You did this in 2016


Like you, I get tired of this place sometimes. We’ve all got plenty of other things going on in our lives, plenty of calls on our time and energy, the last thing we need is to deal with the consequences of a narrow win when a comprehensive victory was expected, but, of course, the compensations are immeasurable.

You get home on Christmas Eve, after a long day, and a longer year, and you read something like this:


The donor had been in touch and asked what the next project was.  I’ve big plans for 2017. What I’m thinking is that we use the Anniversary Year to push the core values of our community – and our club – to new levels. Like before, we’re going to do work for many causes, but I’ve a notion that the time is right to engage with Celtic fans to a greater extent than has been possible before.

A decade or so into online football communities has given us enough material to measure the impact they have had on clubs, the media and how fans relate, but what is clear, is that we are the first generation for whom it has been possible to engage an entire fan base on helping those who are most in need.

In earlier times this kind of activity was often limited to those collected together in a hall. The call wasn’t able to reach onto your lap (as it is right now). We have to acknowledge this is a new time, with new opportunities to reinvigorate our club with its founding values.

Society changes, the Celtic support has changed. We can’t infuse future generations with a love of the old country’. Frankly, it you follow the demographics, future generations of Celtic supporters will increasingly come from the native population, or England, Eastern Europe, Pakistan or elsewhere. The ‘old country’ will matter less.

What we can do is put our founding value at the core of who we are. Win, lose or draw, our mission as Celtic supporters is to be there for those most in need.

The is what we are going to do in 2017. That £1000 (+ gift aid) is the second substantial donation Mary’s Meals already have towards putting food on the table of Sean Devereux Primary School, Liberia, for a year. We’ll talk more about the work of Sean soon, and about the school in his memory.

This, of course, is just one act in the book of what you did in 2016.  I honestly don’t know how many meals were paid for, it must be around 100,000, kids were aided, and the magnificent work of Foundation was supported we discussed on Thursday was helped throughout.

We’ll have a raffle coming up on Boxing Day, which will see someone collect two tickets for Ibrox on Hogmany, with money going to the School, so look out for it – it will only be live for a couple of days.

You deserve a great Christmas – so make sure you have one!


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  1. Paul 67



    It’s been an incredible part of my Celtic life this Dear Green Place and without I may well have disappeared off the Celtic radar so thank you once more to you and all at CQN who keep this place alive and well and of course to the posters who keep it rocking and roaring day by day.



    Merry Christmas Everyone.



    Bring on the Ross Co…

  2. Starry emails playing up so all the best to you and yours in the valley,


    Phil bhoy same to you and your good ladies .


    jinkyredstar have a great time.


    off to get ready for vigil mass.

  3. Right to the article


    Humbling efforts by all concerned. Our community has suffered loss and troubles during the last year. It would be understandable if the fate of others dropped off the horizon, but no, we are Celtic supporters. We do not forget our reason for being, the soil in which we are rooted and the values with which we have been instilled. Through this blog and the wider community, the buckateers, the donators, the runners, the cyclists and the exposure defying sleepers at Paradise we have risen as one to help change the hand which has been dealt to the less fortunate from Patrick to Palastine and beyond.



    To all you you, my friends in CQN, I am proud to stand with you and wish you and yours every good wish for Christmas and the year to come.



    Hail hail



  4. LymmBhoy



    Thanks for highlights,Laughing at Walkers commentary ….If he grew up with a stane in his shoe an blawin a flute I could understand it.

  5. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    What a wonderful support the Celtic family provides to the team and to thousands upon thousands of needy people worldwide.



    It fills me with pride.




  6. What is the Stars on




    Of course I meant



    You could add…Return to base agent collum,mission accomplished

  7. Merry Christmas to one and all :)



    Delaneys hope your mum picks up soon pal.



    Paddybhoy and Doc condolences on your loss dreadful at any time of year .



    Hopefully see the guys i’ve made friends with over the last couple of years at a game soon .



    Dena i see you got good news , fantastic !!! And a big hug n x from me :)



    On the football front the Gaffer has installed a belief in the bhoys , a belief that was missing in Ronnys tenure,i still wait for us to collapse lol.


    Absoloutely oustanding turn around well done to all involved from PL, BR , Players and most of all the fans , onwards and upwards :)



    Ps…OLDTIM….keep taking your medicine , you have a Family on CQN that cherish you !!!


    although your a cantankerous auld git at times :))



    I said i would’nt be back on CQN , but i’d like to take this oppertunity to thank all the lhads (Dena) for their support and prayers for my family over the last couple years it’s been really appreciated.



    From a dark peaceful Hamilton hope you all have a fantastic festive period :))




  8. Must admit packie has never been a fav of mine,he wasn’t a good keeper for us and he will never give us anything in his commentary

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Unusual for me to be back after a game and the live updates miserabilists have been gainsaid. Probably won’t last.



    Great stuff from Celts today, the support will be twice as keen to see half the games next year. I might struggle for a brief. Not next Saturday, qualified for our two, not interested.



    Only seven away league games to play in 2017, this season. 6IAR, just six to go.



    Celtic forever.




    I want to wish all of the CQN community a very merry Christmas,but especially you and yours.



    You are in my thoughts .



    The very best of the seasons greetings to you.




  11. Back home after a very busy day.


    Firstly, big thanks to CD for sourcing the tickets. The lhad really appreciated them. Secondly, thanks to Brendan and the bhoys for a solid performance spiced up with 3 quality goals.



    Thirdly, and it is appropriate, thank you to Collum for an awful third rate performance. How does this guy get a gig? Thankfully Brendan told us what we already know in the post match interview. A silly wee man who has a habit of being able to upset real football people, perfect credentials for a Scotttish ref.


    However at this time of year we should be charitable. I am sure he is at heart a decent person.


    Gamboa, Brown, Armstrong were stand out performers today. Roll on Wednesday, next Saturday is not an experience I am interested in.


    As for everyone else, have a great Christmas and enjoy the moments with friends and family.

  12. The Hamilton player was also guilty of feigning injury at the McG red.


    He lay on the ground clutching his leg when there was no contact other than the chest area.


    I thought it was that DOB Imrie who continually fakes injury against us but it was another dick.


    His cheating is obviously infectious.


    Collum did the same to James Forrest in 2011 against Hamilton. The ratbag stood by his decision, when Celtic appealed, ensuring Jamsie got a ban.



    The game ended up 1-1. Hamilton’s goal was an offside travesty and Stokes was denied a winner following a dodgy call from Willie’s standside appendage.

  14. Certainly agree with BR it wasn’t a sending off…was it a bookable offence ? Who knows,only CMcG can tell you wether he followed through to knee him in the haw maws



    Ps Paddy Bonnar not the only average Celtic goalkeeper who has stuck the boot in

  15. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    just back from Mass – it’s lovely on a christmas eve – place packed to the rafters



    now for some lidl mulled wine (lovely) and highlights from earlier : thanks lymmbhoy – I missed cmg getting sent off for not tackling somebody badly!

  16. Let’s do something big in 2017.



    Lets do something big for Palestine. Something with a huge impact on the ground, helping those in real need AND shining a huge light on an often forgotten and oppressed people.



    Let us more than match the fine for Palestine.



    Merry Christmas and Hail hail.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Ivehadtochangemyname 7.41pm



    Exactly the same, whit a service, standing room only in a chapel that probably holds the best part of nearly 800 people, the quickest 80min mass ever, MissGFTB loved it, canny remember me liking mass when I was 8 :-)



    MissGFTB nearly made her first communion 5 months early when the priest tried to give her communion, thankfully I made my move and got my hands out in front of her and she was content with her blessing, as was I



    Wee old Bhoy next to us and to sit away couple of rows behind his wife as only one seat available, after communion turns to me and says “the Rovers (Albion) would delighted with a crowd like this”

  18. mike in toronto on

    Happy Christmas to everyone on CQN, their family and friends….



    Lymmbhoy… once again, thanks for posting the highlights. Much appreciated. First goal was a true strikers goal, while the second was a marvellous finish.

  19. Hello again all you young rebels.



    On this beautiful Christmas morning in Oz, up very early as you


    all probably will be very soon.


    The wee mhan is hogging the mirror admiring his new Celtic top


    the 3 y o is ignoring boxes upon boxes of pressies and playing


    with a wee green elf nicked off the Christmas tree, it’s called Griff


    by the way.


    Our Celtic Santa and his young bhoys done us all proud at the sick


    kids hospital yesterday, lots of tears, laughter, high jinks, but most


    of all gratitude from the nursing staff and parents some of whom


    never knew much of our club or it’s ethos, but they certainly do now.


    There are pics up on the Social Celts Mornington Facebook page


    have a look and feel so proud of our club.


    Still very early here but i think i’m due a wee single malt and i’ll sit


    and think how incredibly lucky i was to be a small part of this amazing


    Celtic family.


    I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas.


    H.H Mick

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