You did this


We were hurting earlier this year.  Sentiment among the support, the players and the backroom staff was at floor level.  It felt like it was just you and me left.  Not for the first time, that was enough.  A year after 50,000 bought season tickets and did not get to see Celtic, they did so again, even though the world is not ready for many to mingle in just yet (Martin42 included).

Celtic is not our choice, it is us, as indistinguishable from who we are as our own image in the mirror.  Without that pull to support our club, especially when in need, it would have floundered many decades ago.  In the 1950s, Celtic was close to being eclipsed by Hibs, who had the players and recent trophies Celtic did not, with crowds on a par.  The years before 1965 were humbling for a generation some of whom still come to enjoy success like they once never dreamed.

The 1990s were no better.  Made to feel like foreigners in our own land, we looked to Celtic to provide a firm strain of identity.  We hung in there, at times by the skin of our teeth.  Then the new millennium brought glories not seen since Jock Stein’s great era.

We are a club born to raise funds for the needy.  That has been difficult over the last two years, with events precarious to plan and collections needing footfall that was often missing.  It is all the more remarkable that your Foundation broke new records this year, raising more money through it’s Christmas Appeal than ever.  What I see in the discrete and anonymous actions of Celtic fans is humbling.

People who would run a mile from drawing attention to their acts.  Many who clearly have little to give, giving anyway.  Others throwing £20 in a bucket and telling their pals to do the same.  If you ever want to feel humble, spend some quality time with Celtic fans.

Why do they do this?  As I said above, it is indistinguishable from who they are.  They are Celtic and this is what Celtic means.  It is an honour to stand among you.

Take care and have a very Happy Christmas.

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  1. Well said Paul.



    Merry Christmas to you and your family and to the Celtic family wherever they may be.



    HH Dan

  2. Allowing for all the mad stuff on here, its still the best place to lurk quietly or post your thoughts as a Celtic fan. What a lovely Christmas leader. To all on here and everyone of else may Christmas bring joy, new memories and a sense of peace. We can all count our blessings because when we wake up a bit blurry on boxing day we will still be Celtic fans! Merry Christmas Bhoys.🍀

  3. Good Paul!



    Just had a quick chat to Jim Goodwin at our local post office. I’ve seen him a couple of times in and around, however we were standing outside ‘social distancing’ and I had a quick word.



    Me: You’ll be buzzing after Wednesday night?


    JG: Yeah, we done well.


    Me: Your young boys put a shift in.


    JG: Everyone gave their all


    Me: Celtic just can’t break down the packed defence, it was the same against Livingstone.


    JG: It’s not the way we want to play but….and he shrugged his shoulders.


    Me: All the best, have a good Christmas.


    JG: You too


    Then he was in to the shop.



    Thought he might have been more forthcoming, but I can understand why not.

  4. Agree entirely Celtic is in our DNA for most of us, for those who are the first in their family, welcome and just think it will be in the DNA of those who follow you!


    Happy Christmas to all.

  5. Merry Christmas to ALL on here. We enter a new year with trepidation, not just football-wise, but socially and politically.



    I hope 2022 is better than 2021, however there are clear & obvious hurdles to overcome, and probably new ones will become apparent as we move on.



    A Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year for everyone is my Christmas wish.

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  7. Paul 67 hope Santa brings you only good things . All the best .



    To all the goodies ,baddies and even the maddies ,have a great Christmas one and all .

  8. Well said Paul.


    Merry Christmas to you and your family,and to all CQN contributers of genuine intent.

  9. Bognorbhoy, from last thread



    What brought on that we snippet from Crimson?



    Re – St Johnstone – when we our our usual total dominance during the first twenty we really need to score, we seem to be very unfocused in the penalty area – fluffing shots, hitting straight at the keeper (or defenders), just missing crosses etc


    We have the skill- it is the final killer act which is missing.

  10. Celtic Football Club is bigger than any of us, yet is the sum of all of us.



    Merry Christmas all CQN ers, contributors, lurkers, negatrons, stalwarts, legends and even the pantywetters.



    Thoughts with all who are struggling at this time of year.


    God Bless

  11. garygillespieshamstring on

    Happy and Healthy Christmas to Paul 67, Marin 42 and your extended family.



    Same good wishes to all posters and lurkers.



    Hail Hail

  12. Good article Paul and hit a chord with all of us.



    I hope you and yours have a peaceful Christmas.



    At this time of year we should all remember loved ones and friends past and present.



    God bless



    D :)

  13. We should play Anthony Ralston at centre forward on Sunday as he has clearly demonstrated he knows where the net is, plus he doesn’t do tippy tappy, and we should get LG back from Dundee, he would have scored on Wednesday night no problem.

  14. Paul 67,



    A fine article.


    A very Merry Christmas to you, yours and all on CQN ( And our sister channel )



    I thought Sunday was a sort of payback to all our magnificent fans who you describe perfectly.


    I know we call all have differing views on that game , but it was sooooo good to witness sheer joy and happiness in challenging times.



    HH to all. Tthe journey continues on and off the park.

  15. Great festive article Paul, hitting exactly the right note.



    Merry Christmas to everyone on CQN – posters and lurkers.



    Hail Hail.

  16. In the spirit of goodwill.



    Doing Santa duties last night I was listening to the Radio. A St Mirren supporter came on and expressed sheer enjoyment he and his son got from watching the game. Seemingly they both go to all the games together.



    Although gutted at the result and the performance from our perspective a part of me embraced the enjoyment and enthusiasm the pair got from football. No agendas , just family togetherness and enjoyment and a certain amount of empathy from myself.




  17. A very Happy Christmas to all CQNrs,from a dazzlingly bright,though bit chilly,Turkey.God bless you all.


    On football.A wee puzzler for me.Could Celtic not have agreed the transfers with the Japanese teams,and had the players over now.The ones out of contract,I fail to see any problem.Surely this could have been arranged,all papers ready for Jan 1,register,job done.Baffling me considering Ange comments,we want everything done ASAP.


    Anyone know any reasons,rules,this could not happen.

  18. Greenpinata whilst I know what you mean (result I think) that was not Football from St Mirren the other night.



    If someone takes joy from that they should change sport.



    D :)

  19. GREENPINATA on 24TH DECEMBER 2021 12:58 PM


    In the spirit of goodwill.







    Doing Santa duties last night I was listening to the Radio. A St Mirren supporter came on and expressed sheer enjoyment he and his son got from watching the game. Seemingly they both go to all the games together.






    i heard this fella as well. i thought he spoke well. from the other side perspective, he thought they rode their luck, the keeper was the man of the match, and it was a great defensive shirt.



    the other celt who called up and said performance was a disgrace, what do people actually see when they watch games.



    anyways happiness and joy all round.

  20. If we have bigger budgets and the smaller teams are expected to get beat by us, why do they not have a right good go at us.



    D :)




    The transfer window opens on 1st January. You cannot register new players until then and contracts cannot take effect until then.

  22. David66 at 1.03pm



    I agree.


    Imagine paying for a season ticket to watch 11 men in defence with an occasional punt up front to a battering ram forward only there to “rummel” up defenders.



    Merry Christmas to all

  23. I have a couple of Amazon accounts, Prime for here in Spain and a normal one for the UK. I use the second one to send gifts to my parents for Christmas each year. I was doing some shopping earlier in the week and having done the parents, moved on to the wife.


    Saw a couple of things I know she will like and also a couple of things that I will enjoy with her, if you get my drift. Anyway did the order, made the payment and shut the lpatop. Later checked my emails and there were all the order confirmations and delivery schedules. Yep, I have sent the wife’s stuff to my mum’s address.


    She’s going to be ready for Santa coming.

  24. massive brain on this guy, he should post on here. i look forward to him dropping one in on the 2nd february






    Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor has questioned the “sporting integrity” of bringing forward the Scottish Premiership winter break.



    Two rounds of fixtures have been rearranged, with 10 of 12 clubs voting in favour of an earlier shutdown – starting after Sunday’s games – after crowds were capped at 500.



    Rangers’ game at Aberdeen and derby trip to Celtic have been pushed back.



    “I don’t see why it didn’t go on the way as planned,” said McGregor.



    SPFL ‘very hopeful’ crowds can return after break


    Rangers fined for Europa League incident


    Rangers edge out Covid-hit Dundee Utd


    Nearly £40m bill for Rangers wrongful prosecution case


    Asked whether clubs voted on sporting grounds or to gain an advantage for themselves, he said: “Well, we all know sporting integrity is one of the biggest things in Scotland, don’t we? So I would like to hope not.



    “But if that is the case, ooft, sporting integrity, as we know in the last few years, is a massive part of Scottish football.”



    McGregor, whose side are six points clear at the top and host St Mirren on Sunday, says Scottish football has to “learn to live with” the virus.



    He said: “If there’s a new variant in three months, four months, five months, which there probably will be, are we going to shut up shop again?



    “We take all the precautions we possibly can. It’s unfortunate that clubs have got players with Covid but it’s going to happen. I think you just need to live with that.”

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