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Your Celtic FC Foundation, Christmas Appeal, raised an incredible £310k this year, a record figure that allowed the spirit of Celtic to touch more lives than ever before.

The largest slice of the funds, £129k, was shared between 645 families with children in Scotland and Ireland.

Five different homeless charities received £54.5k.

Eight children’s charities received £43k.

£20k went to women’s aid charities.

£15k went to three refugee charities.

£10k went to 100 vulnerable elderly people living near Celtic Park, in what remains an impoverished part of the city.

A Christmas meal, gifts and outings for families were provided to those in the Glasgow East Women’s Aid refuge.

The Scottish refugee Council, which supports over 650 families, said, “The support of Celtic FC Foundation has helped hundreds of vulnerable families at a time of real need.

“In a single day, our advisors will support people who have become homeless, help parents who have no winter clothes for their children, and assist vulnerable families who are struggling through a complex legal system. The need for our services is greater than ever, and this winter we will struggle to support so many families without help.”

Glasgow City Mission provide a hot meal to an average of 130 men and women each night, and offer a safe space in their day.  The ‘Mission said, “This wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of organisations such as Celtic FC Foundation. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of your supporters who have contributed to the Christmas Appeal.”

Loaves and Fishes provide hot meals at a café in Glasgow and foodbank services in Glasgow and East Kilbride.  “Through the provision of the meals that we offer at the Oasis Cafe, we try to make people feel welcome and respected. They’re given a two-course meal and an opportunity to sit at a table with each other and enjoy their dinner in a way that most of us take for granted.

“This is a truly vital lifeline to those who are out there with little or no access to food.”

Jim White, Secretary of The Wayside Club, which provides daily support advice and comfort to Glasgow’s homeless, said: “We owe a great deal of gratitude over the years to Celtic FC Foundation and especially their Christmas Appeal, which has helped so many individuals that come to our door each night, looking for clean clothes and a hot meal.”

The Invisibles provide sleeping bags, clothing and footwear to those living rough.  They encounter people wet, freezing and in need of a change of clothes.  Dermot Hill said, “The backing we receive through the Foundation’s Christmas Appeal plays a vital role in ensuring that we stay well stocked throughout this very difficult period.”

The Glasgow Night Shelter supports asylum seekers who cannot access statutory homelessness services due to their immigration status.  Foundation support allowed them to extend their opening hours over the festive period.  The Refugee Survival Trust were helped to provide bus passes, which allows people to build friendships.

The Elpis Centre, who provide for homeless young women and Spirit Aid similarly received  support.  For some kids, as well as toys, winter coats, wellies, shoes and school uniforms were provided.

This list goes on, literally for pages.  If you stopped to put money in a bucket, bid at an auction, raised sponsorship at a sleep out, bought a candle for Light Up the Clover, or participated in this work in any way, you will never know the full impact you have made.

It is hard to get your head around big numbers, but £310k is a phenomenal figure.  It compares to anything achieved by any football club in the world.  Through this work, Celtic fans are changing the world in a structured way.  The Foundation are careful with your money, its impact is measured and subsequent support is earned.

We live in a world that is very different from 1887, when Brother Walfrid and his parishioners decided that “a football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.”  Then, the overwhelming majority of our community lived in abject poverty.  Now, most of us will fill our bellies tomorrow and sleep in a warm home.  But if this football club means anything to you, you will feel solidarity with those who fled to this country to seek a better life, those struggling to bring up kids and keep work and other plates spinning, those who are ill, without work, or those, who for a variety of circumstances, are without home, family and hope.

There but for the grace of God…  It can take very little to go wrong with our plans for our world to crash down.

The work of the Foundation is our proudest boast.  In 2019, more of us got this message and wanted to get involved.  We are part of a story that is 132 years old, that stretches back to a generation, some of whom fled famine and persecution but discovered the first step on the ladder involved squalor, hunger and cold.  Others have no link whatsoever to that story, but found their way to Celtic through common values.

And guess what?  We get to do it all again in 2020; our Celtic work never ends.  Thanks to everyone who ‘gets it’, you’re just brilliant.

Take care and have a great Christmas!

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  1. Just back from Mass, via a couple in the pub. A Happy and Holy Christmas to all on this site especially Paul 67.

  2. Happy peaceful Christmas to all on CQN. Thank you to Paul67 for providing this platform for Celtic discussion. Will be praying for those here, (later at Corpus Christi Knightswood,)who are going through tough times. Peace and Love. God bless.

  3. Good morning CQN from a happy and excited to see the grandkids this morning Garngad



    A happy peaceful and joyous Christmas to all.


    Especially those who don’t have anyone around them or are ill stay strong and keep posting it can be a release.



    Peace and love from David66 and family💚🙏💚🙏💚🙏



    D. :)

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family Paul67



    Merry Christmas to all of you CQNers and your families. Have a pure brilliant one.



    Sipping a few hazy hoppy ales watching the sun going down over Kapati Island and excited about three more points against St Mirren. Hail Hail

  5. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    A happy Christmas CQN,hope you all have a great day,I’m on driving duties


    today so looking forward to Boxing day:)

  6. Hamilton Tim Great to see you posting. Hope you and the Minx have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Say one for me please, my friend.

  7. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Merry Christmas to all CQNrs


    A wee Kilwinning candle will be lit later for PADDMACOZ


    I remember him and his brothers from Ardrossan especially in Aldo’s bar Castlehill Vaults


    Hail hail from the Gillen Bros

  8. Thank Goodness For This Dear Green Place.



    A Happy and Holy Christmas To All Supporters Of Our Great Club.



    InitialCaps CSC







  9. Happy Christmas everyone.Spare a thought for the Cruizero Chef.He has no idea where his next meal is coming from.Literally,it seems.

  10. Its Christmas morning, a really special time.


    Memories of my childhood , evoked by the smell of candles burning and Christmas songs on the radio.


    We hadn’t much money back in the sixties, but that made the day all the more special, as a new toy was a rarity.


    After early mass all us kids would be out around the terrace with our new treasures, cowboy guns with caps for the boys, doll and pram for the girls, were Santas annual offering. I remember two brothers receiving new scooters one year. We stood their and watched in awe as the scooted around the square. I think it was no coincidence that the children who’s fathers were in the army all did exceptionally well that year, as they had just returned from overseas duties with the UN. An event that always brought a mini economic lift to our area.


    Of course, someone always got a football from an understanding Santa.


    So, we would make our way in sub zero conditions, to the “Tarmac”. A basketball court, that never once felt the monotonous banging of a basketball. Indeed, to this day I wonder at the thought process of a Town Council allocating scarce funds to build such an oddity in a football crazy working class terrace.


    Anyway, we would play for hours, until the “big lads” unceremoniously threw us off , perhaps keeping one or two of us to make up the numbers.


    Christmas dinner (we didn’t know what lunch was ) was very similar to todays fare, I guess thats why its called traditional, and was a huge improvement on our weekly diet. To be followed of course with a Selection Box.


    But my fondest memory is all the family, including, my granparents, (one was born the year after Celtic were founded,) in the living room, enjoying the heat from the Stanley range, as they told stories and sang songs.



    Fast forward twenty odd years and Mrs Madra Rua and myself are cursing as we try and assemble weird and wonderful toys for our children.


    Bringing them for the obligatory photo mission to Santa now stored forever in photo albums, to be retrieved whenever we need a nostalgia fix.


    The joy on their faces as they unwrapped their presents was a joy to behold, a memory to be treasured.


    They too were fortunate to have their granparents around, to shower them with presents and love.


    On Christmas night, when the kids were being minded by their Nana, we would head to my late father in laws house for a night of drinking and singing. He being an ex-internee and lifelong Celtic fan insured plenty of rebel songs on the musical menu.



    Fast forward another twenty years (see how fleeting and precious life is? ) and Mrs MadraRua and myself have the house ready for the imminent arrival of our adult kids and our beautiful granchildren .


    In an hour or so, there will be mayhem as they seek our attention to show us their presents. All we want to see is their shining eyes and hear their laughter as we bathe in their magical innocence.


    I think to have granchildren is the greatest blessing of all.


    Looking back over my thoughts I am aware my late granmother, who was a big part of my childhood, was the daughter of parents born at the end of the Great Hunger.


    How strange is that ? How grateful am I ?



    I have long moved away from the religon of my childhood and while I understand its meaning to my Christian friends, I see Christmas now as a universal Thanksgiving Day (without having to slaughter local first nation people) where families either travel to be with their loved or make the effort to phone, skype etc..


    It remains, despite crass commercialism, a magical day. At least in Tig MadraRua.



    To all my Celtic friends who may have lost family or friends throughout the year, my condolonces. To those experiencing hard times emotionally or financially, my thoughts and hopes are with you.


    Sorry about the long post, but I feel gratefull and happy to be as fortunate as I am on this blessed Christmas morning.


    Beannachtí na Nollaig, mo chairde Gael.

  11. Happy Christmas to everyone and raise a glass later to family and friends no longer with us , have a great day Bhoys and Ghirls

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Happy Christmas to all posters and lurkers on CQN.


    Paul 67, thank you for this place. Much appreciated by this Tim.


    Melbourne Mick. Thoughts with you and yer mucker, all luck to him.


    Big Jimmy, keep yer pecker up fella. I’ve got a pint to buy you… when your better.


    My thoughts are especially with all who are missing a place at the Christmas table for the first time.


    Hail Hail Celtic.



  13. Merry Christmas everyone.



    Special thoughts with those who have lost loved ones this year and for those who are suffering from health issues.

  14. Happy and Holy Christmas morning to one and all



    Now apologies for the negativity


    But, I see the Bigoted Broadcasting corporation, can’t help themselves this morning


    The Queen and her family to attend a Service at Sandringham, with Philip


    William kisses Louis etc


    As for the Popes message


    Let’s denigrate his message of forgiveness and the the love of Christ for all



    Didn’t read anything about Andrew in the Royal message,


    plenty in BBC message about the catholic clergy though



    BBC switched off

  15. Madrarua – that post has brought a tear to my eye’s.



    I think most of us can relate to that post in some way. 👍🍀💚



    Myself and MrsDavid66 are awaiting our grandkids and their parents and I cannot wait.



    I often think that maybe I did not do the best by my mother and father by not getting my own kids to them often enough on Christmas Day. Something as I get older and wiser I am now full of remorse and to my younger brother who passed this year, could I have done more (yes I could have)💔 I have tried to reconnect with my last brother and will do more in the coming years God willing….. Auch anyway great post



    Hail Hail



    D. :)




  16. CONNAIRE12 on 25TH DECEMBER 2019 8:13 AM



    Of course I’ll keep you in my prayers sir, God Bless and I hope you have a happy and holy Christmas.

  17. Merry Christmas one and all,some lovely posts this morning.



    HT do me a favour …give your beautiful wife, a big hug from me…ta mhate.

  18. Talking about Grandchildren, we host the Christmas Eve Party annually , 9 of them aged 10 months to 17yrs last night plus their parents, Absolute bedlam,, just getting the house back together this morning.



    Anyhow it’s pay back time now, Christmas Dinner in Daughter 1’s house, St. Stephen’s day with family in Cork, next day Dinner in Daughter 2’s house & New Year’s Eve in Son’s house. Diet starts 1st January.



    Whilst I hope & wish all here have a Wonderful Christmas, the reality of life is that for many Christmas is a sad time.


    Empty Chairs, Health Issues. Financial Worries etc.


    To any Celt having a hard time & feeling down this morning I send my love & my hope that things will get better for ye. Hopefully a Celtic win tomorrow will be a little gee up & a Hun Skelping game to follow will hopefully bring joy to ye’re hearts,

  19. Merry Christmas to absolutely everyone. The Celtic family lives in exalted times, we can only beat ourselves.



    There is real excitement & expectation in the air. Let’s hope we get a late couple of presents from Santa in the shape of a centre-back & a centre-forward.



    Hail Hail!!!

  20. Passing time until the bedlam starts when the bundles of joy arrive.



    Anyone seen the Christmas message from the Celtic team. Brilliant.






    D. :)

  21. May I wish everybody a Peaceful, happy Christmas and for those less lucky than I health wise, be strong and get better remembering those who are thinking of you.




  22. MADRARUA on 25TH DECEMBER 2019 9:24 AM



    that was a wonderful read on a christmas morning.



    those of us lucky enough to have had loving grand-parents in our early lives treasure them forever.

  23. a special line, MADRARUA



    Fast forward another twenty years (see how fleeting and precious life is? )

  24. Thanks to all for the kind words my friends.


    DAVID66, we have all regrets about how we did somethings in the past.


    The truth is ,we only learn through our mistakes.


    The key is to accept them and then move on with the hard earned knowledge to become more caring people.


    Nollaig Shona Dhuit, mo chara.

  25. Madrarua, that was a great read.


    Lots of lovely posts this morning about family, togetherness and love.


    We also don’t forget those who are not having it so easy – It’s the understanding of where we came from and the ability to stand together to overcome bias and discrimination – It’s what makes us that wee bit different from other peepil.


    Merry Christmas to you all and God look after Paddymacoz, Big Jimmy and all who need his arm around them at this time.


    My mayhem will begin in an hour or so – at my daughters house.👍


    C’mon the Celts.