Working the globe with Bernabei


Alexandro Bernabei was finally announced as a Celtic player by former club, Lunas, in the early hours of this morning.  At 21, the left back is the same age Greg Taylor was when he joined the club in 2019.

The environment Alexandro worked in at Lanus could hardly be more different than what he walks into at Celtic.  Lunas won only three of the last 20 league games their former defender played in, including his final game, which saw Alexandro red carded.  The pressure to win was significantly less than in Glasgow.

That factor possibly permits young talent more scope to flourish; teams stuck somewhere in the no man’s land that is lower midtable of a 26-team league, need not stress about winning or losing too much.  Even relegation is a multi-year process in Argentina, no one season alone can put you down.

One year before Alexandro’s contract expired, the reported £3.75m fee is a discount on the money Lanus earned when selling a central defender to Parma last year for €10m, or a midfielder to Atlanta for €6m in 2020.  Hopefully that discount is due more to the expiring contract than any perception of the player’s prospects.

Welcome to Celtic, Alexandro!  There is a lot of hard work ahead, but it is great to see Celtic work the globe to fine value.  Contrast with the days we travelled the M8 to find Chris Killen could scarcely be greater.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    I knew Jota was signing yesterday. He told me and Magua in the Shipbank. Not a bad singer either.

  2. Tom McLaughlin on

    Fur fox ache can we not have another day of tit-for-tat bickering. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. It’s been done to death.



    I know I can be a grumpy bassa at times and have had the odd disagreement, but we have our say over a couple of posts and move on. This particular spat is now entering its third day.



    I know for a fact it is driving people away from the blog.



    Peace brother.

  3. Sailing very close to the wind — luckily the moonhowling element reduces the credibility of the fairly poisonous statements / accusations.



    Thick skin but still a bit sore.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Great news on Jota.



    Goals, assists, crosses, difficult out balls received, space created for others …



    All either good, very good or excellent.

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    Jota announced Adidas Friday



    Five players signed, no fuss no fantasy sales



    Maeda £1.5M


    CCV £6M




    Bernabei £3.75M


    Jota £6.3M



    What a time to be alive CSC

  6. David 66,



    The games are all on Premier 1 so any pubs with Sports,loads of them,will have it.Just ask them to put it on.Loads advertise outside what games,times.


    Have great holiday.Scorchio.

  7. BSR @ 9.55#



    Keep it real …



    AB = £2.5mill plus 50% potential add ons.


    Plus we are a spare GK and a LB ahead of where we were last season.



    Starting DM and a starting CB to go.


    Couple of 20yr olds with promise.


    Plus work a couple of loans.



    Then AP will be ready for the CL.



    The money tree must be blooming at the moment.


    That is what happens when you sell out P/head on a regular basis.


    PL — meet the new growth agenda.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    For anyone consuming content from a bigoted broadcasting cabal …



    Benfica were 3rd in Portuguese league.



    Celtic completed a £6.5m million signing today.



    The other 11 clubs combined will not make this level of investment during this window.



    Any organisation which reports this significant event as “formalising a switch” likely has an agenda to downplay positive Celtic news or is simply suffering from spur grapes.



    Diddums !



    PS – Lanus are not 20th in the league.




  9. Right, it’s been an hour.



    Where’s Souza?



    Not good enough Celtic….




  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Conversation with a Jambo yesterday.



    Jambo: The Argies were so glad to get rid of bye the bye they announced it at 3 in the morning.



    Me: It wasn’t 3am in Argentina



    Jambo: How was it no?



    Walk away shaking my head.

  11. Forget the silly arguments. Name calling is childish, very childish however equally childish is running to the mods crying that a big bad man called me a name 😀😀😀😀



    Look at the bigger picture, look at the transformation in our signing policy. Very professional, few leaks, timely and without panic.



    The journey is not reserved for the pitch only, it encapsulates all club operations. ( including the power washing )




  12. Board get it tight at times but I’ll be the first to say well done. 👏👏👏

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    David66, wear a tent, xxxl sombrero and use factor 70 suncream or you’ll come back looking like Geronimo after a sunbed session. 😂

  14. MADMITCH on 1ST JULY 2022 9:54 AM



    Sailing very close to the wind — luckily the moonhowling element reduces the credibility of the fairly poisonous statements / accusations.



    Thick skin but still a bit sore.





    What wind is that blog Torbett?



    You have the protection of the House!



    You abuse consistently.!



    You can see how the Torbett analogy is a snug fit!

  15. B2B @ 10.01



    Media Ludge / BBC cabal have a long standing competition to see who can get the most negative slant about us into any article they write — no stone is left unturned to winkle out a fact or an opinion that can be used to belittle us.



    It has always been there but since 2012 it has become corporation pastime.


    I think they give out monthly prizes for the most negative story / ridiculous angle.

  16. Tom



    is that the same jambo who phoned Radio Scotland to complain that Anti Niemi wasn’t getting in the Scotland squad?



    ‘but he’s Finnish’


    ‘finished? He’s only 26!!’

  17. AT



    Away and have a walk or a lie down or a cup of tea or something.



    You are not doing yourself any favours at the moment.

  18. What do you call a hill in Scotland that is more than 2500ft in height but less than 3000ft?



    I think that we have a streetwalker sorry hillwalker on the blog.


    Just a bit dyslexic …



    Visited quite a few warehouses in his time — so I am led to believe.

  19. A 5 year deal for Jota is excellent business. It says a lot about his commitment to Celtic

  20. GREENPINATA on 1ST JULY 2022 10:08 AM



    No it’s not childish Gp,note I address your moniker.



    I can meet you for a pint and you could directly say anything as a Celtic man,it’ll pass always for convo.



    If I were to address you say as groin pointer for say 2 years some would say that abuse is settled,it is the norm.


    Not in my case.


    I went to the mod


    The mod thinks ifs childish


    Even tho requests were politely made.




    We have our our house troll,known to no one


    And fully anonymous,does not go near parkhead


    But sanctioned to abuse freely.



    CQN has its own Torbett

  21. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of loan to buys. Worked damn well on CCV and Jota and would helo spread thw financial burden into next year’s planning cycle.



    Hendry the journo suggests we have no interest in Itakura. Perhaps the Spurs lad is another CCV-type investmetn then?



    A CH, CDM and Forward and we’re dandy.



    Soro, Bolingoli, Johnston, Shaw, Uroghide, Ajeti and Julien off the books too.




  22. ERNIE LYNCH on 1ST JULY 2022 10:13 AM






    Away and have a walk or a lie down or a cup of tea or something.



    You are not doing yourself any favours at the moment..





    Normally Ernie on this point I would give you a listen


    Here why I reject it.



    I have asked the mod countless times to delete the posts.



    Rejected as childish,even tho I have never been called my moniker by the anonymous troll.



    What is it that’s not doing favours,the blog Torbett analogy?


    In-house abuse goin on known at the top and sanctioned by them.i think it’s spot on




  23. Coming up to the anniversary of Ange’s first game in charge. Just look at those teams and look at the turnaround a year later. No effin about with the big man.



    Two teams. None of them are in the first team picture today.






    FIRST CELTIC XI- Barkas; Ralston, Welsh, Murray, Montgomery, Soro, Shaw, McInroy, Moffat, Henderson, Ajeti.



    SECOND CELTIC XI- Bain; O’Connor, Murray, Hjelde, McPherson, Connell, Otoo, Robertson, Afolabi, Coffey, Edouard




  24. Half way through last season I think most of us were hopeful of getting one from Jota or CCV and depending on how we were feeling on a particular day it would change which one we wanted. To get both is just fantastic news.

  25. McPhail Bhoy on

    BBC Scotland Sports online department if it existed in 1967 would say that Inter were unlucky not to capitalise on their first goal lead and that the Lisbon Lions finally stumbled over the line with the narrowest of margins. Oh and by the way the Rangers are going to sign hunners of players so they can topple Celtic in the league next season to get a crack at being European champions!

  26. BW @ 10.32



    I will save those teams for posterity.


    It shows just how far we had fallen with projects / punts galore.

  27. GP @ 10.08



    Apologies for pulling you into to this cesspit.



    But you did mention powerwashing …



    Coat — where did I leave my coat?