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Your Celtic FC Foundation, Christmas Appeal, raised an incredible £310k this year, a record figure that allowed the spirit of Celtic to touch more lives than ever before.

The largest slice of the funds, £129k, was shared between 645 families with children in Scotland and Ireland.

Five different homeless charities received £54.5k.

Eight children’s charities received £43k.

£20k went to women’s aid charities.

£15k went to three refugee charities.

£10k went to 100 vulnerable elderly people living near Celtic Park, in what remains an impoverished part of the city.

A Christmas meal, gifts and outings for families were provided to those in the Glasgow East Women’s Aid refuge.

The Scottish refugee Council, which supports over 650 families, said, “The support of Celtic FC Foundation has helped hundreds of vulnerable families at a time of real need.

“In a single day, our advisors will support people who have become homeless, help parents who have no winter clothes for their children, and assist vulnerable families who are struggling through a complex legal system. The need for our services is greater than ever, and this winter we will struggle to support so many families without help.”

Glasgow City Mission provide a hot meal to an average of 130 men and women each night, and offer a safe space in their day.  The ‘Mission said, “This wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of organisations such as Celtic FC Foundation. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of your supporters who have contributed to the Christmas Appeal.”

Loaves and Fishes provide hot meals at a café in Glasgow and foodbank services in Glasgow and East Kilbride.  “Through the provision of the meals that we offer at the Oasis Cafe, we try to make people feel welcome and respected. They’re given a two-course meal and an opportunity to sit at a table with each other and enjoy their dinner in a way that most of us take for granted.

“This is a truly vital lifeline to those who are out there with little or no access to food.”

Jim White, Secretary of The Wayside Club, which provides daily support advice and comfort to Glasgow’s homeless, said: “We owe a great deal of gratitude over the years to Celtic FC Foundation and especially their Christmas Appeal, which has helped so many individuals that come to our door each night, looking for clean clothes and a hot meal.”

The Invisibles provide sleeping bags, clothing and footwear to those living rough.  They encounter people wet, freezing and in need of a change of clothes.  Dermot Hill said, “The backing we receive through the Foundation’s Christmas Appeal plays a vital role in ensuring that we stay well stocked throughout this very difficult period.”

The Glasgow Night Shelter supports asylum seekers who cannot access statutory homelessness services due to their immigration status.  Foundation support allowed them to extend their opening hours over the festive period.  The Refugee Survival Trust were helped to provide bus passes, which allows people to build friendships.

The Elpis Centre, who provide for homeless young women and Spirit Aid similarly received  support.  For some kids, as well as toys, winter coats, wellies, shoes and school uniforms were provided.

This list goes on, literally for pages.  If you stopped to put money in a bucket, bid at an auction, raised sponsorship at a sleep out, bought a candle for Light Up the Clover, or participated in this work in any way, you will never know the full impact you have made.

It is hard to get your head around big numbers, but £310k is a phenomenal figure.  It compares to anything achieved by any football club in the world.  Through this work, Celtic fans are changing the world in a structured way.  The Foundation are careful with your money, its impact is measured and subsequent support is earned.

We live in a world that is very different from 1887, when Brother Walfrid and his parishioners decided that “a football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.”  Then, the overwhelming majority of our community lived in abject poverty.  Now, most of us will fill our bellies tomorrow and sleep in a warm home.  But if this football club means anything to you, you will feel solidarity with those who fled to this country to seek a better life, those struggling to bring up kids and keep work and other plates spinning, those who are ill, without work, or those, who for a variety of circumstances, are without home, family and hope.

There but for the grace of God…  It can take very little to go wrong with our plans for our world to crash down.

The work of the Foundation is our proudest boast.  In 2019, more of us got this message and wanted to get involved.  We are part of a story that is 132 years old, that stretches back to a generation, some of whom fled famine and persecution but discovered the first step on the ladder involved squalor, hunger and cold.  Others have no link whatsoever to that story, but found their way to Celtic through common values.

And guess what?  We get to do it all again in 2020; our Celtic work never ends.  Thanks to everyone who ‘gets it’, you’re just brilliant.

Take care and have a great Christmas!

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  1. Go raibh maith agat ALMORE agus Corkcelt.


    I used to post more frequently but I forgot my password and am now limited to posting on the phone. No easy task for someone with varied focals and awkward thumbs.



    Returning to football. I have been reflecting on the year to date and have to admit, it sure has been eventful.


    Brendan Rodgers exit left a sour taste. Not the fact he left, which is understandable, but to simply walk out, was disgraceful.


    I was apprehensive about Neil returning, but when I looked back over bis previous record, was happy enough to go along.


    Winning the treble for a third time was an unbelievable achievement. We certainly live in great Celtic times.


    One match certainly had me on a downer for ages, truly, ages. Of course that was the disaster against Cluj. It took me a long time to get over it. Even now I get frustrated when I think back. McGregor at full back …… ah man.


    But, fair play to Lennon, he put it behind him and has given us a great run in Europe.


    Which brings me to my footballing highlight of the year. Not beating the huns whilst playing below par, although that was sweet. Nor was it winning the Cup Final last May.


    It was the amazing victory in Rome.


    What a game. I watched it again last night and still got a buzz from Ntchams late winner. It was a physical and mental battle. Sheer determination by both sides. And we came out on top.


    I think that game gelled us into something special.


    That being said, we have created so much in most games since then, but have failed to convert our chances. That is probably the only worry I have going forward.


    Win the next three games and we will have the huns crying into their pints for the rest of the season !

  2. Merry Christmas folks!


    Hope you all have a nice time and wish you all the best for the new year.


    May we keep winning against the SFA bias and continue to dominate in Scotland.


    Any further progress is Europe is also welcome. As we were cannon fodder under Fraudgers in Europe.


    Here’s to Neil Lennon, the back room team and the squad. We are witnessing special times just now, which we may never see again as Celts. I started going to games when the Huns were dominant and the beat we could hope for was a win in a meaningless game when they’d already seen the league up. Changed days indeed. It also looks like Lawwell and co are backing Lennon in the transfer market, which is welcomed. We seem to have a good scouting set up and head of recruitment in place.


    To all of those that have been ill or lost someone close, my thoughts are with you at this time of year. Keep your chin up, grit your teeth though the hard times where possible and make the most of the good times when they happen. Get in touch with friends and family when you feel down, as they will be pleased to hear from you and I’m speaking from experience.



    Take care folks and hail hail!



  3. Hi all.


    I hope everyone has had as nice a Christmas day as possible.


    Celtic Mac.


    It is the last time we played on Christmas Day.

  4. TONYROME-thank you for your kind thoughts for my sister,she is doing really well now.I am just home from having dinner with my stepdaughter,son n law and the two granddaughters.Great wee day.Tommorow we do it all again when we take over the auld hoose and the whole family get together.I hope you and family had a great Christmas day💚


    There have been a lot of genuine heart felt posts on here today 💚


    I hope everyone had the best day they could 💚


    Ps-3points tomorrow please 🍀

  5. Now the Christmas stuff is nearly over, and sine terrific posts on here today, although I might be in the minority, I think the majority of posts on Paul67’s blog are pretty ok …



    St Mirren tomorrow is Neil’s next test, just imagine Neil got the exact same treatment as any of our rival managers



    Paranoia ? Who knows, maybe that’s what we are used to ? Or even should just go with the flow ?



    Neil Lennon doesn’t go with the flow, he has been through a million things more than any other Celtic fan … like it or not Neil has been a terrific Celtic with a history still to be written …



    Left Leicester & the Premiership for less money



    Captained Glasgow Celtic to terrific times



    Managed his team to more very good times



    And now back in charge ….



    Sometimes clubs fit a player



    Neil Lennon = Celtic



    (Paul McStay is still my favourite Celtic player, he was everything when were at our the best :-)



    For the more informative posters on her, I never witnessed the Lisbon Lions but I would have tried to fit McStay into that 11 :-)

  6. Players of the decade ?



    Virgil ?



    76 appearances for Celtic so on average 7 games a year ?



    Wanyama ?



    Not sure about appearances,



    first 11 in a decade of Celtic ?



    Away an boil your heid … maybe the two of them are in first 11 of the “Board 11”

  7. Gerry, I think the best 11 was for the last decade ya dobber! 😁



    No doubt that Paul was a diamond in the dirt.



    Wayne Biggins FFS!!!



    Currently enjoying a nice Malbec which complements my M&S turkey feast crisps (that was for Whitedoghunch).



    Saw a FB post from a pal who said Christmas was ruined cos their microwave was broke. Lol Will never go there if invited. Microwave and Christmas should never appear in same sentence.

  8. AoW 11.44pm



    Your even more confusing in print than face to face … ya cyclist :-)



    My Paul McStay reference was in relation to Neil Lennon and Virgil & Wanyama to the “team of the decade” but never would I expect you to keep up …



    Two different posts in relation to Celtic but different conversations …



    Ya rocket …. gie your old man a big hug fae ML5 :-)

  9. Good evening CQN



    I hope you all had a day that suits you.



    Mañana or today rather 3 points please Lenny and some goals.



    DD – I haven’t seen you on today I hope you are well pal.


    D66 – not to be confused by me David66 hope you are well too, not seen you on for ages.


    Drew67 – same, remember I taught you everything you knew about fitbaw son. 😂 even your pace.



    God bless all Knightswood, St Tams, Whiteinch CSC and Dry Dock bhoys from yesteryear.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  10. Merry Christmas to all at CQN ! Great reading last cple of days ! But their is always someone with an agenda!! Have a Guess!mm

  11. Bada…. I was at that game and Stojkovic is the best single player/performance I have seen with my own eyes at Celtic Park….. including Messi.


    It’s a real regret that there is no footage of that game.



    I think tomorrow is the big one as the players and the fans will blow us on to victory on Sunday against sevco providing we beat St Mirrren.



    2-0 would be great tomorrow.




  12. David66


    Was up our old stomping ground today. Knightswood and Corpus Christi. Prayers for our dearly departed parents and your young bro Thomas. Lots of ghosts haunt the Kirkton flats. God bless bro. We need a good win in Paisley today. Last time I saw us win by a margin in Paisley was 5-0 1986. Would love the same result today. COYBIG

  13. Saint Stivs


    Thanks for the Robert Nesta Marley CSC nod today. Great Celtic like gesture by Bob. Feed the poor.

  14. Garry,



    This isnae a track with Lyrics, its dance music, Aidan isnae into that stuff, it needs to have lyrics for him, and I’m thinking you too.



    Floorplan is a Family duo that are Believers. Magical. I know Aidie Bhoy loves Oasis… I reckon you do to.



    6 points please these last 2 games before the most deserved Break for the Record Breakers.



    I’d Love the dude frae ISRAEL to sign up.

  15. I just know he isnae gonnae be a Didier Drogba type.






    Celtic Glasgow.



    Need the Corinthian spirit permeating through the whole of the CELTIC Team.



    NFL – its boring but it isnae fitba.



    Neil Francis Lennon – Wow.



    Keep doing it under the radar Neil.



    FFS take Eddie, dinnae ever take ma Lenny.



    If anyone can get the Amazing Odsonne and the Incredible Olivier to stay for, hopefully after getting 9 in a row, then Neil can.



    Incredible Management by Neil.



    Wow we have a Superb (16 Roads yer Love of Celtic is Mega) Celtic Support.

  16. Neils first stint as Manager…. his Booking tally was mega low…… I mean mega low.



    Corinthian Dude.



    Come on the Leather Belts.

  17. 29th for sure Rock it like Never before.



    Getting the train hame after the game.



    I will make sure Aidan is as safe as possible.



    Lenny is a Genius. We are so Lucky to have this dude as our Celtic Leader.



    Lenny has been working on this game for DECADES.




  18. Morning all.



    I wonder if there is any CQNer , who is also a descendant of my great grandmother, Mrs Philips of Williamson Street, Parkhead. I have family photos which may really belong to you. I can be contacted through Paul67, who has my email address.

  19. Good morning,friends and Happy St Stephen’s Day from a grey but dry East Kilbride. Any sort of win today will suit me just fine. My clouded memory tells me that our 26th December games have rarely been emphatic wins. HH

  20. Jobo 9.18am



    Some team in the Spl are going to take a right doing from our strike force it could even happen today or Sunday, 3pts in both would suffice but I have a feeling the goals will soon be flowing

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Here’s hoping you’re insightful… and no delusional 😃


    Seasons greetings to you and the family G, and I hope it’s the Buddies that are greetin’



  22. Hunderbirds 9.36am



    Same to your good self, where’s the Boxing Day weather report :-)



    3pts today is the first priority am sure the goals will soon follow, if our recent past is anything to go by this team kicks on after the winter break so 2020 is hopefully kind to us all



    (by the way am probably more delusional than insightful :-)

  23. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I’m in Manchester, so you can guess the weather… it’s overcast, it looks like it’s been raining overnight, and it looks like it will rain today, with a chance of some rain later, and probably rain after that. Back home tomorrow so can resume weather reporting duties then.


    “On the edge of Madness is Genius”, somebody should have said, sometime. 🤪😃



  24. Good morning CQN from a ever so slightly hungover Garngad, weather is well crap.



    Anyway 7-1 the Hoops, and naw I’m still no pished.😂



    DD – Garry thanks for the thoughts and prayers I think we are going to give a team a doing any game now, if not today then hopefully Sunday.



    28 chances against Aberdeen 11 on target only 2 goals and that has been mirrored with near enough all our recent games. At some point we are going to click and convert the chances to goals.



    Fergusslayedtheblues if you are lurking I have sent you a text, you still ok for 12??






    D. :)

  25. Perhaps the Dons should learn the rules of the game.


    Cosgrove was sent off because of the rashness of his tackle.


    Whether he actually managed to break Ajer’s legs or not, isn’t the issue.



    Or do red cards only count if you actually manage to put your opponent in hospital?

  26. BBC huns at it again…ABC…


    A stinking xmas and new year to all of them…


    And Dave Cormack is just a choob replacing another choob…