Worth keeping an eye on our nearest competitors tonight


When you are winning and playing well, two games a week seems less of a burden.  Celtic players will race out the Dens Park tunnel tonight desperate to get the game underway.  Some, like Ryan Christie, will have an even greater appetite.

This fixture is the last of Dundee’s first round of games.  They lost to all other teams, apart from Hamilton Accies, who capitulated last month, to give then-manager, Neil McCann, a false dawn.  It is Jim McIntyre’s job to pick up the pieces left by McCann, but his two weeks in charge have seen the loss of seven goals without reply.  These are tense times for Dundee fans.

What the home team have in their favour tonight is the chance to throw off the weight of expectation and defend their hill of dust.  It is an unencumbered liberation they have not experienced all season.

Brendan Rodgers will do well to remind his players that the single point that separates Dundee from second bottom St Mirren was won against Celtic, soon after the appointment of their new manager.  The odds against an upset are great, but this is still football.

It is worth keeping an eye on our nearest competitors tonight.  If Celtic win and Kilmarnock do not do likewise, we will go second in the table.  A win for Hibs at Hearts could also present Celtic with the chance to go top on Saturday.  But that’s getting ahead of ourselves.  Let’s take care of Dundee first.

Limited edition Celtic Legends Jersey, available from the Celtic Former Players’ Association web site.  Love the memory walk through the names, especially Alfie Conn!

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  1. Auldheid






    I am not a year out, the dugs on the street knew he was involved in the administration of the EBT’s, this should have been grounds for his P45, this was way before Ogilvie admitted he had an EBT.






    Are you trying to tell me that Doncaster of his own back furnished LNS with the info without running it past his board, a board which we had a member on, if you are, that may wash with some people but it sure doesn’t with me.











    What we know now with a degree of certainty is not what was known then.



    Supicions are not grounds for accusations that cannot be supported by facts. Of all the charges about not challenging SFA the one on Ogilvie’s election in June 2011, 9 months before ebts and his ownership of one became public is the least damning.



    On LNS the whole thing was a sham from beginning to end and if you read my last blog on SFM about perverting justice you will see what I am saying.

  2. I am getting slightly concerned about Griffs future at the club.For a while now Brendan has been seemingly fed up with the wee man.Fairly or otherwise,I have no idea,but at the moment,as I say,I worry for him.

  3. Turkeybhoy on 31st October 2018 12:16 pm


    Wouldn’t be surprised if we’re looking to bring in 2 x strikers in January. One to go straight into team beside Eddy and one as back up. We can’t continue to expect a 20 year old to shoulder the full striking burden alone, and that’s what we’re doing just now.

  4. Auldheid



    Forgive me but I haven’t been on this site for a while, but can you update me on Resolution 12 and if the board are ensuring that the SFA will take this to C.A.S.?

  5. Dundee tonight, Hearts on Saturday then Livingstone,and Hamilton,before the CupFinal.Not tempting fate,but a great chance to put real pressure on our rivals.The international break,could actually help us this time,with injuries getting elxtra time to clear,before a hectic December.


    Think Sinky and Ryan certs tonight after their highs on Sunday.Hopefully,3 up,and Arzani gets some game time.Same with Izzy.

  6. …………………….Gordon………………………..













  7. Gary 67,


    I agree.Dont know the real problem with Griff regards fitness,but his injury problems leave us short too many timesIf it is Griffs atitude,he is a silly boy,because he is loved at Celtic by the fans.A striker,a CH,,a RB hasto be the priorities in January.If they are not delivered,as long as they are within our range,those who think I am a Board lover,wrongly,will change their ideas.Once again,its really in the hands of our scouts.

  8. Mulumbu back training tomorrow.Did not hear the rumours,but any idiot believing that he was giving Boyd inside info,needs examined.”Inside info”more like made up Urine.Being polite there.I really love the Huns being stupid and gullible,but we have a few also.

  9. TET, agree with much of what you have posted recently. On Ogilvie, whether or not EBT was acknowledged, my recollection is that to be eligible for the office of President – at that time – it could only be a suit who had been on one of the other committees for at least 2 years. Hence, with no other option, it was a shoe-in. I think the rule was changed subsequently. HH

  10. Auldheid


    We knew about Ogilvie’s involvement before the huns were sold, it’s not a matter of guessing, he administered the EBT’s when he was at the huns, it’s a matter of record, the fact we didn’t know he himself had one till after his re election is neither here nor there.


    Bottom line is, for all the club have done behind the scenes it hasn’t worked, they, the sfa, the huns are still cheating and covering things up, to use the excuse that we are a club alone is why we haven’t done anything is just wrong, I also don’t give a what the media will write about us, they do anyways so what have we got to lose, oh aye, money, just follow the money and it will all become clear, the club have no intention, nor have they ever had of exposing the corruption, had they it would have been done long before now, this was the golden chance to clean up the the game, it wasn’t taken and we will regret it imo.



  11. Hi Bhoys



    Re Griff some think he’s injured and some think he’s messed up in training or private life again. I don’t know if he’s done anything wrong but stop guessing at what’s going on with him and his life. What I do know is that on Saturday night he was at a family party and not drinking. To me that doesn’t sound like someone who has been misbehaving it sounds like someone who is making an effort.



    Also just watched a BT Sport film called Shoulder to Shoulder about Irish rugby. It highlights the difficulties in Irish rugby due to religous and national borders. It goes back to the time of the “troubles” and explores the problems encountered by some of the biggest stars ever to play for Ireland. Brian O’ Driscoll handled it the way he could handle a rugby ball. It’s a fantastic watch and I take my hat off to the players who put their country before their faith. Canny see it catchin on here though.




  12. What is the Stars on



    Don’t be getting soft


    Whether or not Ogilivie was the only option surely its still Lawwells fault

  13. Paul67 et al



    That time of year again. Leaves falling off trees, the dead trying to come back to life, even just for one day, Resolution 12 and the Poppy Syndrome all over again.


    Oh aye and the Bhoys head North to pay tribute tae Bonnie Dundee!

  14. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Rangers boss Steven Gerrard ‘showed flashes of Sir Alex Ferguson’ in dealing with reporter claims Jim White’



    Don’t stop believing!!!!!

  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Before we start bandying negative rumours about Leigh about the place, remember the club have just extended his contract up to four years.



    Not the kind of deal a misbehaving player gets.

  16. Looking forward to the footie later. Domestic performances have been very good this last month.



    Two more wins this week Celtic!?

  17. How many stolen trophies have been stripped ? – None.


    How many seats are empty ? – None.


    Do the math.


    Any supporter who thinks that, Jacob Rees Lawwell and the Tory PLC board will get those trophies stripped, well, those supporters are queueing up to be cheated.


    Who’s fault is that ?



    The ghost’s of the rebellious Parkheid Jungle, wept.





  18. After all the positivity regarding Sunday bit disappointed to see the Reserve League table — 6th after the loss of our 2 away games.



    Anybody got any info or context for our poor performances?



    We seen to be in a bit of a rut at the moment.


    4 x 21year olds left in the summer to sides in the SCh.


    Surely we are producing players to a better standard than that’s.



    It used to be that players left to the SPL — now they can’t even manage that.


    Something badly wrong with our efforts.


    Boot up the erse all round.

  19. Consecutive posts by KEV and MADMITCH tooooo much for me on this happy hoopy day!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







    I’m going into the Blane Valley on Friday for a wee practise bevvy for the upcoming Hootnannie,I will be back around 9.00pm,






    As you can see from the post above I’ll be in the BV around 4.00pm,hope to see you then, get in touch with a few of the bhoys that congregate there, please.

  21. When we were struggling a few weeks ago, Griff’s goals took us through the League Cup against St. Johnstone, won us 3 points against Rosenborg and 3 points against Aberdeen, I think. All 1-0 victories. We need him to available for selection, if required.

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