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Your Celtic FC Foundation, Christmas Appeal, raised an incredible £310k this year, a record figure that allowed the spirit of Celtic to touch more lives than ever before.

The largest slice of the funds, £129k, was shared between 645 families with children in Scotland and Ireland.

Five different homeless charities received £54.5k.

Eight children’s charities received £43k.

£20k went to women’s aid charities.

£15k went to three refugee charities.

£10k went to 100 vulnerable elderly people living near Celtic Park, in what remains an impoverished part of the city.

A Christmas meal, gifts and outings for families were provided to those in the Glasgow East Women’s Aid refuge.

The Scottish refugee Council, which supports over 650 families, said, “The support of Celtic FC Foundation has helped hundreds of vulnerable families at a time of real need.

“In a single day, our advisors will support people who have become homeless, help parents who have no winter clothes for their children, and assist vulnerable families who are struggling through a complex legal system. The need for our services is greater than ever, and this winter we will struggle to support so many families without help.”

Glasgow City Mission provide a hot meal to an average of 130 men and women each night, and offer a safe space in their day.  The ‘Mission said, “This wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of organisations such as Celtic FC Foundation. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of your supporters who have contributed to the Christmas Appeal.”

Loaves and Fishes provide hot meals at a café in Glasgow and foodbank services in Glasgow and East Kilbride.  “Through the provision of the meals that we offer at the Oasis Cafe, we try to make people feel welcome and respected. They’re given a two-course meal and an opportunity to sit at a table with each other and enjoy their dinner in a way that most of us take for granted.

“This is a truly vital lifeline to those who are out there with little or no access to food.”

Jim White, Secretary of The Wayside Club, which provides daily support advice and comfort to Glasgow’s homeless, said: “We owe a great deal of gratitude over the years to Celtic FC Foundation and especially their Christmas Appeal, which has helped so many individuals that come to our door each night, looking for clean clothes and a hot meal.”

The Invisibles provide sleeping bags, clothing and footwear to those living rough.  They encounter people wet, freezing and in need of a change of clothes.  Dermot Hill said, “The backing we receive through the Foundation’s Christmas Appeal plays a vital role in ensuring that we stay well stocked throughout this very difficult period.”

The Glasgow Night Shelter supports asylum seekers who cannot access statutory homelessness services due to their immigration status.  Foundation support allowed them to extend their opening hours over the festive period.  The Refugee Survival Trust were helped to provide bus passes, which allows people to build friendships.

The Elpis Centre, who provide for homeless young women and Spirit Aid similarly received  support.  For some kids, as well as toys, winter coats, wellies, shoes and school uniforms were provided.

This list goes on, literally for pages.  If you stopped to put money in a bucket, bid at an auction, raised sponsorship at a sleep out, bought a candle for Light Up the Clover, or participated in this work in any way, you will never know the full impact you have made.

It is hard to get your head around big numbers, but £310k is a phenomenal figure.  It compares to anything achieved by any football club in the world.  Through this work, Celtic fans are changing the world in a structured way.  The Foundation are careful with your money, its impact is measured and subsequent support is earned.

We live in a world that is very different from 1887, when Brother Walfrid and his parishioners decided that “a football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.”  Then, the overwhelming majority of our community lived in abject poverty.  Now, most of us will fill our bellies tomorrow and sleep in a warm home.  But if this football club means anything to you, you will feel solidarity with those who fled to this country to seek a better life, those struggling to bring up kids and keep work and other plates spinning, those who are ill, without work, or those, who for a variety of circumstances, are without home, family and hope.

There but for the grace of God…  It can take very little to go wrong with our plans for our world to crash down.

The work of the Foundation is our proudest boast.  In 2019, more of us got this message and wanted to get involved.  We are part of a story that is 132 years old, that stretches back to a generation, some of whom fled famine and persecution but discovered the first step on the ladder involved squalor, hunger and cold.  Others have no link whatsoever to that story, but found their way to Celtic through common values.

And guess what?  We get to do it all again in 2020; our Celtic work never ends.  Thanks to everyone who ‘gets it’, you’re just brilliant.

Take care and have a great Christmas!

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  1. My Granda on the Murphy side was born in Newry a few years after Willie Maley. Sometimes our hopes mask reality. Willie was a devoted British army unionist loyalist. My Granda was an Irish Gypsy wae a predeliction for rebellion. His daughter, ma mammy met ma dad, a son of a Scottish tinker and a chaser of dreams. As if by magic they produced ME! Some people are just lucky wae their weans,…and parents…and cultures….and uncles…(but that’s another story).



    Echoes of Famine



    Through mists of sleep my mind’s eye wanders, and forms a shadow of a glorious past,


    I surge through clouds that veil my vision, to take my place in the supporting cast!


    In hovels dark and damp with ills, where the coin of life had the face of death,


    We sought not comforts, gold or wealth, our only wish…. a coughless breath.


    But hopes and dreams are nought but tears when no-one ventures to wipe them dry,


    Concealing lands of fertile promise, where a smile replaces the forlorn cry.



    And you …Yes you…You ‘landed gentry’, your wealth built on the East-end dead,


    With barbed wire souls, repelling conscience, you closed your eyes and went to bed!



    And did you dream your evil burdens, would stoke the flames of tyrranic fire,


    And keep us humbled ‘neath your heels, fearing ambition to aspire?


    Did you really think your wells of money could douse the covert blaze of slaves,


    Were you so blind you couldn’t see, the unity built on mounting graves?


    Or did you think your ways were just, bestowed on you by an enlightened God,


    Chosen by the spoon of birth, to be our betters and spare no rod?



    And you …Yes you…You ‘landed gentry’, your wealth built on the East-end dead,


    With barbed wire souls, repelling conscience, you closed your eyes and went to bed!



    And when you strolled to church on Sunday, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Jews,


    Whose ten commandments formed your bible, which god endowed your bitter views?


    Love thy neighbour (if he has money), thou shalt not steal (unless needs must),


    Bear no false witness (but in mammon’s service), thou shalt not covet (except in lust),


    Did you pray for those that wanted or salve your conscience of satanic greed,


    False use of power enriches power, true use of power leads those who need!



    And you …Yes you…You ‘landed gentry’, your wealth built on the East-end dead,


    With barbed wire souls, repelling conscience, you closed your eyes and went to bed!



    But in those middens, fed by honour, the flower of justice spread its roots,


    As winters’ frosts and black snow melted, the springtime nurtured rebellion’s shoots,


    Despairing chains cast off forever, those prison walls were laid to waste,


    Restored to us our fruits of labour, no more again we’ll have to taste,


    Those bitter salts of hopeless weeping, those cast off crumbs of mocking bread,


    Subserviance’s grime washed from our labours, on dignity we dine instead.



    And you …Yes you…You ‘landed gentry’, your wealth built on the East-end dead,


    With barbed wire souls, repelling conscience, you closed your eyes and went to bed!



    Hail Hail




  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well off CQN until next game Happy Christmas to you all,



    Matt Stewart



    My Irish side of my family,well some of it, are from Mayobridge , small world😁👏👍

  3. A very happy Christmas to Paul67 and his loved ones and to each and every CQNer, happy clapper, mine shafter or troll.



    One wish (besides Celtic everything) I make: that the many who have given up on the best Celtic site bar none may return to give us their craic.

  4. NALLY81 @ 18:51



    I don’t hate the GB, I hate some of the things they do to the detriment of Celtic. Singing, chanting & encouraging the team means nothing if they bring shame & inflict UEFA sancrions on the club.



    Peter Lawwell & the board have done all they can to accommodate them, but as was said at the AGM, they simply cannot see the damage they do.



    They were given special access to the new Safe Standing Area in order to keep their numbers together. They are now on their last warning having had closure & part-closure. The next step will be permanent closure.



    They think they are better than the other 59,500 others in Celtic Park, they’re not!



    Merry Christmas to you and Celtic people everywhere tonight.

  5. MATT STEWART on 24TH DECEMBER 2019 8:20 PM


    So why is anyone ‘surprised’ or otherwise at Michael Stewart? He gave his opinion! Because we don’t agree with it doesn’t make him wrong. And doesn’t make us right|!







    I expected him to have a better understanding of the rules based on him having previously come across as intelligent and progressive. It’s not necessarily a question of right or wrong although since you brought it up he was wrong according to both the referee and the appellant.

  6. Not long in from the Christmas Vigil Mass



    May I wish the entire CQN family, a joyous, peaceful and Happy Christmas 🎄


    With best of health to all those currently suffering, in any way



    Hail Hail to all in The Hoops

  7. David 17….Have a great Xmas….



    I will never decide who’s intelligent and progressive, I’m not clever enough …but if you wish to talk about the ref being right/wrong…well I expect you think that they should never be questioned.



    As I said ..Have a magic Xmas…I’ve a wee tale, a bit off the beat, coming up for the lead up to the 29th, but only once we get past the buddies.



    Hail Hail




  8. Big Jimmy from earlier.


    Please do not hesitate To share your health issues with us all.


    There are many of us struggling with similar issues, and a problem shared is far better than bottling it up inside and worrying yourself.


    My wee sister once told me,”Age doesn’t come on its own.”


    The least we can do is be empathetic, and the best we can do is pray and provide advice as more than a few on here have been through similar health issues.


    God bless and I will add you to the list here and at home that I light a candle for.


    Happy Christmas

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    MCNUT on 24TH DECEMBER 2019 10:05 PM



    The GB agenda is perfectly simple.


    They use Celtic to promote their political agenda.


    The damage they cause to Celtic , both reputational and financial , is an irrelevance to them.


    Nor do they care about the opinions of those of their fellow supporters who do not share their views but who , as Celtic supporters , are lumbered with being associated with them.


    The word is parasitic .


    Surely , Peter , their days of feeding off their host must now be numbered.

  10. Slabbery wummin here….he’s collapsed wae an overdose of Sweetex and left his Tablet logged in….here’s his second favourite Xmas story.



    So the sun was still below the Lapland horizon and Santa was loading up the sleigh. Out came the elves wae presents for children across the world. Soon the sleigh was full, and Santa got on the drivers seat, whipped Rudolph, donner und blitzen to get ready for take off and sat back for another night of magic.



    Just as they were about to soar into the sky,,,a wee fairy ran out wae a xmas tree shouting,,….”Santa Santa, you need to deliver this Christmas tree but there’s no room. Where shall I put it?”



    Santa looked around and there was indeed no room.



    So he told the fairy where to stick it.



    And that’s why there’s a fairy at the top of every Christmas tree.



    Hail Hail



    Slabbery Wummin

  11. Slabbery Wummin


    Aye the old ones are the best. We can all laugh at them.


    You can equally apply that to jokes and oul fharts.

  12. And just prior to having my dinner I would like to ask


    Have we ever had a better player than Bobby Murdoch?

  13. GG



    The correct phraseology is ‘The Auld wans” not yer anglicised BBC verbal vomit. A wee bit like when people use the wee skirty English ‘piss’ and ‘ shit’ as opposed to the manly (snoring as he is…but dreaming of me I can see) Scottish “Pish” and “Shite”.



    Hope your Xmas is half as good as his is going to be…once I take his handcuffs off!



    Hail Hail



    Slabbery Wummin

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FRED C. DOBBS on 24TH DECEMBER 2019 11:16 PM


    The Green Brigade have always been a target for our enemies.






    Examples ?

  15. Have we ever had a better player than Bobby Murdoch….?



    Difficult question.



    But easy answer.






    But Bobby was brilliant, and to be fair Paddy Crerand has said to me that if though Kelly et al screwed him up, Bobby would probably have ousted him anyway.




  16. Soon about to celebrate Midnight Mass. Will remember Paul, his family and all those who use this site that he set up. In a special way in my prayers and my thoughts will be Paddymacoz and Big Jimmy in their time of need.



    A very happy and blessed Christmas to all CQNers and all Celtic Supporters. May the New Year be as good as these last months with two more trophies to come. Have a great day tomorrow all of you,

  17. Connaire12, the very best of to you and yours.



    My dad has started going back to Mass @ 90 after a 2 year stroke hiatus. Tis strange this faith thing.



    Take care mate! 😁

  18. A wee bit late to the party here but I’ve had a hectic but enjoyably rewarding day featuring walking, working, Vigil Mass, Papa Jobo duties and then, since 10pm obaying Mrs Baldie’s never ending verbal list in advance of having my full gang here for dinner tomorrow (you get the idea – extend the table, look out the glasses, fill the salt and pepper, did you look out the glasses?, can you get me the big pot, no the big pot, idiot, that’s the medium one……… and finally – you better not be on that cqn…


    Anyway, a very Happy, Holy, Peaceful Christmas to all posters, lurkers, flouncers and anyone else who knows me.


    One more sleep……

  19. CONNAIRE12 on 24TH DECEMBER 2019 11:34 PM



    and that bill higgins portonian fella.



    thanks for all your insights and knowledge of us over the years.



    very much appreciated.



    go do that mass,

  20. Biggest gift ever given was the Statue of Liberty from France to USA in 1886, this was quickly eclipsed 2 years later by the gift of Celtic to the masses.

  21. Recently the Green Brigade raised a fortune for those in poverty, financially and through food donations. They frequently offer support to homeless charities and to those in need.



    God Bless them and their continued work for those whom Walfrid chose to establish our football club for.

  22. Anyway from my beautiful wife Minx1888 and I have a happy and holy Christmas. God Bless and give those around you a hug.

  23. HAMILTONTIM on 24TH DECEMBER 2019 11:59 PM



    what a nice thing to see you here.


    just a heads up. CQN that was ours of say 10 to 2 years ago is a very different place today.



    the blog is dominated by people not from the calton, or the port, or hamilton, or croy, or derry or cork.



    it is a very different poster today.



    empathy for people in need or refugees or taking a brother walfrid view point over the century to the needs today are in short supply, maybe even dressed up in a religous vervour of why the poster is justified and ancient (and maybe drives an ice cream van).






    rather be me that 6 billion others on the planet.

  24. HAMILTONTIM on 24TH DECEMBER 2019 11:59 PM



    and your own personal stories shared back in the day with CQN. your a brilliant man, that dad would be proud of you, the minx as well.



    dont go wandering down any streets after the huns game,



    you know what i mean.



    keep it lit.




  25. Stivs



    Thank you my friend. Our history has been and will be dictated by the support and not by those who post on a blog. It’s always been this way.



    I pray that you and all on here have a fantastic Christmas.