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With the arrival of Marvin Compper all four of Celtic’s central defenders will feel an increase in pressure to make the starting line-up. Jozo Simunovic and Erik Sviatchenko may already have other places on his mind but neither Dedryck Boyata and Kristoffer Ajer will know where they fit in the manager’s plans.

Ajer (19) fits our style of play better than any of the existing options. So much of our play depends on the central defenders being able to control a quick pass, move it on, or run with the ball. Boyata and Simunovic accomplished this well away to Anderlecht, but their movement, first touch and composure on the ball has dipped well below that level.

I have some concerns about Ajer defending. He has not been tested rigorously and I have noticed a tendency to allow strikers to drift into space, so we should be cautious about putting too much responsibility onto his shoulders.

What is clear is that we play better football and are a better team with him in the side. That alone is enough to merit keeping his place.


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  1. Just a flying visit. 1st Place goes to BMCUW





    ( though how he would know that one is beyond me).





    Cheerio for now.








  2. I am not sure whether or not young Kritofer will make it to the very top but I certainly like the look of him so far. Even if he stays just as he is, I would rate him.


    Definitely offsky now,




  3. Does that mean Marvin will be the only centre back we will sign?



    If so, then…




  4. I went to a Bankies match at Holm Park, a wee stroll from my home.




    Took a couple of kids, a wee day out.




    But we were playing Auchinleck Talbot.




    Their fans are ferocious, and not even in our direction, just generally at mundane things.




    Really interesting day for us soft Whitecrook lads.

  5. Get big Kolo to coach Ajer every day, not a natural CB , but he has the attributes to be one, big Marvin speaks great English, and will help him too.

  6. BMCUW


    Just found out we’ve got the Buffs after that run of games ! That was some adventure you had on Saturday pal !


    HOT SMOKED on 3RD JANUARY 2018 12:15 PM



    Just a flying visit. 1st Place goes to BMCUW



    ( though how he would know that one is beyond me).



    Cheerio for now.




    I appreciate the stiletto there,J. Very subtle!



    I cheated,I admit. Naw,I didnae google it.



    Early 80s,the High Tide in Ardrossan started a Quiz Night on a Thursday. Well,my mates and I tended to be at a loose end on a Thursday,so off we went.



    We had a rule. First answer sticks. If yer sure it’s wrong,we change it wi a forfeit of a round if yer answer isnae correct. We didn’t take it as seriously as other teams-teachers,bank workers,students,et al-who joined in as time went on. But we made sure we won when we could.



    And when we didnae have a clue about an answer,we’d just just put something halfway amusing. In our opinion(!)



    Anyway,after an answer in a particular round,the quizmaster and music maestro suggested that Table 7 should be less facetious and more abstemious. And that he’d give the table a bonus point if we could spot the connection between the two.



    Did I say he was from West Ireland? I got it pretty quick and told him what our round was. Get the beers in. Cos it sounded to me that he’d offered us a bonus pint. Couldnae be much more facetious,nor less abstemious,than that!

  8. Paul



    Agreed, Thomas Rogne springs to mind.



    I think we have enough”defenders”, what we don’t have is creative deep midfield players who can dictate play. We rely far too much on Boyata to build from the back.This inevitabely leads to several fire brigade moments.



    The nearest we have to this is Bitton who I would play in front of the 2 central defenders and scarfice a winger

  9. Read an article where Alex McLeish (I know) said Ajer wouldn’t be a top prospect as he is slow to turn and not the quickest. Hate to say it but I noticed that twice on Saturday in the second half where a Rangers player outpaced him to get a cross in. He has the makings of a good player but that could be a bit of a weakness. Maybe the reason we are still interested in Hendry (although I haven’t seen him enough to comment on strengths/ weaknesses).



    I have this funny feeling Caulker will end up at Celtic, conquer his demons and be a star…..

  10. The thing I like about young Ajer is his desire. You can see he really loves being on the pitch and appreciates being selected. He collects the ball usually from CG or Boyatta (who waits an age to make his mind up what to do with it) and is not afraid to run with it. You can see the confusion this causes the opposition. Some have noted he’s not the quickest but hopefully this will improve. I like him.

  11. N83- agree, though it’s a big step up to first team from U 20s, the more games he plays, the fitter he will get hopefully, HH





    I was pretty annoyed because I was letting down DAVIDOPOULOS and FLOATIN’. Apart from that,I’m kinda used to transport difficulties.



    It was my mate who was the problem. He went into a mix of panic,anger,confusion and then blamed me!



    Aye,right. I’ll snap my fingers and it will be fine. But while I was having a quick swatch at the map-which overground train goes to Wimbledon,and where from-he took advice from a station attendant. Whose last Scottish burd must have dumped him. His directions which my mate insisted we stuck by were rubbish.



    Heyho,we got there. The company was worth the effort. And a lot of fans there that day had to go through worse to be there.



    (Though not wi my mate,admittedly!)





    Conquering demons? I would have loved to see Paul McGrath in our colours. And I’d have loved him to have been diagnosed as other than a bevvy merchant when he was at Manchester Utd.

  14. First day back at the boredom, which is my employment (I understand that millions would love to have my boredom problem) first thing this morning the local sevcoites were right over to wish me happy new year. They moved a lot quicker than Dembele did on Saturday anyway……



    As they regale tails of them out singing, out fighting and out playing us and how they can still win the league they were raving about the guy Bates.



    I said and I will also say this about Ajer, you can only tell if the guy has it after 20 games plus where you should see the best and worst of them.



    Like most things in fitba we are all too quick to judge, praise or write off.

  15. Kristoffer Ajer is a prospect but he is very slow for a central defender.



    At least a couple of times against SEVCO I was initially wondering who was lumbering after an attacker on the turn, it was Ajer.



    Still too young and naive to be a first choice for me, probably his height is against him for fast turns and sprinting but surely can improve.

  16. Agree with Notthebus above re Bitton, I would like to see him played more at defensive mid because he can see a pass (and sometimes make a pass as well!)



    Alternatively, Ajer in midfield – it’s what he was signed for – and two new centre backs please, Santa!

  17. I have never really been convinced by Jozo he always looked a bit rash when under any kind of pressure, the unknown element for me was that he never really had a run of games so it was hard to fully determine whether it was a lack of ability, composer or sharpness. I think that became in the summer but he benefited massively in the eyes of the supporters because of that challenge on Miller personally I was gutted when the move to Torino fell through I’d bite the hand of any offer that gets our money back on him.



    Boyata I think is a good tackler and when switched on a fairly good reader of the game his distribution has been suspect from the moment he played in that friendly at St.Mirren park. The issue he has had is two fold for me a lack of a recognised partner and for whatever reason a lack of being focused and switched on in the way he was following the winter break last year. Hopefully he can regain it come January 20th so defo worth keeping around until the summer and review situation then.



    I personally think young Kris has been our best player in the last month but it is clear he is not a “natural defender” but that has to be expected for a guy who only started playing there 18 months ago. I’d personally look to put him out on loan again like he did last January perhaps get him at a club with a higher level of possession per game than Kilmarnock then bring him back in the summer with the view of partnering him whoever emerges as our best defender in the next 4 months.



    I suspect this may be Compper as having watched a bit of St.Pauli and Bundesliga 2 he certainly looked the part at that level. That was however 2 years ago and he has played pretty much zero football since so its really impossible to say.



    I am sad about big Eric as unlike Jozo I have always thought he was a very good defender (not the quickest admittedly) but again the reverse of Jozo I don’t think he will ever be forgiven for the semi final against sevco in the supporters eye. Personally I would have liked to see him in the team beside Compper come January 20th but accept that a move is probably best for him given the supporters views on him.

  18. Just caught up with that news about the punch up at the crematorium…



    Some of those guys were getting their ashes kicked.

  19. anyone got the Celtic quicknews fantasy premier league code? I accidentally deleted it from my league page I think

  20. No takers? Jeez.



    Suppose I was a bit late to the story – should have got the puns in this mourning…

  21. DAVIDOPOULOS on 3RD JANUARY 2018 2:09 PM


    It all started when someones mobile phone rang during the service.


    “I predict a riot” I believe.

  22. Barney67



    Makes sense.



    I thought it might have been gang related, something to do with the Bloods and the Crypts…

  23. Barney67 on 3rd January 2018 2:21 pm






    You really do have a grave sense of humour.




    Every now and then I come out with a killer one liner.

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