You did this in 2015


This year you made connections with new people. In the first half of the year you connected with 1226 pupils at Chibwata Primary School, Dowa, Central Malawi, who eat in a school kitchen you paid Mary’s Meals to build. This is it:
Chibwata sign 400

Chibwata internal 400

Two months ago you connected with the 1292 pupils at Kholoni Primary School, Mchinji, Central Malawi, who also eat at a school kitchen you paid Mary’s Meals to build. Here it is:
Kholoni internal kids 400
Kholoni internal cooking 400
Kholoni sign 400

There is now around 4000 kids attending schools in Malawi with kitchens you paid for. Not only are they being fed, they are being educated in greater numbers than ever – enrolment is up around 30% after the kitchens go up. This gives them better life chances. Some will graduate from subsistence living to a life with opportunities.

Villages with better education facilities become more productive and wealthier, as do districts and countries. Across Mary’s Meals 1m plus daily meals, this will provide a significant lift to the drive away from absolute poverty for decades to come.

These are big numbers but the detail is always more revealing. Magners offer us a pair of premium seat tickets for most home games. When we run these competitions dozens of you click to donate to Mary’s Meals, putting food in the larders of school kitchens.

Then there are the regular donations to the Celtic FC Foundation. Celtic work with those who have fallen through the cracks in the UK, Ireland and the developing world. They feed the homeless in Glasgow, make facilities available to kids with autism, and generally go around like a green and white caped crusader. You have always responded to the call.

I get to see lots of this in action, there are small causes too numerous to mention, helped more often than not from people who don’t want you to know what they’ve done. There have been 100 stories in 2015 which will never be written, but will live as private anecdotes, or as kitchens in Africa, or winter clothing for refugees in Serbia.  Celtic fans have been doing this for 128 years, each act is a commemoration of what started it all back in 1887.

I’ve met hundreds of CQN’ers but yet to meet one I didn’t like. Even the raging lunatics online (you know who you are!) are actually very decent people when you get them away from the keyboard. On behalf of the thousands you’ve helped this year, thank you very much.  I’m sure Brother Walfrid would be very proud of you.

Have a great Christmas, you deserve it.

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  1. In wishing all CQNrs a Holy and Happy Christmas, I solemnly pledge not to post anything negative before Boxing Day. HH.

  2. Last night I came across a you tube of a jambo/Celtic cup game in 1966. The passion of our support was breathtaking; we had field invasions after our second equalizer and go ahead 3rd goal, naebody, not the jambos or us, were fined for that even though the players had tae leave the field for 9 minutes..It was all about the game.



    alice cameron even complimented the side on our amazing cup fighting spirit and our fabulous support who were in great voice.



    The game finished 3-3 with our iconic goalie and a defence that included big Billy at right back and John Cushley at centre half looking not too clever as all 3 jambo goals, including a heider fae Wispy, came from cross balls.



    For days later in front of a packed 70,000 crowd (aye that’ll be right couldnae move in the Celtic end) we won 3-1, again the oul yin lost a poor goal, he was chipped by Wispy pretty far out, nae greetin ot recriminations though, we were happy bhoys watching us play football the Glasgow Celtic way, even if it means losing daft goals.



    The icing on the cake that night was the zombies losing 3-2 at Brockville in the League.





    Humbling stuff,mate. For all our internecine warfare,petty arguments,point scoring,we scrub up well at times.



    I think this year more than most,we should look at the potential we have as a united group. As demonstrated in your article.



    For years-thanks,bud-we’ve really taken this place for granted,no offence. We all knew we could have a ding-dong as well as a laugh and all the proper Celtic stuff.



    Now-not so. We took it too far,as a cult comedy show put it.



    Time we took a bloody good look at ourselves,individually and collectively,and remembered our common enemy is rarely within.



    Be nice,lads. Be nice,stop leaving,keep giving.



    Hail Hail and a Merry Christmas to one and all.

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Just popped in to wish all a blessed and merry Christmas. Even the zombies



    Currently in warsaw … where Christmas eve is the big day .. just been decorating the tree . 12 course meal at 4 pm ( no meat or alcohol ) then off to church at 11pm for carols and midnight mass.



    Best Christmas in a long time with people who know the real meaning of this holy festival

  5. We all like to laugh at sevco/zombies how they are knuckle draggers/illiterate etc, but one thing we can’t cast aspersions at is their loyalty, and it’s not blind faith either, as heathens don’t have faith.



    I am well aware of the dearth in their support in the early ‘80s but ever since marlborough came in and brought the beast with him, even though he nearly bankrupted the club, they have returned in great numbers.



    We as a support love to proclaim we are faithful through and through and yet the weeping and gnashing of teeth when things are not going our way especially after the reign of Blessed Martin does not truly reflect this.



    We can recoil in horror at some numpty in Western Oz starting a petition to get rid of Ronny, is that any different from the “Strachan Strachan GTF” brigade after another loss tae the family club.



    I have been following the bhoys since George Hunter was our goalie, although I can’t actually recall seeing him, I must have as my da was taking me up tae games in the old Vale of Leven CSC bus way back then before we moved up tae Balloch which was just after my First Holy Communion.



    James Edward who was our manager at that time had a better record than history has recalled it. St Mungo Cup, Coronation Cup, first double in 40 years, the 7-1 game and taking us tae the semis for our first trophy win since October 19, 1957.



    I could add in that he saved us from relegation but there was as much chance of that happening as the zombies reaching the EC semis in 1993.



    Funny how they love tae highlight that season but fail tae mention getting royally humphed in the semis in 1960 by a team who were truly gubbed in the final that same year.



    I digressed a bit there, anyway back when my da was carrying me on his shoulders down the Gallowgate tae the Jungle the oarsman was manager at the venom pit.



    On becoming vice-chairman the pirate of inverclyde was replaced with former hatchet man james scotland symon who had successfully managed East Fife to winning the League Cup and reach the Scottish Cup Final and then led Preston North End to the FA Cup Final.



    He was without question a highly successful manager in a career that only spanned 13 years. However, May 25, 1967 was a date that would not only haunt him but a succession of zombie managers until their demise.



    In an effort tae match the bhoys that summer the huns uncharacteristically went on a spending spree signing no less than 5 players including sir furious.



    They were even the first side to defeat the newly crowned European Champions, however, after being dumped out of the League cup in a passionate evening at Celtic Park and watching the Champs retain the League Cup for the 3rd year in succession they, while top of the League, sensationally fired their manager, oh I forgot they don’t fire managers, he resigned after turning down the director of football position, a role that naebody had heard of at that time. Revisionists are we.



    He was replaced by his assistant the formerly successful manager of the bully wee davie white.



    Poor davie, he who was asked by alice cameron on the Friday night how he perceived what the result would be the next day replied a win for the hunny bears, to which Jock retorted when asked the same question “only a fool would predict the score in a Celtic rankers game”.



    Two years later davie was gone, not because of fan power but as a result of a scurrilous campaign by a reporter with the Express who actually replaced him based on his record of guiding a provincial side to their one and only title, a side that was built by Celtic legend Malky MacDonald.



    The same reporter come manager that proudly proclaimed on camera that when their team lost hun supporters went home and gubbed their wives.



    Deedle lasted long enough to oversee the ibrox disaster and then he was toast moving up to the board room, see they don’t fire managers although we were now on 7-in-a-row by that time overtaking our previous 6-in-a-row record as well as clinching the double with a record equaling 6-1 drubbin of the Hibbees, with his assistant the Shiefield Park hero taking over.



    Now let’s be clear here the former sand dunes aficionado was a highly successful manager in both his spells with the huns but unexpectedly resigned after completing a treble.



    His reason for leaving was a secret!!!!! (only my mammy and daddy know why he proclaimed) that he maintained until he left this world although it’s curious that his first signing on taking over the manager’s position at Filbert Street was an avid Tim from the holy village of Renton.



    After that there was a succession of 15 different managers albeit 5 of them were interim, but only one, who had the team still in Europe, was fired as a result of fan power, hmmmm if it wisnae based on results I wonder what else it could have been, bammy power mibbees.



    So here we have a club well 2 clubs now with a total of 22 managers full time and interim, including the hapless captain blood (handed the travel agent position as they don’t fire managers) and mcsleekit, and only one has been hunted by the peeeepel.



    Say what you want about them but they are loyal, to a fault mibbees, but they are and still showing up for games, still under the spell of bader and now the mendacious clarence with implausible belief in the magic hat.



    And here we are in good financial health with a modern manager who has been tasked in bringing the neglected youth policy through, ridding the club of the unhealthy pub and club climate, a modern day Dr Jo Venglos and all we hear is he’s a dud, a waste of space, husnae a clue etc.



    Also his assistant who tried to change the aforementioned policy of the highly talented Leith side, where are they now, the only player of that group still playing at the top level is our captain who along with the heid was rescued and remodelled.



    As for that club, well they now have another batch of talented kids and if they learn from the past should fare well in the years to come.



    Now I’m NOT saying we should imitate an ostrich here, yes we have a right tae complain when things aren’t going well although I much preferred the “always look on the bright side of life” support that we used tae have.



    Let’s not forget that although the huns used tae sing “nobody likes us we don’t care”, that should actually be us ‘cause nobody in that best wee bigoted country in the world does.



    As the wee mhan fae Croy once said “being a Celtic supporter is not always easy, but it’s always worthwhile”.



    We are in this alone, Ronny is now one of us as are the players and staff so let’s get behind the bhoys as we push on tae 5-in-a-row and another treble, a feat that I have only witnessed 3 times in my life and I’m now heading toward my 8th decade.



    I sincerely hope da doo ron ron stays and finishes what he has set out to do but couldnae blame him if at the end of the season he said “eff that for a game of sojers I’m for the joe the toff, that mob don’t deserve me”.



    God bless Ronny



    God bless PL



    God bless DD



    Oh aye and for all the indigenous Scots on here; Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath ùr.



    And those that come from a land beyond the sea, God Bless Them; Nollaig Shona Duit

  6. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I demand the names of the raging lunatics you highlight here



    Put them on a was of blank a4 paper ( written in masonic / invisible ) ink and wave them at the Internet bampots



    BTW – whatever happened to that cheeky chappie gardener ?

  7. Nae luck HEBCELT you need to be lightening to be podium on


    here well done Starry Plough.


    O.K. ghuys our younger club members had the honour of giving


    out the presents to the sick kids at Frankston hospital here on the


    peninsula on behalf of the Celtic family and one of them has just


    emailed to say he has never been so proud to be a Celtic fan in all


    his life, he said the delight on not just the kids but the parents and


    grandparents will live with him forever, the local papers also got a


    hold of what was happening and a marvellous piece extolling the


    work of the Celtic family was in print today here in Oz.


    For any of you ghuys interested you can look up what your fellow


    supporters are doing over here in Mornington to keep the ethos of


    our club alive by visiting the Mornington Social Celts Facebook page


    i’m sure you’ll be as chuffed as i am tonight.


    So I wish everybody a happy and healthy Christmas wherever or


    whoever you are when it comes.


    H.H Mick

  8. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Just wondering if the Celtic supporters who wanted rid of WGS are the same ones who are now wanting rid of Ronny ……..careful what you wish for … !? …anyway, JINGLE BELLS TO ALL….

  9. Paul,



    a fantastic article and special thanks to the one who gave us the structure to make all of this possible – you.



    Hail Hail Mr Brennan!

  10. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Clear blue skies .. sunny and dry in warsaw



    How’s ek ?

  11. TBJ –



    Currently dry, sky half clear and fairly mild. But those folk in the media that take that extra step and predict things are warning of storms later today.

  12. Well said Jobo Baldie, wholeheartedly agreed.


    The site is a fantastic vehicle for charitable giving, community sharing, bitching and cat fighting, productive discussion and fabulous campaigning.



    You should be proud of it Paul, warts and all.


    I know I am proud to be a part of this community.





    ‘Returned in numbers when Souness arrived’



    Aye. Yer right on that,bud.



    I lived in Ardrossan at the time. Couldnae walk a yard without tripping over a paving stone one had crawled from under.



    Success and supremacy,they leech it. When they realise as their fathers did that it ain’t happening,it’s back to the 10,000 cumulative attendance at three successive home games.



    Thur f….d.



    And they can hardly complain about not been given any chances.



    Have a guid yin wi yer own Christmas Crackers,mate. Your recall of Celtic past is just like having a pint wi my Dad.



    Or OLDTIM.



    Or anyone old enough to know the good and the bad times.

  14. Very humbling indeed Paul. I’ve said before, you should be incredibly proud of what has been achieved in the name of CQN.

  15. A very happy Christmas to all our posters and to Paul.Fantastic work with Marys Meals.


    20 degrees here today,so its not beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


    A good win at the weekend would be the best present I could wish for,and a bit of respite for poor Ronny.

  16. Paul67:


    A Holy and Happy Christmas to you, Fiona and the Bhoys.


    I thank you for giving me this platform to meet and make so many many new friends. I have a lot to thank you and the many new friends I have made through CQN.


    TBJ, great news on Father Morton, see the link I put on FB.


    I wish each and everyone of you and yours a Holy and Happy Christmas. Please remember those least fortunate and those of friends and family that have gone to a better place.


    God Bless you all.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  17. Just popped in to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Christmas especially our Paul and his family.



    Happy to say that our crib collection will go to Mary’s Meals again this year.



    Hail Hail

  18. P67 & all the guys behind the scenes at CQN,congratulations on making all of this possible,Merry Christmas HH

  19. To everyone who has achieved so much for Mary’s meals and othe charities I will raise a glass to tomorrow. Well done and be proud (including of course yourself Paul – even a raging lunatic can admire your achievements here).



    And to everyone have a great Christmas with your friends and families. Eat drink and be merry (or whatever else is your fancy).



    Next year will not be dull. Let’s hope we find the right way forward together.

  20. Neganon2 you are human and have feelings after all best wishes to you and yours this festive season. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  21. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    A letter from the bishop was read at mass on Sunday. .. took them 14 months to tell I’d what we all knew . Innocent until proven guilty my bum


    Zero evidence against father Paul. .. never even charged with anything


    The bishop was lightning coming to us to tell us Paul had been sent away but couldn’t show face to tell us father Paul had done nothing wrong



    Thinking of changing church to Glasgow if father Paul doesn’t return to St brides

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