Without defensive organisation, other progress is futile


Jablonec are two games into their domestic season: a 1-0 home win on the opening day against Banik and a 3-0 away defeat to Mlada Boleslavon Saturday.  Banik finished 8th last season, Mlada, 11th.  Unlike Celtic, tonight’s game is their first European qualifier of the season, so we are one competitive game ahead of them.

They have a 6,100 capacity stadium in a town that’s entire population could fit inside Celtic Park with 15,000 spare seats – by any measure, the equivalent of Hamilton Accies, although Accies will doubtlessly report a higher income for last season.

So far, so encouraging.  On the debit column, they finished the season five points behind Sparta, whom they were level with three games from the end.  That’s the same Sparta that spanked us 4-1 home and away last year.

Like any number of teams we meet in qualification, including Midtjylland, they are weaker than us in most of the key metrics, but if we turn up unprepared, as we did last week, we will lose.

While this is the classic, no win, situation, there are things beyond the result that you and I will be looking out for.  Liel Abada’s goal return so far has been impressive, even if officials incorrectly denied him at Tynecastle on Saturday.  I want to see more of his timed runs into the box.

Carl Starfelt must be desperate to get his boots on.  He had a nightmare debut, unlike Shane Duffy, who scored in wins in his first two Celtic games.  Debuts are not great indicators of persistent form, Carl can provide evidence today.

Kyogo Furuhashi’s late cameo on Saturday was too little time to allow the player to settle into the game.  I expect there will be communication challenges, but he should be as fit as anyone in the squad, so should be ready.

More than anything, I want to see Joe Hart organise a Celtic defence.  Without a massive improvement in this aspect of our play, progress elsewhere is futile.

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  1. Just tried to buy my ST seat for Jablonec. The website is friar tucked. We have until 9th to buy it; try again later

  2. punkrockbhoy67 on

    Myself & 2 sons 0 out 4 in ballot , now they want to me to pay for Jablonec . Tory profiteering scum that run our club . totally disheartened.

  3. punkrockbhoy67 on

    can I use my 3 x £50 unused vouchers? was not going to use them but am sick of being treated like shit.

  4. Celtic v FK Jablonec tickets on sale to STH only


    By Celtic FC






    The Celts begin their Europa League journey, as they face FK Jablonec over two legs in the third qualifying round of the competition.



    There’s a trip to the Czech Republic up first for the Bhoys, before the return leg gets underway in Glasgow next Thursday night (August 12).



    With an increased capacity crowd permitted to attend – it’s time to get Paradise rocking once more, as we are given the green light to bring our supporters home!



    It’s a 7:45pm kick off next Thursday, and it’s set to be another exciting European clash at Celtic Park, as Paradise awaits for the sea of green and white to roar the Bhoys on to victory.



    Tickets are on sale now to Season Ticket Holders only, online from eticketing.co.uk/celtic, and at the Ticket Office, open Monday to Friday, from 11am until 2pm priced at:



    – £19 for adults


    – £12 for concessions


    – £10 for under 13s



    Secure a seat now.



    The deadline for Season Ticket Holders to secure their own seat at Paradise is 5pm, Monday, August 9. For those who can secure their seasonal seat before the deadline, your card will be activated for entry to the game.



    Please note the Home Cup Ticket Scheme is not currently in operation for this match, meaning all Season Ticket Holders wishing to attend the match must purchase their ticket online or at the Ticket Office.





    Due to UEFA requirements for the month of August, all Season Ticket holders in the Main Stand and the front three rows of the Lisbon Lions and Jock Stein Stands will be unable to take up their seasonal seat for this match, however these affected Season Ticket holders have the opportunity to secure an alternative seat before the deadline. These restrictions are for UEL games in August only.



    Season Ticket holders in this position can see which seats are available for to you now by logging into your eticketing account at eticketing.co.uk/celtic, or alternatively you can check back during your priority window.



    After the original deadline has passed, a priority window will open at 6pm on Monday, August 9 until 12noon on Tuesday, August 10.



    During this window, any Season Ticket holders who are affected by the UEFA relocations will have an opportunity to choose from any seats not purchased by the original deadline.



    Print At Home tickets will be issued to all Season Ticket holders who are affected by UEFA relocations, those affected will NOT have their cards activated for this game, should they purchase an alternative seat.



    Following this priority window deadline, any remaining tickets will be released on General Sale from 12.30pm on Tuesday, August 10.



    The easiest way to secure a ticket is online now, however, you can also purchase in person at the Ticket Office, open Monday to Friday, 11am until 2pm.



    This match will NOT be available to STH through the virtual services element of your Season Ticket (Pass to Paradise). Meaning the only way to see the game, is in person at Celtic Park!



    So get ready to get behind the Bhoys, to be part of another exciting European campaign for the Celts.






    3 cheers for Dom, hurrah, hurr



    whit ye mean ah need to pay for it ………. ffs celtic gies soemthing.

  5. Friesdorfer at 1.53, you’re in the same part of the country as me, I don’t know of anybody round here that got anything in any of the ballots. Suspect it was deliberate to avoid unnecessary travel. But bang out of order if so as we all paid the same, so I’m raging same as you.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    All areas within the Main Stand and the front three rows of the Lisbon Lions and Jock Stein Stands are unavailable for this match.



    Season Ticket holders in these areas can purchase an alternative seat online or by visiting the Ticket Office at this time.

  7. What is the Stars on

    Simple solution


    Dont buy a ticket



    Let them play in an empty stadium


    Great opportunity for season ticket holders to show the board what they think

  8. punkrockbhoy67 on

    I know people who have had 3 out 4 in ballot . I stay close to Celtic park and myself and sons got big fat zero. cheers Celtic. they just dont do good news do they.

  9. me – thats the fitba back, we are allowed back in to the games, so I will be going next tuesday night



    mrs – at last, at least your going to get to use that waste of money season card



    em, dont think i will tell her.

  10. Like everything else at Celtic, the eticketing is a feckin shambles!



    The Home Ticketing Scheme isn’t in operation so you have to log on to eticketing to buy tickets.



    Logged on to buy my tickets for the Jablonec game only to be told that I didn’t have privileges to do so.



    A joke!



    Urtter shambles!



    Why did I expect anything else?

  11. punkrockbhoy67 on

    WITS , I would love to but my sons will tug on the old heart strings as it has been so long since we were there.

  12. punkrockbhoy67 on

    Vale boy , says same for me . gonna leave it till I calm down . Utter contempt for the fans.

  13. punkrockbhoy67 on

    I wonder how much the tory sevco backer Bankiers ticket will be? Aye . Fed up to back teeth with them.

  14. punkrockbhoy67 on

    Sorry for the rant bhoys :) just so annoyed that they did not seize the opportunity to bring us all together without fleecing us some more.

  15. Let’s hope we some sort of improvement in our performance tonight from last season.


    As there has been none in the 3 previous games.


    Especially defensively, where we still look woeful.

  16. Tom McLaughlin on

    Would it really have killed the board to thank the support by making the first full house free to all season ticket holders? Unbelievable. Zero tickets out of 4 ballots and now this. Shocking.

  17. As absolute disgrace, that fans are being charged for the game next Thursday.


    But not supprised with the charlatans that run our club

  18. Website blocking purchase of Jablonec ticket , I’ll try later on …. I’ve used this before without any problems… suspect the web site thinks I’m in the home ticket scheme although it does apply for this game

  19. squire danaher on

    PUNKROCKBHOY67 on 5TH AUGUST 2021 2:00 PM


    I know people who have had 3 out 4 in ballot . I stay close to Celtic park and myself and sons got big fat zero. cheers Celtic. they just dont do good news do they.






    No surprises there.



    I came out of the HCTS years ago as I never got SF or Final tickets.



    No surprise at loads on here saying they never got any of the balloted tickets.



    Those and such as those.



    Going on for years.

  20. I have a seat in the front of the main stand,reading on the Celtic Ticket office that along with the main stand it’s closed to supporters can someone explain please.

  21. ticket site still aylesbury ducked. No privileges it says. And me a white, middle aged man as well, cheek!!

  22. SAINT STIVS on 5TH AUGUST 2021 2:00 PM


    me – thats the fitba back, we are allowed back in to the games, so I will be going next tuesday night…



    I’ve heard of getting in early but two days early …😂😂😜

  23. The fans trying to get tickets can take solace from the fact that the board will have a great night on the free Czech hospitality.


    I’m sure Mr Bankier will represent us well, as long as no one asks any historical questions about Celtic.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Timbhoy- looks like Covid distancing regs,UEFA also take some seats but looks a bit extreme, when you look elsewhere.

  25. Welcome to Celtic Joe Hart and James McCarthy…hope yer experienced heids will be bring a calming influence to our young bhoys.



    On to later…all we need to do is keep it tight at the back (I know,I know) and put away the chances we create (I know, I know)




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