Write your own headlines as Celtic work below radar


Peter Lawwell told Sky Sports he’ll not be rushed into making an appointment.  Football goes on holiday for the next few weeks as players, managers and (under normal circumstances) CEOs kick back before minds turn to preseason and transfers.  Even if Celtic appoint a manager tomorrow, his plans for next season will progress little in the immediate future, but the task is being addressed with some urgency.

The best insight I can offer is that the bookies and media know Sweet Fanny Ally about what is going on.  Know that when Celtic start to talk to a candidate, the first thing they will insist on is radio silence, so if the aspiring manager is talking to a jouno, chances are he’s not talking to Celtic.  The club will attempt to do as much work below radar as possible, but between now and the day of an appointment, newspapers will splash their latest ‘favourite’ to get the job over their covers in an attempt to get you buy.  You’d be better picking your own candidates and writing your own headlines.

I’m going to wallow a bit in European glory tonight.  All those photos of the Lions back in Lisbon has been inspiring.  What great man, what a great history they’ve given us.

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  1. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Dream Team Mk2



    Director of Football: Stuart Baxter


    1st team coach: Owen Coyle


    Assistant: Peter Houston

  2. Cheers CorkCelt, been weeks since my last podium win, week a week!



    Paul67, exactly as I would expect Celtic to go about their business.

  3. I hope both teams give the Lions in attendance a game to savour tonight, whatever people’s views are of AM and RM.

  4. supersutton



    13:38 on 24 May, 2014





    21:24 on 23 May, 2014




    Had no intention of joining in the debate of Lenny’s successor ,but Klinsman!!,do you know of this mans opinions.I would never enter Celtic Park again if this person became involved with Celtic,and I would organise a fans protest if it would ever happen,but I know it will never be.






    No I didn’t, but have now read your reply. Does that mean we shouldn’t sign players or managers who wouldn’t attend an audience with the Pope? And I thought we were all inclusive.



    Anyway, Klinsman was an example I used of one manager who may be without a job after the World Cup. Stated I had limited knowledge of any other national managers but assume some of them are vey good even if their national team don’t win the World Cup.



    Might just be worth holding on until we see which managers become available.

  5. Steinreignedsupreme on

    My prediction is Real Madrid 3-0 Atletico Madrid.



    I’m sure the Lisbon Lions will enjoy the show as Real are crowned Champions of Europe for the 10th time.

  6. Doc you put me off by trying to send you that photie :-) hope you now have it



    Hail Hail

  7. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on




    Biton looks decent but with very limited game time (Kayal looked great at first)….Wanyama was a colussus…no comparison



    Hooper was the best scorer we have had for a while and we replaced him with a couple of cheapies instead of pushing the envelope….(he chose badly with Norwich and had an injury but I would still have him ahead of stokes, pukki, griffiths & balde.)



    Youre right some players you cant hold on to but instead of banking the profits at some point we must be brave and be willing to run a little bit of debt to build and retain a team.

  8. valentinesday on

    Pual67….Come on man, you must have an opinion


    on who should be our next manager…..man up and


    give us your thoughts.

  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    Discretion eh?



    That should rule out Owen “Barclays Premier League” Coyle then.

  10. I’m sure there will be a great many names under consideration, a lot of whom won’t ever be known to most of us. Still, it’s fun to speculate.



    Steve McLaren could be good. I always felt he was a half decent manager who was unfairly treated by the English media – but then they do that with pretty much every national manager. And I’m sure he could develop a Glasgow accent pretty quickly.

  11. bournesouprecipe


    12:44 on


    24 May, 2014





    “So who is your choice for the new manager then?”






    “Don’t know, but it’ll be somebody rotten”









    “So who is your choice for the new manager then?”






    “Don’t know but whoever he is.. will be a buttbhoy to the board”

  12. Neustadt-Braw on

    Auldheid you are a braw braw lad….have a cyber half and half fae ma good self…don,t let the part timers grind you down …KTF




  13. iPaddy McCourt on

    Open letter to David Moyes from an Everton fan a couple of years back.



    Be afraid.






    Dear Mr Moyes,



    I have a very simple question for you: how long are you going to have the nerve to remain as manager of Everton FC?



    I have watched Everton for 50 years and I can honestly say that the football we are currently being subjected to is the worst I have ever seen us play. This isn’t a new problem; we’ve been gradually on the slide since we lost the FA Cup final. You have sold any flair players we’ve had and have claimed it has been your decision to do so. Pienaar, Arteta, Yakubu (who apparently could have gone to West Ham for a reported 6 million pounds and then was sold for peanuts a few months later).



    A reported 14 million pound bid for Jagielka was rejected but you deemed 10 million to be enough for our best player. Beckford was moved on after a decent first season yet Anichebe who has never looked like a Premier League player is awarded a long contract. Denis and Drenthe were brought in but hardly get any game time while Saha and Cahill plod on looking well past their sell by dates.



    We hear that Barkley is something special but never see him. The style of football is so negative it is beyond belief. This club has a proud history and a reputation for playing attractive football. We didn’t get the nickname of ‘School of Science’ for no reason. The greatest centre forward that ever played the game played for Everton and we built a reputation around that position.The number nine shirt at Everton means something to fans of this club, we expect to have top class centre forwards on the pitch every week and not sat on the bench while we attempt to eke out a one nil win or even a nil nil draw. Nil Satis seems to have been thrown in the bin nowadays at Everton.



    We play games with no strikers on the pitch, something we don’t see from any other team. I remember you saying that if you ever lose the fans you would leave the club. Well believe me, Mr Moyes, you are seriously losing the fans as the dwindling attendances show.



    If Everton played football worth watching the ground would be full every game. We constantly hear that David Moyes has worked wonders with little money. Sorry but that doesn’t wash: when you have had money it’s been wasted. Kroldrup, Heitinga, Bilyaletdino all spring to mind. Paul Lambert at Norwich and Brendan Rodgers at Swansea are living proof that you don’t need bags of money to compete at this level; it’s not the players you have on the pitch but it’s the way you tell them to play the game.



    Every team can play passing, attacking football no matter how much money they’ve spent; the two teams I mentioned prove it and believe me, they are both far more exciting to watch than David Moyes’ Everton. You have turned strikers like Beattie, Johnson and Yakubu from being top class goalscorers into ordinary players by asking them to play wide chasing hopeful long punts from the back. Sorry but that’s not a centre forwards job, you provide service to any striker and they will score goals.And the place where they are most effective is in the penalty area, not by the corner flag. It appears that you have decided that the Moyes way is the way Everton are going to play even though it’s clearly not working, over half the season gone and not a single performance to get excited about.



    There’s a saying that if something isnt broken then don’t fix it, well the fact is that Everton is broken almost beyond repair and it needs major surgery, and that involves change. The system we adopt doesn’t work and needs to be altered. There are talented players at the club who don’t get enough game time. Saha isn’t scoring goals yet keeps his place but Denis gets 4 or 5 minutes at the end of games. Give him a run of 10 games and then we’ll see if he’s going to be good enough.



    Lets see Drenthe given a regular start because he clearly has the ability and is a naturally attacking player. It’s pointless starting him one in every four games, that isn’t doing him or the team any favours. I’ve heard that he has to learn to develop his game and up his work ethic and learn to defend more because that’s the Everton way. Well I beg to differ, the Everton way is not to have your attack minded players turn into workrate zombies, if Drenthe is attack minded then leave him attack minded because thats how you win football matches.



    Sadly, it appears that our priority is to not lose games rather than to win them and it’s simply not good enough. We see your after match interviews and you constantly tell us that we have played well when it’s clear for all to see that we have not only not played well, but we’ve been absolutely woeful week after week. That is treating the fans that work hard to pay your wages like fools and they deserve better. How can you seriously expect people to keep putting their hands in their pockets to watch the dreadful anti football that you have Everton serving up every week?



    The fans aren’t fools and they wont be treated that way as you are seeing by the numbers that are staying away. Even in our dark days when we were in relegation fights we did the one thing that your team doesn’t do, we played attacking football. It seems the only option we have for getting the ball forward now is the big hoof up the pitch and it’s not acceptable. Fans would accept results going against us if they were watching good football but take it from me, as much as it pains me to say it, Everton play the most awful football to watch in the league without a shadow of a doubt.



    I honestly dont know how you have the nerve to stay at the club being paid an enormous salary and making no apparent effort to put things right or change the way we play. I can assure you that I take no pleasure whatsoever in writing this letter but it’s the only way I can let off steam because I’m watching your tactics slowly destroy my club and it hurts.



    Ten years at the club and no trophies whatsoever says to me that you have outstayed your welcome. Please do the decent thing and make way for somebody who wants to give the fans good football and some hope. We don’t want our teams ambition to be to finish anywhere above 17th every year but that’s the impression that you give now. We’re sinking fast and its time for change…….please.

  14. Paul67



    I would suggest that there is an event of hypocrisy in your article.


    You want to wallow in past EC glory but you won’t support a strategy that will generate more.



    I don’t want to live in the past I want to make plans for the future.


    The current Irish Raj / pL combo are not capable of this and need to go.

  15. Kdc shortlist still:










    Not much needed team wise either with what we’ve got






    Lustig vvb ambrose. izi




    Brown. johanson




    Griffiths. Watt

  16. It’s hard to believe that a Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid European Cup final is being dwarfed, in financial terms, by Derby County v Queen’s Park The Rangers on the same day.



    Oops, force of habit!

  17. Madmitch



    You’re living in a fantasy world.



    CL knockout stages were achieved just the season before last.



    Take a minute and work out how much the 4 squads in this years CL semis cost to put together never mind wages. It’ll make your eyes bleed

  18. Steinreignedsupreme on

    MadMitch 13:53 on 24 May, 2014



    There is no chance of Celtic winning the European Cup again.



    We will never be able to compete with the elite clubs – the sad reality of modern football.

  19. Paul



    Why don’t we all watch the DVD of the 1967 final tomorrow at the exact kick off time – was it 5.30? – and put up CQN live up dates? What be great fun and a great read!

  20. kevinlasvegas on

    Hail Hail Bhoys, Not really chucked my two bob in yet with regards to manager, Paul’s right we will do everything under the radar and the guys who don’t say anything are the ones to watch. I think Moyes or Steve Clarke are a good fit for us but all hinges on the board. Do they spend or do they go cheap and we are also rans who dominate domestically but are only in Europe to make up the numbers. We are never going to win it in the current spend spend spend climate but not being cannon fodder would do for me. Of the Cheap ones none have any kind of experience with the big games coming up. Jackie mac, Hartley both too new. We Got lucky with Neil.




  21. European glory comes in many forms.


    Being a selling club will not get us to any of them.

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