on loan and returned to the first team. As mentioned by TBB, the loaning of players is more about putting them in the shop window or running down their contracts than with a view to a return and challenge for a place in the team.

  17. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    So Rogic has been placed in an Australian shop window. I wish him the best of luck in his career.


    Biton, to me, looks like an improvement on Rogic.

  18. eddieinkirkmichael on




    12:59 on



    Cheers for the earlier reply, I could probably have went for reverse podium again today but read the article first instead for a change. I noticed your reply to me on previous article and I realised you may have missed your opportunity to grad the podium, didn’t that happen once before when you replied to one of my posts?

  19. Paul 67



    Playing the orange card is bound to cause controversy in Scotland.



    If it comes about would like to see it issued retrospectively for Gazzas flute playing

  20. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Gordon j



    If you’re out there, when is the book launch?


    And is it going to be available on kindle?


    HH PC67

  21. Aussie rules and Rugby have a better idea on how to handle dissention.


    Simple and far more effective.



    Penalise the offending team by 15 or 20 yards.



    An innocuous free kick on the half way line suddenly becomes a very threatening free kick just outside the box.



    It is far more likely to penalise the offender than a sin-bin.



    Another more useful change to the rules would be that game doesn’t stop for substitutions and non-serious injuries.



    Stop all the time wasting and rolling around on the ground.


    Kills the momentum.


    Takes the heat out of the game when one team gets on top.



    Other sports manage it. Why not football?

  22. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    I’ll be watching from celtic park. Taking my Neice to her first game. A highlight in life for me.


    No other weekend as I’ve already bought tickets? The tooting Tim will be around to show you the sights anyway.


    Hail hail.

  23. Monaghan1900



    13:05 on 21 January, 2014



    “We should chip I and higher a lawyer to pursue this with law enforcement to investigate this on our behalf.”



    Whoever wrote that seems like he couldn’t even afford a new set of knashers. What, does he think it his chip of mushrooms is gonna pay for a lawyer?





    Good for you,mate!



    I keep hoping my niece will get the bug. Not given up on her yet.



    Mind,she has to be bribed with visits to COIA’s.



    Well worth booking a table,mate. And just across from The Creighton.



    I’ll have a word wi TT and meet up if possible. Bit worried about the singing and dancing though,haha!

  25. The Battered Bunnet on




    To be fair, I think Rogic has been placed in a Brazil 2014 shop window.



    There are quite a few CQNers who have talented kids playing at a high level, so-called pro-youth. It soon becomes apparent how tight the funnel at the end is compared to the width of its mouth. Each club will graduate just one year age squad player to 1st team terms each year, from the 20 or so at each age group, selected from the hundreds taken through development and assessment centres.



    It also becomes apparent, though later on, quite how many different aspects of physiology, athleticism, mentality and appetite are influential in determining career prospects.



    As I’ve noted before, we graduate 50 times more Medics in Scotland each year than 1st team SPFL footballers. Think about that: 5 x A at Higher first time round is infinitely easier than getting a 2nd pro contract at Dundee Utd, let alone Celtic.



    It’s a tough racket, eh.

  26. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Paul67, I’d be very wary of any introduction of a sin bin in this country. We have some of the worst referees in Europe, by all accounts, and to let them put players out the game for what would essentially be misdeameanours would ruin some games as you could have 3 or 4 players in it in some games due to some minor stramash or incident.



    In last night’s game involving sevco 3 of their players were booked in a very short period, would a booking lead to a spell in the sin bin? If it did you would be seriously hadicapped and I’m not sure this would eradicate poor tackling etc.



    BTW has Vincent Lunny cited Elbows for his assault last night?

  27. Paul67



    Referees have been using the orange card against us for years!!



    Nothing new here then.

  28. Estadio Nacional on

    Hopefully he comes back a better player with claims for a starting spot.



    Though maybe the managers inability to find a place for a creative/non defensive central midfielder could be the issue? He is too scared to play that type in the middle, you would have to hope Johansen is given a decent chance in the middle of the park.

  29. Would much rather have saw rogic loaned somewhere closer to home where maybe some of the staff vould go and watch him up close.



    Cant see many being sent to australia.. Also pretty clear rogic is a stand out in the ozzie league so going there again is a backward step.



    Dissapointed the way things have turned out for him.

  30. I’m all for the third card.



    Spoke about the idea of an amber card and sin bin for years.

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